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Fat Burning Diets It seems that no matter who you talk to, they want to change something about their bodies that they are not happy with. Most often it is to lose weight. There are numerous fat burning diets out on the market today, making it hard to know which ones are real and which ones are just fad diets. Below is a list of the most common fat burning diets and the problems associated with them. Choosing a diet is not something you want to take lightly so it is best to be well educated on these diets so that you can make an educated decision. Fat Burning Diet- this is a diet that claims if you eat the right fat burning foods and do the right exercises, you will burn fat from your belly in a very short time. While this seems like a good concept, the truth is that you end up having most of your meals in liquid form which is just setting you up for failure with the diet. People that are on this diet only lose the weight temporarily, putting it back on once they are done with the diet. This is not for those that want long term weight loss. The 3 Day Diet- This is known for being one of the most popular short term fat burning diets that promises to burn fat fast, giving you rapid weight loss. This can actually do more harm than good as it restricts the amount of calories that you take in and most of the weight you drop is water weight. Cabbage Soup Diet- This diet consists mainly of a vegetable soup that you eat throughout the day in addition to a specific food each day for 7 days. It causes a great deal of gas and stomach pains. This also provides fast results but it is not fat that you are burning; it is merely water weight which goes back on quickly as soon as you stop the diet. Acai Berry Diet- There are many diets that claim to be super fat burning diets that incorporate the use of the acai berry. The truth is the claims that are made of the berry helping you to burn fat and lose weight have never been proven. Some people show to be allergic to this berry, causing them to bloat up with water weight gain, making them have a puffy appearance. The old bodybuilding diet - The old bodybuilding diet was made up of 60-30-10. In which case 60 percent of your diet is from carbs, 30 percent is from protein, and 10 percent is from fat. Though this diet does work, it does have many shortcomings. For example say you are a carb sensitive person, then this diet may still work for you though it is very unlikely. This diet really shines when the ratio is changed to 50-30-20 taking down the carbs just a bit and adding more fat. Not only does it make this diet easier use it is more effective. If you are trying to lose weight by using one of the many fat burning diets, it is best that you talk

with your doctor first. Your doctor can help you see which diets are fad diets and which ones are healthy ones to try. You want to lose weight in a way that is healthy for you so that you will be able to keep the weight off rather than have it pile back on as soon as the diet ends. Try to stay positive on your diet no matter what and i hope you get the results you are looking for.

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==== ==== Weigh loss secrets revealed! Bonus get the abs you always wanted. ==== ====

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