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INTERVIEW MAYOR OF ESPLUGUES -Interviewer: Hello mayor of Esplugues, I listen bad thing about your city, and I’m asking if do you like your city? -Mayor: First Hello, and… Yes, of course, but one of the things that I want to delete is the corruption of Esplugues. -Interviewer: Oh, that’s a terrible thing! , can you say me what causes this corruption in your city? -Mayor: Yes , the basically thing is the phenomenon of the global crisis that this causes the corruption -Interviewer: Is very horrible, but I think the corruption is not in your city, it’s in all the world Mayor: Yes, it’s a terrible thing, but in Esplug ues it will despair. Interviewer: Thanks you sr. See you later -Mayor: Thanks of listening me. Bye

GOSSIPS · Facebook is starting collect if you spend a lot of time in it. The next weekend will start earning. This is caused because the sponsors stop paying because they are victims of the global crisis. The crisis affected them and now they can’t pay Facebook’s company.

· In Apple phones the last update has caused some problems to the mobile phone. It’s


caused by technical

errors in

the iOs 7. The company


apologized to the


and they bed don’t


· It has been discovered that the air conditioners they are on the wall produce cancer because it emits a noxious gas that causes cancer and if you use too much time the air conditioner can you get cancer. It’s advisable don’t use too much the air conditioner.

SPORTS MADRID 2020: In the votes of the next Olympic Games in the year 2020, Spain arrived to the final, but in the final the first country that was eliminated, was Spain. Madrid 2020 became a dream. All people believe that Spain was going to be the headquarter of the next JJOO, but the winners were people of Tokyo. In our discourse to be selected, the funniest discourse was of Ana Botella, who is the mayor of Madrid, and her famous phrase of “A relaxing cup of café con leche in la Plaza mayor”, at least, the discourse of the Prince and the NBA player called Pau Gasol helped Spain, but it was not enough. The crisis which affect us and the all of people that are arrest were the main couse.

But the worth thing was

that Spain started to build the building where will be the imaginary JJOO Madrid 2020, when in Spain have a lot of liabilities with the countries or the European Union.


Is one of the best songs a plagiarism? Three girls reported to the company which has created the sing “Au se eu te pego� for plagiarism. Their names are Karine Assis Vinagre, Aline Medeiros y Amanda Grasiele. The girls said that one day of the summer the creators of the song listen her singing the beginning of chorus. At the end the creators of the song pay at the girls a great deal of money and said thank you because thought the girls the song was one of the best songs of the year. The creators must pay the copyright of the chorus of this great song but the song in the present are very famous and one of the best sold. The Music makes us intelligent The music makes us intelligent or helps us to improve our auditory capacity. A study has been done in the University of Texas in USA.

The director of the project is John Krauss, He says that the music helps the brain to catch the information. The study has been realized by people of medium age and they had discovered that the people who had gone to class of music when it was small had the most rapid capacity of response. The difference between the people who had been present at classes of music of small and the people who did not belong of one thousandth to the second John Krauss says that this quantity of thousands of seconds aren’t great but actually it is. And he evaluated the electrical activity in the cerebral trunk

NEWS The other day a typhoon called Haiyan swept Filipinas. Families that live there now they don’t have anything and they need food, refuge and water. Deadly Filipinas typhoon victims could exceed 2,500 while the damage is incalculable. Manos Unidas are very attentive to help alleviate the terrible damage caused by torrential rains and winds. People were transfered more than 800,000 people to safer Typhoon Haiyan and remote areas, have been enough to prevent some damage that have plunged the country into chaos and despair.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Hi, editor of ENGLISH NEWS: The last week I was reading the magazine and I saw in the paragraph of music the reporter that you made. It was great, but I prefer the magazine show me the news songs that are in the best position, and the new famous launchings. The second thing I don’t like are the gossips, because there are not very important, it don’t affected me because the gossips are a bit stupid for people who read it, and the last bad thing, the gossips you wrote are very small, there are poor of information, if you like the paragraphs of gossips, you will do it more extends and it should be more interesting things and about people life’s. For the other, the magazine it’s really interesting, and you can be happy of your magazines. Of course, I love the paragraph of sports, it is, a part of interesting, a bit funny. A lot of people will buy it, because this magazine makes you feel like reading a book, it is fabulous, isn’t it?

Thanks for read my letter Dear Michael Bye ď Š

Journalist report GTA 5 or grand theft auto V: GTA 5 is one of the new games in this year 2013. At the first day of its output, the company raised 1million dollars, the first game that raised so much money in one day. The company sold a lot of GTA games these 2 months.

The second week of the outpost, the company launched the multiplayer of the game. But it wasn’t work because the people who bought the game looking forward the multiplayer, and this was the cause of the not working of the servers multiplayer of GTA V, but it isn’t the worst thing: days later of the multiplayer output, some gamers complain that the history of the game and

some characters of people were deleted. “POR SUERTE” now is working better and all players are enjoining the GTA V


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