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Here you’ll find more than pictures.

You’ll find a story.

A story told through pictures.

Pictures that you’ll cherish for life.





My pricing is simple. ÂŁ650 Pictures of the bridal preparations Pictures will be taken where the bride is preparing for the big day. Full day extensive coverage of the wedding & reception I will arrive at the place of the location in good time and will then stay taking pictures until the reception. This will include speeches, cake cutting and first dance. Possible private photo shoot with bride and groom If time allows and a suitable place can be found then it would add some beautiful, intimate and relaxed pictures to the portfolio of the day. CD of every image taken on the day Included is a CD with all of the pictures taken on a in high resolution. Coffee table style photo book A coffee table style wedding album is included, showcasing around 20 pages of your story told through the medium of pictures

Simples! Unlike other photographers, with James Palmer Photography, the Bride & Groom receive the rights for the pictures taken and will have them supplied, high res, on a CD after your special day to use to your heart’s content.

Q. How long until I will have my pictures? A. It generally takes around 10 weeks to turn around the editing of pictures, finalising and printing all the bits - so not too long after you return from your honeymoon! During busy periods this could take a little longer but I will endeavour to turn everything around ASAP. Q. On my big day how long will you be around for? A. Most other photographers have a set amount of hours and if you want them for any longer then there is an additional cost. I will be at your wedding for as long as you need me and until we feel the portfolio of the day is complete all included in my set price. Q. What happens if we receive classic unpredictable British weather? A. I will still be able to capture pictures of your big day. If anything it can produce some more interesting and fun pictures! Most venues allow you to take pictures inside so I will be checking with the vicar before hand. I carry a number of large umbrellas and I’ll be prepared for every eventuality! Q. Will I hear from you before the wedding? A.Yes! I’ll be in contact a couple of weeks before to finalise all the details. I’ll be sending you a checklist so I can make sure that any specific pictures and photo requests are taken. I will also ask if you have an itinerary for the day so I know exact timings especially if we are moving to and from different venues throughout the day. Q. I know most photographers won’t let me have the pictures on a CD. Do you? A. I do! At no extra cost I supply a CD full of all the pictures taken in high resolution so you can print, upload to Facebook and pass onto family members as much as you want. Q. Will my pictures be available on the Internet for family members to see? A.Yes. I will upload them to my Facebook page where all the pictures can be viewed, tagged and downloaded. Q. I have crazy ideas for pictures at my wedding day. Can you try and take them? A. I certainly can. A lot of couples want some pictures that are unique to them and I will happily endeavour to do my best to achieve these. These can be discussed before your day as to when would be best to take them. Q. If I’m getting married in 2 years will I have to pay more? A. No.You will only pay my current price at the time of booking whether you’re getting married this year, next year or in 5 years time. Q. Do you require food, cidre and laughter? A.Yes please. Especially if I’m there for a prolonged period I can start to get peckish. The latter is optional. Q. Do you have any rules? A. I only have one rule when I’m photographing weddings; anyone caught not smiling or enjoying themselves will be forced to listen to Radio 1. And in extreme cases Radio 1 Extra. (Radio 1 fans replace said words with Radio 2 and Radio 4).

Contact: 07841 894721 info@jamespalmerphotography