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The Diet Solution book was created by Isabel De Los Rios and it has steadily become one of the most popular nutrition programs on the internet. The basic premise behind the Diet Solution book is that it's going against the grain and it's not recommending a "diet" but instead recommending how to eat healthy and thus lose fat from doing so. If you haven't heard of Isabel De Los Rios she was certified through the Paul Chek certification, which is pretty prestigious for its holistic healing practices. The Diet Solution was created to end all of the other fad diet programs out there that only seem to work temporarily and end up leaving the person doing it right back where they started. The Diet Solution book starts off not with nutrition practices but it instead starts off with more mindset practices instead. She teaches you how to clear your mind and to eliminate negative thinking because these are going to be vital if you plan on having any long-term success. Most people jump right into a diet program with all of this junk and problems that will hold them back from success. Isabel also talks about how to commit to the program by setting goals with positive affirmations. This may seem like some as a waste of time but I can promise you that it will end up making a huge difference if you end up taking care of this stuff first. The program starts off by taking three different steps; determining your metabolic type, creating your personal meal plan and choosing the right foods. While most programs cookie cut a meal plan program for everybody Isabel De Los Rios is a lot smarter than this and knows that everybody isn't the same. Instead she's going the extra mile for results by making the Diet Solution more customized. Metabolic typing is basically a theory that depending on your genetic makeup you're more likely to be a protein type, carbohydrate type or a protein and carbohydrate type. This will determine how you take in different macronutrients in your new personalized meal plan. The rest of the program in the Diet Solution book goes into detail on just about everything you can think of when it comes to nutrition. If you wondered if eating fats would make you fat then she tell you the surprisingly true answer. The book also will show you which foods you think are healthy for you but are actually making you fat and sluggish. And last but not least the program also has recipes included so you can eat some more tasty meals while you're using this program. The Diet Solution book is more than just some diet but rather a healthy lifestyle change and you have to be willing to do this for the long term for any real permanent success.

For more information on the Diet Solution book be sure to check out the authors full review on the program. Ă‚ For those looking for fast weight loss be sure to consider that you should be considering using a program like the Diet Solution book or long-term success rather than a quick fix.

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==== ==== Weigh loss secrets revealed! Bonus get the abs you always wanted. ==== ====

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