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How to Get Songs from iPod to Mac? Q: I've got an iPod chock full of some great live recordings. The other night, my iMac decided to forget that it had anything on the hard drive. Luckily, I have my iPod with all of my songs in it. Does anyone know whether it's possible to get the songs from my iPod onto a hard drive. I've not plugged the iPod into any computer for fear of losing the playlists on it. I'll take any (hopefully positive) answer, thanks in advance. A: If you want to get songs from iPod to Mac without losing your songs, you need to ask iPod to Mac Transfer to help you. iPod to Mac Transfer is a professional program to transfer iPod files to Mac, can get songs off iPod Touch to local disk on Mac Computer. Just 3 steps, the songs on your iPod Touch could be get off and backup on your Mac Computer with original quality. If you also come across this kind of problems, you may free download iPod to Mac Transfer and start to learn how to get songs from iPod to Mac. Step 1: Launch this iPod to Mac Transfer and connect your iPod touch to Mac. Then you should see your touch on the desktop - an iPod touch icon with name under it. Then familiarize yourself with its interface. Step 2: Then you may select songs you want to transfer, and then click "export checked files to local" button or choose "export checked files to local" in the top "Export" menu.

All rights reserved—— Step 3: Select a local folder to store your music on the left panel and click the "Save" button to export the files from your iPod to local folder.

Now that's all for the whole process to get songs from iPod to Mac. If you want to transfer other stuff such as photos, videos, books, podcasts etc. between iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac, you may also use iPod to Mac Transfer. With so many powerful functions, why don' you free download iPod to Mac Transfer to have a try?

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How to Get Songs from iPod to Mac