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STEM Education for a Happy and Fulfilled Gen-Next Ever since the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the one thing that has made exponential progress without at any point stagnating is science and technology, and hence the importance of studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is incontestable. However, very few American students are expressing interest in STEM education. Government is now taking action to promote STEM education amongst young students. Even parents should develop a favorable environment that encourages children to take interest in STEM education. This article aims at helping parents realize the importance of STEM education and get their children take interest in it. The Importance of STEM Education in Your Child’s Life First, it is a means of empowering children to a explore a vast range of career options when they grow up; the number of high-quality jobs in technological and scientific areas far exceed those in any other field, therefore, studying STEM is very reliable as far as a professional career is concerned. Second, studying subjects like science and mathematics makes your child more inquisitive in general and develops her/his reasoning capacity. A kid with sound analytical and reasoning skills is better disposed to being successful in her/his professional life. And third, education in technology, besides being enriching, is fun for young children. If guided properly and given a chance to build things on their own, your children will start enjoying STEM lessons and will have a great time while learning.

Start Early For Best Results Just like one begins sports training in the early, formative years of one’s life, STEM education too has similar demands. Although it is not impossible for a person to start their study of science in later years of life and still become appreciably good at her/his skills, it is wisest if STEM education finds its roots in the earliest grades of school; because a child who developed an instinct for science and mathematics in her/his youngest years will remain more dedicated in nurturing their interest through life. How to Begin: 

Identify Your Child’s Aptitude before Making a Move into STEM Education

Before you start weaving dreams about your child becoming a successful scientist, researcher or engineers, try to understand his/her aptitude and interest in the field. However promising may STEM education be, not every child will enjoy it. Some children will have a natural fondness of other subjects like arts, literature, or sports, and it is best not to push these kids into science. 

Show your little one the multitude applications of science in day-to-day life

To make your child appreciate science, you must demonstrate to him/her how it has helped mankind through history, and how the basics of everyday life like electricity, telephones, and computers are marvels of science. This will motivate them to study, analyze, and use their knowledge to build something constructive. 

Tempt them to the monetary gains and fame they can get through a science career

Becoming rich and famous through science can also be the means to excite children for studying math and science sincerely. Quote examples of people around you who have exceptionally high standards of living or those who have earned recognition through their careers in engineering, science or mathematics. 

Actively participate in children’s experiments and other school work

Enthusiastically be a part of your children’s STEM learning and they will come to enjoy it even more. Help them with coursework, guide them on how to collect material for projects and give them access to online resources for successful project completion. 

Make learning fun

Give them a task like creating a “string telephone” or a periscope at home, and be available to guide wherever absolutely needed. Watch TV shows and interesting science/math videos together. Going out to a science exhibition for kids will also arouse curiosity and interest.

Other STEM Useful Resources:  Academia – STEM Education  STEM Education At University Of South Florida  STEM Education Coalition  STEM States Top Location For STEM Education Washington University in St. Louis Campus Box 1143 One Brookings Drive St. Louis, Missouri 63130 University of California, Davis Davis One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 Brown University Providence, Rhode Island 02912, USA Phone: 401-863-1000 iD Tech Camps 42 West Campbell Avenue Suite 301 Campbell, CA 95008

Stem education for a happy and fulfilled gen  

Ever since the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the one thing that has made exponential progress without at any point stagnating i...

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