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Roller Painting Vs Spray Painting Author: Jim Knight

Once you have selected the paint, you need to determine the best method to apply it. Your choice should be influenced by whether you wish to paint the exteriors of your home, or the interiors. Basically, there are three ways to paint a wall, whether external or internal - roller, brush or spray. We need to determine the relative advantages and disadvantages of all the three methods to determine which is more suitable for interior painting. For the purpose of simplicity, we can combine roller and brush painting and compare them against spray painting. Roller Painting/ Brush Painting Paint rollers and paint brushes can lay down thick coats of paint, but it’s difficult to use them over larger areas considering the efforts involved. Also, they are difficult to use to cover rough and irregular surfaces, and there is a problem of overlapping resulting in uneven coats. However, there is little preparation required and the raw materials, i.e. rollers and brushes, come cheap. Moreover, with the simplest of precautions, it is difficult to get paint on objects other than those you intend to paint. Spray Painting Air sprays are very convenient for painting large surfaces, and they ensure a fast, even job in very little time. Also, for irregular surfaces difficult to reach with a brush or roller, spray painting is a much more convenient choice. At the same time, there are certain disadvantages as well, more so for the beginner than the expert. Spray painting is not as easy as it looks, and the lessthan-careful amateur may end up dabbing paint over expensive objects. Also, it requires a lot of preparation by way of covering all the places where paint shouldn’t reach and cleaning the sprayers. Moreover, the cheapest sprayer is much more expensive than the standard roller and brush. W hich is preferable for interior painting?

Taking everything into account, experts opine that using a roller or brush for interior painting is preferred over using a spray. Although some television commercials may induce the homeowner to try out one of several "cheap" spray painting alternatives, such lower-end equipment can do more harm than good. The paint may not come out evenly, resulting in frequent blockages and spillages. Therefore , you may need to invest in more expensive sprayers, which may not be justified by the relatively smaller work for interior painting vis--vis exterior painting. The danger of overspray or accidentally spraying over household articles is much more pronounced for interior painting than when painting the exteriors of the house. The time you may think of saving by spraying instead of using the brush or roller the old-fashioned way may actually be used up preparing for the job - covering each and every item you do not wish to get paint on, cleaning the sprays, getting the right protective equipment, etc. Moreover, the mist created by spray painting can cause major discomfort to the occupants of the house. In general, unless you are a professional painter the spray method is better suited for exterior painting.

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Roller Painting Vs Spray Painting  

Once you have selected the paint, you need to determine the best method to apply it. Your choice should be influenced by whether you wish to...

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