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Eating out on the hCG diet can be a frightful experience. Often, when eating out, we are ill prepared for the dining occasion and results in failure to stick with the protocol. I would love to tell you NOT to go out to eat and to cook all of your meals. This is truly the best approach but it doesn't always work out like that. Due to "Life", it is difficult to avoid eating out while on the hCG Diet so here are some tips to help you avoid cheating and to stick with it. Sticking with it is so important. Losing days of weight loss is both frustrating and de-motivating. Trust me I know! Plan in advance - Having an idea of what type of food the restaurant serves will let you know if you should even dine there. Preview the menu and choose the meal you are going to order BEFORE you get there. This will help with the temptation of ordering something that is way off the diet. Carry an Apple - What ever you choose while eating out on the hCG Diet will probably leave you a bit unsatisfied. There truly aren't many options for us hCG Dieters so I carry my apple to eat after my meal to prevent me from ordering something else. Stick with the Salads - My recommendation is to order the restaurant's grilled chicken salad or grilled chicken Caesar Salad and hold the dressing and the croutons. Feel free to add tomatoes and onions, as this is the only mixture of vegetables you are allowed to have. Salads are extremely boring, I get that. It's okay. You know what your health future holds for your when you stick to the diet. Don't Give-In to Peer Pressure- The most difficult thing I've had to experience is someone offering you food that you know you can't eat. okay, listen. People are mean or they don't value what you value. Sometimes people don't understand your desire for a healthier lifestyle. Don't let others determine the future of your health and the future of your goal weight. Have A Good Time - This diet is not the easiest of diet protocols but it is effective. Keep in mind your goals and why you decided it was time to lose weight. Don't let your limited dietary choices while eating out on the hCG diet get you down. Stay positive and realize that this small sacrifice will yield you a life long benefit. Realize that it's Psychological and Not Physiological - This is more geared to overall success of your diet but it applies because you are most vulnerable when eating out. From personal experience(I've done this protocol 5 times), I have realized that it's not my body that wants me to cheat on the diet, it's my mind. The cravings are mental because it's something I used to eat not something that body actually needs. When eating out, order something your body needs sustenance.

Check out these restaurant/food recommendationsThere are many places you can eat an approved meal. My "go-to" is Panera Bread. They have exactly what I just suggested. They keep "eating out" on the hCG diet simple. Try the Grilled Chicken Caesar(which is real chicken, not that nasty pressed chicken) Salad with the dressing on the side(so they don't look at you weirdly), hold the croutons and parmesan cheese and add tomatoes an onions. Panera is perfect because they have the correct portion of chicken needed for your meal. I have also recently found Jimmy John's. One of my website visitors suggested the Roast Beef "Unwich"; hold the mayo. It's simply a slice of roast beef, which is pretty lean, a couple of tomatoes, wrapped in lettuce. To add flavor, have them put dijon mustard on it. It's only 90 Calories! Are you a fan of Sushi? Now be careful with this one. This can easily be over done due to you not knowing portion sizes from sushi house to sushi house. Stay conservative. When I visit the sushi house, I get the Sashimi, which is sushi with no rice and a salad with no dressing or with a half of lemon juice. Like I said before, the best option is to just not eat out at all. Choices are limited and may be frustrating. The hcg diet is challenging enough. But, sometimes we gotta do it. I know I do. So these are the choices I have made and so I'm passing my experiences on to you. Here's to your health and hCG Diet Success.

Jason Poindexter, after battling his weight most of his life, has successfully lost almost 90 lbs using the hCG Diet Protocol. He has completed the protocol four times and has successfully kept the weight off. This weightloss has literally changed his life. He hopes to inspire others to get healthier and lose unecessary weight. For more information how he was so successful visit

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==== ==== Weigh loss secrets revealed! Bonus get the abs you always wanted. ==== ====

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