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The Lost Mitten

Story by Olivia Bevilacqua

Grace wakes up happy and excited. It is the last day of school before Christmas vacation. She looks out her window and sees that there is newly fallen snow on the ground. As she rushes out the door for school, she grabs her hat, scarf, and her favorite mittens. There is a real chill in the air and the snow has covered all her boot prints from the day before.



The bell rings for recess. The children are so excited to go outside and play in the snow. Grace begins to put on her snow clothes when she notices that one of her mittens is missing. “Where is my mitten?” Grace asks. She checks her locker ... no mitten. She goes to the cafeteria and asks the lunch lady ... no mitten. Walking out to recess, she asks the principal ... no mitten. “What will I do? Great-grandma knit me that mitten. What will I do?”

The playground is filled with laughter and cheers. Snowballs fly through the air. Little girls giggle as they make snow angels on the white soccer field and there are snowmen taking shape all around. It is cold out and Grace has to keep her uncovered hand in her pocket. She begins to feel sad and worried about what her mom will say. She asks herself again, “Where can my mitten be?�

Just when she is beginning to think that she will not find it, Grace gets an idea. She knows what she will do. Instead of cutting snowflakes in Art class, Grace is busy with markers and large sheets of paper. She uses her time to make posters and puts them up in all the school hallways. She hopes it is enough. She hopes it is the answer.

It is just about time to go home ... still no mitten. “Children, don’t forget to bring home your Christmas stars for your family tree,” says Grace’s teacher. Grace packs her backpack. She puts on her hat, scarf, and one mitten and sets out into the late afternoon Winter’s chill. She traces her steps toward home, hanging her left-over posters on trees, lamp posts, and fences. “This will surely work,” she thinks, “It has to work.”

It begins to get dark and Grace needs to get home. The path through the woods will be the quickest. As she walks, she thinks of her great-grandma, she thinks of her mommy waiting for her at home with hot chocolate, and she thinks of Christmas. Suddenly, she sees a squirrel scurry by carrying a strange object. “What does he have in his mouth?,� she wonders.

Grace is curious. She follows the squirrel through the tall trees. She realizes he is not scared of her. He is almost leading her along. She is now running to keep up and she knows she is no longer on a familiar path. As she follows her new friend, she sees a bunny peek out from the snow drift, a deer step out from behind a huge tree, and a fox slowly creep from its den.

Now all the animals begin to dash ahead and out of site. She follows the tracks to a small clearing of pine trees. Grace cannot believe her eyes. The most beautiful tree she has ever seen. There are mittens of all colors and sizes. Scarves long and thin with bright fringe. “Could it be?” Grace asks in amazement. On the bottom branch, she spots her missing mitten hanging beautifully on the tree. “What do I do?” She knows she cannot leave her mitten behind, but the tree is so perfect.

She decides it is only right to leave something in its place. She reaches into her backpack and pulls out the only thing special enough for such a pretty tree, the Christmas Star.

The End

Written by Olivia Bevilacqua and Mommy Illustrated by Daddy Hand Coloring by Olivia Bevilacqua Colored Pencils provided by Mikey Bevilacqua

The Lost Mitten  
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