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VOL. 18 No. 2

The “LIONS PRIDE” official BULLETIN of The Lions Club of Mona

2nd. Quarter—October - December , 2011


We Serve

THE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Happy Holidays to my fellow Lions and Leos. As we enter the festive season, let us be thankful for life and remember those persons with special needs, the blind and visually impaired, the autistic child and their families. May God help them to overcome the obstacles they face so they can live a normal life. Let us look at our personal challenges and find ways to work around them as we endeavour to achieve and put our best foot forward. We have a lot of work to do as Lions and with teamwork, planning and determination the Mona Lions will achieve the goals set out for the fiscal year and even more. The support given from all has been tremendous and we anxiously await 2012 to see what great things are in store for the Lions and Leos of Mona ■ Lion Debrah

Christmas Message from District Governor Lloyd Barker Excerpts of message from the District Governor’ “ Fellow Lions/Leos It is that time of year when we need to reflect on the reasons for our existence. We are thankful that our God continues to guard and direct our thoughts and to protect us from all harm and danger. Our motto “we serve” is but a mirror of what the great master has been doing since time immemorial and since all we are doing is carrying out the mandate given to us by our God, we can easily relate to God’s command “Go ye into all the world...” Mark 16:15-16…. I now wish all the family of Lions and Leos a very happy Christmas, a prosperous and happy new year and look forward to even more service as we continue in our quest to make others happy. Best regards to all.”■ Lion Lloyd Barker MJF District Governor International Association Of Lions Clubs District 60B

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” Flora Waitlemore “Raising The Level Of Service”


2nd. Quarter—October - December , 2011

VOL. 18 No. 2


Very many thanks to the Wesleyan Holiness Church which provided the perfect setting for the Club’s October 1, Health and Wellness fair The Mona Lions working in partnership with the St Andrew Central Lions and Mona Leos conducted fifty eight (58) vision screening. Blood sugar and Blood Pressure checks were done on thirty-nine and forty three persons respectively . Body Mass Index , an analysis of the fat content of the body, was also done by Lion Milton. Counseling and Nutrition and weight management are also part of his talk to those persons who fall in the overweight or obese category . Here Lion President Deborah is seen checking this persons blood sugar. The assistance of two doctors and the donation of pharmaceuticals from LASCO Pharmaceuticals made the day’s activity worthwhile for the number of individuals who really needed medical intervention and support.

Vision screening continued on October 13 when the Club partnered with the Society for the Blind to celebrate World Sight Day. With the assistance of three Portmore Lions and Leo Sashana and Mona’s two guests, over one hundred vision screening and Blood pressure measurements were done. Fifteen Sight referrals were made

Many thanks to you Lions and Leos who worked untiringly to fulfill our Motto

“We Serve”

The Vision screening team was off again ton October 15,to the St Jago Health Center to partner with the Spanish Town Club and then to St Lukes Anglican Church in Cross Roads October 22, to partner with the St Andrew Central Lions. A total of sixty vision screening were done with seventeen referrals to the Kingston Lions Eye clinic. The Club participated in an exposition – Autism Splash– with the theme ‘Victory over Autism’ organized by the Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation at the Emancipation Park Fifty one visual acuity tests were done and individuals learnt about their Body Mass Index and received information on weight management.■ Lion Milton giving information on Body Mass Index Lion Membership director and guest Marie listen with great interest. “Raising The Level Of Service”

Leo Sashana using the Optech 5000 to do visual acuity test on the young woman. A Leo looks. Lion Cynthia in the background records the result. 2

VOL. 18 . No 2

2nd Quarter - October to December , 2011

SIGHT PRESERVATION CONTINUES The St John’s Anglican Church sought the assistance of the Lions Club to conduct vision screening at their health fair. Fifty two visual acuity tests were done. The majority of this number was referred. The large number of referrals could be due to the fact that the age group of the clients ranged between 42 and 89 years old. Visual acuity and blood pressure checks were also done on the staff of Crown Packaging. Many were hypertensive and reported they could not purchase the required meds...Assistance was sought from management. Individuals counseled on the need to maintain their medication regime.

Thanks to our donors and our sister Lions Clubs for their partnerships and general camaraderie

Mona Lions, Literacy and Reading Relay The Lions Club partnered with the Library Association of Jamaica in their attempt to increase the level of literacy in our schools. The Reading Relay which was designed to get every student in every ‘nook and cranny’ of Jamaica reading, started at the Jamaica College, (JC) and incorporated the Gibson Boys Championship Relay Team from that school The Lion President started the relay at JC by the handing over of the baton (story books) to a teacher and students of Rennock Lodge. The relay ended at the primary school in Rennock Lodge. A mascot read stories for the children .The children answered questions posed by the mascot.■

Lion Evadney turning the pages while the mascot tells his story. Lion President and Lion Winston look on.

The Lions Club sponsored Mrs James –in inset, The Principal of Adonijah school for autistic children to Barbados to attend a conference on autism. The promoting organization of this conference was Spectrum Possibilities using the Theme : “Promoting Unlimited Possibilities for People with Autism. ” Invaluable information and contacts were made. This augurs well for the future of the school and Autism in general■

“Raising The Level Of Service”


2nd Quarter - October to December , 2011

VOL. 18 . No 2

CELEBRATING HERITAGE WEEK MONA’ S NIGHT OF FUN & FROLIC Mona Lions, their guests and one Leo showed off their talents in speech, drama, modeling, drumming and dance, poetry reading and of course , Lion Milton’s expose on “Dominology’ – the art of playing dominoes. The Heritage celebration ‘s theme-

Tun up yuh Swagga; wear gold in a yuh attiah”,set the stage

for an evening of celebration , an evening of fun and an evening of relaxation?!!

Lion President Debrah

‘tunning up

Resident “Bush T” (Lion Bushay) did a wonderful job of providing the music to serenade the Lions and their guests “All night long”

The Parade of HATS—

the funniest?!

Hat parade contestants seated L-R. The youngest member of the parade— the granddaughter of one of our Lions, Lion Rosie from the St Andrew Club, Lion Marva, then the nephew of a Lion and the winner Lion Camille Buckham Prince wearing the funniest hat.!

the swagga’ with Lion John Patterson of Kingston Club, and doing the ‘dinki mini’ to the beat of the drummer Lion (IPP)






Lion Camille accepting her prize from Lion Zone Chairman Lion Dennis, Pryce, MJF Lion Camille wore the funniest hat—The hat “wid the Lion Pan it!! “Raising The Level Of Service”


2nd Quarter - October to December , 2011

VOL 18 No 2



(Continued )

Lion Zone Chairman presenting prize to the winner of the impromptu poetry competition in which competitors had to include the line – “You are my angel; my shining star” – in their poem.. In this case this participant’s angel and shining star was her mother.

President's message

Excerpts from the District Governor’s message

Celebrating Heritage Week

Lions and Leos in Action

Mona Lions and the Reading Relay

Remembering Birthdays and Anniversaries

A GAME OF DOMINOES ANYONE? Here’s your chance to learn from the master’s hand. Earn your credits from Lion Milton. His expose` on Dominology, the art of playing and winning at dominoes, will help you. See the intent look on his student’s face? Is he planning to be the next domino expert?

Five students of the Salvation Army School for the Blind were able to sit their CXC/GCE examination after the intervention of the Lions Club’s quick response to the need. Below the Zone Chairman presents one of the students with a cheque for the requested amount.

Lion Keith watching every move of the dominoes under the spell of the expert lion Milton

“Raising The Level Of Service”


2 nd Quarter - October to December, 2011

VOL 18 NO 2


Agriculture and The Environment Beautification Project.

A very peaceful and memorable Christmas to the team of hardworking LIONS. You have done it again— ending another quarter with a bounty of very meaningful projects. We thank God that He has given us the energy and strength and good health to carry out the various tasks.

The Beautiful expanse of grass as shown above, is a sight to behold. The Lawns of the Society of the Blind will be even more beautiful when the lantanas show off their red , white and yellow colours along the edges of the driveway and against the wall. The stooping figure belongs to the chairman , Lion Richard who was distributing the seedlings to be planted.

To Pat, you have done what no one else would do, could do. Blessings abound for you and yours. We wish all our Lions and Leos a very merry Christmas, and a healthy and productive 2012 !

Lion 1st Vice President Marlize ,at right is careful not to get her nails full of dirt as she plants one of the seedlings. She is being observed by the Immediate Past President and committee chairman Lion Richard.

A geriatric leaves her earthly home! Dorothy “Indian” Lincoln marches home to her maker at the sound of “Pastor Patricia Ramikie” who ensured that “Indian ” was sent to her final resting place not in a chariot, but with the Mona Lions chanting the final chorus. Well done “Pastor Pat”

The Mona team paused for a photo opportunity with the church officials after the service.

Lion Pat. Remembering “Indian” at the St Cyprian Anglican church.

Lion Josephine reading the first lesson.

“Raising The Level Of Service”


2nd Quarter - October—December ,

VOL 18 NO 2

ARE YOU DIABETIC/ DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO HAS DIABETES ? November 14 was remembered as World Diabetes Day. World Diabetes Day raises global awareness of diabetes - its escalating rates around the world and how to prevent the illness in most cases.

A Quote from the Founder “Not only should we work, but we should pray. We should be calm in the face of emergencies, because only from calmness springs intelligent thought, courage and inspiration. Trials faced with confidence and a cheerful outlook are more than half overcome. We should have less doubt and more faith, less pessimism and more

Dr Lorenzo Gordon giving a very animated presentation on diabetes and its implication for the development of blindness at the Clubs Social meeting on November 21.

mental clarity”. Melvin Jones on Attitudes

Thank you Dr Gordon!

Our Lion Secretary, Dave Scarlet receiving from Lion President Debrah, a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the International President, Wing-Kun Tam. This was presented at the recently concluded Mid Year Conference. The inscription on the Certificate reads as follows: “In Recognition of Distinguished Achievements in Fulfilling the Mission of Lions Clubs International.” Congratulations Lion Dave!!! You do make us proud! LEO AND YOUTH OUTREACH Editorial Committee

Leo Orientation Mona Lions continue to support its Leo Club. The Lion Secretary conducted an orientation exercise for four (4) prospective members ahead of their scheduled Business Meeting.

“Raising The Level Of Service”

Evadney Crooks, Debrah Rigg, Dave Scarlett


VOL 18 N0. 2

2ndt Quarter - October to


December , 2011

—Birthdays and Anniversaries.

We say Happy birthday to Lions who celebrated their day this quarter Hail Librans - Richard Bramwell Claudette Grant Keith Peart Myrna Douglas

October October October October

Hail Scorpios

October 28 November 2

Milton Pinnock Marlize McCartney

Hail Capricorn Winston Smith

8 10 11 12

December 18

Hail Anniversary celebrants: Winston Smith Valerie Buckle Anthony Bushay Marva Green

Dec. 9 Dec 11 Dec 22 Dec. 30

God’s richest blessing to you all . May you have many more birthdays and many many more happy years of loving togetherness.!!

Words of Inspiration “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”— Andrew Carnegie “None of us is as smart as all of us” - Ken Blanchard

“ Individual commitment to a group is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, A civilization work.” - Vince Lombardi “Talent wins games, but teamwork

CONTACT US UWI-MONA Lions Resource Center for Students With Special Needs. 15 Ring Road, UWI, Mona Campus Postal Address: P.O. Box 166, Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica, W.I. Email “Raising The Level Of Service”


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