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A Magnetic Power Generator is a device in which electricity is generated by using magnets, magnetic force to induce the perpetual motion. The electricity generated with the magnetic power depends upon the strength of the magnets, which are used in the equipment. The generated electricity is absolutely free and is safe for the environment as well. Basically, the two concepts of physics are involved in the generation of Magnetic Power Generator: Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). Pulsed DC Motor generates DC current and AC generator produces the AC current. Direct Current (DC): Since the generated current is unidirectional, thus it is called Direct Current (DC). A magnetic field is generated by using coils. The coils have laminated steel core inside them and are polarized by using repulsive effect of the permanent magnet. The permanent magnet is aligned magnetically as to produce the repulsion. This will generate power and causes the rotor to rotate. Alternating Current: In this principle, the generated current reverses its direction periodically. Same coils are used as of the DC motor. Stator coils are used which is contained by the permanent magnets. Due to induction, these stator coils will produce an alternating current. Now, both the functions of DC and AC are used in a single unit of Magnetic Power Generator but both the currents remain separated by controlling the timing of the input and output voltages. The original effect of DC input current and AC output current is maintained in Magnetic Power Generator. The Magnetic Power Generator gives many of the benefits. Few of them are mentioned below: * It is one of the methods to generate cheap electricity. 50% or even more of the power bill can be reduced by using Magnetic Power Generator. * It is easy to build up at home and is safe to use. * No specialized skills or techniques are involved in its installation. Environmental Benefits of Magnetic Generators As well as the benefits mentioned above, magnetic generators are considered to be the most effective way for a source of renewable energy. They have the characteristics to be eco-friendly besides making you save a lot of money in the long-term; you will hit two birds with one stone. These generators does not have any harmful material in it, which make 100% safe for you and the environment. Once it starts creating electricity, it does not produce any dangerous emissions or byproducts. You will notice that it does not even create any heat. It is the most clean and neat method to generate electricity using the magnetic fields. If you are a person conscious about the environment, this product is for you. You will be able to reduce your electricity expenses while

saving the planet. Thanks to this magnetic power generator, you will no longer produce any substance that will damage the air or the water. This is mainly due to the characteristics of the magnets that are very good to produce a clean energy. This magnetic energy is also sound proof. You will cause any sound pollution by using it. The use of such magnetic energy system will make our world free of pollution. You will not contaminate your surrounding while getting energy. This way you provide greener planet for the coming generations. All environment-conscious people should get a hold of a magnetic power generator as soon as possible. One of the best available methods for the free electricity can be gained through Magnetic Power Generator. It is beneficial for the environment as any hazardous residues are not produced in the equipment.

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==== ==== magnet 4 you save money by generating your own electricity ==== ====

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