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Remember us, Branson?

‘Fraid not. America ain’t finished with you yet.

I reckon ‘at I’d be better off dead.

T he stranger named Branson had deserted before the war had ended and more importantly before his tour ended. He left the soliders to pursue an ultimately fruitless lead on the whereabouts of his brother, the killer.

your past has finally caught up with you, branson.

Convincing his fellow soliders that his reasons for desertion were of the noble sort might be considered challenging.

Ain’t no one tell you the war ended, Johnny?

suppose I don’t listen too good. I might be Inclined to ask you a question. Why’d you TURN YELLA? Ain’t like you.

I’m looking for someone. He’s a bad one. He’s my brother.

Back when you ran with us you never mentioned a brother.

Guess I didn’t think he was worth mentioning. Why you want to find him now?

To put him in the ground. the man’s a killer. likes to prey on children and who knows what else.

When I was young, we both lived in an orphanage on account of our mother being a prostitute and all.

one day there was this new kid show up. we pretended to be his friend to gain his trust. we even invited him to go play with us in the graveyard nearby.

my brother and I have different fathers. mother gave us up when we were both babies. he was a little older than me.

Growing up, we were always up to no good. we’re generally distructive and dishonest thiEves. I always got the feeling he wanted to take it further.

we’d done this before. lured kids to the graveyard.

usually we’d end up robbing them or beating them or both.

but that day was different.

we had played in the graveyard for hours until my evil brother picked up a rock.

Before I could’ve reacted, he plunged the rock down on the new kid’s skull.

then he came at me with the rock.

I woke up later, tied to some tree. my brother made me watch every horrible, unspeakable act to that poor boy before he murdered him.

he left me tied to that tree to stare at the corpse.

it took three days for someone to find us.

Well we’re lookin’ fer someone too.

So how bout you help us find who we’re lookin’ fer...

... and then we Can help you find who yer lookin’ fer.

or we can just shoot you in the head right now and call it a day.

Our commanding officer can’t forget that you’re a desserter.

Just so happens I’m in a helpful mood.

Back in the town of Lynchburg, the killer menacingly looms over his next victim.

How are you feeling, miss?

MY HEAD... Where’s the boy?

he ran off. Ben’s looking for him.

My Head...

she’s sick from the journey. I’ll have to do more tests. make sure she stays in bed.

Yes, we can hear you. look after her until I get back, sheriff.

any idea what’s ailin’ her, doc?

Don’t worry one bit about this little lady.

I’ll take good care of her. NOw if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting with the mayor.

I will be requiring the woman as well as her boy.

I’m afraid I cannot Accept your request.

you see, the woman was purchased by another client of mine.

You’re mistaken mr. mayor, if you think that was a request. I demand that you give me the woman as well as her boy.

I am a reasonable man.

But this is business. I’m sure you understand.

I think you’re confused, mr. mayor.

About our arrangement...

about who is in control of this situation... You see, I’m the person who put you in this position of power, to better serve my needs.

and what pray tell am I confused about?

In the process you’ve become a very rich man, wouldn’t you agree?

you’ve lived off the fat of the land for quite some time mr. mayor. I wonder how long I could live off of your fat.

Dead Don't Die book ii excerpt  

Hordes of the undead invade the Wild West as a lone gunslinger searches for a notorious killer.

Dead Don't Die book ii excerpt  

Hordes of the undead invade the Wild West as a lone gunslinger searches for a notorious killer.