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Jimmy Croul – A 16 Year-olds View On Formula One 4/6/2014

Today in F1 we hear that Valtteri Bottas is still very much of the opinion that he can rip it up the Red Bulls. Valtteri Bottas is an incredible driver, he really hasn’t done anything wrong in his short time as a driver. But does he really think that he can beat a Red Bull? Now it can be safe to say that the old energy drink boys haven’t had the best start to this topsy-turvy season. They may have the best chassis, grip? Heaps mate. The overall package though, still quite questionable. After spending four years demolishing everything that could possibly be demolished they find themselves languishing. The Williams on the other hand, had a marvelous preseason. They were looking like being the closest challengers to the silver arrows, or should I say bullets. Ever since this initial success they’ve been rubbish to be frankly honest. They should have been on the podium and yet we find them languishing in the mid pack. I’d say this is attributed to a lack of development. Williams have gone through a big restructure in recent times to rectify the challenges of the last ten years. In 2003, in the middle of the year anyway they had a car that could urinate all over the competition. The next year was horrendous, I remember watching the races in 2004 as a six year old boy, my first memories of the sport I love. I looked at the screen and thought to myself “this thing is absolutely repulsive.” “it looks like a supermodel with a fat nose.” They had near enough to the best car and they ruined it with a nose job. It’s times like these when the principle of evolution rather than evolution should take precedence. All they needed to do was work on the things that were a downfall the year before and it would have been the first championship since the man with the glasses drove the car. It then took them six months to think “oh no, we’ve gone the wrong way here boys.” After this they fixed the hideous walrus nose and JPM won. The next year, to counter having a droopy nose they had an exceedingly high one. The year after this the car would break down if you looked at it the wrong way, like someone on steroids getting aggravated after a hard stare. It all fell apart, in a big hole and in a bad way. Since then they’ve only been able to get onto the podium when everything has played out just perfectly. In the more recent times they’ve only been able to score points when everything has gone well. This of course, neglects that odd occasion in Spain when Pastor Maldonado didn’t crash and he won. Pastor Maldonado must be some form of bad luck, when Rubinho arrived at Williams in 2010 after his rejuvenation year the car performed admirably. Then came Maldonado and everything since has been terrible. Maldonado has now left to cast a shadow of unreliability and lack of speed on Lotus. The black and gold machines were on the podium regularly last season and now they break down before the engine’s started. This is probably due to all the bits of the car being broken by Maldonado up against a wall. Or probably more often when he’s acting like a toddler and playing with things that aren’t in his best interest to play with. I’ll recall a story to you about my grandma, when I was five I owned a go kart. I too had ambitions to become a formula one driver until the money ran dry. Anyway, I used to lap the cul-de-sac outside of my house all afternoon. One day my grandma decided that if I could do she could too. Long story short, first lap in the thing and she rolled it onto her poor head. To tell you the truth she isn’t very good at driving but she was probably capable of crashing less than old mate Maldonado. Returning to the topic now, I find it terribly hard to believe that Williams could come back and topple Red Bull. I highly doubt that Adrian Newey would let such a thing happen. The problem lies with Renault I fear, if they hadn’t have spent the whole of last season on their pedestals eating croissants they may have been able to engineer 1

Jimmy Croul – A 16 Year-olds View On Formula One an efficient engine. The last time f1 cars had turbo engines they arrived on the scene about four years before anyone else. Now possibly as result of some 30 year old complacency they’ve arrived late to the party. Now Mercedes who’ve never made a turbocharged formula one engine have taken a stand. The Williams started the season, admittedly pretty impressive. In the last race one of the cars parked having been converted to a steam chimney. Red bull started the season with its drivers in tears, mostly Vettel. By the first race the homeboy was on the podium, albeit not officially but the point (not points) stands. The Red Bull is only getting stronger, the last time that Williams was competitive was before Felipe Massa could grow chin hair and when Valtteri Bottas was learning multiplication. I fear that the only way for Red Bull is up, as Newton says the opposite reaction is to the detriment of Williams. Though its no surprise that what I really want is the Martini in first place, I will then have to scrunch this piece of paper up and eat it.


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