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Is it possible to burn fat by eating? The concept of eating yourself slim may have been laughed at by people in the nutrition field, and so called diet experts years ago. But these days it's a proven concept that by eating the right food you can burn fat. Recent studies and discoveries in the last few years have proved the concept of the "fat burning diet " to be real, and actually quite good for you, gone are the days when you have to starve yourself to lose weight. The very modern and flash sounding name for these diets is a "thermogenic" diet. This fancy word essentially means creating heat within a living organism. But in more simple terms it means burning energy, and to lose weight/body fat you have to burn energy. These diets are based on the simple concept of consuming food that require more energy to digest then the food provide, so basically creating a calorie deficit. Just like that old saying "one step backwards yet two steps forward." You're putting calories into your body for the sole purpose of burning calories. This is perfect for those with a lot of weight to lose, or even people who are just trying to lose that last bit of weight. The great thing about this kind of diet is it doesn't just burn fat when you're eating it also speeds up your metabolism, which in turn will continue to burn fat throughout the days, it's a win/win two pronged attack. Thermogenic or fat burning diets come in a couple of forms, firstly one involves eating a larger normal amount of fat burning food, but this may not be the best for most people, due to cost of food, time in preparing, or even just the amount one may be able to eat, so the second option involves enhancing a healthy diet (or adapting to a healthy diet) with fat burning supplements. There are numerous fat burning supplements on the market; everything from green tea extract to chromium and even super fruits like acai berries.

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==== ==== Weigh loss secrets revealed! Bonus get the abs you always wanted. ==== ====

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