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OffMaps for iPhone - iPhone OffMaps The best apps make owning an Apple iOS device both fun and helpful. OffMaps, a hybrid offering for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad from Felix Lamouroux, aspires to this level of craftsmanship, but instead often ends up a frustrating experience. The idea behind OffMaps for iPhone is solid: You can't expect that your phone or tablet will always be in range of a Wi-Fi or 3G network when you visit a strange city, so you can't expect that you'll always be able to use your device's native Maps application to guide you from here to there. OffMaps for iPhone lets you download local city guies for permanent storage on your iOS device complete with a list of local landmarks, restaurants and other hot spots, so you have an atlas available even when an online connection isn't. You'll end up spending that money if you use this OffMaps for iPhone and iPad. You only have to purchase the iPhone OffMaps app once to install it on both devices, but that's the limit to OffMaps' syncing capabilities. If you buy a city guide on your iPad, you have to spend another token to download the same guide separately onto your iPhone. That's frustrating from a cost perspective, but it's also an obstacle to using OffMaps for iPhone well: If you've bookmarked locations on your iPad, they won't show up in your iPhone, even if you've synced both devices back to your desktop computer. OffMaps for iPhone, as envisioned, is a tool you'll want to have in a pinch if you can't connect to online resources like Google Maps. But downloading and using the app requires more than a pinch of patience and preparation. More iPad Tips: How to Convert Video to iPhone 4 for Mac?

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OffMaps for iPhone puts maps onto your iOS device for those times when a network connection isn't available. iPhone OffMaps is designed as t...