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Making a corporate event memorable Author: Jim Knight

The world is in the throes of the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression of the 20s. However, business goes on and the tunnel of darkness seems to be nearing its end. At this moment, corporate events can go a long way in infusing new enthusiasm among employees and clients. At the same time, one cannot afford to go overboard. With cost-cutting and restrained spending being the order of the day, a corporate event must not only be extravagant, but also not "seem� extravagant as well. Even within these limitations, there are ways to make a corporate event memorable. We present some ideas that can provide "biggest bang for the buck": 1. Finalize the entertainment first. Many organizers concentrate first on the location and food leaving entertainment as the last item on the list, and consequently the item to which the least time and budget is dedicated. You must remember that the strongest impressions are created by the entertainment that allows the audience to participate and not the ambiance where the audience plays a passive role. Hence, make entertainment a priority. Excellent entertainment does not automatically translate to extravagant price. It is possible to engage entertainers who may not be big names commanding humongous salaries but still manage to bring crowds on their feet. Here, a touch of uniqueness is called for. Instead of the regular stand-up comedian or magician, how about a fire breather or sword swallower? Sometimes, the best motivational speeches are given by those who have successfully overcome adversity instead of immaculately attired gentlemen born into luxury and opportunity. A mountaineer who lost six fingers to frostbite during a climb in the Himalayas can better explain fortitude than a Senator whose biggest conflicts were against opposition politicians. 2. If you have a theme, ensure it is broad enough to encapsulate the interests of all members of the audience. For example, if you have a hard-boiled corporate theme for an office function where families are invited, the kids present would be bored out of their wits. You can convert this failure into a success by having a fancy-dress competition where the kids are asked to come dressed as their (or their parents) favorite corporate icon.

3. Invite audience participation. The corporate events most enjoyed are those where the audience is expected to do more than sit at tables making idle conversation. Organize a series of competitive events that allow straight-jacketed executives to let their hair down after office. Have simple prizes for these events. The thrill of winning "something" in front of friends and colleagues would render monetary value of prizes insignificant. 4. Finally, don’t forget the personal touch. Small things like valet parking or having palm readers on site or distributing glow sticks for the audience to wave around when listening to the band can go a long way in making a corporate event memorable. Now that you have some pointers to guide you, go ahead and plan a smashing corporate event without smashing the company’s cash reserves. For more information, please visit:

Making a corporate event memorable  

The world is in the throes of the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression of the 20s. However, business goes on and the tunne...

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