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50 years of serving the Rio Hondo community

Reeder shows Rio ‘It’s About Time’ for creativity

Volume 50 - Issue 1 - Friday, September 13, 2013

Rio Hondo College

Kristopher Granados Staff Writer

Lalig Tarbinian / El Paisano

Ron Reeder mimicking one of his displayed pieces, “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”, during the gallery’s Artist Talk event on Thursday evening.

President Valeria leads ASRHC to “give back to Rio community” Britny Arevalo Staff Writer

Michael Carranza/ El Paisano

ASRHC President Valeria Guerrero discussing plans.

Sworn in on May 26, Valeria Guerrero begins her third year on campus as president of the Associated Students of Rio Hondo College (ASRHC). Only 21 years old, she has already been involved in a tremendous amount of

activities, programs, and clubs at Rio Hondo. When Guerrero ran for the position in May, she initially was against six other candidates. Ultimately, the candidates dropped their candidacy leaving Guerrero as the only runner and winner of the 2013-2014 school year elections. See PRESIDENT page 2

Ron Reeder is a fascinating artist, teacher, and a friend to many. His on gallery titled “It’s About Time” has been on display for several weeks now in the RHC gallery. Without the artist present throughout the day, spectators found themselves in a surreal collection of intensely detailed sculptures in the form of assemblages, which they were forced to decipher for themselves. An assemblage is a type of threedimensional art that is “assembled” from many different objects and mediums, but put together in such a way that they become one singular piece of art. In this case, Reeder had actually placed various clocks and wristwatches on several of his works, which tied into his theme of time. However, all the other intricate details displayed were rich with personality and wonder, each open to unique in-

terpretation by the individual viewer. On the evening of September 5, Reeder made a muchanticipated appearance. Friends, students, and fans alike where able to spend time with the artist himself, discussing their favorite pieces after the pleasure of an open Q&A session with the pleasantly charming Reeder. El Paisano was able to get a pre-show interview w-ith the man himself before the doors opened to the rest of the campus. When asked why he chose time as a theme, Ron simply replied, “It’s been around. Humans have always been fascinated with it, they try to keep track of it and make such a big deal, but we can’t control it.” Reeder informed us that ne of his closest friends had passed away a week prior to this interview, which left us to believe some part of the gallery was dedicated to him. See REEDER page 15

Rio Hondo staff honors three unexpected losses

Memorials for Williams, Kimber and Lopez / See LOSSES page 4


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2 - NEWS

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

PRESIDENT: Experienced Guerrero fits new role

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When asked why she ran for president, Guerrero stated, “I have always wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much”, explaining

how she grew up in El Monte and feels that Rio Hondo represents and supports the El Monte community greatly. Her attachment to Rio Hondo and its connection with the community acts as the basis

It’s now El Pai

No, you're not seeing weird things. This is still El Paisano, but a shorten version of the name.

Through the years many members of the El Paisano staff had begun referring the name El Paisano to just "El Pai" to shorten it up to say the least. So this year the staff decided to change the format from a standard newspaper to that of a tabloid and go with a smaller logo using the name "El Pai."

"We have been calling the paper El Pai in class and during layout sessions for a long time," said Adviser John Francis. "I think it's an idea that has come and the students have embraced it."

He said that it may be a fitting way to begin the newspaper's next 50 years. "This paper has been around for a long time and it is still looking pretty good."

for her activism in school. The entirety of Rio Hondo students are in store for a set of changes inspired by changes desired by this community. Although Guerrero has yet to have a role this big in the ASRHC program, she is confident and positive that she will lead Rio to further success. President Guerrero’s passion for her community and students shows through her experience and dedication to ASRHC. She has previously held two positions in the student government; the position of senator of cultural diversity her first year at Rio Hondo and acting vice president last year, making her a member of ASRHC every semester since she began here. Guerrero was also a member of the Stop Genocide Club in previous years until the club was terminated. During the club’s existence, Guerrero and her fellow club members advocated for human rights and worked extensively with an organization called that, as the website claims, “helps hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water.” All of that was not enough to stop the determined advocate as she wassubsequently announced president of the honors society, Alpha Gama Sigma (AGS) last year. However, this year, Guerrero stepped down from her position to put in more time and dedication as president of ASRHC. As president, her main priorities don’t fall too far from her driven spirit. One of her priorities is to create a well rounded, inclusive, college environment for students. Guerrero strives to unify Rio Hondo College students to create a strong and driven based community with the programs and clubs offered at Rio Hondo. This fall semester, President Guerrero is eager to bring ASRHC and the GSA together to plan one of their biggest

events; National Coming Out Day. It officially lands on October 11th this year though the event taking place on campus is TBA. This event will celebrate coming out whether they are gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, or even just an ally which Guerrero advocates. The ever-ambitious president dreams of attending University of California, Berkeley where she will apply this fall in hopes of studying Sociology. As for career goals, Guerrero plans to work for non-profit organizations until she can start her own non-profit organization that will “advocate children’s education in Mexico”. For now, she spends her time bringing in new ideas to help give students at Rio Hondo better opportunities to accomplish their academic or life goals.

President Valeria Guerrero is available in the Student Union on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 - 5 p.m.

Students face further parking ‘Go Rio’ program challenges this fall semester continues to aid students

Dulce Ornelas Staff Writer

Rio Hondo College roads surrounding parking lot A and the fitness center have been permanently changed into one-way roads, as of August 24. The main roads affected by this change are Circle Drive, the entrance to parking lot E and also the exit to parking lot E. Signs will be placed around the campus to ensure safe circulation. Students should allow extra time to find parking, as the changes may increase campus traffic. Rio Hondo student Kimberly Romero, 21, has been dealing with parking for quite some time, “I’ve been coming to Rio Hondo for two years. My first year I really struggled with parking which made me late for my classes. I decided to take the bus and I get to class on time.” The college is offering overflow off-site parking at 12801 Crossroads Parkway South, City of Industry. The free shuttle is available from August 26-

“I’ve been coming to Rio Hondo for two years. My first year I really struggled with parking which made me late for my classes. I decided to take the bus and I get to class on time.” -Kimberly Romero

September 20, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., MondayThursday. Students should park in the Rio Hondo College designated spaces only. On-site security will be available, but they should lock all vehicles as Rio Hondo is not responsible for any stolen items.

Alexandria Urzua Features Editor

Rio Hondo’s Go Rio program offers an alternative to the stress and hassle of traffic, parking permits, and cost of public transportation with free bus passes to qualifying students. Go Rio was established in the fall of 2006, with the objective of providing full-time students with free or low cost public transportation. Over the years, it has received recognition from the University of Florida’s Institute of Higher Education, as well as being awarded the Innovations award by San Gabriel County and the Bellwether award. Along with being beneficial to Rio Hondo students, Go Rio is also an ecofriendly alternative by eliminating vehicular emissions on campus. In order to qualify for the Go Rio TAP card you need to be a full-time student (12 units or more) during the fall or spring semester and have no outstanding debts or holds with Rio Hondo. Qualifying students can request the

Go Rio TAP card at the Admissions & Records Photo ID window. There the student will provide their student ID, then TAP cards are loaded and are valid for the whole semester for unlimited free use with Foothill Transit, Metro, Montebello Bus Lines, Norwalk Transit and Sunshine Shuttle. Keep in mind that Norwalk Transit is limited to weekdays only. For students who find themselves no longer qualifying for the student Go Rio pass, the TAP card can still be easily reloaded at transit locations or TAP card machines. The Go Rio program is very helpful opportunity for financially challenged college students that are seeking free help. If you’re a full time Rio Hondo student, be sure to stop by Admissions & Records Photo ID window to get your TAP card. For any questions regarding the Go Rio program, please visit the Government & Community Relations (GCR) office (L401) or give them a call at: (562) 463-7268.

NEWS - 3

Club Rush guarantees ‘something for everyone’ Michelle Torres Staff Writer

Discover Rio has been created to provide a greater college experience by forming an important component of Club Rush. Club Rush takes place at the beginning of every semester. Club Rush will take place on September 17 and September 18 from 10 a. m. - 2 p. m. in the middle quad and breeze corridor. The Student Services will be present to provide students with the programs that are available for the inclination of students. Club Rush expects 20 to 30 clubs to be present, among them will be Latinas United for Voting (LUV), a very active club established to aide students to become more active within the county, state and national voting elections. Inter Club Council Vice President Christopher Santana meets among the other ICC representatives from each club on Tuesdays from 3 - 5 p. m. to inform each other of upcoming events.

Funds allocated are provided for any events or conferences the clubs may have. When asked why club participation is important for college students, Janira Colmenares, Secretary for ICC and Associated Students of RHC says, “It is shown that students who participate and are more involve in clubs are more [academically] successful”. The event will also involve multiple activities, such as a pie toss and a magic jumper. These will be provided for students to allow them to free their minds from the stress that comes along with the start of a new semester. Prizes will be given to those who participate and win. The pie toss will require a charitable surcharge that will proceed to the Helping Hands Foundation.

All money that will be raised will be used used to buy clothes for children of RHC students. Students are cordially invited to stop by and have a delightful time.

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Michael Carranza / El Paisano

Chris Santanta (left) and Phillip Chau (right) discussing club rush in the Student Services offices.

Transfer Center prepares fair for students Maricela Gomez Staff Writer

Rio Hondo College’s Transfer Center will host transfer orientations this fall semester for students transferring to Universities in the future. Rio Hondo College Freshman are recommended to attend. The educational event will cover important requirements needed to transfer to California State universities, Universities of California, out of state universities, and private universities.

Aspiring transfer students will learn transfer vocabulary, become acquainted with the Transfer Center, and be guided in the transfer process by the Transfer Center staff. Students Attending the transfer orientations do not need to sign up. Transfer orientations will be held on Tuesday, September 17 from 5 - 6 p.m. and Thursday, September 26 from 1 2 p.m. at the Transfer Center in room SS250. Students with further questions can contact the Transfer Center by phone at (562) 463-4619 or E-mail at

Pico Rivera Sports Arena recieves $7 million rennovation David Loza Staff Writer

The city of Pico Rivera will get a $7 million dollar upgrade to its sports arena in the next four years following a 20 year lease extension agreement with the area operator LEBA Inc. in a meeting held on Tuesday. According to city manager Ron Bates, he states, "We're pretty exited about it, because it should lead to some pretty nice improvements to the facility." LEBA of Los Angeles also agreed to increase its $200K a year lease payment to the city by $40K a year. The Improvements to the Pico Rivera Sports Arena will include upgrades to the parking lot, at least 200K in infrastructure improvements. Plans were also made to replace the old billboard that city manager Ron Bates has been quoted as saying, "it's (billboard) has been inoperable for David Loza / El Paisano

The Pico River Sports Arena before the start of the $7 million rennovation.

years." The new billboard will be LED, and will cost around 400K. The Arena will also have at least $6.4 million to include 1,500 new seats, compared to its usual 6,000 seats, and will include a freestanding cover for the arena. The Pico Rivera Sports Arena's annual attendance is 80K people, and events that are approved for the arena will include Mexican Rodeos, American Rodeos, Music Concerts, Horse Shows, Religious Concerts, and many more. The renovation of The Pico Rivera Sports Arena will also include a Retractable Roof, and the new billboard will display information about coming events around the area. These new and expensive improvements will hopefully bring a new image to the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, and should improve the attendance. Over all, it's a big step in the right direction for the entire Pico Rivera community.

“ that are approved for the arena will include Mexican rodeos, American rodeos, musical concerts, horse shows, religious concerts, and many more.”

4 - NEWS

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Forensics Speech and Debate team LOSSES: Rio staff prepares for another stellar season mourns over sudden losses Dario Lopez Staff Writer

As another Forensics season approaches us, Rio Hondo's Speech & Debate team is more than prepared after coming off of yet another glorious season of victory. “We are coming off of a successful season. In result, we won one gold national championship,” said Libby Curiel, Speech and Debate team supervisor. “This is the first win in recent memory, so that's always very humbling. Curiel also noted that last year’s team additionally earned multiple prestigious and gold awards in its previous running. The team members and coaches, led by Curiel, are confident that this season will be no different than last. The staff expects nothing but the best from this team. "We have a lot of potential this year, many new kids are

Krystyn Bristol Editor-in-Chief

very intelligent, we are going to need dedication and hard work", said Curiel regardingg this season's expectations. This year’s speech and debate team consists of 25 members. The first tournament takes place September 21 at Cerritos College. Following tournaments are scheduled for September 27 - 28 (TBA).

Reward for Norwalk teen hit-and-run raised to $10k David Loza Staff Writer

The reward for the capture of a hit and run suspect has been raised from $5,000 to $10,000, after a fundraiser held by the victims family on Aug. 9 at the scene of the fatal collision. The victim, 20 year old Daniel Michael Ortiz, was struck and left to die while skateboarding on Studebaker

and Foster road on February 9, 2013 at 4:20 a.m The vehicle that struck the victim has been described as a dark metallic blue Nissan Titan pickup truck, model year 2003 to 2006. Anyone with any information is asked to call the the city of Norwalk's Sheriff's station at 562-863-8711. Another line has been established by the family as an anonymous tip line at 562261-5556.

9/11 memorial David Flores Opinion Editor

To honor the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, the Rio Hondo College gathered together Wednesday for a ceremony which had a poignant moment

Dario Lopez / El Paisano

The 2013 Forensics Speech and Debate team

of silence at 9:11 a.m. RHC’s Superintendent and President gave a speech and said “here at Rio Hondo College we remember how important it is to live together as one community and live in peace.” The student Senator of Community Service, Phillip

October 26 - 27 (Pasadena City College), November 8 (Rio Hondo), November 9 - 10 (Grossmont College), December 6 - 8 (CSU Long Beach). Optimism is pumping through the veins of this dedicated and determined team, resulting in high hopes for Rio Hondo’s future Forensics success.

Rio Hondo’s staff has been left with a plethora of sorrow regarding the sudden loss of former professors Ray Williams of Biology, Richard Lopez of Art, and current professor Sandra Kimber of the Administration of Justice department. Williams, a part of the Rio Hondo community as of 1968, retired in 2004. He returned to teach part time until his illness in Spring of 2013. Williams was awarded the Fellow of the College Award at this year’s commencement - the highest award of the college. Lopez, award winning artist and retired faculty member was an advocate and member of the Arts and Cultural programs for over 30 years from 1975 - 2004. Lopez returned to teach part time for one semester in Spring 2005. A painting representing a

student collaborative approach is on display in the Small Conference Room in the Administration Building. Lopez leaves his wife, former Business faculty member, Trina Jenkins. Details of these services are pending, although, all condolences of Lopez may be mailed to the provided address of Trina Jenkins Lopez: 315 Grand Avenue, Long Beach, 90814. Kimber, adjunct instructor of the Administration of Justice program for over 19 years, also impacted the Rio Hondo community through her teachings and passion for Criminal Justice. Kimber’s church memorial and service took place on Saturday September 7 in Huntington Beach. The staff has expressed their deepest sympathy to the families of Williams, Lopez, and Kimber on these unexpected losses. The El Paisano community also wishes it’s condolences.

Rio Hondo Fire Academy students at 9/11 memorial on campus.

Chau, organized the event which included an appearance of RHC’s Fire Academy Cadets and Color Guard. There was an informational booth available where everyone could stop by to submit a pledge to perform an act of kindness and memorial wristbands were sold for $2, with the proceeds going to a 9/11 fund. On the pledges of acting of kindness, Chau said it was an idea that was found on a website

and he thought it would be a good idea because, “people would think this can be a way we can help out in honor of an event that affected all of us as a country.” RHC’s theatre professor Kirk Vichengrad is an East Coast native, growing up in New Jersey, he actually used to work to work at the World Trade Center and in an interview with this newspaper he recalled “back to the city to see the memorial they

Lalig Tarbinian / El Paisano

had opened up there, it was so powerful and so dramatic and it just took my breath away because it was eerie, because it was upsetting.”

Once the ceremony concluded, staff, students, and community members talked to one another remembering the Sept.11 terrorist and reflecting on the impact of the thousands of lives lost and respecting their memory.

NEWS - 5

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Events series sponsored by Communications Department

Feeling sick? Visit the Student Health Center! Britny Arevalo Staff Writer

For students new to Rio Hondo and others who are simply not aware, Rio Hondo has its very own student health center on campus. It is located in the Student Services building in room 230 and available to all Rio Hondo students. Take advantage of some of the free services they offer such as its sick room, first aid care, select immunizations, referrals, and various health consultations. The Health Center also provides psychological services up to 40 hours a week that include individual psychotherapy, stress management, relaxation training, and consultations. These however, are available by appointment only. The Health Center additionally offers low cost services that vary from STD and laboratory tests to pap smears and birth control. The office hours are Monday through Thursday 8-7 p. m. and Fridays 8-7 p. m.

Rio Hondo app now downloadable in app

Krystyn Bristol / El Paisano

The home page of the Rio Hondo College application. Krystyn Bristol Editor-in-Chief

For students new to Rio Hondo and others who are simply not aware, Rio Hondo has its very own student health center on campus. It is located in the Student Services building in room 230 and available to all Rio Hondo students. Take advantage of some of the free services they offer such as its sick room, first aid care, select immunizations, referrals, and various health consultations. For students new to Rio Hondo and others who are simply not aware, Rio Hondo has its very own student health center on campus. It is located in the Student Services building in room 230 and available to all Rio Hondo

students. Take advantage of some of the free services they offer such as its sick room, first aid care, select immunizations, referrals, and various health consultations. For students new to Rio Hondo and others who are simply not aware, Rio Hondo has its very own student health center on campus. It is located in the Student Services building in room 230 and available to all Rio Hondo students. Take advantage of some of the free services they offer such as its sick room, first aid care, select immunizations, referrals, and various health consultations. For students new to Rio Hondo and others who are simply not aware, Rio Hondo has its very own student health center on campus.

Michael Carranza / El Paisano

Student Britny Arevalo, 19, vising the Health Center.

It is located in the Student Services building in room 230 and available to all Rio Hondo students. Take advantage of some of the free services they offer such as its sick room, first aid care, select immunizations, referrals, and various health consultations. For students new to Rio Hondo and others who are simply not aware, Rio Hondo has its very own student health center on campus. It is located in the Student Services building in room 230 and available to all Rio Hondo students. Take advantage of some of the free services they offer such as its sick room, first aid care, select immunizations, referrals, and various health consultations. For students new to Rio Hondo and others who are simply not aware, Rio Hondo has its very own student health center on campus. It is located in the Student Services building in room 230 and available to all Rio Hondo students. Take advantage of some of the free services they offer such as its sick room, first aid care, select immunizations, referrals, and various health consultations. For students new to Rio Hondo and others who are simply not aware, Rio Hondo has its very own student health center on campus. It is located in the Student Services building in room 230 and available to all Rio Hondo students.

The Communications and Languages Division will be presenting its first ever Campus Events Series that will be presented throughout the entire school year. Three events will be presented in each of the two semesters starting Oct. 10 with a Literacy Celebration presented by the Reading Department and Library and Child Development Center. It will feature special reading programs for children and students be held in LR 114. The Journalism/Mass Media and Speech Departments will host Sports Anchor Paul Cicala of NBC-Tucson Oct. 28 in the Learning Resource Center (LR 128). Cicala will speak on his experiences in the broadcast media.

The Languages Department will host a Foreign Film Festival Nov. 7 in Wray Theater. In the spring semester will feature a Student/Faculty Academic Mixer Jan. 16 that will be hosted by the Learning Assistance Center in collaboration with the Office of Student Success and Retention. It will held in the Learning Resource Center LR 114. Following that will be the 4th Annual Forensics Showcase in Wray Theater on Mar. 6 and the annual Writes of Spring, also in Wray Theater, April 23 and 24. For further information about the Campus Event Series contact the Communications and Languages Division at extension 3429.

Lalig Tarbinian /El Paisano

Dean of Communications/Languages Robert Holcomb speaking at the board meeting Sept. 11 about the division’s upcoming programs.

NEWS - 6

El Paisano celebrates 50th Anniversary Friday, September 13, 2013 -

El Paisano will be celebrating its 50th year of publishing this semester, according to Adviser John Francis, who has been around for all 50 of those years. "It's really something," said Francis. " I was on the very first staff back in the fall of 1964 when Ted Snyder was adviser to the paper. That was the main reason I came to Rio Hondo so as to be with Snyder again." Francis said that Snyder was his high school adviser at Santa Fe High and that when he was hired to teach journalism at Rio Hondo he immediately enrolled in the very first day classes on the Little Lake Elementary School campus in Santa Fe Springs. Francis also said that he was on the naming committee for Rio Hondo's first newspaper. "I was one of five guys on the naming committee," he said. Also on the committee were

Bob Poole, the first editor-inchief, Phil Petrillo, photo editor, Bob Benson, sports editor, and Dick Haslam, news editor. That group came up with the name, El Paisano, and it has stood up for 50 years. Francis has been adviser to El Paisano for 27 years, the longest tenure of any adviser to the paper. Besides Snyder and Francis, other advisers were Neil Sokolowski, Bob Fennerty and Larry Knuth. Jay Loughrin advised the newspaper in an interim basis for one year. Some of the events planned for the El Paisano celebration will be an end of the semester picnic, an end of the year banquet and feature stories from those people who have been a part of the paper's history. "There are several stories out there from people who have been a part of our history," Francis said. "The staff is going to go and get them."

Each school representative spoke with students about their academic goals, prospective requirements, deadlines, and financial aid information. This fair would likely be recommended for those wanting to

transfer sometime in the next year. Remember that deadlines are always initiated about a year before the school year starts, so if you’re planning to transfer Fall of 2014, apply by this fall (November 30).

Transfer Fair informs prospective students Some of the very first copies of the El Paisano publication.

Brenda Cervantes Staff Writer

Rio Hondo held it's semiannual Transfer Fair on Wednesday in the Upper Quad. This event offered student and gives a chance to speak to representatives from top universities from all over California regarding their transfer admission requirements, financial aid, majors, and other important topics. Each college has a variety of majors, requirements, sports, campus life, orientations, scholarships, and deadlines making each college stand out from the others. Some of the top colleges that attended the transfer fair were Cal State LA, Cal State Long Beach, UC Riverside, and Azusa Pacific University. They all have their own deadlines for students to apply for the fall and spring semesters. Some schools have different requirements for transferring. For example, the Cal States have it’s own requirement for

transferring. It’s admissions requirements include completing at least 60 transferable semester units, completion of the GE. Written communication, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and Math/Quantitative Reasoning courses with a C or better. Cal State Dominguez Hills has similar requirements. Students transferring here must also have completed at least 60 transferable units, have a 2.0 GPA, completed at least 30 semester units of college coursework with a C or better in each course: english, arts and humanities, social sciences, and science and mathematics at a level at least equivalent to courses that meet general education requirements. They must also have completed one speech course,english composition, critical thinking/logic, and one math course with intermediate algebra as a prerequisite. Cal State Long Beach requires students to complete no more than 70 transferable units

Michael Carranza / El Paisano

from community college, earn the highest GPA for all coursework, applying for financial aid during the priority filling period, and pursue a backup plan if not offered admission to CSULB. Most of the deadlines for the Cal States are from on November 30. The day to start applying is Oct. 1. Some distinctions that that make Cal State Long Beach stands out is it’s rank in the top 10 in award bachelor’s degrees to minority students by Diverse Issues in Higher Education in its annual list of the ‘Top 100 Degree Producers”, being recognized as a Military Friend School by G.I. Jobs for embracing America’s veterans as students, recognized as the seventh most secure college in the nation by Security Magazine, fees rank among the lowest of any fouryear institution in California, listed in the top 100 “Best Values in public Colleges” ranking four-year institutions that deliver excellent academics, while keeping costs to a minimum, and much more.

Britny Arevalo / El Paisano

The Transfer Fair attracting crowds of students on Wednesday afternoon in the Upper Quad.


Men’s soccer team pulls off victory

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Rio Hondo escapes with a win Pablo Lopez Staff Writer

Rio Hondo men’s soccer team did not disappoint at home against Santa Ana College getting their first win after being

shut-out on the road against Cerritos College on Tuesday Sept. 3. Although the men’s soccer team felt like they dominated the game by outshooting Cerritos 11-5 and had more ball possessions than the falcons, Rio Hondo fell short to an early goal by the falcons and just weren't able to put the ball in the back of the net. The road runners had several looks at goal but "weren't able to capitalize on goal scoring opportunities" said coach

Roadrunners run well at Ventura Ronnie Angel Sports Editor

The Rio Hondo Cross Country team traveled to Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura on August 30 for the annual Ventura Invitational. Even though all of the women from the Rio Hondo team didn’t compete, the Lady Roadrunners were confident going into the tournament. Going against the top schools in California, the Men’s cross country team finished seventh while racing against schools like Mount San Antonio and College of the Canyons. Competing without freshman standouts Diego Ibarra, Edson Escamillia, Jose Leon and Charlie Gonzalez, led the Roadrunners placing of 21st overall in the men’s four mile run with a time of 24:56.13.

Gonzalez and Kevin Medina, Mount San Antonio College, ended up with a time of 24:53.53 as they continuously exchanged leads throughout the difficult mountainous course which included a thrilling competitive finish. Freshman Jorge Castro finished 34th overall in his first race for Rio Hondo. This triumphant team finish would not have been finished with the efforts of teammates Jonathan Dona (31:03), Jesus Preciado (31:34.01) and Augustin Arias with a time of (32:30.32). Rio Hondo’s women’s cross country team competed only partially with the team. Freshman, Elaine Anzaldo led the Roadrunners with a 38th placing with a time of (29:39.41). Edith Najera followed Anzaldo placing 39th with a time of (30:07.14).

“Going against the top schools in California, the Men’s cross country team finished seventh while racing against schools like Mount San Antonio and College of the Canyons.”

Orlando Brenes, and that is the reason the game was lost, also adding that "the score was not indicative of the game." On Thursday the Men’s Soccer team got a big win taking on Santa Ana College on a very fast pace and completely dominated first half by the road runners. The first goal came off a break away through the left wing followed by a deadly low cross to the penalty mark, with the Santa Ana defenders unable to clear the ball #16 Emmanuel

Varela was there to capitalize on the ground. After a great first half appearance the men’s soccer team came out flat in the second. Unable to control the ball, connect passes and get the ball to their strikers Santa Ana was able to strike late in the game to equalize. But thanks to a miraculous goal minutes before the game ended, Erik Magana #10 was able to strike the ball perfectly placing it in top left corner from 20 yards out. In spite of the late

game drama the key player of the match had to be Goal keeper Edward Maya who had several goal scoring saves in the second half to keep Santa Ana College at 1 goal. The Rio Hondo's men’s soccer team are coming into this 2013 season with very high expectations after last year’s Foothill Conference record of 51-3s Even with a very young group of men, this team expects nothing but triumphs this season.

western’s rally to sleep. In the second set, it stayed tied throughout the period until Southwestern mistakes led to easy Roadrunner points to make a run at 12-9 and then put the set away 25-19. The Roadrunners opened the third set, causing 14 errors by Southwestern and poise by the Rio Hondo Roadrunners led them to a 5-0 run to end the game 25-20. Makena Schildmeyer led Rio with 12 kills and five digs. Megan Ward contributed with her own eight kills, Andrea Velasco and Barbara Monzon had

six kills each with Jasmin Marcias serving up 21 assists. Southswestern’s Alejandra Puga led with 24 kills and 14 digs and Krissie Adviento also had 30 assists. Coach Teddi Esko said that the game was an exciting one for her team as Rio Hondo has a total of 13 freshmen on the squad. Coach Esko on what to expect from her women’s volleyball team: “ Very exciting, very fast, and these girls are good. We need more campus support!”

experienced. There’s a difference between playing pick-up basketball, and knowing how to play on a team. “We’re looking for guys who have a deep understanding of the game.” Coach Lowe is serious about having a successful team this season. As practice takes place, Coach Lowe is looking for effort, team play, and execution on the things they have to get done. He also takes his time throughout practices to teach his players how he wants plays or drills to be done, showing how serious he takes his job. When asked how tryouts have been going Coach Lowe

responds, “things are working well, we are down to 21 players now, and we got a lot of good competition going on in the gym every day, so it’s going well.” Tryouts are a work in progress, but are getting closer to the end as each day goes by. The team has been working hard on bettering themselves on trying to develop a winning attitude. When the season kicks off in November all Roadrunner Men’s Basketball games are expected to be exciting, but the team is most excited for Chaffey and San Bernardino Valley, which is the team’s biggest competition in the league.

Solid finish for volleyball team Miguel Corrales Staff Writer

A great start gave Rio Hondo’s Women’s Volleyball team a three game sweep over Southwestern, 3-0, this past week at Rio Hondo College for their first win of the season. In the first set, Rio led 9-4 with great start with serves by Nicole Barrios making the score 9-4. Southwestern didn’t give up and ultimately got the score close 22-18. Serve kills by Andrea Velasco put South-

Expectations set high for basketball team Brenda Cervantes Staff Writer

Rio Hondo College Men’s basketball is around the corner. Tryouts have been taking place in the gym for the past couple of weeks as the Roadrunners gather up their team to prepare for the upcoming season November. As tryouts have been going on Coach Mike Lowe has been searching for players who meet the team’s requirements. After asking what he looks for in particular, Coach Lowe, replied with, “Looking for guys who are athletic, guys who are smart, looking for guys that are

8 - ARTS

First City Festival Lights Up Monterey

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Steven Ward Arts & Entertainment Editor

The First City Festival lit up the city of Monterey the last weekend of August 24-25, ending the summer festival season with a flurry of aesthetically spectacular musical and artistic performances. Held on the Monterey Fairgrounds against the backdrop of a cool ocean breeze five minutes away, the First City Festival offered guests a colorful and vibrant environment in which to enjoy the bands they came to see perform. The lineup was short in comparison to FYF (F*ck Yeah Fest), the sister festival of FCF occurring the same weekend in Los Angeles, but powerful; the smaller artists and bands carried their weight by displaying their prowess as performers, while the larger, “closing,” groups set fire to the crowds at night with their fiery sets. The atmospheric tones of Beach House and Washed Out, as well as Delta Spirit’s high-energy rock sound, were the most notable performances of the smaller bands on day one. Beach House, which had already made a name for itself performing in other festivals earlier this year, didn’t disappoint with its soul-lifting vocals. It was impossible to not sing and dance along to their hit “Wild,” a song I personally place on my top fifty to hear and experience live. Electronic duo MGMT shocked crowds into another state of consciousness with their vibrant set and the trippy animations they had recorded to play behind them. Songs “Electric Feel” and “Time to Pretend” sent electrical currents through the audience, who were almost too entranced to sing along. However, their chosen closing song, “Kids,” contrasted vastly with the fast-paced attitude of their entire performance; as they decided to play a mellower version of the crowd favorite, which at first earned some mixed emotions from a crowd that demanded a high energy finale. But this didn’t stop them from clapping in sync with the heavy base and drums, as well as singing along to the heart-squeezing nostalgia in the

lyrics. The mellow attitude served as an excellent transition to the explosive energy of Passion Pit, however, who closed day one. Day two featured a colorful array of genres ranging from the anthemic-pop sound of duo Capital Cities, who performed their hit “Safe and Sound” alongside a cover of the BeeGees song, “Stayin’ Alive”; to the base heavy synthetics and angelic vocals of the lovely Purity Ring. Lead singer Megan James of Purity Ring has a habit of making even the largest of festivals, concerts, venues, into surprisingly intimate performances. Crouching at the edge of the stage and reaching out to fans, holding her signature hand-held light illuminating her face in, at times, ghostly and ethereal ways, are staples of the band’s performances. Corin Roddick, the instruemental aspect of the band, dazzled in his extraordinarily usual fashion; using his custom built, tree-shaped instrument to create the beats behind the songs, while also lighting up the stage in sync with the music. Deerhunter rocked the medium-sized Cypress stage while the Generationals dominated the small and extremely intimate Manzanita stage, with their alt-rock sound but doowop era vocals. Songs like “When They Fight, They Fight” and “Kemal” from their new album flaunted their ability to step in and out of genres and remain in key with what’s popular. One-man Toro y Moi ignited a dance party on the dirt floor of the main stage, Redwood. Skillfully combining his abilities with a keyboard and superb vocals, he singlehandedly added some groove of his own blend and creation to FCF. His performance of songs like “New Beat” sent the audience into a dancing frenzy. But it was the rock powerhouse Modest Mouse who closed day two, unflinching in its attempts with each song to overload each and every eardrum in the audience, that comanded attention on day two. Rock fans screamed and climbed on each other’s shoulders, throwing their hands up almost in worship to the burst of

Krystyn Bristol/El Paisano

Lead singer of Passion Pit, Michael Angelakos, set the precedent at the Monterey First City Festival with their high energy performance. agAgeated gressive guitar riffs and drums lakos told the audience he a canopy of lights around guests beats occurring onstage. wanted everyone’s hands up and at night. There were also various But it was the closing set of to go crazy when the song vendors selling original art day one, and the synthy-pop began. pieces, clothing brands offering themes and high-pitched, enerWe all obediently obeyed, unique styles and outfits, games, gizing vocals of indie born Pas- and it was in part because the as well as the Monterey Carnision Pit, that propelled FCF, as excitement was so visible val right next-door opened for well as each and every audience amongst the members of the guests to enjoy. member, to the an astronomical band, that it had to have been There was even a small level of musical euphoria out of contagious. Vaudeville stage, which guests the entire weekend. When the group thanked could sit near on benches, enjoy Lead vocals Michael Ange- the audience and left the stage a deep-fried twinkie or bacon lakos was able to facilitate without playing their first hit, wrapped hot dog and an ice-cold through some musical-telekine- “Sleepyhead,” which was the drink, and watch one of the three sis still unknown to science, and song that brought them from acts that performed on it. It featransfer the passion and energy Cambridge to worldwide recog- tured the John Bros. Piano Co., of his songs into the crowd. nition, chanting began for an en- Majinga the Magician, and the After a late start due to core. outstanding Vau De Vire Socitechnical difficulties, Angelakos Not long after, the band ety, comprised of women spent the entire hour-and-a-half walked back onstage and Ange- dressed in a burlesque fashion, Passion Pit was onstage running, lakos thanked the crowd and which acted out a routine of jumping, yelling at the crowd to asked if they were having a stunning acrobatic feats that sing, asking them if they were good night one last time. Then wowed audiences. having a “f*cking good time,” the base and tune of “SleepyThere is a reason Monterey and of course singing himself. head” dropped, and Passion Pit claims itself as the “first capital” The outcome was the blew up in combustion of pas- of California, however it should atomic bomb equivalent of mu- sion and sound that went unri- begin also including in that title sical performances. Monterey valed at FCF for the rest of the its new stake to the claim as the was Hiroshima, and the Red- weekend. music “festival” capitol of the wood stage was ground zero. FCF added to the atmos- state. Listening to Angelakos, it phere by stringing light-bulbs Home to a diverse commuwas almost frightening how onto the trees and adding fluo- nity of artists, the Monterey much better he sounded live rescent lighting, which created a Fairgrounds themselves was than on album, and he sounds canopy around guests at night. home to the 1967 Monterey Pop really, really good on the two al- There were also various vendors Festival, which featured the first bums Passion Pit has released. selling original art pieces, cloth- major American appearances of Songs “Little Secrets,” “Cry ing brands offering unique styles Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Ravi Like A Ghost,” and “Constant and outfits, games, as well as the Shankar, and even Janis Conversations” were executed Monterey Carnival right next- Joplin—it was marked as the bewith a balloon of emotion by the door for guests to enjoy. ginning of the “Summer of band that just grew and grew as FCF added to the carnival Love” and used as an inspiration the show went on. atmosphere by stringing light- for Woodstock two years later. When the recognizable tune bulbs onto the trees and adding of “Take A Walk” began to play, fluorescent lighting, which cre-

Accept ‘Yeezus’ as your musical savior

ARTS - 9

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

SOUNDBREAK Mauricio Chavez Staff Writer

Kanye West, infamous Chicagoan hip hop artist, dropped the most anticipated album of his career early this summer, aptly named Yeezus. Yes. Kanye named his album Yeezus, a portmanteau of Kanye’s slang name Yeezy, and our theoretical lord and savior Jesus. You can probably already tell how this album is going to play out. It is rife with “me, myself and I” lyrical narcissism, escorted by ear drum assaulting beats. But, if you are familiar with Kanye’s previous work, you’ll know that this album can also be littered with reflective intellectual thought accompanied by alluring melodies. “On Sight”, the album’s first track gets the proverbial party started. The song begins

with oscillating, sound-streaming through the speakers as if a frequency was being locked in, whic leads into a simple, yet catchy electronic beat. Electronic beats and sounds are a staple on Yeezus. Daft Punk is named as one as the main producers, which also helps expand the intended audience to a wider range of music lovers. It’s almost as if Kanye was intuitively tapping into the zeitgeist of electronic music festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and HARD, looking for new blood. The lyrics tell it how it is early on, informing and warning us that “a monster about to come alive again.” He then proceeds to raunch it up with classic Kayne, stating that as soon as he parks his Benz he will get the party “shaking like Parkinson’s”. Understandably, this lyric brought him some critique from Parkinson’s

advocacy groups on both sides of the Atlantic. I myself do not see what the big problem is. His lyrics bring attention to a cause no one but Michael J Fox has thought about since 1991. I personally thought it was a hot line. Another stand out track is “I Am a God”. Eerie keyboard induced strings introduce a thumping bass loaded background for Kanye to lay out his claim to immortality. Immediately, the lyrics demand attention: “Hurry up with my damn massage”, “Get the Porsche out the damn garage”. Kanye has a great ability to transform mundane upper class actions, into meaningful humdrum appeals, to anyone that

will listen. At the climax of the track, Kanye takes us to a French restaurant where he yells out, “Hurry up with my damn croissants!” Kanye being Kanye, do all rich, time crunched and selfobsessed indings. Making significant contributions to the album is Jamaican born musician, Assassin, whose barely intelligible lyrics and thick accent lend Yeezus a different flavor with lots of gusto. Bon Iver’s vocals on the track “I’m In It” rival Justin Timberlake, or even Barry Gibb’s falsetto any day of the week. GQ magazine’s Drew Magary, in his “Worst of the Week“ column, described Yeezus as an “ambient music at a Berlin f***

club” and goes on to describe some lyrics as straight out of a Justin Bieber song. That goes to say, Yeezus is not an album for the easily offended or apathetic. All this being said, “Yeezus” is just another album that is unique and interesting enough to add to the, “Worth listening to for the rest of your life,” list. Kanye West will go on tour with Compton born rapper Kendrick Lamar this October.

The Dance Experience! Andrea Galicia Staff Writer

This semester The Rio Hondo Dance program brings you a whole set of new dancers as well as advanced dancers who have the advantage of choreographing their own dance piece. The dance pieces that are taught throughout the semester are show cased at the end of the course. The show consists of different styles of music such as contemporary, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop. “Most of the pieces are choreographed by emotion and by life experiences” said Catherin Duran.

Andrea Galicia Staff Writer

Catherin Duran is a student chorographer and has been dancing for Rio Hondo for 2 years. Catherin specializes in contemporary dance and is choreographing her own piece this semester. She challenges her dancers as to how she was challenged by her inspiration Rachael Lopez (contemporary dance instructor at Rio Hondo). The Collective Dancers are a group of advanced students who are choreographed under the direction of Alyson Cartagena. They perform at area festivals, workshops, and dance concerts. Collective dancers also represent Rio Hondo at the American College Dance Festival.

Lights, Camera, Action: One Act Plays coming soon

Rio Hondo’s Performing Arts Department has wasted no time in preparing for their upcoming plays. As old faces recoil in the Wray Theather, many students are setting foot on stage for the first time. With auditions being pushed out of the way, students

who where chosen to play a role are now set for rehearsals. The Performing Arts Department held their first rehearsal on September fourth. During their audition process students had to go into six or seven different rooms and read the prompt they where after only having five minutes to prerehears, said Jamie Pastrano, who audition this semester for the very first time.

Official image

“Yeezus” album cover. Scan the QR code above to get the link to a song from the album!

She added, that although the auditions where a little stressful and a lot of work they where fun. Pastrano, will be starting in the one act play, “The Big Ride” which is directed by one of Rio Hondo’s very own student later on in the semester. Casting for “Outcome” by S.W. Senek: David Baldwin, Elizabeth Vega, Gabriel Ortiz, Avory Sandoval, Director Michael Garcia, Stage

Manager Hillary Stanley & Elizabeth Vega. Casting for “The Deal” written by Kate McCamey: Jahan Watkins, Elijah Avery, Alden Avery, Director Samantha Abdala, Stage Manager Jahan Watkins & Alden Allen Casting for “She’s Fabulous” by Jack eNary: Venus Fields, Michelle Alfaro, Will Ticas, Director Josephine Osegueda, Stage Manager

Nicole Hernandez & Erik Rodriguez. Casting for “The Second Beam,” by Joan Ackermann: Annel Guerra, Daisy Rios, Erica Moore, Paola Arellano, Raquel Hernandez, Director Julianna Owed, Stage Manager Raquel Hernandez Make sure to come out and support the Performing Arts Department at any of their upcoming plays.

10 - ARTS

Friday, September 13, 2013 - ON THE TAP Heather Cardoza Staff Writer

Beer & Local Metal at ‘The Fenix 5-4’

On Saturday, August 31, The Fenix 5-4 Bar & Grill in Uptown Whittier hosted a free live show that hit a heavy nostalgic note for anyone familiar with the city’s underground music scene. For those who aren’t aware, Whittier has been the home of one of the largest underground Metal scenes in the surrounding area for over the past decade. Backyard gigs, shows at Skateland, Rome, and The Whittier Red Cross, to say the least, have housed many and most of these local Metal bands throughout the years. This particular show featured some of Whittier’s most popular and well known underground Metal bands: Infinite Death, Zombie Eating Horse, Antagonist, and Exmortus. The show was put together to celebrate the 29th birthday of a main member of the local Metal community, and good friend of mine: Lond Garcia, the drummer of both Antagonist and Zombie Eating Horse. The

small bar was transformed into an unlikely venue, as it started to fill up with long haired, cut-up band t-shirt weilding fans. Infinite Death opened the show. I heard that they got the crowd warmed up, and I blame Jonathan, bartender of The 6740, for making me miss their set. The next band, Zombie Eating Horse, with its second album on the way, began to set up by the time I got into the crowded and already sweaty bar. Somehow more people began to pile in with anticipation. Luckily, being close friends with the members, Jon, Josh, and Lond, I was able to stand on the stage for a better view. They began to play, and the crowd of friends and strangers began to cheer and head-bang with each heavy rift, with each breakdown, and with each scream from the singer. They played a great, energetic set and the crowd was in the palms of their hands. After, everyone cleared outside for a breath of fresh air and to escape the smell that resembled a 24-hour fitness. Up next was Antagonist, who had been

“For those who aren’t aware, Whittier has been the home of one of the largest underground Metal scenes in the surrounding area for over the past decade. Backyard gigs, shows at Skateland, Rome, and The Whittier Red Cross, to say the least, have housed many and most of these local Metal bands throughout the years.”

playing together for almost 15 years, putting out several albums and having done multiple cross-country tours. Everyone packed back into the Fenix as close to the stage as they could get as the band began to play. Antagonist has a huge Whittier following and it showed when they played; heads banging, hair tossed every

Courtesy of Tommy Tadeeo

birthday-gig or an average Metal show; it was a walk down memory-lane and a tribute to the local Metal scene. Aong with all the individuals who helped form it. I strongly urge you to check out all of these bands on Facebook and attend their shows. Support your local Metal scene.!

every lyric to their songs from album “Secrets to Life”. As they had previously announced on their social media profiles, ATS performed their entire album from cover to cover. Fans were on their feet and mosh pits formed throughout the crowd. Barela, screamer/vocalist of ATS who had originally taken a break from touring to spend time with his wife and son, returned to the stage and shook the walls of the Observatory with his low vocals and growls. “Mark always get’s down. He’s too sick… one of the only vocalists that I know who sound even better live than recorded,” said Ronnie Livas, 19, long-time fan of ATS. “Hush”, “It’s Cherried”, and “Turbulence” were crowd favorites of the night, although the synchronized screaming of

their famous lyrics, “Let’s get sexy for a second,” from “The Amazing Atom” breakdown drove fans nuts. Within seconds, crowd surfers were floating atop of the insane pit. The small capacity of the room allowed for a more intimate setting in the pit, and with barricades only 2 feet from the stage, the front row was the place to be to see ATS one last time. Guitarists Shawn Yates and Billy Barber joined Barela and Shelley to provide undivided attention to dedicated fans and pose for photos the entire night. At the Skylines will always remain evident in these fans’ hearts after their stellar uprising in the industry. They put on one hell of a farewell show and their existence definitely changed the hardcore scene for the better.

At the Skylines rocks the OC Observatory at farewell show

Krystyn Bristol Editor-in-Chief

Vocalist Mark Barela performing on the main stage at the OC Observatory.

which way, sweat flying, and lyrics being shouted as loud as human vocal cords could allow. After their set, Exmortus, another local veteran band, played and the audience roared with excitement. By the end of it, we were all smelly, covered with sweat, and had sore necks. This show wasn’t just a

The Observatory of Orange County hosted hardcore band, At the Skylines, and several others at their farewell show on Friday night. Hundreds of fans were crammed into the small main room at the venue and watched opening bands Dayseeker, One Last Look, and more. Although returning band, Confide, headlined the show, it seemed as if a majority of the attendees were present to watch Chris Shelley and Mark Barela of At the Skylines get down on stage one last time. “This is the last f***ing time you will ever see At the Skylines on this stage,” said Shelley, vocalist of the band. Fans screamed and chanted

ARTS - 11

A Farce that isn’t forced

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

David Flores Opinions Editor

With a stellar cast, the Anaheim Stage Door Repertory Theatre’s production of “Noises Off” hardly gives audiences a chance to catch their breathe in between laughs while putting on a great show that will last for a long time in their memory bank. The theatre’s opening weekend featured laughter and plenty of enjoyment as the cast bungled (on purpose) its way through Michael Frayn’s most famous farce. Led by actor Glenn Freeze portraying Lloyd, the director of the play within the play, the opening scene instantly received laughter from the audience which didn’t cease until the curtains closed (really lights out because there isn't a curtain). Hilarity ensues when the obeying but slow Mrs. Clackett, played by Rose London, constantly forgets what she has to do going back and forth with her memorable plate of sardines in hand while Freeze yells at directions at her during their play’s final rehearsal.

During the dress rehearsal, all of the characters are introduced and they equally bring their own type of humorous presence to the stage with their unforgettable bits which includes mostly abnormal actions. Brittany Layne, who plays the stereotypical blonde, Brooke, is committed to her character so much she never breaks it, even when her cast mates like Steven Linhares as Garry constantly challenges the stage direction of the play. Layne, hands down, plays the funniest character of the show and add in the fact she played the role most of the time in her underwear made her performance more of a joy to watch. Philip Brent, played by David Sakach, along with his wife Flavia, played by Autunn Browne, make a surprise visit to their house, which unknown to them already being occupied Brooke, Garry, and watched over by Mrs. Clackett , but in an effort to avoid paying taxes live in another country and want to keep their sojourn discreet. John S. Francis plays a drunk named Selsdon who al-

ways shows up at the wrong time during rehearsal. When he is actually present, he is always intoxicated or is not aware of what is going on. Selsdon’s character is notorious for breaking into the Brent’s home and assuming that the house is vacant. Sakach’s character had a hilarious bit that never got old, he’s afraid of violence so at any sign of it he immediately gets a nosebleed. After the rehearsal the audience is shown how the amusing cast interact with each other back stage of one of their road shows, here is where the laughs pile up because more about the characters is revealed. Everything begins to get interesting when it is noticeable who is fooling around with who. The play gets racy when most of the characters appear in their underwear. The best underpants moment is a result of when Francis as Selsdon sneaks off with one of his liquor bottles and comes back from spending time on the toilet. The fact the play is set in England, some of the jokes and

Whittier Community Theatre opened its 92nd season last week with a fine presentation of the Broadway musical "Man of La Mancha," and one of the highlights was the wonderful set of Miguel deCervantes' prison during the Spanish Inquisition. "Man of La Mancha" deals with Cervantes' imprisonment during the inquisition and has a play within the play when Cervantes dreams of being Don Quixote. Directed by Karen Jacobson, the play moved well, but the script was confusing and was hard to comprehend with the action on stage. There was not much more that Jacobson could

Courtesy of Avis Photography

the plot, one of which is even part of a hilarious love triangle with the other characters. So ditch the night in front of the television and enjoy live theater with “Noises Off” at the Stage Door Repertory located at1045 N Armando St. Anaheim. There are three more weekends to catch the show. Fridays and Saturdays starting at 8 p.m., the Sept. 15 show will be at 7 p.m. and Sept. 22 at 2 p.m.

Tickets cost $20 for general admission and $17 for seniors, students and military.

‘Man of La Mancha’ shines in Whittier Krystyn Bristol Editor-in-Chief

Cervantes, played by Donald Yeomans, holds back a grieving Lupita (Patty Arngel) during scene from Man of La Mancha,

gestures were hard to catch but on the other hand their dialect made some of the punchlines even funnier. Nick Charles directs the play with great farcical style and the play never stops running and running. It is one laught after another. One of the highlights is the theater itself. Just 50 seats wo the audience is right in the action. The surprise of the play came from Kyle Seitz as Tim Algood and Jennifer Whitney as Poppy, both in small roles but they were equally important to

have done to make the script any more lively. The vocal ensemble directed by Porfirio Antonio Majica, choreography by Rebecca Schroeder and overall casting was impressive, although there was so much going on that it was hard to follow the plot sometimes. Standing out in the cast were Veronique Merrill Warner and Jerry Marble as Aldonza and Sancho Panza, respectively. Warner was radiant in her portrayal and her singing was awesome. Marble shined as the much needed comic relief in the musical. William Crisp's Cervantes was also very effective and his voice was up for the challenge. Other notables in the cast included Justin Patrick Murphy

as the Duke, Greg Stokes as the Governor, Amy Anderson as Antonia and Jay Miramontes as the Padre. The orchestra, and there is one, was very good under Mojica's direction and the set was magnificent. Designed by Suzanne Frederickson the massive prison scene came to life for the audience even without actors. The play is continuing Sept. 20 and 21 at the Whittier Center Theater, 7630 S. Washington Ave., Whittier with both performances at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for seniors, juniors and military. For reservations, tickets or further information call (562) 696-0600 or visit the WCT website at

"Man of La Mancha" deals with Cervantes' imprisonment during the inquisition and has a play within the play when Cervantes dreams of being Don Quixote.”

12 - ARTS

Friday, September 13, 2013 -









1. Bradford Cox, lead vocalist of Deerhunter. 2. A festival attendee hula-hooping in the crowd. 3. Isaac Brock, lead vocalist of Modest Mouse. 4. Megan James, vocalist of Purity Ring. 5. Matt Vasquez, lead vocalist of Delta Spirit. 6. The First City Festival sign at the fairgrounds entrance. 7. Matthew Angelakos, lead vocalist of Passion Pit. 8. Chazwick Bradley Bundick of Toro y Moi.

9. Jon Jameson, bassist of Delta Spirit. 10. The crowd of the main stage before Beach House’s set. 11. Passion Pit preparing for their headlining performance. 11. MGMT ‘shocking’ audiences with their “Electric Feel”. 12. An acrobat performing in the burlesque magic show. 13. A crowd relaxing during a break at the Cypress Stage. 14. Stage guitarist for Toro y Moi.

ARTS - 13

Friday, September 13, 2013 -



10 Monterey’s First City Festival welcomed thousands of music lovers at the Monterey County Fairgrounds on the weekend of August 24 and 25. Headlined by Passion Pit and Modest Mouse, this two-day live music and art extravaganza left thousands with great memories and a stomach full of bacon wrapped hot dogs and deep fried sweets. The first day welcomed guests with an unforgettable lineup. The day kicked off with uprising bands Guards, Delta Rae, and Tennis. The main stage crowd became massive when Beach House took the stage, and remained that way when MGMT and Passion Pit followed their act. Passion Pit’s set drove fans nuts and left them excited for the live music in store for Sunday. The Dodos, Capital Cities and Purity Ring were crowd favorites throughout the day, but Modest Mouse stole the show and packed the main stage during the final set of the weekend and closesd the first annual First City Festival the right way. After it’s obvious success, FCF attendees and festival lovers are ecstatic to see how they are going to top this show next year.





14 - ARTS

Steven’s top four

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

A Fall concert playlist

Steven Ward Arts & Entertainment Editor

The heat of the summer music and art festival season has ended, but there is no shortage of opportunities for you to experience your favorite bands and artists live. Here are some of our favorites performing this Fall that are both local and easy on the wallet.

1. M83 - Hollywood Bowl, L.A.

On September 22, M83 takes the stage with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra for what promises to be a darklysoul turning experience. Known for their atmospheric and ambient pop sound, French-born M83 gaine international fame after the debut of their album “Dead Cities, Red Seas, Lost Ghosts.” Since then, Anthony Gonzales has introduced both contemporary and progressive textures, as seen in two of the most extremely well-put together albums ever released, “Saturdays = Youth” and “Hurry Up, We Are Dreaming.” Prices range from $30-$150 and are on sale now.

Official Facebook photo

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost team up one final time in “The World’s End” to combat aliens that have taken over their hometown.

Official image

2. Toro Y Moi - Santa Ana Observatory

Official image

One man wonder Toro Y Moi will be making an appearance at The Observatory in Santa Ana on September 30, alongside Helio Sequence. Influenced by artists like Daft Punk and Animal Collective, Chaz Bundick released his first album “Causers of This” under the pseudonym Toro Y Moi in 2010, which launched him into the newly-emerging heat of the “chillwave” genre. Subsequent albums like “Underneath the Pine” pushed Bundick away from chillwave, with his incorporation of space-age, disco influences. As a performer, Toro Y Moi has a habit of turning live shows into large dance parties fans have no trouble grooving to. Tickets from $42-$100, depending on the seller.

3. STRFKR - The Glass House, Pomona

The Portland born indie pop/electric band with the head-turning name will transform the The Glass House on October 23 into its personal concert hall. Lead by Sexton Blake, the band achieved mainstream recognition after its song “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” was used in a Target commercial. Later albums like “Reptilians” embraced the bands love of the strange, as well as its singular electronic-pop sound. Songs like “Isabella of Castille” and “Florida” are some personal favorites, but their most recent album, “Miracle Mile,” is a musical miracle in its own right. Chrome Sparks will be opening for STRFKR; tickets are $20.

Official image

4. Empire of the Sun - Shrine Auditorium, L.A.

As one of the most colorful and unique acts to ever take the stage, the Australian duo known as Empire of the Sun borrowed the moniker from a 1987 Spielberg film. The album and song, “Walking on a Dream,” tossed members Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore into the spotlight. Collaborations and remixes of their songs by other artists like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa ensued. Their combination of pop-dreamy atmospherics and fetish for outlandish costumes/themes continued into their second album, “Ice on the Dune,” and its single “Alive,” which was met with huge success. Ticketmaster is selling tickets for $39.50, other prices range from $59-$100.

Pegg and Frost at ‘World’s End’

Jesus Soriano Staff Writer

British writer-director Edgar Wright, along with his rag-tag team of comedic actors and writers, including notorious Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, are back with a third movie installment to finalize their Cornetto trilogy, following up their past comedies “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”. This time around, Pegg and Frost, alongside other friends, visit their old hometown to finish The Golden Mile; a famous pub hop challenge they never accomplished. Along the way the group finds out their hometown has changed quite a lot since the last time they had been there, and the townspeople are now secretly under an alien invasion. The movie comes off strong right away with its artistic directing and soundtrack. As well as the narrative aspects, which make the movie interesting and funny from the start with a recap of flashbacks of the gang’s old days together. The approach to how the movie is stylized and presented is all in thanks to Edgar Wright, who has also directed “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” for fans who enjoyed the movie’s style. “The World’s End will give off little bits of that abstract storytelling and visualization found more in the other Cornetto films while also making it feel completely new. Throughout the rest of the movie the music accompanies

the cinematography greatly, to give it that feeling and the whole idea of friendship the movie encompasses. The jokes and style of the movie immediately feels just as it always has in previous Wright/Pegg films. The film has the same refined humor, but still feels completely new and fresh. Fans of Pegg and Wright are sure to enjoy the movie and find it just as funny as previous films, if not funnier. The World’s End moves swiftly through its plot while keeping the humor consistent and takes you where you would never expect, making it just that much more enjoyable and exciting to watch. The twists and turns the movie takes you through makes it all such an original refreshing concept, something Wright and Pegg have always been able to perfect in their movies. Fans of the Cornetto films are guaranteed to love the movie and surely won’t be disappointed. The movie keeps a great pace, includes a stellar music soundtrack, and shoots quirky lovable jokes one after another. The overall state of the film welcomes lovers of British humor, crude but loving sentiments, and especially the excitement of beer drinking. With a movie about alien invasions, classic friendships and alcoholic partying all presented by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, you just simply can’t go wrong.

ARTS - 15

REEDER: It really is all about time

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

He was influential to Reeder’s path into the world of art. “He told me he would be here no matter what” Ron told said, and it was apparent that the spirit of a fellow artist was present in the gallery, and that creativity itself could carry on unharmed by time. Everyone seemed to have his or her own favorite piece. Jason Reyes, a Rio Hondo student, explained his appreciation of the first piece in the room, “Time to Retire”, which featured a faceless wristwatch strapped to a large shred of a car tire. “It was ripped and worn out, showing the wear and tear that people experience throughout life”. Another fascinating piece was “Georgia On my Mind”, which

Reeder revealed was in homage to the world-renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe, who is well known for her works depicting flowers and bones. As a nod to one of his favorite artists, Reeder put together a sublime, rose-like structure out of old bottle cap. Although the concept of time carries a lot of wait to most people, Ron wasn’t afraid to make light of the subject. In reLalig Taribainian/El Paisano gards to his gallery, he said, “Its also about humor, people need One of Reeder’s pieces of art that is on display in the Rio Hondo College art gallery. to take a joke. They think they know so much, when really, we don’t know anything.” Some fascinating insight from Reeder, much like his works of art, the better part of the very lives we live is open to interpretation. Just like time, life is always changing.

Krystyn Bristol Editor-in-Chief

recognized as a member of a team that helps kids under various circumstances. She strives to find what kids are passionate about, which in her cases is often art, and helps emphasize the opportunities that the children have to express their feelings and emotions through art production. Designer, artist, and multiple award winner Raul Rodriguez received the third award in recognition of his talents in a variety of mediums and his impact on the community. Rodriguez thanked his former art teacher and long-time inspiration, Yoshio Nakamura, for opening doors of opportunity and showing an extremity of support towards him in his adolescent days. Known for his mass contributions to the Rose Parade and his artistic abilities, along with his blue Hyacinth Macaw, Sebastian. Rodriguez is a household name that inspires many to create art. “This night is just a pleasure for me. It’s so nice to be here with my friends and families, and you are all so meaningful to me. All of this stems right here, in Whittier,” said Rodriguez. The final award was given

Although the concept of time carries a lot of wait to most people, Ron wasn’t afraid to make light of the subject.

Lalig Taribainian/El Paisano

WCAF awards art advocates during annual ‘Honors Night’

The Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation (WCAF) presented its 11th annual “Honors Night” on June 26 at the Radisson Hotel in Uptown Whittier. Hosted by chairman Roberto Chavez, this celebratory dinner showcased four deserving artists and art advocates that were rightfully receiving prestigious awards. The first winner, Sandra Hahn, friend of the arts, felt extremely blessed to have been recognized for her works. “It’s like a big family in here,” said Hahn during her acceptance speech. “This is a very special moment for me and I’m very humble to accept this award.” Hahn is known for her popular eatery “Crepes & Grapes Cafe” and her work with the Whittier Chamber of Commerce. The second award was given to Maya Hivale, children’s advocate, social worker, and artist. Hivale responded to this award by saying, “I’m truly honored. Thank you WCAF for honoring me with this; this is the kind of energy that I love and seek in life.” Hivale was also

to another arts advocate, Fran Shields, whom is the director of Whittier’s Parks and Recreation department and a large contributor to Cultural Arts Commission. Shields has provided art accessibility and helped provide artwork throughout the community with public display of arts throughout Whittier. Her contributions to visual arts, concerts in the parks, and more exquisite projects have helped the art foundations to develop more programs for the entire community of Whittier. “After the commission was formed, I traveled to Seattle and discovered that art was literally everywhere. It was all so beautiful. It led me to feel so strongly about the arts in communities and the love of my arts grew,” said Shields. The winners were appropriately selected on a variety of levels regarding their talents, passions, strong hearts, intelligence, and overall love for Whittier and the community. Led by Chavez, the 11th annual Honors Night gathered over 100 individuals to celebrate the strong bond between the arts and the city of Whittier, while recognizing four well-deserving advocates of the arts.

Award winner Sandra Hahn hugging an attendee prior to the WCAF award ceremony at the Radisson Hotel.

Krystyn Bristol/El Paisano

Krystyn Bristol/El Paisano

The Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation gathered in June to celebrate and award local advocates of the arts in the community.

16 - ARTS

Rio Summer Recap: Outsidelands Music Festival Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Krystyn Bristol Editor-in-Chief A stellar lineup and an abundance of alcoholic and delicatessen options were topped with the cherry of perfect weather this past weekend after Golden Gate Park delivered yet another successful Outsidelands to festival attendees. From the moment that the entrance gates opened for fans on Friday morning, the mosh pits, crowd surfers, hula-hoopers, belly dancers, and everyone else in between remained enticed and euphoric for the entire weekend. Although the major headliners were no strangers to the household conversations, (Paul McCartney, Nine Inch Nails, and Red Hot Chili Peppers), it was much of a surprise that the fan favorites were in the nooks and crannies of the festival. Multiple stages and an extensive layout guaranteed guests the ability to plan as they explored the park. Stages included were “Lands End”, where the headliners performed, as well as “Twin Peaks”, where bands such as Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, and Matt and Kim enthralled audiences. As of Friday morning, diehard Beatles fanatics began lining up along the front of the Lands End pit with hopes to remain front and center for sir Paul McCartney’s set, scheduled to begin at 7:10 p. m. Crowds continued to form throughout the day, and by 6:00 p. m., lingering last-minute fans were forced to squeeze their way through the crowd of thousands to even catch a glimpse of the stage. The weekend’s truest rock moments began with McCartney hitting the stage and staying there for a massive three-hour set. Songs included in the set were “Helter Skelter”, “Let it Be”, and “Hey Jude”. Along with tributes to John Lennon, George Harrison, and his wife, Nancy Shvell, McCartney’s performance literally lit up the

stage with help from blasts of fire, explosives, fireworks, and bursts of confetti that rained on the ecstatic audience. After three encores and returns to the stage to thrill fans, McCartney responded to the crowd with, “The show has to eventually end, ya know!”. This statement received thousands of “boo”s, in the most loveable forms, of course. Saturday started off on the right foot with unforgettable performances by Atlas Genius, known for their hit, “Trojans”, along with Irvine natives Young the Giant, and The Growlers, who headlined Pasadena’s “Make Music” festival in 2010. Heineken, a strong sponsor of this year’s Outsidelands festival, contributed more awesomeness to the event with the Polo Field Dome, a giant dome filled with a state-of-the-art surround sound and intensely explosive speakers. What was blasting through these speakerS? Each day of the festival, five disc jockeys mixed music and entertained guests for an hour and a half. The dome also featured a bar, serving multiple brews and of course, Heineken. After Grizzly Bear left their crowd craving more, I had to make the hardest decision of the weekend. On the Lands End stage, Nine Inch Nails prepared an unforgettable set of songs, led by the amazingly charismatic lead singer, Trent Reznor, while on the Twin Peaks stage, Phoenix was dishing out their newest tunes alongside their French vocalist, Thomas Mars. Phoenix won me over after seeing their opening performance of their track, “Entertainment”, and they continued to surprise me with following performances of “Lasso” and my favorite, “Lisztomania”. These lads managed to stick to their recognizable sound and keep their crowd on their feet with their hands in the air for the entire hour and 15 minute set. “The crowd literally stretched across the entire field and probably went on for, like, a quarter mile,” said San Fran-

cisco local, Victor Valencia., 22. “They were definitely placed on the wrong stage,. The crowd was too big for the area that they were given.” I luckily got to catch the last song of Nine Inch Nail’s set, “Head Like a Hole”, which blew me away. I’m sure I wasn’t the only festival-goer who knew I was missing out on something, whether I chose NIN over Phoenix, or vice versa. Nine Inch Nails’ fans screamed and chanted until they could yank the 20th song out of them, as Reznor and his mates returned to the stage to encore with their track, “Hurt”. Fans poured into Golden Gate Park’s entrances on Sunday morning with hopes to continue making memories and top off their weekend with more remarkable events. For a quick laugh, guests headed to the Barbary stage of Lindley Meadow to catch Craig Robinson, comedian and actor. Robinson entertained guests with a hilarious set of standup comedy, along with a presentation of his hit song from the 2013 comedy, “This is the End”, “Take Yo Panties Off”. Foals, a British rock band with sweet vocals, took the main stage Sunday evening and captured an audience much larger than imagined.

“Foals always shows so much more attitude live, it’s crazy to thing that the band you hear on your iPod is the same as the one you’re seeing on stage,” said Ronnie Livas, 19, a first time Outsidelands attendee from Los Angeles. Daryl Hall and John Oates revived the funk in the crowd when their band opened with “Out of Touch”. My award for most surprising response to a band’s set definitely goes to these men, who managed to grab such a large crowd that people were riding on their friend’s shoulders and climbing onto rafters to catch a glimpse of the phenomenal set. Though only nine songs were performed, the encore of “Rich Girl” and “You Make My Dreams Come True” blew the minds of thousands while their soft-rock melodies were embedded into the hearts of fans. Vampire Weekend followed Hall and Oate’s performance, and dance pits formed across the pit as fans of all ages flailed their arms in the air and shouted every lyric to hits such as “Holiday” and “A-Punk”. Those catchy riffs and harmonious articulations of their famous lyrics echoed through the park, leaving fans pumped and excited for what followed on Lands End stage.

While big-name bands were thrilling mass audiences, classics like Willie Nelson, who turned 80 this year, kicked off his set on the smallest of stages, Sutro, with his 1973 hit, “Whiskey River”. “There’s no way in hell that the staff had their heads screwed on straight when they threw Nelson on the Sutro stage. That sh*t is so tiny and there were so many fans there that people near me couldn’t stretch even an inch without groping me”, said Christopher Lee, 46, long-time fan of Nelson and family. The Red Hot Chili Peppers closed the eventful weekend with a fantastic set. Thousands of voices filled the park as fans sang along to favorites, “Under the Bridge”, “Californication”, and “By the Way”. The only well-known song left out of their set was “Scar Tissue”, which left fans slightly upset. Although the two-hour set managed to fly by in almost an instant, fans are deemed to always remember the insane closing to the unforgettable 2013 festival. From unforgettable music moments to unparalleled standards of food, art, and drinks, and comedy, over 60,000 guests from around the world gathered together for the sixth annual, three-day Outsidelands festival.

Official image

Paul McCartney and his band performs on the main stage at the Outsidelands Music Festival.

ARTS - 17

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Are the “Damned” necessarily “Doomed”? Max Garibay Staff Writer

Chuck Palahniuk set to follow up his previous novel ‘Damned’ with the upcoming sequel titled ‘Doomed’ scheduled to hit shelves Oct. 8. Known for his perturbed imagination as well as his sexual humorous works of fiction, Palahniuk is widely recognized for such works as ‘Choke’, ‘Stranger Than Fiction’, ‘Invisible Monsters’ and ‘Fight Club’’ all of which have been made into motion picture ‘Doomed’ follows female protagonist Madeline, after her unusually triumphant escape from hell in the book ‘Damned, as she parades along the face of limbo earth as a ghost for an entire year. Although ‘Damned’ begins with Madeline already being damned from the get-go, ‘Doomed’ will provide the reader with the reason for such predestination. On Palahniuk’s website ‘The Cult’, Palahniuk provides

his fans a vague description of his upcoming novel. Palahniuk writes states that “ten-year-old Madison kills someone horrifically, and that’s the most-likely reason why she was damned in the first place.” Palahniuk is set to appear at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. Although the Comic-Con begins today, Palahniuk is scheduled for an appearance July 18 and July 19, where he will be signing books and autographs, meeting with fans and also be discussing ‘Doomed’. Palahniuk is also scheduled for a book tour supporting the anticipatory release of his newest novel ‘Doomed’. The tour will begin Oct. 7 in Wichita and will conclude that Saturday on Oct. 12 in Milwaukee. ‘Doomed’ is now available for pre-order on Palahniuk’s website ‘The Cult’. And also look out for some more hoopla concerning Palahniuk’s upcoming novel ‘Beautiful You’ expected to hit bookstores Oct. 2014.

Official image

Chuck Palahniuk, author of “Fight Club,” is set to publish the sequel to his most recent novel, “Damned,” this fall.

Album covers for P.O.S. album, “We Don’t Even Live Here.”

Headliner of the Airline

Max Garibay Staff Writer

He’s back! After a very emotional and precarious 9 months since the release of his latest album “We Don’t Even Live Here”, P.O.S finally made his long awaited West Coast appearance last night at the Airliner in Los Angeles. Shortly after his last SoCal performance at Paid Dues in April of 2012, lyricist and hiphop innovator P.O.S fell greatly ill with a formidable kidney dysfunction which required the aid of dialysis as well as the cancellation of the, “We Don’t Even Live Here,” tour scheduled later that year. By 8:30, the line to the airliner consisted of twenty or so people. Being a small venue, space was limited and people took it amongst themselves to arrive before the doors opened at 9:30 for fear of compaction. When the doors opened, a line of more than 50 eager people wrapped around the block of Broadway awaiting entrance to the event. Being P.O.S first show in SoCal in almost a year, people made it a point to be very punctual. A mere $10 admittance fee granted one access to a temperate and tranquil atmosphere within the Airliner. With lights dimmed and $5 dollar draft beers at one’s disposal, this two story venue did a great job in concealing the anticipatory energy that lingered at within every individual awaiting the main event. The upstairs portion of the venue also possessed a bar, but unlike the downstairs layout, the

upstairs area was equipped with a stage, speakers, a DJ and a patio area where water, beer, and mixed drinks were also sold. At around 10 p.m. the first set of DJ’s began displaying their mixing abilities as well as introducing new beats and projects which they debuted last night. The DJ’s did a fascinating job in keeping the audience involved, entertained and energetic. By this time, the small room had reached its maximum occupancy and even filled the patio area where the stage could vaguely be seen. The room was a furnace by the time Rheteric Ramirez hit the stage; even the AC was no match for a crowd of more than sixty jumping, dancing, and slightly intoxicated individuals. Ramirez’s performance was both energetic and captivating. His set had the crowd dancing and nodding their heads to the rhythm of the beat throughout his entire performance. After Ramirez, another DJ walked up on stage and mixed some beats until it was time for the main and most anticipated event of the night; P.O.S. Humbly, excited, and smiling, P.O.S was greeted by a sweaty, understanding, and still energetic crowd, even after two hours of nonstop dancing. Being only one person away from being considered front and center, P.O.S’ performance could not have been more visible. Just like the pace of everyone’s beating hearts that night, P.O.S opened with the first song from his latest album titled Bumper. The song is structured with a consistent pounding base that

Official image

is prevalent throughout the entire song and is also coupled with a periodic electronic riff that makes the song unique to its compositional kind. P.O.S’ set was comprised primarily of energetic songs like “Drumroll,” “F*** Your Stuff,” “Terrorish,” “Lock-Picks,” “Knives,” “Bricks and Bats,” “Get Down,” “We Don’t Even Live Here,” and “All of It.” P.O.S changed the atmosphere of the venue with his closing song titled Purexed. The song possessed a more intimate and sentimental energy with periodic bursts of snare that left the audience screaming and rhyming along with him. Although a few technical difficulties were experienced, particularly during the song “Get Down,” when the auxiliary cable was disconnected from the laptop during the song’s climax leaving the crowd with a perplexing silence that was immediately compensated with Alexander’s quick humor, humility and unforgettable character; it was not enough to change the musical and lyrical tempo of the night. Screams of appreciation and satisfaction vociferated from the crowd at the end of the night as a way to recognize his spectacularly quirky performance and his triumph over the kidney illness which threatened his life. At 1:30 a.m. the crowd of people made their way down the dim and narrow steps of the Airliner. With ears buzzing, sweat dripping, the looming scent of bacon wrapped hot dogs and a euphoria that was P.O.S., all signs pointed to the end of a great and memorable night.


Living in a generation of deranged idiots

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Jazmin Lucero Staff Writer

Every “older” generation has some type of problem with its succeeding youth from the “noisy” rock era to sagging; in my opinion, though, the generation born from 1993-2000 is by far the worst. I know so many people my age and younger on heavy drugs, dressing like sluts and “swag fags”, and starting families. Even though recent studies have shown a decrease among teen pregnancy, I find myself

constantly surrounded by young mothers/ mother-to-bes. Sad to say, I can list off at least a dozen people I know from just my high school graduating class alone that either already have or just had their baby. Don’t get me wrong, if you know you’re ready to take your relationship to that next level, by all means go for it. But this isn’t the case more times than not. I understand accidents happen, you’re in the heat of the moment and neither one of you has a condom or the condom rips etc. I also know that a lot of people (including myself) just do not like using condoms, but this is not an excuse not to use some sort of protection, especially when it’s so easy to access. You can walk into any planned parenthood and not only get free condoms but free birth control (pills, shot, im-

plant, etc.) as well. What is the deal with today’s teen fashion? When did it suddenly become okay to look like a complete hooker in the middle of the day or to wear skinny jeans halfway down your legs? It is so disgusting to see middle-high school girls at the mall in such skimpy outfits. The worst part is these young girls don’t possess the decency to pack clothes and change so their parents don’t see them; instead, they walk right out the door in provocative clothing. I used to think there was nothing worse than a guy sagging but whoever thought sagging in skinny jeans is attractive is just plain stupid. If any boy wore skinnier jeans and more tank tops than I do, we have a definite problem. It also really “grinds my gears” when dudes wear hats not only with flat bills, but with the

sticker still on them. This is one of the tackiest things in the world and I still cannot figure out why it’s so popular. I would be lying if I said I didn’t start smoking and drinking at a young age, but today’s youth is totally out of control. I picked up my first cigarette and had my first drink when I was just sixteen years old. Yes, a huge part of this new found habit was due to peer pressure, my boyfriend at the time smoked and drank avidly with his friends. I am in no way condoning my behavior but what teens do these days make me look like a little goody two-shoes. It is quite literally appalling to see kids from ages eleven to thirteen with stogies in their hand, standing outside liquor stores asking me to buy them a beer; even worse yet, to hear about them getting blazed , shooting up heroin and coke, and “popping

mollies” every weekend. Where is your sense of self-respect? importantly More where are your parents? I consider myself lucky that my mom taught me to be self-sufficient and respectful. If I had ever talked her the way young people talk to their parents, I would not be on this earth right now. I know what it feels like to succumb to pressure, to want to fit in and look cool. However, there is a fine line between experimenting or freely expressing yourself and looking downright reckless and foolish. I know that as time changes trends and fads change with it, but to me, the youth of this time will always be known as the “generation of American idiots”. So kids remember to wear clothes accordingly to your age, for Pete’s sake pull up your pants, and if you don’t wear latex she WILL get your paychecks!


America, World Police: Syrian Saga Sequel Friday, September 13, 2013 -

A General Excellence awardwinning newspaper of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges.

PRINT EDITION Editor in Chief Krystyn Bristol News Editor Krystyn Bristol Arts Editor Steven Ward

Features Editor Alexandria Urzua Opinions Editor David Flores Sports Editor Ronnie Angel

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Mauricio Chavez Staff Writer

On August 31 President Obama spoke to the nation about the “worst chemical weapons attack of the 21st century.” Syria has been locked in a civil war for over two years and President Obama alleges that the Syrian Government used nerve gas sarin against its own people, murdering over a thousand souls including hundreds of children. Syrian rebel forces are fighting against the nepotistic ruling family which has been in power since 1971. In 2011 the Middle Eastern uprising movement which began with Egypt euphemistically named Arab Spring, emboldened the citizens of Syria to face their government, which needless to say has not been looking out for citizens’ best interest. In an effort to install democratic reforms, the people of Syria took to the streets to voice their opinions

“Just like every other American, President Obama has the right to freedom of speech.”

and create change, or maybe just a discussion of change, in the country they call home. In 2011, Bashar al-Assad, the current president of Syria and General Secretary of the Ba’ath Party, was accused of systematically killing protestors and innocent bystanders by Human Rights organizations. Recently, the use of chemical weapons has pushed President Obama to speak out against Bashar al-Assad. In 1770 when British colonialists and future freedom loving Americans decided to take to the streets to protest unfair legislation, British soldiers took it upon themselves to shoot into a crowd of people killing five of them. This incident was foreshadowing the coming American Revolution. In the United States of America, this event in time is referred to as the Boston Massacre. This “Incident on King Street”, as modern day English people refer to it, was a catalyst for the colonialists. They had enough. Revolutionary propaganda spread like wildfire. Just like every other American, President Obama has the right to freedom of speech. Just like many of us have voiced our opinion about Syria to someone who cares, President Obama, as the Commander-in-Chief of the only superpower in the world, decided to voice his opinion on the matter. He proposed that the United States of America support the rebel forces fighting against the Syrian government,

and specifically Bashar alAssad. In an effort to make his actions more transparent, President Obama passed the buck on to Congress to see if whether we will use some of the 707 billion dollar Department of Defense budget on actions that will benefit a group of defenseless people. President Obama has a difficult road ahead of him. His authorization to aid Syrian rebels militarily will not be approved by Congress anytime soon, but he may have already achieved what he wanted. Internationally giving his support through a weapon of mass communication is a damaging blow for Bashar al-Assad and his oppressive regime. The British have already pulled out of any potential operation in Syria, but France and Saudi Arabia have been outspoken in their agreement to aid Syrian opposition. Would France or Saudi Arabia have come out against Bashar al-Assad publically if Barrack Obama hadn’t said anything of the matter? Could the fact that these countries support a small group of people in a foreign civil war effect the outcome of the Syrian cou4ntry and its citizens? No one can tell for sure. But like President Obama said on August 31, “In an effort to achieve a government that shows respect to its people … we are the United States of America. We cannot turn a blind eye.”

“When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” - Thomas Jefferson

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Jennifer Gutierrez ,

“My experience at Rio Hondo College has been the greatest, I like it a lot it’s so relaxing and I got all my classes I wanted. I hope my year and my semesters go by fast.”

Edgar Acosta, 22

“Well my experience at Rio Hondo is going well, I get all my classes that I need and hopefully by the end of the semester i’ll graduate with an Associates of Arts degree (AA)

Zuleima Corona, 23

“This is my first semester here, I really don’t like the campus how it’s built, the parking is horrible I have to come like two hours before my first class to find parking.

Lisandra Sosa, 18

“Well I do like Rio Hondo, it’s a pretty cool school it’s pretty big and I like it...I got all my classes that I wanted and i’m hoping that I pass them all.”

Compiled by Stephanie Couch and Dulce Ornelas


Read before reacting

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Alexandria Urzua The speculation and now proof of chemical gas being used on August 21 in Syria has caused much anger amongst countries around the world. Yet, President Obama and other politicians in the United States have stepped up and stated that this is completely unacceptable and Syria should be held accountable for causing a threat to America, the region and going against the international norm of being against the use of chemical weapons. Even though the atrocities in Syria were obviously wrong and dangerous; is America sticking their nose in other countries’ problems? Is America all up in the Kool-Aid and yet does not know the flavor? Many people believe that this wouldn’t be the first time our country has done so. The war and invasions since the

tragedy of September 11 are deemed by some unnecessary; our country went to drastic measures of attack and costs when we didn’t have sufficient information. Still to this day we have many soldiers occupying Iraq and Afghanistan our country has an enormous debt due to our hasty decision to invade. The background of Syria’s problems within their country has existed for many years. The most recent was the deposition of President Mohamed Morsi. Syrians became divided; as some are pro Morsi while others are against Morsi. This has caused many protests, attacks, massacres and now chemical attacks. The Syrian civil war has been going on for some, way before Kim Kardashian’s baby photo was revealed, Ben Affleck being appointed Batman, and the twerking of Miley Cyrus. It wasn’t made such a huge news story until the chemical attacks on Syrian people, sadly taking the lives of many small children. I believe if America was so involved in the welfare of Syria, we would have been more aware of the events in Syria; that maybe we should have taken small steps to help before the tragedy on August 21. I find it odd and awful that it took a huge attack for America to finally give it the attention it needs, because this isn’t the first time chemical weapons were allegedly used in Syria. It’s very important for we the people to be aware of what’s

going on, and for our country to address the problem, but the extent President Obama, John Kerry, and other politicians want us to take may be too much for us to take on, and also cause threats to America. One threat is the allegiance of Syria and Russia. Russia’s President Putin has expressed his disagreement with President Obama. At the G-20 summit in Russia, Putin called John Kerry a liar. The already bitter relationship between Obama and Putin seems to be getting worse. As the Syria case has unfolded in front of Americans, at times it seems we do not have valid information. We’ve been given information early that is either wrong or not fully proven correct, basically assumptions. This can be at times confusing; leaving Americans unsure and uncertain on what is going on and where their own personal stance is on the situation. This uncertainty makes many hesitant to back President Obama’s wishes of U.S military strike on Syria. We are still the same generation who saw the terrorist attack on 9/11, who saw loved ones go off to fight a war that many of us didn’t understand, we’ve seen how the cost of war has affected our nation greatly, and we are the same generation dealing with the aftermath of rushed and badly planned invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s no wonder why solid proof as to whom and what or-

ganization did these awful attacks on the Syrian people is needed before we agree with our president. We shouldn’t make the mistake of attacking the wrong person or people. We shouldn’t risk the lives of our brave soldiers for a “what if”. Though it seems that the chemical attack came from Syrian government forces there is no absolute proof. The only evidence we have is that only President Bashar al-Assad's military had access to sarin gas and not the rebels. With this President Obama openly expressed his thoughts, claiming that the attack was a “challenge to the world” and that it’s an obligation to show Syria and other countries that the international norms should be respected. After many consultations President Obama still hasn’t got support or approval from our Congress for a military strike. President Obama has said that he chooses to go to Congress for approval before he launches a military strike, but followed with, “I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization”. Whoa, hold on their cowboy. Basically President Obama has said that he would like congress to be on the same page with him, but if they are not, they cannot stop him from making the decision. This is not exactly the type of thing we want to hear, right? That sounds like the President

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could exercise power to legislate without judicial overview. then President Since Obama has stated that his plan of strike requires no “boots on the ground”, he still hasn’t got much support from Congress. Senator McCain has publicly and consistently said that he does not the support President Obama’s plan, but with politicians these days it is hard to tell if he is looking out for the American people or just trying to make President Obama look bad. President Obama has small support within his country, Russia, China, the Pope, and has not gotten approval from the UN. If a US military strike occurs in Syria it is inevitable that we will be risking our soldier’s lives for a “maybe”, our already deep in debt country’s finances will get worse, and we will make a whole lot more enemies. The coverage and news of Syria and President Obama’s attempts are changing every day with more information than that of the last few hours. Even as I type this, the story is evolving, and it’s hard to keep up at times. I just hope that we do not rush into decisions with invalid information, or persecute the wrong people. A military attack on Syria because of chemical attacks on their people just to prove who the boss is, isn’t a risk worth taking. It just shows how ridiculous our capitalist country is and it will hold no benefits for Americans.

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Attack on Batfleck

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Jose Ahumada and David Flores

When it was announced that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel everyone seemed to go looking for the Bat signal. Many people on the internet went ballistic, mad at the fact that a man was cast to play Batman in an upcoming movie and it wasn’t who they wanted. There were a lot of posts on social networking sites and blogs complaining about how Affleck is the wrong choice and there's no way he will be a good Batman. One of the reasons peo-

ple say this is because Affleck already played a superhero in his career, when he was Daredevil in the 2003 film adaptation, which received critical and negative reviews. I follow news other than what's in the entertainment section, and everyone should be aware by now that many people were killed in Syria because the use of chemical weapons and Egypt is being torn apart by civil war. Despite this, people seemed too busy being upset over the fact that a grown man is going to be playing a fictional character in a movie. It looks as if people in America have it so easy here that this is what upsets them. People went so far as to trying to make a petition for Affleck not to be cast as the caped crusader even though it has been confirmed and there’s nothing they, their petitons, and complaining can do about it. Zack Snyder, the director for “Man of Steel” said this about Affleck, “He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in the

billionaire Bruce Wayne.” It’s hard to disagree with Snyder, well at least until we all are able to see the final product. It is okay to have an opinion on Affleck as Batman, but being upset over it is ridiculous. It’s as if a bunch of people have this perfect idea of how Batman should be adapted when it’s not up to them. This franchise is going to be in the hands of the Snyder and the people at Warner Bros. People also say that Affleck is replacing Christian Bale, when he’s not because Bale was Batman in a trilogy of movies directed by Christopher Nolan in a separate universe outside the rest of the DC Comics world. Remember Joseph Gordon Levitt inherits the keys to the batcave at the end of “The Dark Knight Rises” while Bruce Wayne is living in another country with Catwoman. Superman did not exist in that universe, nor do any other super powered heroes or villains exist, since that version of Batman was made to be more realistic. I haven't decided how I really feel about the casting of Affleck because the movie hasn’t even came out yet, and also, I honestly really haven’t seen

other movies he has starred in besides Daredevil. Sure, Daredevil was not a good movie to many, but that cannot be blamed entirely on Affleck since he didn’t write or direct the movie, by now the world knows he’s not to shabby at directing and writing since he’s been awared a pair of Academy Awards. I thought Affleck made a good Daredevil aside from the bad writing. So, yes there’s a chance that Affleck will play a decent Bruce Wayne and Batman. I have decided that I will see the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, because I’m a big fan of superhero movies and it doesn’t always matter who gets cast to play a character in a film. Before deciding my full opinion on a film, I watch the movie first and then decide if it’s good or bad because that’s how it should be, it’s like when the presidential elections happen and people who complain about who won are the same people that didn’t even vote. I won't be the only one that goes watches this movie either, even the fan boys who haven't stopped complaining about Affleck will see it, probably more than once.

It's rumored that the title may be Batman vs Superman, and if that becomes true who on planet earth wouldn't go see this movie. No matter what the title is, everyone will know that Batman will be in a movie with Superman, something that even the oldest comic book lovers couldn't have ever fathomed. So nobody should really be too upset about Affleck being cast as the Batman. Since the movie hasn’t come out yet, all the fanboys should quit their whining and wait for it to come out and see it. Then they can decide what they think. Until then, be happy that our universe is going to be given a film featuring both of the most widely noticeable characters of all time and in our country we all have the freedom to go see it how many times as we want. There are bigger disasters than Affleck as Batman, actually Ben being cast as the Bat shouldn't even be considered a problem because even if he sucks at the role no one will be hurt during the process. If you disagree, check out some of the latest world news and tell me again that Batfleck is something to worry about.

Jeffrey Perez

start, US head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has proved to be a vital component to the progression of US soccer. Many called for his job. Many said his style of play wasn't suited for US soccer. But with patience and persistence, Klinsmann implemented his system and now has the US playing some of the best soccer in their history. The U.S. player pool has naturally become deeper since 2011. With the improvement of the MLS and the expanding of the pool of international level players in the United States, the US has certainly elevated their play to a new stature. Now, as the US celebrates their ticket to Brazil, Mexico

finds themselves in a peculiar situation having to win their next 2 games. Things got even worse for Mexico, which fired coach Jose Manuel De la Torre on Saturday after a disappointing loss at home to Honduras. Mexico dropped to fifth in the group behind Panama based on goal differential. Setting their sights on the last two qualifier games against Panama and Costa Rica, Mexico has no choice but to lift their heads and continue to fight on. Two games is what separates a wild card match against New Zealand. Two games that can create turmoil or optimism. Two games that can write a new script for Mexican soccer.

The pressure and intensity has undoubtedly risen for the Mexicans and failing to make the World Cup should not be an option. Not for a national team with such a grandeur history. But if there is anything that is a given in soccer, it's that nothing is ever given. Anything is possible. And with the fate of Mexican soccer on the line, come Oct 11 everyone should expect a battle on the field. As for the US, there is no doubt they has arrived. They broke through the door, knocked Mexico off the Concacaf throne and sealed off all the borders. As the US light up their celebration fireworks Mexico does the same with a votive candle.

North American rivals After U.S.A's 2-0 victory over Mexico, never has the country of Mexico felt so much anxiety and desperation. For more than half the game the red white and blue chanted "dos a cero" after another convincing performance in Columbus Ohio. Following great performances throughout the World Cup qualifying games, the US has secured their 7th straight World Cup appearance and it seems they're peaking at the right time. Hundreds of proud Americans waved their flags in joy, fully acknowledging this victories significance. After a shaky


Teacher Spotlight: Artist Sheila Lynch

Friday, September 13, 2013 -

Jazmin Lucero Staff Writer

College is the time and place people spend most of their young adulthood trying to figure out “who they really are” and what they want to do with their lives. Some students have known since childhood exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. For others, like Professor Sheila Lynch, finding her niche took a little longer. While attending the University of California- Irvine, Lynch majored in social ecology. Though she was intrigued by all the different components in this field, Lynch eventually dropped out because she “didn’t see any career path” with this major. Lynch took some time off to travel and “soul search”; during this break she attended some art and theater courses at Santa Barbara City College and it was there that the “art bug” bit her. Lynch came back to south-

ern California and took classes at Orange Coast College (OCC), now majoring in art. On top of her infatuation with subject, she also appreciated that going into this major would also satisfy her interests in writing and theater. After her time at OCC, Lynch went on to obtain her undergraduate degree from Cal State Fullerton and got her graduate degree (both in art) at Claremont Graduate University. Professor Lynch has taught at Otis College of Art and Design before becoming a full time teacher in the Art Department here at Rio Hondo College. She teaches the following classes: Intro to Art, Survey of Art History, Understanding Visual Art, Art in the Modern Area, and the Art of Film. Lynch actually wrote the entire Art of Film course and is the only professor at Rio Hondo that teaches this class. Not only does Professor Lynch teach, she is also an avid member in Rio Hondo’s “behind

the scenes”. Lynch is a part of several Rio Hondo committees including: the Planning and Fiscal Council (PFC), representing the visual arts in the Academic Senate, a member of the Title V committee, and is the editor for the annual journal of art and literature, River’s Voice. Lynch has also accomplished many projects to further the development of the art department. Alongside coordinator Jay Sunyogh, Lynch created a learning community that intertwined architecture with art; architecture students were able to learn more and appreciate the “art side” of architecture. Lynch, as of now, is working both within and out of her department to eventually establish an Art History and Film Degree at Rio Hondo. Just before being hired at Rio Hondo, the Vice President had asked Lynch, “What do you want your legacy to be when you leave Rio Hondo College?” To which she responded, “I want

rewarding, once the finished product is in their hands. Cervantes provides her students with non-stop advice and help to those who ask, and even those who don't, she is the definition of "instructor" when it comes to her art of choice, and then some. When asked about how her passion for photography began, "I was getting my Bachelors degree in drawing and painting" Cervantes reminisces, "so I had to take a photography class, and after that, I realized that photography captured reality like no other art form could". "What makes it special is that although it depicts a certain truth, it can be seemingly fiction, although you know that it is reality." Cervantes began instructing at Rio Hondo College in 2004, "awhile ago" she joked. She began receiving recognition from entering her work in numerous shows and galleries, and eventually started instructing to help people understand the process. She appreciates the schools efforts to "provide art students with the best possible tools and techniques to build their skills

no matter what level they are at." For those who have taken one of Cervantes’ courses know that she has a noticeable appreciation for the field of forensic photography."At a crime scene, different techniques and lighting situations can actually reveal things that the human eye doesn't always notice". Alot of Cervantes’ work consists of "constructive documentaries and a sense of reality, it's what people see and experience, and the techniques used for forensics can be applied to commercial and fine art photography". "That's what's great about contemporary photography,” said Cervantes. “People are taking all of these techniques and applying them to create their own photographic concepts". What makes Cevantes a special instructor is her passion and enthusiasm for art that exudes through her teaching. This os one of the many attributes that makes the beginner and intermediate courses some of the most enjoyable classroom experiences on campus.

David Flores / El Paisano

Professor Sheila Lynch giving a lecture to her art class. Rio Hondo to have its own film student to submit their film and festival.” Little did Lynch know have it screened in front of a that in 2011, she and Tom Calli- large audience. nan (English and Literature) As a professor at Rio would create the “River Deep Hondo for the last twenty-three Student Film Festival” and years, Lynch’s hopes and goals make it apart of Rio Hondo’s an- is simply to spark some interest nual “Writes of Spring” festival Lynch’s obvious dedication and hosted every April. true zeal toward Rio Hondo and “River Deep” gives an op- its students is definitely someportunity for any Rio Hondo thing to be admired.

Teacher Spotlight: Photographer Misty Cervantes

Kristopher Granados Staff Writer

Photography is a very unique form of art, and it takes a truly unique person to have the experience, work ethic, and finesse to master theart of film, hich is where it all began. "Misty is an amazing instructor that pushes you as a student and as a person to always question things and seek different prospectives" states Dominic Martinez, a former student of Professor Cervantes' film course. Nowadays, practically anyone is capable of capturing an image, whether itbe by cellphone or digital camera, but there is nothing more rewarding than producing your very own photographic image. Misty Cervantes makes the photographic film process exciting and totally possible for anyone to grasp. Many students choose photography for their art requirement, and although it's usually more work than people expect, no one can argue that there is a certain aspect of the film process that is incredibly

Lalig Tarbinian / El Paisano

Photography Professor Misty Cervantes, taking break from negatives to be in front of a lens, for a change.


Tips to avoid parking woes and tardiness

Friday, September 13, 2013 - Heather The Beer Fairy

Kristopher Granados Staff Writer

This week’s beer: Ass Kisser Double IPA

This is a tasty American Double-Imperial IPA— IPA of course standing for India Pale Ale, imperial referring to a stout-ier taste, and Double, naturally, meaning a stronger alcohol content, was a solid 7.75%. It is brewed at Hermitage Brewing Co. about 6 hours North in the city of San Jose, California by Ass Kisser Ales. I came across this brew at a very local and popular bar called The 6740, located in our lovely little backyard of Uptown Whittier. The address is 6740 Greenleaf Avenue. I couldn’t help but be amused by the bottle’s label and silly name with the image of a donkey with a smooch right on it’s (yes, you guessed it) ass. Once poured into the glass it showed off a beautiful, cloudy amber color, kind of like a Halloween-y orange with an amount of beer head (the frothy foam) that was just right. Its taste was bitter and hoppy— beloved traits about all IPA’s— yet not as strong in both scent and taste as a lot of other double’s. However, it also carried an orangey sweetness to its after-taste. Ass Kisser IPA is both delicious and surprisingly refreshing for being a double-IPA; out of 6, I’d rate it a 4.5.

Heather Cardoza / El Paisano

Ass Kisser IPA.

Lalig Tarbinian / El Paisano

Student cars parked along the newly established oneway road.

Rio Hondo has become somewhat notorious for it’s difficult parking situations at the beginning of each semester. However, most people don’t understand that there are numerous solutions and even a few benefits to this dilemma that seems to plague the campus. The least popular of these possibilities may be parking off campus, which may seem like a daunting resort to most, but those people may not be considering the benefits of going that route. Parking in a legal space along Workman Mill Road does not require one to purchase a Rio Hondo parking pass, and if one is willing, they also get a very fair amount of exercise hiking up the campuses naturally steep hills. Also, something most students aren’t aware of is that there are some extra 200 parking spaces available at 12801 South Crossroads Parkway during the first month of each semester. Another option that is not extremely well known is the col-

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles satisfies cravings Maricela Gomez Staff Writer

In Downtown Long Beach, there is a restaurant that serves comfort food that keeps customers coming back for more. That restaurant is Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. Roscoe’s is known for their famous fried chicken and waffle platters. Although Roscoe’s is a busy restaurant with limited parking, and a lengthy time to be seated, it’s been keeping Californians happy since 1975. The hyped chicken joint has a casual environment that makes customers feel like they are at grandma’s kitchen eating and having a great time with family or friends. The restaurant is very humble, inexpensive, and cozy. With many chicken and waffle platters to choose from, my gut instinct went with the

leges innovative public transportation program, known as Go Rio. Go Rio enables students to use a bus-pass like system including 5 different transits that supply the commute to and from the campus. Now for those who wish to park as close to their classes as possible, the purchasing of a Rio Hondo parking pass will be necessary. Now some students are very disappointed that, even though they paid the fee of a parking pass, it does not mean that it will be an easy task finding a convenient parking spot. However, students, who don’t really care for taking the hike up from some of the lower lots, have found a few strategies to landing some of the most convenient parking spots on campus. “Just make friends,” says student Dominic Martinez from El Monte, “it’s important to get to know fellow students for many reasons,” He emphasizes. “But a real benefit is the more people you know, the more opportunities begin to open up”. This is a generally positive way of looking at things, but

when it comes to parking, you may find a friend that is leaving when you get there, and you can have a reserved spot. Whether it may even be walking, jogging, biking, or hitching a ride with a family member or a friend, or even carpooling with fellow students. For those who find a way to make the journey to the top of hill, the experience and results are well worth the trip.

Now some students are very disappointed that, even though they paid the fee of a parking pass, it does not mean that it will be an easy task finding a convenient parking spot.

“Carol C. special”. The plate consists of one fried chicken breast and waffle. The fried chicken breast was superb. The chicken was hot, right out of the fryer made with all white meat that was very easy to strip down. The chicken was seasoned with the right amount of herb ingredients. The round waffle was in a neat presentation with butter placed in the middle. The If customers want an cornbread, andGomez sweet/ El yams. Maricela Paisano thin waffle was soft, very easy The Carol C. Special platter from Roscoe's House of Chicken to cut through. The waffle melted in the n' Waffles in Long Beach, California. mouth with a punch of vanilla flavor. Overall, the plate was omelets, the “Jeanne Jones Roscoe’s also offers burgers, delicious, and qualifies for rep- omelets” comes with chicken sandwiches, and salads. etition. Customers can replace and cheese with a combination Roscoe’s has a long list of bevwaffles with Roscoe’s French of a waffle or French fries. erages ranging from milk, coffries or potato salad. For a complete southern dinner, fee, apple juice, fruit punch, Roscoe’s has a variety of customers should try the differ- lemonade, beer, and alcoholic platters. For a southern break- ent “House combos” that come drinks. fast, customers should try the with fried chicken and distinct For tasty southern food, stop by “Home style” platter that con- combinations to choose from any of Roscoe’s House of sists of two sausage patties, like red beans, rice, greens, Chicken and Waffle locations at eggs, and grits. creamy macaroni and cheese, Pasadena, Inglewood, Holly-

Rio hondo college vol 50 issue 1  
Rio hondo college vol 50 issue 1  

Rio Hondo College Vol. 50 Issue 1