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Welcome to Kanvas We’re a creative design agency who works with a diverse range of clients from start-ups to multinational. We belive in delivering in head turning designs that grabe you right audiences, help build brands and eventually achieve results. We ensure that you end up having a Great

Design For Your Business.

Creativity is our backbone and it comes from being open minded - which is what Kanvas is all about. We have a attitude to bring out the very best every damn time.

Logo Design

Shape of Cairns Convention Centre

Mountain Peaks

Biker’s Trail

Tropical color palllet of Queensland

This is our one of the challenging project. We had to design a logo which had to be a combination of creativity along with all the elements of the venue, as per our client’s requirement. And as you can feel we delivered them the BEST.

Logo Design



A unique project where we had to be creative for a creative guy - a very tough job. This is the 3rd generation of the client in the same proffesion. His choice was of a creative, but a simple logo. We came out with an idea of transformation of lenses from generation to generation.

Logo Design

Caring Hand

Human (symbol of humanity)


Unity + Togatherness

A project where we had to work with our heart & soul, as we were associated with a leading NGO. They wanted a Logo which was dedicated to christanaty, humanity and togetherness. This is what we delivered.

A logo which identifes coffe, friendship and a loud message that lot of things can be done over a cup of coffe.

A passionate project indeed - where we had to give NAME as well as to design the LOGO of the product. The name came with a idea of ZIP, ZAP, ZOOP and thus ZOOPY. As this was a startup company they wanted a design wich was EYE CATCHY and help them to penetrate in the market. We gave them this LOGO which is colorful and vibrant. And we are glade that our target audiences especially children loved it.

Logo Design

Life Transformation Service USA

Fashion Boutique France

Cleaning Service Australia

Audio Visual Production House India

Home construction products Australia

Staff training service USA

Divers club logo Andaman

Architect Company Canada

Logo Design

Yoga Classes India

Residencial Project India

Mural Design company India

Interactive Media Designer UAE

Gumetal & Bronze Bushing India

Fashion Exhibition India

Publication House India

Solar Power Company Oman


This is a campaign of Education Institute where we had a task which started from designing a LOGO to give them a corporate identity and thus lead to a complete BRANDING SOLUTION. The logo is simple but conveying a loud message that in this institution your Brain is Programmed for SUCESS.


+ Luxury


+ m


A well rounded campaign for a upcoming HOTEL project. Our task included designing and delivering their unique presence in their respective market. We had to design stationeries to toileteries, from hoardings to advertising.





Smile / Happiness



=1x 50 x

15 x

20 x

Shope online and bring smile




This project of online shopping retailer of fashion and casual lifestyle products is a aditional feather in the booming e-commerce market in India. Our challenge was to design the BRAND in an innovative way so that it can create a impact in huge e-commerce market. No need to say we did a miracle.


Print Design

This is our prestigious international client from Australia, which thought out of the way of the league to provide in-house care for old people. Which made our job more creative and we are happy to inform that we delivered 100% job satisfaction.

Print Design

This project is of a life style spa of american based company. We designed the brochure which gives the feel of relaxation along with peace of mind. This attracted the target audience of US which our client desired.

Print Design

Task was to design creative and elegant brochure for luxurious Maldives based resort. We designed the brochure which indicated the natural beauty of Maldives along with the luxury and comfort of the resort.

Print Design

Print Design

We are associated with many clients globally for whom we design customised brochures to post-cards to posters and many more mediums.


This is the project which gave us an international recognization. We illustrated for the well-known international football player “ABEL XAEVIER� from Portuguese for his life-style fashion store.


Creating complex and technical illustration is one of our specialization few of them are as above. We also love to design customized icons as per the project’s requirement.

Icon Design

Web Design

This is a web design of an online educational portal. Our aim was to deliver a design which was simple, sober and yet had a wow factor. We are glad that we are successful in generating tra c for this website.

Web Design

This website is of a well recognised interior architect. We had to cope up with the high taste of this artist. Our prime objective was to design a website which attracted the visitor immediately.

Web Design


About this: The heart of a designer is art so how can we forget typography. We designed customized typography to enhance the aesthetic value of design.

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