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Jimmy Croul – A 16 Year-olds View On Formula One 2/6/2014

Today we learned that the two Mercedes drivers are “all good” and for some reason this puzzles me. Yes they may have driven go karts together in a long ago time but they will not go on being friends. In Formula One you cannot have friends, simple as that. You can’t just go to the pub and have a beer with your team mate after he just ruthlessly stole the lead from you. I’m sorry, but it’s physically impossible to maintain a working relationship with your biggest nemesis. It is for this reason that Prost and Senna never shared a Pizza in their days at McLaren. I don’t see how it would be possible to sustain a long term relationship with someone who despises you. The only way to have harmony within a team is if you’re the slowest. You will never hear Max Chilton complaining about being slower than Jules Bianchi because frankly who cares. You will never hear Max Chilton complaining because he’s slower than everyone. The job of the Marussia or Caterham is to trundle around at the back getting in the way of the leaders and I fear that if “Haas” arrives on the scene this phenomena will be exasperated. Of course, a driver always wants to beat his team mate, though when fighting tooth and nail for 13 th nobody gives a tit who comes out on top. For the driver itself this is a moment of immense glory, but the only people who care which Marussia comes first are Frenchman. This is because the result is always Bianchi. Coming back on topic, this is why no team fighting for championships can have two alpha males. This is where the role of the number two driver comes to the fore. A job description that no one really wants to be brutally honest. Okay, it may be all well and good to be a Ferrari driver. As a Formula one driver it’s a brilliant place to be, but if you’re always going to be slower than your team mate is it really a career prospect? I mean, I highly doubt that anyone wishing to become a Formula One driver says “Yep, I want to spend four years of my life getting beaten by someone driving the same car as me.” Not even Felipe Massa I suspect. It is for this reason that Mark Webber would always mope around the paddock area with a face like a slapped ass. He wanted to beat Vettel but for one reason or another, or maybe a terrible pit crew this was rarely possible. Unless you are someone young and I’m once again going to reference Felipe Massa you cannot possibly be happy with such a situation. Recall Massa in 2006, he was the affable number two driver for Michael Schumacher. This was okay at the time as the big Schu was on the way out and Felipe was still establishing himself as a competitive force. Up until that time we really had no idea as to how good he was, okay he may have done something interesting in the Sauber on the rare occasion but nothing like Vettel showed in 2008 driving for Toro Rosso. For him, he was moving up the ranks as Michael was preparing to leave. He was assured a good seat and the limelight would soon come for him. This brings me back to my main argument, two blokes battling for the championship in the same car is a recipe for disaster. The only way it could possibly be resolved is for one of the two to fade into the pack, no longer challenging the other driver and admitting defeat. The driver would be forever forced to circulate, safely collecting points to prop up the organization. The only other way to resolve the matter would be to simple leave the team, something I fear may happen soon. Hamilton particularly looks shaky. Rosberg is fine, he has a German team, a strong mindset and the will to win. His British team mate however, particularly after the controversy of the Monaco GP weekend looks soft. Like a sad boiled pot of rhubarb stew, left to simmer too long. Unless he can get the upper hand definitively I’m afraid he’s going to have to search for an escape hole. With as much natural talent as he has I’m certain he could weave his way into any crevasse. McLaren, though not looking too good at the 1

Jimmy Croul – A 16 Year-olds View On Formula One moment might have an opportunity arising soon. The Honda engine package is already being developed and as we all know the Japanese are very good at creating fast powerplants. Look no further than the reign they had on the sport with Williams and McLaren in the late eighties and early nineties. The combination of Mclaren and Honda is an enticing prospect, mostly for myself as a viewer. It would be interesting as Renault aren’t on terms just yet with the Germans. Will Hamilton leave? as Alonso did when Hamilton was last in a war with a team mate. Will he fade into the background as his 2008 championship rival did so famously? Or will the true Lewis be revealed? The Lewis we all knew and loved. Will we see the incredibly quick driver who was never seen wearing an earring or walking around with a pug? The man who sent a quick Spaniard running back to Paris.


Jimmy Croul on Formula 1 2nd June  

First Edition of the Jimmy Croul on F1 series, Providing a daily recap of the days news. Unbiased views from a 16 year old. Article being wr...

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