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Jim Lacey Thousand Oaks Jim Lacey, Westlake Village business expert and successful entrepreneur, has spent over thirty years in the consumer goods industry. In that lengthy career, Jim has worked with several prominent international corporations, guiding them toward increased revenue and exponential growth. He possesses many skills, including sales, marketing, and strategic planning, helping to earn him the accolades of industry peers around the globe. Jim’s expertise lies in the snack foods and nutritional supplements markets. He has worked with large firms like Gillette, Nestle S.A., Weider Nutrition International, and Everlast Nutritional Products, among many others. In each of his roles, Mr. Lacey has applied his vast experience, transforming existing brands into market leaders while being instrumental in helping to launch new product categories wherever opportunities arose. From sales to branding, product development, and manufacturing operation streamlining, Jim’s knowledge and his natural leadership abilities have been critical in expanding markets. James Lacey’s Crunchies Natural Food Company stands out as his greatest achievement. He established the firm in 2005 in Westlake Village, California as a small office operation. By 2014, the company had grown to become the leading freeze-dried snack foods company, according to Nielson Research. Crunchies operated a 17,000 square foot manufacturing facility and distribution hub in California and expanded its product offerings to 32 different varieties of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snack products. As the company’s CEO, Jim Lacey oversaw a wide range of tasks, from manufacturing and product development to new employee training, sales promotion, and licensing coordination. His expertise developed over 30 years in business transformed the company, helping it to achieve new levels of success with each passing year. Jim sold his share of Crunchies in 2015 and founded Healthy Ventures, LLC in the Greater Los Angeles area. Building on his experience as the owner of Performance Consulting Group earlier in the decade, Jim’s work as managing partner of Health Ventures has seen him interface with many clients in the consumer packaged goods industry. Here, he assists with redeveloping existing product brands, creates impactful sales and marketing strategies, and spearheads operational logistics initiatives for his clients. His leadership abilities and the skills he has acquired over his lengthy career have helped him stand out as a business leader and expert in food production and nutritional products markets.

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Jim Lacey Thousand Oaks entrepreneur and consumer products guru has worked for many top-tier product companies & started 3 of his own. His l...