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Comparing gas versus electric water heater When comparing gas versus electric water heater the choice depends on various factor other than just the economic motivations. Before you decide which one is best for you just find out the advantages and disadvantages of both the system to finally be able to make the correct choice . Advantages of Gas Water Heaters: Before the invention of the electrical and electronic appliances, there were only gas water heaters in vogue . Even today they are quite popular because of the natural gas used for the heating of water. The basic advantage is that the heating takes place in gradual process and therefore it is energy saving device. In many modern gas water heaters user can also control the heating rate and the extent of heating as well. You can save a huge amount of heat energy if you use the hot water immediately so that it does not have to again go through the whole heating process again or do not have to keep the heating running in order to maintain the water temperature. Biogas which is generated by decomposing organic waste produces only a small amount of carbon dioxide. Disadvantages of Gas Water Heaters When you talk about the gas water heater then you cannot ignore the fact that there is considerable amount of carbon monoxide that get released when burning the natural gas. Also the operational cost of the whole device is quite high and is increasing every day because of the energy crisis and the gas prices rising high. It also requires a huge place as the whole device is quite bulky and will occupy a huge space. You cannot ignore the installation cost like piping and all the related mechanism if you want it to supply to multi bathrooms. If you use the biogas then you cannot ignore the installation cost of the decomposer. Electric Water Heater: They are more convenient and that is the reason why they have become so popular . The principle of heating is universal and very simple. A copper coil is used to convert electricity onto heat energy. There are many modification that have been done in the design but it still follows the same simple principle theory of heating. Advantages of Electric Water Heaters The conversion of electricity to heat is very fast and therefore the whole heating process is quite quick . The extend of heating and the highest possible temperature can also be reached very fast . They are excellent when it comes to conserving the energy and the environment. Disadvantages of Electric Water Heaters As most of us will be aware of that electricity production also contribute to the air pollution as they burn fossil fuels and hence even the electrical water heaters contribute to the pollution indirectly. There is one technical drawback that it can lead to electrical short circuit which can be dangerous . Gas water heaters versus Electrical water heater have both pros and cons and they are almost same in number. In today's world when the area of living is being compacted using electrical water heater has become a more feasible option. And considering the environmental factor it is high time that we think about the biogas. For more information on Water heater Naples, visit our website

Comparing gas versus electric water heater  

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