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Reclaiming American History - Josh Huskin’s journal

by hand every time...

In 1898, a group of carpenters raised this Barn in Marengo IL. One hundred and twelve years later I’m reclaiming that same lumber.

A nostalgic hoop. Interestingly, the first game of “Basket Ball� was played in December 1891. Just seven years before this barn was built.

The frame of this barn is pegged together. No iron nails.

Old growth is what makes it “heart pine.” These trees were planted and growing when our country’s constitution was being written.

I literally reclaimed this barn one board at a time.

I imagine that generations from now, these American icons will be remembered and enjoyed because of the floors I reclaimed.

These timbers will be trucked to the mill and made into another floor.

The Frank Loyd Wright House - Finished Floor Installation

Lake Geneva floor installation in a Franklin Loyd Wright designed home.

This is a really great entryway.

After everything is done I go over it again.

Overall the woods character is what really makes it an amazing floor.

Powder room

The floor really brings the whole house together.

Details like this I place with balance and aesthetics in mind.

Blending the floor into a home with such great detail is ideal.

Wow, I love the way this turned out.

Huskin's Journal 2  
Huskin's Journal 2  

Journal for website describing Amberwood's work