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) s n o H ( e A s s B tile Cha Tex fany Tif

I have been inspired and influenced by the striking markings and vibrant colours of butterflies, deconstructing their natural elements and patterns in order to develop unfamiliar abstract motifs that possess lively and energetic qualities, and inspiring new perceptions of the natural world. The colour palette I have used express’s my own passion for bold colour as well as responds to current interior trends, focusing on tangerine orange and aqua turquoise. Through the exploration of hand screen printing I have developed my drawings, layering shape and colour to create distinctive patterns which express a feeling of spontaneity and intensity. I have refined and enhanced my technical skills and abilities within screen printing, which is a textile technique I will continue to incorporate in my future practice. My collection Aporia Insectum concludes the prints I have been creating and is a colourful and playful range of home accessories and furniture intended for modern and contemporary interiors. Through up-cycling four 1950’s stools, I have restored a sense of personality and character to them as well as demonstrate how my prints work in a focused context. // // 07791324687

) s n o r (H s o A l B tile Mel x e T uren La

My work is inspired by the Japanese quilting Sashiko technique, modernising the geometric pattern by applying the repeats to layers of hand and laser-cut paper which are folded out to create a new 3-Dimensional surfaces. This technique has been applied to wall-panels and lanterns. // // 07769112708

n ) g s i n es am o (H ce D gh A B rfa in l l i Su ura G La

Embellishing the Ordinary is the title of my work throughout the year. I have taken mundane everyday ‘to do’ lists and embellished them within the form of calligraphy. I want the viewer to see the lists as art forms instead of everyday tasks but also to embed these tasks and remind the viewer, in an aesthetically pleasing manner, their everyday errands. I have laser cut technique plywood and ceramic tiles. The ceramic tiles can be used in either the bathroom or the kitchen and the wooden pieces in a hallway or a study. I see my work suitable for commercial and domestic environments. I am also a self-taught calligrapher and I am constantly exploring new fonts. I work to commission writing place names, invitations, certificates and cards etc. // 07776 435 580

) s s n r e o h H t ( BA tiles a Lea x e T becc Re

“Inspired by comic books and their film adaptations, “Dystopia” investigates contrasting surface texture using digital print, screen-printing techniques and laser cutting. I was inspired by the idea of dystopian “future cities” such as Gotham and Sin City, places always in darkness, lit only by neon lights and inhabited by brooding anti heroes. I was interested particularly in Batman and his character, always in shadow, almost a part of the city itself. I wanted to create a collection that not only reflected the visual quality of these cities but also the dark characters inhabiting them. The fabrics, aimed at the fashion market, echo this idea of the city at night and play with contrasts in pattern, weight and texture. Gloss sits alongside ultra-matt and soft, abstract images are juxtaposed with sharp geometrics. The foremost process used within my work is digital print. I am especially interested in abstract photographic prints, which focus on light, movement and colour, set against geometrics, which are often inspired by architecture. Laser cutting is used to create interesting surfaces on heavier materials such as leather and fur.” //

) s n r o e H ( m A s y B tile W e x Te smin Ya

My specialism is woven textile design, I also combine the use of technology such as laser cutting to create unique pieces of cloth. In terms of pattern the primary inspiration comes from military uniform details and to push the designs of the fabric into having a more innovative approach I base a lot of my yarn inspiration on military aircraft’s and the way that they are composed of mixed surfaces such as matt and shiny, transparent and opaque. I am focused on taking traditional elements in design such as the pinstripe and basic twills and pushing it in new directions. This collection is much focused on menswear, and creating beautiful woven fabrics for this application. I add subtle twists to the cloth by using a mix of nylon monofilament, retro reflective yarn, silk and stainless steel and antara (a leatherette style yarn). I have a modern 100% high fashion approach to a traditional craft. My project is all about challenging the way people view weaving and my aim is create fabrics with the use of innovative fibres to create beautiful and unique qualities. This menswear collection focuses on subtle details that make the fabric different yet very wearable and saleable. Colour and composition is also very important to me and it is what I believe makes the collection gel together. // // 07847533182

n ) g s i n es o (H ce D iels A B rfa n a Su ma D Em

Using a small craft knife, I create intricate cuts, from materials such as paper, oilcloth and Tetra Paks. I am a strong believer in Upcycling so find great pleasure in turning something that would be thrown away into something beautiful and useful. I like the pieces I make to have a function, something that can be used in the home on a daily basis, enhancing a lifestyle. I take inspiration from everyday life; I see such beauty in Domesticity. The Make do and Mend mantra has always been something I have loved, and taken inspiration from as it allows us to really appreciate and look after the things around us. My project has been focused towards lighting, as I feel my cutouts look much stronger when affected by light. I have used the news as my main subject matter, as it is current and relevant to everybody’s lives. As I look back on the work, it will then become a documented timeline. I like to use humour and create a playful element to my work, as I feel it’s easier to relate to, and a welcome break from the negative attitude the world so often throws at you. //

h t i m

S ) e s r i n u o g H a ( A s M B tile ca Tex nces Fra

My work centralises around a flora and fauna inspired theme. Taking inspiration from the natural world provided me with a wonderfully broad area to explore and incorporate within my practice, which developed and changed as the seasons progressed. My work style is primarily based in hand drawing techniques, the illustrative nature of my work being my true passion. I take these hand drawn elements and digitally arrange them to make lengths of repeat pattern, adding little individual elements to the patterns to make them more unique. I aim to recreate a more organic and visually stimulating floral environment by including insects and animals to catch the eye. By creating my fabric samples using digital printing methods I was able to maintain the hand drawn quality within my pattern work, whilst gaining the opportunity to include photographic elements in my “dried flower� range of design concepts. I have begun to develop and market a ceramic range featuring samples of my illustration and pattern work; this is an aspect of my work I hope to extend and develop as my knowledge of the area increases. This change of medium will broaden the contextual possibilities for my work in the future as I prepare to venture out into the modern design world. // // 07944588938

) s n o n H ( a BA tiles ewm x e T sty N Kir

Inspired by art movements and graphic design of the 20th century and being strongly evoked by the Brutalist architecture of post-war Europe, my printed textiles explore geometrics and composition. My prints play with scale and texture combined with carefully considered colour palettes- taking a style of the past, exploring it’s present state, and from this developing bold contemporary designs intended for interiors. My passion lies within the processes and techniques of screen-printing, and working hands on with fabric, dyes and inks to create well printed designs. This gives me a real understanding for my medium, and has led to highly developed skills within the print room. Strong photography skills are the key informant in my practice, and the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are integral to my drawing and design work, which has a very graphic feel. // //

) s n o H ( k r A s B tile l Cla Tex chae Ra

My current work began with exploring photography and textiles. I enjoy the idea of how personal a photographic image can be and how clothing can project an identity. I enjoy experimenting and pushing boundaries in my design work and in this project I wanted to combine embellishment with digitally printed textiles. From this experimentation my ideas evolved into a post punk glam rock theme. I began studding and embellishing my designs. I enjoy tactile pieces and embellishment creates another exciting dimension to the design. I have strong skills in Photoshop and have created a broad range of digital design work throughout my degree .I have always been a keen photographer and this has been a fundamental aspect of my work. My designs can be used for fashion and interior textiles as well as stationery // // 07515495244

) s n o H ( BA tiles rr Tex ie Fa Am

“The highest approach of art awareness is through fashion” My latest work involves creating a series of Tactile Fringes inspired by the abstract formations in bird feathers, Victorian mourning and Sigmund Freud’s theory of The uncanny and translating them into various tactile fringes. Focusing on innovative, Hi-Art and cutting edge ideas, my designs use combinations of textile techniques, including laser cutting, material manipulation and photography; often integrating literary influences into my subject theme. Through using edgy, unconventional materials such as resin teeth, (real) crow’s feet, hair, leatherette and acetate on my garment designs, they are contradicted by beautiful styling and aesthetics to question and explore underlying feelings and ideas relating to the familiar becoming strange, and revealing the unexpected. Other strong skills within my practice are in writing, (essays,polemics and reviews) fashion styling, drawing and illustration. // // 07851242387

) s n o (H s A B tile Rigg x e T toria Vic

Screen Printing has always been a great interest along with freehand embroidery and with the skills developed at NUCA I have developed my interests into Digital Print. I have found myself using technology in place of traditional processes and have thrived in my new found knowledge and skills. I have explored a variety of materials , techniques and processes in order to develop and showcase my design work. // // 07773692482

) s i l l n e o n H ( o t A s n B tile e A x e T zann Su

I’m a Norwich-based designer specialising in printed textiles for interiors. Whilst studying at Norwich University College of the Arts I’ve been free to experiment with a range of materials and processes, and this year I’ve focused on printed pattern design and the textural qualities of different fabrics. I’ve developed both hand printing and digital design techniques to further my drawing and printing skills, my aim is for my designs to be bold and intricate; a focus point in their surroundings, whilst also conveying an overall simplicity. For my final major project I have used only natural fibres such a linen, wool and cotton. This is because I feel they enhance the bold, graphic designs and give unique textural qualities, thus making them fabrics that can be valued and lasting in the home. The sensory quality of fabric is something that I’d like to explore. Inspiration for this project has primarily been the interaction between line and colour, how distance can affect perception and how scale and detail can be considered in textiles for interiors. The whole process of making interests me and I am keen to collaborate and apply my designs in other fields as well as textiles. The majority of this project has been a series of exercises that are focused on how basic forms come alive through layering and composition. // 07515495117

) s n o r (H s e A B tile Seck x e T ssie Ca

My final collection, “Rambunctious�, has been developed from my project and dissertation which was focussed on the idea of reinventing the sequin. I took visual inspiration from funfairs and arcades as I wanted to convey the sense of colour, light and movement. I worked to create different coloured, shaped and printed sequins and experiment with different ways of applying them in a fashion context. I have created a series of cuffs, which are made up of sequins that have been individually hand made by myself, and machine sewn onto leather. I have also used my sequins to create fabrics by joining them together to make a surface, as well as applying them to fabrics to see them in a more conventional fashion context. // // 07896724140

) s n o (H s A B tile ans x e T x Ev Ale

I design patterns for an interior context focusing movement. Currently this includes wall coverings, wallpapers and blinds. I am particularly interested in combining the old and the new, traditional methods of pattern making using drawing and screen-printing combined with a variety of computer-aided design. My work varies from ready-to-use designs to experimental show pieces including film and animation elements. I also enjoy using photography to both influence and complete my motifs. I have made two applications for moving patterns. In the shop/gallery space I have designed ‘Light reactive blinds’ which appear simple at first but change when the sun is shone through them and the patterns emerge. The patterns derive from natural forms, in particular their movements. Upstairs I have projected a moving part of my pattern into a large scale screen print. Again looking at natural forms and movement this piece concentrates on the movement of liquids. My style is influenced by Japanese Art and the strong sense of directional movement found in Art Nouveau. More current sources of influence include the delicate photography of Bill Beckley, and artists such as Philip Taaffe and Enzo Henze. // // 07792669708

) s n o n (H s e A B tile Mod x e T chel Ra

My work looks at the rocks the mineral collection from the Natural History museum in London. The varying tones of colours, reflecting light from tiny diamond facets and the smooth textures from the rocks inspired my drawing. Working directly from my drawings and photographs I have digitally printed my designs onto silk and stretch fabrics suitable for swim wear and created my own intimate apparel collection. My observations also inspired me to create lace type pieces using the laser cutter which I have then beaded to echo the reflecting light that is created from tiny edges seen on diamonds and stones. My prints can be used in a fashion context. I am also interested in hand printed and painted wallpaper for interiors and am also interested in designing for accessories and couture. // // 07875484264

) s s o n n i l o y H ( o BA tiles lisa Z x e T ange Ev

The aim of my project has been capturing something beautiful on fabric. I intended to incorporate colour, light, and personal imagery in order to try and create an inspiring and exciting environment. I started this project by working in glass because it is the most appropriate material that obtains the qualities I am trying to capture. The main focus was to develop those features to a stage where they could then be translated back into textiles, creating something original and intriguing. I don’t believe you have to work in textile to inspire or create textiles. What I have created from this is a live fabric that works with reflection, light and colour, incorporating photographs and drawings. I have also designed colourful and energetic patterns from photographs of the reflections. I have been working with glass, resin, perspex, gaining a lot of knowledge and experience in each material. However I am by nature a screen printer and designer with a good understanding of photography and Photoshop. // // 07748912433

n ) g s i n es o H D h ( e A B rfac rouc Su tie C Ka

I enjoy photographing the surfaces of things and places I find, and creating designs inspired by these. A neglected manor house a few miles from the Norfolk coast, and north Norfolk beaches are the main influence on my work. Much of my work is print, but my other strengths are collage and digital design. I like to combine traditional methods with modern technology. I’ve created screen-printed designs as well as digital designs and used these to produce wallpapers, furniture coverings, lightshades and wall art. My design aesthetic reflects this mix of old and new, my work often features worn down surfaces and textures that I give a contemporary twist suitable for a modern home for today. I use wood veneer, paper and card for much of my work, but am also familiar with fabric printing. Re-vamping 1950’s furniture is my latest obsession as it matches my aesthetic flawlessly. I enjoy giving a new lease of life to furniture in order to lengthen its life span. // //

) s n o t (H s u A B tile ash x e T nya G Ra

For my work I have taken inspiration from butterflies, specifically looking at the shapes created within their wings and jewel like colours. I have been interested in creating luxury fashion prints for womenswear with added embellishment. The 50’s embellishment has inspired me to experiment with pleating, gathering and draping my fabric. Art has a big influence in the prints that I create, for this project artist’s such as Damien Hirst and Howard Hodgkin’s have inspired my designs. I thoroughly enjoy drawing with different medias to create my prints, I particularly relish in using inks and various paints combined, as well as cutting and layering with different weight and textured papers. For some of my designs I have added a modern approach to embellishment adding glitter tape and sequins to make some of my prints more striking visually. // // 07792301103

) s h n t r o o H ( w BA tiles Uns Texnnifer Je

I enjoy designing for everyday items – tea towels, aprons, place mats and coasters. For this collection of contemporary kitchen textiles, I have used the imagery and lace of vintage embroidered pieces, reworking them by using current images from the natural countryside environment. I draw and paint plants and flowers in a naive style, then print them onto textile using screen or digital print techniques.Minimal embellishments are stitched, knitted or crocheted – mindful of the vintage style. I am conscious of issues around sustainability. Wherever possible, I buy organic and fairly traded natural textiles and use eco-friendly inks for screen printing // // 07749 198722

) s n o (H s A B tile adler x e T da S Lin

My inspiration always seems to come from the shapes and forms that I find in nature, and for this project I visited sea-life centres and zoos, looking at marine life. I have a small collection of corals and sea urchin shells and I was particularly fascinated by these as I was able to look at them very close up with a digital microscope. I like to use natural, renewable materials in my work and I decided to use wool for this collection. I developed a technique combining wool yarn and wool tops, where I was machine knitting, deconstructing the knitting and then re-assembling by stitching pieces together. As the project developed I experimented with different weights of fabric and the possible contexts widened beyond my initial interest in making decorative acoustic wall pieces. I have constructed an almost 3 dimensional tactile textile which can be used for interiors, fashion or viewed simply as art. The textile is washable. Although most of my recent work has been based on machine knitting I am interested in combining other techniques such as printing onto felt and other surfaces. I am exhibiting at New Designers 2011. // 07769516736

) s n o H ( BA tiles igh Tex iva Le Av

Aviva makes contemporary textiles that celebrate artisan skills of natural dyeing, hand weaving and felt making. Wrappings is a collection of resist-dyed textiles in linen, paper and hemp. Inspired by the traditional technique of ‘shibori’ she has used wood and bamboo to clamp, bind and manipulate the cloth to create pattern and texture using botanical dyes. In addition to the large hand woven pieces on display in the exhibition, Aviva has created a range of wraps. These are 100% organic cotton squares that can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable packaging, being used to wrap gifts, carry books or shopping or even worn on the body. These are available to purchase in the NUCA gallery space. Aviva is committed to a ‘slow making’ ethos that embraces the use of sustainable and zero-waste processes and considers the provenance of all materials used. She works with natural dyestuffs, often grown locally, connecting personally with the process of creating colour - from sowing the seeds to processing the pigment. // // 07939114163

) s n o (H s A B tile lson x i e T yW Am

For my final collection I have created a range of cloth which reflects the shimmering and translucent qualities of minerals and the weathered surface textures of naturally found examples of agates and minerals. I design fine fabrics and explore the combination of a wide range of materials within my work in order to create unusual textures and an ambience of rustic elegance. I like to design tactile and often delicate fabrics that are suitable for a fashion application. My main source of inspiration for design is the natural world - form, pattern and organic growth. The style of my work reflects a variety of influences and I find vintage French textiles and fashions of the 1920’s film noir era especially inspiring. I carefully select my yarns for their superior quality and ethical credentials, ensuring that all have a traceable provenance. I use materials such as pure Lambs wool, fine silk and Linen in my work, experimenting with the natural properties of the yarns such as twist, shrink and elastomeric qualities in order to create fabric with natural textured movement and iridescent qualities. I also incorporate vintage haberdashery and detail such as buttons and trims within my work and I intend to continue this direction of recycling textile waste and discarded elements and utilising them in my textile practice. //

) s n o H ( BA tiles acon Tex y De Am

My work represents the restoration of mundane everyday sights that have become something of a social disinterest. By specifically capturing images of un-admired architecture, I have used digital design methods to manipulate such mundane imagery to create work that is once again publically interesting. I produce digital print directed towards most disciplines in textile design, including fashion, accessories and interiors. By mainly focusing on fashion, this has allowed me to apply images of such unappreciated subject to an area of high demand and admiration. Everything used to create my designs comes from the photographs I take. By carefully considering composition, colour and content when primarily capturing my subject matter, I am able to directly represent the original view. //

y e ) l s ig n r o W H ( e BA tiles ouis x e T rah-L Sa

My recent work examines those contradictions and similarities between two opposing disciplines such as contemporary architecture has with today’s fashion. I am particularly interested to explore how key characteristics can cross over in order to create a dynamic visual fusion. Contemporary architecture pushes the boundaries of scale, materials and design along with functionality, but also reflects environmental and cultural issues of our modern lifestyle. Fashion today can often be seen in much the same way with a stronger influence crossing a wider plethora of disciplines. With the creation of new techniques and materials architecture is able to incorporate a more fashion conscious approach to design, incorporating textures, patterns and colour to both the exterior as well as the interior. My textile design explores how two contrasting disciplines can work successfully together and also how the materials and techniques can be shared. I have also created textile designs which incorporate engineering references, such as electrical pylons, as part of the fabric structure in elasticised knitwear. I have also developed a range of textiles designs for sportswear, taking my inspiration from the human body in motion, to reflect power and the dynamic of the textile design working together to emphasise the athlete’s movement. // 07598 266068

) s n o n H ( a BA tiles harm x e T ily C Em

My designs are inspired by everyday life and my north eastern home town. I am interested in using bold brash imagery that is not commonly used or thought of as beautiful and presenting it in a new light, my aim to creating prints that humour and shock. Although my imagery is contemporary I am passionate about using traditional techniques like hand drawing and screen printing. In my designs I try and insert as much detail as possible to create a beautiful complex surface, I try to achieve a hand drawn quality where every pencil line can be seen. I am interested in creating a beautiful innovative pattern that almost contrasts with its darker imagery. // 07561861120

n ) g s i n es our o H D ym ( e A B rfac Se Su ssica Je

Over the past year my work has centred on concepts of “way finding” (land navigation and aim to reach a destination) and “dirty geometrics” (where strong shapes are still evident, yet somewhat irregular and malformed or the edges and lines of the forms are corroded and patchy). I have focused on the use of mono print and silkscreen print to create designs that integrate these ideas. Originally the work was predominantly paper based, which later developed into prints directly onto Slates and Travertine tiles, juxtaposed with soft Japanese papers. I have taken inspiration from static movement and elements of journeys’. My designs are intended to be directional or motivating in encouraging progression through an area. Written word is often not enough to help us find our way. The use of visually stimulating design was key in development and for this reason my work naturally spread to wall and floor coverings, where our eyes lay most often. I have often used digital design to aid my work, but using a traditional medium such as Silkscreen printing has developed my concepts of colour and layering. Outside of my studio practice I have been commissioned to produce a range of prints continuing the theme of dirty, tarnished line. I want to continue creating wall and floor art, developing further the use of natural stone in my designs. // 0796423045

) s n o H ( BA tiles allis Tex cy W Lu

Using a Dubied knitting machine I have created a series of structural pieces responding to the themes of architectural repeats and surface water patterns. My aim for this collection of work has been to push the technical boundaries presented by an industrial knitting machine by developing structures that defy the more linear forms often associated with machine knitting. This has been achieved by creating both subtle and dramatic curves and an integral curved form as a result of the construction of each piece. The work I have produced during this final stage of my degree has received support from the Costume and Textile Association, allowing me to further develop my practice. As a result, I have been able to experiment with setting work in Epoxy resin in order to demonstrate the importance of space and light as part of how my work sits in its environment, along with and a small collection of hand bound books that articulate the relationship of my work to precise architectural drawings. I am currently working on a range of more textual knitted pieces including luxury dress accessories and textile products for the home. // // 07989047349

n ) g s i n es nor o (H ce D on A B rfa O’C Su phia So

I create digital designs using Photoshop, inspired by a variety of different themes. Creating one off designs, that can be used for a range of different contexts, for example fashion fabrics, and interior designs. Interested in bright bold colours, and extravagant geometric designs. As well as extreme catwalk fashion, that inspires retail fashion designs. Most of my work is designed for fashion fabrics, as I’m very passionate about fashion, and interested in the construction of garments. // 07540351359

) s n s o n H o ( A m s B tile Sim Tex uren La

In my work, I am extremely interested in the use of pattern & layering, and i’m drawn to the idea of eclectic clashes of colour and texture, bringing them to a point where they sit together in compatibility. I primarily use hand printing methods, but also focus on CAD print and embroidery for both men and womens fashion and interiors. My work is very personal to me, I enjoy drawing and using them to add texture to my digital designs. During my time at university I have completed work placements with Petra Boase and Zandra Rhodes. // // 07531045055

) s n o (H s A B tile mith x e T loe S Ch

I gain initial inspiration from nature and artists such as William Morris who stress the exquisiteness of flowers and plants in his opulent designs. My primary drawing and photography forms the foundation to my work as a whole. My designs are created through manipulation of photography, adding and subtracting sections of drawing to formulate a design. Although much is hand printed I have uniquely engaged in the digital technologies of design, incorporating the use of Photoshop and digital print but I see the computer only as a ‘tool’, to doctor designs and to introduce new and innovative colour ways. Designers such as Timorous Beasties inspire my cross-disciplinary use of software and traditional printing methods. An eclectic collection of archive-inspired wallpapers, celebrating the nostalgia for faded opulence. Traditionally hand printed fabrics, with hand printed wallpaper in the form of a backdrop. The colour pallet is fresh and contemporary and I want to convey the traditional hand made quality of the printed fabric through use of rustic furniture displaying upholstered cushions from the same collection. This is to show which fabrics work together in the same space. The digital collection encompasses a vibrant selection of ultra-modern prints and embroideries. // // 07984065216

n ) g s i n es o H D ( e BA rfac ing Su ola K Nic

My main area of practice is the concept around the eclecticism of the past, primarily from old finds such as photographs, postcards keepsakes etc. The inspiration coming from people who once owned these and their forgotten histories, stories and memories within the objects. The notion of decaying colours and scents that come with them and act as a memory alone fascinate me. This concept then inspired me to explore my own family history in the process, discovering my personal past as well as others. Whilst gathering finds I stumbled upon a selection of baby photos from my family members, and here the inspiration of ‘childhood memories’ developed and became my main focal point to continue with. I finalised this concept into a collection of digitally printed interior pieces with embellished and crafted patchwork fabrics, designed for the market of baby girls and young children. Inspired by my favourite childhood books the collection portrays the idea of tradition and history while attempting to re-create an innovative, modern slant upon these. The range explores into both hand and digital processes, focusing my imagination on the fusion of old and new. Combining past and present, linking old generations with new. // 07917862447

n ) g s i n es o H D ers ( e A B rfac alt Su ya W n a T

My work uses photography as a starting point, which is then altered in Photoshop to create finished designs. On these particular images I went on to use shapes within the designs I developed from the photographs to create the final imagery. // 07815951462

) s n o s (H s p A B tile crip x e T rah S Sa

My work is illustration and fashion based. Inspired by natural forms, I use graphic and digital tools to create layered designs for digital print. Experimenting with silhouette, line, and overlapping to describe nature and the figure. Simplifying shapes by these methods allows for a clean and bold design similar to screen printed techniques. Choosing to create these designs in Photoshop instead of by hand means I am able to use the patterns for one off or mass production products. Through my illustration work I hand embroider fashion figures on to the digital prints. A labour of love these pieces make a personal connection through material and maker, each stitch different. This causes a contrast between traditional and contemporary techniques, making the designs unique. Distinguishing itself from my more commercial work based around quick seasonal trend changes. The one constant connection throughout the two styles of working is the use of bright pastel tones defining a fresh, organic, array of patterns for spring/summer women’s wear. Currently I am trying to incorporate both the fashion and illustrative aspects of my work. By developing figures in Photoshop and incorporating floral imagery into the clothing to represent the context of the designs. // // 07775960932

) s n o (H s A B tile ing x e T rah K Sa

My inspiration comes from the architecture of modern skateboarding. Using the Low solid shapes and blocks, transitions, hips, banks stairs and ramps found in both skate parks and street skate spots as the building blocs of my designs . By first designing model sized skate obstacles in paper and then developing repeats that slotted together to form geometric patterns, I then developed a technique of joining 3mm laser cut acrylic in a flexible unobtrusive way. I originally designed the pieces to be used for lighting and modular wall panelling but later decided that they had the potential to adapt to almost any context.. The pieces slot together to create different surfaces that could be used for a variety of applications, anything from interiors to fashion. The surfaces are all flexible with the edges of the acrylic attached with a hinged join allowing the viewer to manipulate the pieces creating new surfaces and sculptural shapes. // // 07905218012

) s n o r H ( e BA tiles itch Tex cey P a r T

My work looks at a women’s role in a relationship. The expectations of entering a partnership only to find that all is not equal. Most women are still responsible for housework, shopping and child care, as well as making a financial contribution. I chose to use quilting and stitch as this reflects the unappreciated traditional skills of ‘women’s work’. // 07783999616

n ) g s i n es o (H ce D an A B rfa W n Su i Da Su

A summer collection of floral designs inspired by Chinese lucky symbols, it is mainly based on the four lucky flowers, Lotus, Plum blossom, Chrysanthemum and Peony and also some traditional lucky symbols such as bamboo and butterflies and peacocks. It is a colourful collection of floral pattern fabrics that are suitable to use as Fashion fabrics or Interiors. The fabrics I have selected to use are light weight fabrics such as silk, satin, georgette and chiffon. The designs will be presented by using digital printing and screen printing techniques. I have looked at different types of silk, including traditional silk and eco friendly silk and have been experiment them with different printing techniques and also natural dyes. The flowers inspired the colour palette I have chosen to use; I have produced a colourful collection of designs that represents meanings of long life, peace and good luck. // 07931298415

Textiles & Surface Design degree show 2011  

Textiles & Surface Design degree show 2011

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