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How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Mac? Your Mac's hard drive crashes, and efforts to recover your data fail miserably. And, since you didn't backup your hard drive, everything is gone including your beloved songs. Or is it? You still have your iPod, and it has all of the songs you purchased. Good luck! Fortunently, there is a way to transfer iPod songs to Mac. In these occasion, You need a third-party program to do the task. iPod to Mac Transfer meets you needs. Follow this guide on how to transfer songs from iPod to Mac step by step! Step 1: Launch iPod Transfer Mac software and then connect your iPod to Mac. Step 2: Tick the songs you want to export, and press "Export checked files to local" button.

Step 3: Select a local folder to store your songs and click the "Save" button to export the files from your iPod to Mac.

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Step 4: When finished, the following window will be poped-up as belows. It will show how many files have been done.

All rights reserved—— Done. Now you should have a clear mind on how to transfer songs from iPod to Mac! It is extremely easy, isn't it? Go ahead! Related Guide: How to Transfer iPod to Mac?

How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Mac with iPod Transfer Mac