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How to Backup Apps from iPod touch to Mac? Imagine that you recently had to factory reset your first gen iPod touch, for fear of all your apps losing, you must backup apps from iPod touch to Mac but iTunes discontinued some like tris. Is it possible for that, by some other tools? Now since your iTunes discontinued and then you should turn to some 3rd party programs, such as iPod to Mac Transfer, which you will finally find that it's a powerful and professional assistant when you backing up files of iPods, provides an ideal solution for you to manage your iPod Touch like an external hard drive, enables you to back up any kinds of files between iPods and Mac computer, including apps, music, videos, pictures and more. Step 1: Free download iPod to Mac Transfer and run it. Connect your iPod to Mac. Step 2: Click the appropriate items on the left navigation bar and you can choose all of your apps and then prepare for the iPod touch apps backing up at the next step with the help of this iPod to Mac Transfer.

Step 3: Select a local folder and click the "Save" button to export the files from your iPod to local folder. Step 4: In this screen, just click the highlighted button and get to backup apps from iPod touch to Mac right now!

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Cool! By three simple steps and without iTunes, your iPod touch apps have already been backed up to Mac with the great help of iPod to Mac Transfer. Related Guide: How to Copy iPod Videos to Mac?

How to Backup Apps from iPod touch to Mac