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Your Comprehensive Guide on How To Get Free Apple Products

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What In the World Is How about getting a free ipad, iphone, or ipod touch for free? This is exactly what does. It gives away numerous gifts free for those who sign up and fill out an offer then refer friends. There are so many items to be claimed as free gifts from a sim free Apple iPhone 4S to the MacBook Air. All you need to do is register at fill out a free offer and refer some of your friends to do the same. You may have to complete a form which requests certain personal information. The people you refer also will have to complete the form. Once they are done, you will receive your gift free of charge. You don’t have to worry about the delivery charges either. What is Many people feel it is a scam intended to cheat people. However, there are thousands of people who have received the free gifts from the website and proven that it really works. Products worth more than a million pounds have already been shipped as gifts to people. How does this work? These gift programs are based on viral marketing. These websites which give away free gifts are affiliated with other well known companies like Jackpotjoy, Coral, BT, HSBC, AA, Lovefilm and Blockbuster. By using the internet they are making use of other forms of advertising to reach more customers. These companies pay FreebieJeebies for each signup. If the new customer completes a free offer then the website will receive a commission. With the help of the commission received, the free websites are able to pay for your free gifts. Don’t worry if you are confused as I am going to cover everything you need to know in this guide. It takes only three steps to get your gift. After signing up you have to complete an offer. Then you need to refer a few friends to do the same. When they have completed the offers you will receive your free gift. All the gifts given away are brand new products which come with full guarantee. You don’t have to worry about the delivery charges either.

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Step by Step Guide Step 1: go to which should look like the screen shot below:

And then enter your email under where it says “sign up”. Once you have completed your signup don’t forget to choose which gift you would like.

Step 2: Go to the offers page and sign up for a free trial on 1 of 2 offers depending on where in the world you are from: Recommended offer selection for UK and Worldwide citizens. a) UK citizens only Select “love films” from the offers page. Order 1 film for free and send it back (this is an added bonus but you must do it!) © 2012

b) UK and Worldwide Citizens Select the Intuit offer. This is a reputable company who is partners with Microsoft. The offer is a free 30 day trial for your own website. I personally went with this offer. You will need a credit card for this offer but you will not have to pay anything after the 30 day trial is up if you decide it’s not for you. After that it’s $4.99 a month if you like the offer. Once you click on the offer click on the “try it free” button. Simply fill in your details as asked from here. After you complete the offer you may have to wait 24 hours for the offer completion to show up on your account. Don’t worry as this is totally normal. I had to wait 24 hours. When your offer completion has been acknowledged you should see this on the offers page of your account:

Step 3: Start getting referrals and get free stuff! If you think this is a scam or want to know how it works read below: is an online based company that offers free gifts such as iPods, iPhones and many other products more products.

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I personally use FreebieJeebies and its very simple how they can afford to “give away” all of these expensive items. Heres how it works: FreebieJeebies are partnered up with bigger companies such as Love Film (the DVD/Game rental company) who pay FreebieJeebies a commission every time they bring in a potential customer (You!). They get paid roughly £20 every time someone signs up for their 14 day free trial through FreebieJeebies. Once you have signed up and completed an offer (e.g Love Film 14 day trial) all that is left is to refer some friends to do the exact same thing. If you were to refer two friends who signed up to the Love Film trial, this generates another £40 (£20 per sign up remember?). Now FreebieJeebies have got £60 thanks to you and you can now redeem your referrals as a free gift. Get it? For example, an iPod shuffle costs 2 referrals. You and two friends sign up and generate the £60 for FreebieJeebies and then redeem your referrals for an iPod shuffle. FreebieJeebies use roughly £45 to buy you the iPod then another £5 is used to send it to you next day special delivery so it will arrive the next day. FreebieJeebies then pocket the last £10 as profit as they need to make some money too! If you need any more proof you can see this type of site has even made British news and not for bad reasons either. Watch this video: If you need more proof search for “freebiejeebies unboxing” in Youtube or visit the popular forum at © 2012

If you are finally convinced then I encourage you to read on so you can learn how to get referrals quickly.

Referral Methods Referral Exchange: Referral exchange is a way used by a lot of people to gain more referrals. Referral exchange can work if there are people willing to join the programs you use and you are willing to join the programs they use. Both parties get the mutual benefits because both can get a new referral using this method. This way is quite effective because by exchanging referral links you can have a higher chance of getting active referrals due to the fact that like you other people want to get their free gift.

Join Forums: Participating in forums is a great way to promote your referral links. You might want to join forums that share the same interests as you. For example if you like to make money online you might want to join forums where people talk about this topic. There you will find people with similar interests and you can promote your links (preferably via your signature) as well as learn more ways to make money online.

Create Videos I have seen a lot of people create videos and upload them to YouTube and other similar sites to promote the programs they join. Creating videos is an effective way to promote programs and get referrals. I recommend you don’t try and scam people by offering them false hacks and referral generators. Instead offer some value to your viewer by giving them sound advice. If you are good at creating videos you can use your videos to attract new users and turn them into your referrals. Youtube has millions of views per day and your videos can easily get attention from the users there. So why not try to create a video and get some referrals? Remember to watermark your video if possible so it is harder for people to steal from you.


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Advertising is not a preferred way to get referrals by most people because it is considered the most expensive way to get referrals. There are generally hundreds of ways to advertise your referral links. You can use Google Adwords, Bidvertisers, Facebook and many more programs to advertise your links. You must remember that advertising your links can be a very costly approach to get referrals. If you have the money to spend then advertising is a great way for you. I recommend using free advertising services such as free listing, pinging and free advertising coupons. If you use the methods I share here correctly, you will be able to gain more referrals easily and fast. Of course with more referrals working for you, you will be able to get more free products and cash online.

Business Cards: These can be a great way to get exposure to your referral link. Many people still do not understand that you can actually get free products online. This gives you a great opportunity in your local area. Get yourself 250 free business cards from either promoting a website that has your referral link on it or promote your referral link itself. Take these cards and hand them out at a busy location. You could put on the card something like “get your free iphone 4 @ <your website> or <referral link>”. Take these cards and put them anywhere you think would be effective.

Creating your own website This is a very effective option that people are using to get referrals. There is very little cost involved as all you need is a domain name and hosting. A great company that offers both is If you are not sure how to put a website together then don’t worry as you can use wordpress to build your site. Here is a great site that will help you out. When you have your website created you will want to have it ranked in the search engines so people can see your site. You can use a company like to get your site off to the best possible start. Think carefully about what domain name you choose. You want something that is going to be catchy and that people are likely to look for. If you can, try to get a domain ending with .com, .org or .net.

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Conclusion If you follow the methods above then you should have no problem in receiving your new apple product in quick time. I hope this guide has enlightened you and I wish you great success in rounding up those referrals. Before I leave you though I will tell you one last tip which may help you speed things up even further. I recommend you share this guide with as many people as you can (especially if they are reluctant). Show it to friends, family and anyone you can think of. Just click on any of the share buttons below:

Good Luck

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