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Holiday Greetings: Apartment Edition

Apartment decorating ideas and tips pg. 1

By: James Sisenstein

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It’s Christmas time and you have a place all to yourself! It’s time to celebrate! Your first Christmas in your own place is suppose to me memorable. Spending this time with your roommates is such a fun experience. You connect, laugh, cook Christmas goods and listen to Christmas favorites. What better way to start of the day than with decorating! If you have an entertainment center, think about putting garland around it and the same for the end tables and coffee table. Have someone put up three and get it spruced up before attempting to place all the ornament, garland and lights. Meanwhile, have something cooking such as ham or make something simple such as crackers and cheese. Start decorating your tree! Add the lights first and be sure they all work properly. After the lights are on and lit up put the garland on the tree and be sure it hand and isnt too tight! Than add the ornaments of any type, it can even be a themed tree. Finally add the star! Take a step back and enjoy!

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After you’ve eaten your Christmas feast, finish the night by sipping on homemade hot cocoa and watchng a classic Christmas movie.

Quotes for the holiday “My favorite part of living in an apartment is anytime a holiday comes around, my roommates and I are decorating and getting into the season!” -Haley Bartley “I enjoy this time of the year anyway, but be able to have my own place and spend it with my roommates is sucha great expereince.” -Matthew Willey “There is nothing like spending Christmas with your family, you really can’t compare the two.” -Jordan Embry “We’ve all gotten so close, you don’t really understand how much until times like these.” -Jake Lindsey

Games for the holiday Celebrating Christmas is a different experience when doing it away from home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it the holiday. There are even some holidays games to help your roommates and you connect such as board games such as Life, Apples to Apples, Cranium or Pictionary. You might consider something as old school as Charades. It all depends on the people your’e living with and what they like. You may even consider doing secret santa! Where you and your roommates put each of your names in a hat and once the names are mixed wel enough, you and your roommates draw a name. The name you receive, you buy or make a gift for without that specific person knowing about it until the day the gifts are given. It’s a fun game for any type of roommate.


Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is almost here and what better way to celebrate than to start decorating? This season is the time to connect, be joyful and be thankful! Some of the best ways to do so is by getting a tree. Trees can be somewhat expensive depending on where you get them from, so I recommend splitting the cost with your roommates or have one roommate get the tree and the others get the lights and/or garland then turn on some Christmas music, start decorating and don’t forget the candy canes!


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