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For most people, 3D animation looks like rocket science but really is not. With IllusionMage software anyone can enter the world of 3D animation. Normally, first you should start with easy tasks. Do not immediately start a major project which will be lost due to lack of experience. IllusionMage software is simple to use, you can easily achieve your goals even start your own business by applying in various contests for 3D animation. Try IllusionMage and you will see that complicated things can be make in a very simple way. IllusionMage can be used by beginners, requires no prior knowledge of 3D modeling, though as in all things, past experience can only help you. IllusionMage found its success in the user frendlly interface. Due to the simplicity, more and more people started doing 3D animation, and result are incredible, animations are made by''ordinary''people, but with great imagination and great ideas. Most ideas from IllusionMage users has been used in various occasions such as movies, series, commercials and documentary films, but most in cartoons because today the representation of 3D animation is the most pronounced in cartoons. My suggestion for beginners is to start with simple animations such as cartoons. Any project that requires a lot of additional filling just simply avoid. What is the project easier it will be easier for beginners to see all abilities IllusionMage offers, and those are not small. Someone will take a few hours to realize that great things can be drawn from IllusionMage and someone will take a day or two depending on how are you interested.

If you want to learn 3D animation IllusionMage easy way to make 3D animation IllusionMage

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Wow learn here and get the #1 seller 3d animation, illusionmage is here and is the best software out there. ==== ====

illusionmage 3d animation  
illusionmage 3d animation  

illusionmage is here with 3d animation, here is the top seller of software of 3d animation here and learn how you can get start...