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3 Points every human being should know about wearing Legendry 501®Levi’s Denim Jeans First of all we would like to pay our gratitude to Levi Strauss & Co., for the invaluable contribution that it has made to the world by manufacturing best denim jeans ever made. The legendary 501® Levi’s denim jeans has been there from the past and evolved to this modern era which holds momentous history of more or less than 122 years to be precise. The 501® jeans today are one of the most valuable and fashionable clothing recourse there is to get hold on, which eventually comes along with several very useful benefits as follows: •

Highly Appealing

Fashion Icon



Gratitude sideways, Time to be more optimistic and human about the new trend! Beside all due respect of those benefits that purchasing Levi’s 501® is really money well spent, there are some disturbing news and chain of events that has happened to be published and admired or not, I would not be very sure, but before it is too late we need to point out some astonishing facts to consider! Before reading or to start following anything which is I’m not sure has been put up as an ultra-modern or a new trend? I am very sure that if you are reading this article right now, you are already aware of the new statement of Chip Berg CEO of Levi’s at the Fortune magazine’s brainstorm Green conference when he appeared wearing a 501® at the event and Tommy Hilfiger the fashion legend. (If you are still human and haven’t lost your marbles, you may feel disturbed too by reading this note: (CEO has not cleaned or washed his jeans for a year now)

Ok you haven’t cleaned or washed your 501, cool? Well, putting aside all the contributions that you have made to this world with fashionable and premium quality jeans, but that does not make you anyone to inspire people to stay unhygienic right? (No offense Mr.CEO and rest of the admirers) Anyways regardless of this statement of the CEO, 501® jeans are highly admired and they should be! But it is time that we all should realize that whenever we wear clothes of any kind, and especially if it is a legendry pair of 501® Levi’s denim jeans, as a human being we should know these 3 points.

As a normal human being you invest on clothing to appear elegant, stylish and fashionable! To be very honest, just think for a moment that why do we spend on clothing? Isn’t it quite obvious that we want to put on something that is trendy, now secondly we wear clothes as it is a basic essentiality of human being unless you want to run around your house naked and be called a crazy person?

Couldn’t be simpler to understand the above example right? The point is you are a human being and you require to act as one, you wear to cover yourself up and live in a society of respected people and called a decent and sensible person, you eat to remove hunger, you take a bath to stay hygienic right? You wash your clothes to keep them clean and that is by the way called hygienic and healthy too! (Unless you haven’t gone bananas and started to feel that you are wasting water because you are not my dear friend)

If we conduct a research about people that how rapidly they wash their daily wore apparel we can come up with answers about what normal is and what behavior is called abnormal. Now we understand that denim fabric is literally something else it is more durable and it can be dressed in for maximum of 7 days or even moving to a pathetic and more disgusting level for 10 and more days, because it is not the first time we would be seeing people wearing denim jeans for days, they do, and trust me they have their limits too! And they do know themselves too that it is disgusting and they do not try to justify it. (They have some courtesy to accept that it is not normal!)

You take care of your apparel by following safety measures to make them last longer!

Not only your apparel, whatever a normal human beings would invest on, they would automatically try to take care of it, we’d not say that at its full potential every time but at least to some extent they could because there are people reckless and careless too but that is we would say a normal thing that happens in our daily lives. Human beings strive to improvise always for betterment, and if we would say that this is one of the reasons that we invest on products of higher quality and costs, we would not be lying to ourselves. Similarly, 501® Denim jeans no doubt is a premium quality apparel with lots of benefits to get hold on, mainly you would be admired in your social circle for wearing iconic apparel, of course it looks highly appealing, but literally ask yourself does it really worth if you don’t wash it for an year? Or you don’t have to wash it ever? (Take your time laugh, it is a sign you are still normal) Of course you have purchased high cost denim apparel which is ultimately a set of denim jeans which would emboss you as an elegant or may be stylish, modern individual in the society. Just for an instance you would go to a party or an event, you would dance, you would eat, so definitely you would sweat? May be you would spill some food on yourself?

Now elaborate that are you disgustingly pathetic enough to rub your apparel with a wet cloth and remove stains or you would go to take a bath with along your jeans put on and dry it and re-wear it? For GOD SAKE! You purchased this denim apparel as a human being with a vision of betterment, isn’t now what you are doing is called unhygienic and disgusting? You are fulfilling your corporate responsibility by saving water on earth? Seriously? Animals live organized and structured; if they used to wear apparel naturally they would wash it. At least try yourself to differ because you’re simply insane.

Looking good is feeling good as every normal human being do on this planet since birth!

A natural fact it is that when you put on a neat and clean set of clothes after taking a bath, brush your hair, style them, and you walk the road you feel good, the expression the aura you deliver to your surrounding is positive, people smile when they take a look at you. You wear a 501Ž denim jeans for no other reason than this my friend, to be literally very honest you don’t have to do it, you just imagine not washing your 501Ž for just 15 days and after that even if your jeans is clean with refrigeration process by killing bacteria that produce smell, or taking bath along with your pants on and dry them later, you would not feel good yourself and you know why? (Because there is humanity left inside you and you still know the difference between hygienic and unhygienic.)

Now besides these 3 basic wrapping up human beings points about wearing any apparel even if it is Levis 501® denim. We would take a look about some more interesting ground facts as a topping on the desert.

The Astonishing Facts When you earn, you spend, and you spare some, but isn’t that too much that you spare and don’t spend anything?

Normal human being, earns he spends, he saves similarly he eats, he exercises, he takes a bath, and why? Because this is what every normal human being do unless they are not crazy. Now for an example if you earn and you do not spend anything you keep saving and saving and you die did it worth earning it all? Similarly if you are in struggle to fulfill the obligation of saving water of the earth, would you stop drinking it and die thirsty? Weren’t there many other ways of saving the water? Drink only how much you need? Don’t spill it on the floor for no reason? Stop the leakage? If you are getting the point above, Dear denim fans wash your 501Ž.

You purchase high quality jeans, it is money well spent, and it would last longer. All right you have spent finally on a top quality denim apparel of the modern era, we all appreciate you, first of all the fact it is costly is because it is of premium quality which makes it automatically last longer, now adding more if you take the proper safety measure and wash it in cold water and all, it would be more durable. Now if you are more optimistic and we are not, you do not wash it till you die and kindly do not take a bath too, save water, and please take it along with you beneath the earth. Thanks.

How about don’t take a bath and start rubbing your skin with wet cloth or tissue paper? The most beyond belief fact is that you need to save water right? Well then why do you even take a bath? Well, you could always just have a bowl of water dip a tissue or a little cloth dip it into the water and rub it to your skin remove some stains and spots and spend the rest of your life following the same procedure in strive to save water. (Corporate Responsibility fulfilled a job well done!) We do not want to be controversial but at least try to find some positivity in all of these words we have written if you were able to find the positivity in these following statements that we are about to deliver.

Fashion Icons, lifestyle moderators but not human beings conduct accomplishers 1. Mr. Chip Bergh Levi’s CEO, have contributed tremendously for the world of fashion and clothing industry and most of all for the Levi Strauss from the year 2011, before this year it had started to fall into crisis, and Mr. Chip Bergh is the person behind the success story of stabilizing Levi Strauss sales and growth. We all need to acknowledge and appreciate for all the outstanding achievements he has achieved in his lifetime. But after something like this,

Chip Bergh arrived at Fortune magazine's Brainstorm Green conference on Monday wearing the unwashed dark denim pants.

Saving water: Levi's CEO Chip Bergh (left) revealed that he hadn't washed his jeans for a year at Fortune's business conference on Monday - the magazine's magazine editor, Andy Sewer (right) looked a little disgusted. Source:

And 2. Mr. Tommy Hilfiger An American fashion designer and the founder of the leading lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, named after its founder Mr. Thomas Jacob Hilfiger. He is highly admired and followed for his fashion statements and the latest trends carried out by him means a lot to the fashion and glamour industry. But similarly after something like this,

That Mr. Tommy Hilfiger put an end to a debate by promoting that “Never

Wash Your Jeans�

Hilfiger was out in L.A. last night when we asked if its okay not to wash your jeans all the time and Tommy says he NEVER washes his. Ever.


Well clearly these two are not the authorities or anyone to declare something disgusting and to be inspirited and carried out (No Offense), not being controversial and for any declarative statement you weigh it by voting and opinion by the majority of the people. But after certain age factor sometimes people start to go bananas No offense but it really happens we all know it and there is something that is may be making it happen to both of these guys.

Mr. Thomas Jacob Hilfiger – Aged 63 Mr. Chip Bergh – Aged 56 It may be the fact that the age is driving them crazy, but there are other decent facts too that we have collected in form of several comments and polls that what people think for the statements of these 2 giants of the fashion industry. Here we go.

The Polls at Tommy's advice

*Gross: 72% *Spot on: 28%

Total Votes: 78,506


Comments from various sources for these two statements are as follows: •

No. You can wash your dark denim in cold water and hang to dry. If you are gentle with your clothing it will last a lot longer. Grime cuts the threads and makes them deteriorate.

Well, if you live alone, never spill, don't do any kind of manual work, have no pets, are always in climate controlled zones with no bad smells...Fine. But if you are actually a useful person, that's definitely not going to happen. Doesn't go to the toilets in the pubs I go in! This is the most disgusting news item. I just do not see how washing your jeans will do anything but good.

• • • •

Of course HE doesn’t wash his jeans; he has people that do it for him. He's right. Good quality raw denim does not need wash 6-8 months.

• • • •

The man takes "gross" to a whole new level. This guy wears his jeans once than throws them away like one wipe charlies. What the heck? Its denim not leather......BY GOD WASH EM! That never washing your jeans thing won’t work in Hollywood. How are you going to get the dirt out of your jeans when you are your knees? A ho's got to work. Wash your clothes, Wash your hair, Brush your teeth. Wipe your ass don’t believe Europe in the "never do these things"


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