Jim Lacey Crunchies Food CEO: Innovative Entrepreneur

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Jim Lacey Thousand Oaks Showcasing the Monumental History of Entrepreneur Jim Lacey, Thousand Oaks, CA based individual. Located near Thousand Oaks, Jim P. Lacey has bolstered an extensive and lucrative professional career as an expert in all facets pertaining to the consumer products industry, primarily snacks and nutritious foods. James partnered with several prominent local and global corporations, leveraging his proficiency in sales, marketing, executive management, and improving existing brands into market forerunners. Lacey additionally has had several years of experience creating his very own companies as a business owner (Healthy Ventures, LLC as well as Co-Founded Crunchies ), operating as a business advisor and as a top snack food whiz. Jim's Crunchies Natural Food Company venture was arguably his most significant business accomplishment as of today. The Thousand Oaks, California-based business climbed from scant origins to become a snack industry leader with his high-level guidance. The Company started as a small office-based venture in 2005. By the year 2014, the company was the #1 freeze-dried snack food business in the United States, as explained by Nielson Research study. Crunchies had acquired distribution in many consumer channels like mass convenience stores, drug stores, club retailers, natural food stores, the armed forces, organic food distubtors, and independent healthy food stores. Crunchies grew its existing product line offerings to thirty-two different vegetable and fruit snacks and ran a 17,000 sq. foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Westlake Village. Out of his numerous roles as the firm's co-founder and CEO, he supervised day-to-day business operations and developed sales and promotion solutions to grow revenue. Using the knowledge he gained at other global snack and nutritional businesses, he had the opportunity to tackle contract arrangements, vendor sourcing, as well as licensing/trademark creation. James sold the firm in early 2015. James P. Lacey, Westlake Village small business owner and accomodated food industry leader, got his bachelors degree at Cal Poly SLO in the city of San Luis Obispo.Jim earned a Bachelor's degree from the School in 1981. In his university studies, he chose business admin, along with a concentration in marketing. Said academic training assisted in prep him for the day-to-day hardships he was bound to deal with during his career.