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County Manager DLRCoCo Marine Road Dun Laoghaire Co.Dublin

17th November 2011

RE: St Joseph’s Football Club, Sallynoggin – Parking & Safety Dear Mr Keegan, I am writing to you following a meeting with residents and St Joseph’s Football Club, Sallynoggin in respect of the current parking situation around the immediate area of the club. As I am sure you are aware that with the new extensions and increased capacity of St Joseph’s Football club the level of traffic in the area on match days has increased significantly. This is posing serious problems for residents in terms of inconvenience with cars being parked in front of driveways. However the major concern that both of our organisations share is the matter of safety and particularly the safety of children and young people. The concerns arise from two areas, the first issue is that cars are being parked on both sides of the corners of Pearse Road and Avenue causing an obstruction of view of vehicles both emerging from and turning into both roads. The second is that cars are parked on both sides of the road effectively turning two-lane traffic into one lane, obstructing views and increasing the likelihood of car accidents. There is also the real risk of children dashing across the road from between these parked cars and potentially getting hit by a passing car. We believe that the above safety concerns are of paramount importance and have been present for a long time now. The SNW understands that plans have been drawn up for an off road car park along the front of St Joseph’s stretching from Pearse Villas to Pearse Park. We fully support this plan however we also understand that the funding for this project is no longer available in the short to medium term. We are calling for DLRCoCo to release the funding to complete this car park. The safety of children is of upmost importance and with the current parking arrangements and the high volume of cars in the area the safety of children is not guaranteed. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. In our previous correspondence we recognised the difficult funding situation the council finds itself in. However we believe the safety of the children is paramount and we cannot accept that funding constraints as an acceptable reason to delay this project.

We are sure that you will find yourself in agreement with our concerns. We believe that there’s something practical you can do to ensure that this situation is not allowed to continue and that the safety of those present on match days in St Joseph’s Football club is guaranteed. In the short term we would ask that double yellow lines be placed on the corners of Pearse Road, Pearse Avenue and Pearse Gardens to prevent cars obstructing the views of drivers. We would request that the council also address the surface of the road leading from Pearse Villas to the St. Joseph’s clubhouse in Pearse Park. The road is in a deplorable state and a resurfacing project is long over due. We sincerely appreciate your time on this matter and look forward to your response. Kind Regards,

James McCann Chairperson Sallynoggin Neighbourhood Watch 182 Pearse Road Sallynoggin Co.Dublin Ph: 0857277344 E-mail:

St Joseph Boy's DLRCoCo Letter  

St Joseph Boy's DLRCoCo Letter