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Issue 2

Table of Contents 3. About 4. Models

- 7. Model Must-Have Checklist - 10. Tips to prepare for a photo shoot....

- 34. A Sacred Place

- 53. Get The Look

28. Make-Up Artist & Hair 32. Photography

46. Fashion - 48. Budget Mami

56. Other Arts - 57. Tattoo Artist: Yely Diaz 59. How to be featured

2 | Artistology | Issue #1

Artistology: The study of artists. Our name is unique; just like the people, their art, and the articles which you’ll enjoy reading about. Art isn’t entirely about
 a sketch, sculptures or paintings. It also consists of photography, modeling, and fashion. But it doesn’t stop there, art comes down to the way you style your hair, the way you do your make-up and even when you want to show off a tattoo. Art is everywhere and can be expressed in many ways. As a photographer, you want to capture a photo at the perfect angle. You want to demonstrate your creative side and showcase the quality of your work. Whether it’s on a runway or at a photo-shoot, as a model, you want to be able to show what you got and express emotions. Being style savvy keeps people up-to date on the latest trends, and even how to fix a fashion faux-pas. Hair and make-up are an essential part of everyday life, so
 finding new ways to keep it fresh is always a plus. Keeping up on all these things may be overwhelming; especially when there aren’t many places that provide information on all these subjects at once. That’s where we come in. This magazine is designed to keep you updated on the things mentioned above. Not only that, but we’ll be featuring examples of artists and their work, we’ll inform you of venues where there will be art shows. We’ll also 
be posting interviews with some Q&A, and even offer tutorials. We want to let our readers know what Los Angeles flair is all about. This beautiful city is comprised of exceptional individuals with their own unique talent. We’re here to help, so if you have friends or know of anyone that might want to be
 featured in our magazine, feel free to contact us. With that said, that’s who Artistology Magazine is about and 
we hope you’ll follow us on our journey every step of the way.

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4 | Artistology | Issue #1

Issue #1 |Artistology | 5

Lara Hunter 6 | Artistology | Issue #1

Model Must-Have Checklist By: Rachel Collins Have you ever arrived to a shoot and want to kick yourself in the head because you forgot an essential item? I know that I sure have! You always want to make a great impression, especially if it is your first time working with that photographer. On that note I’ve decided to make a “Model Must-Have Checklist”, in hopes that it will benefit the model, photographer and all over end result. These items are not always required, as some items may be provided depending on the shoot. Clothing and Accessories: • All three basic colors for undergarments (black, nude and white bra, panties, etc.) • Black and white cami’s (tank tops) • Nude color strapless bra • Sneakers/Flip-flops (for walking to and from shooting locations) • Black and sheer nylons • Different types of socks (lengthwise) Body Products: • Body lotion • Hair ties and bobby pins (same color as hair, or close to) • Brush and hairspray • Nail polish remover (for last minute removal) • Chap stick/Lip-gloss • Your own set of makeup (If an MUA is not provided) Additional: • Drink water (It won’t make you bloat like soda and tea will) • Mints/Breath strips (you never want to offend a photographer or client after an awesome meal) Remember to bring that amazing attitude as well; nobody likes a sour puss model! Issue #1 |Artistology | 7

8 | Artistology | Issue #1

Left: D. Young

Andrea Bensussen Issue #1 |Artistology | 9

Tips to prepare for a photo shoot.... By Melanie Faith Markley


What you need to wear, lay out the night before. Make sure they are cleaned clothes that are wrinkle free & iron if necessary. It’s VERY important & crucial to have clean wrinkle free clothing. NO LOGOS!! Don’t forget about shoes & accessories! :) Also communicate with your photographer, ask if you need to bring any specific type of clothing, shoes, accessories etc. COMMUNICATION is key always.


Get PLENTY of rest the night before the photo shoot....We are talking about at least 8 hours of sleep. You need to ALWAYS be we rested for a shoot.


Eat before a shoot & drink plenty of water. It’s important to stay hydrated for a shoot and eat, so you have enough energy for the camera and be able to have that beautiful face of yours shine through that camera....Bring small snacks if necessary or ask photographer if he or she will be providing snacks and water during shoot.


Make sure you’re well groomed, eyebrows are done, nail polish is natural or of a neutral color. Carry carmax, lip balm to keep your lips moisturized for your shoot.


ALWAYS be prepared, you never know what may come up in a shoot....Bring your own brush, comb, make-up etc.


Most importantly be yourself! Have FUN! Be CONFIDENT! This is your time to shine and show others that YOU GOT THE LOOK & YOU have what it takes to be on TOP!:)

10 | Artistology | Issue #1

Right & Bottom: Jennelle Gee

Issue #1 |Artistology | 11

Katie Knutson 12 | Artistology | Issue #1

Adrianne St.Clair Issue #1 |Artistology | 13

Nadine Quinonez 14 | Artistology | Issue #1

Nadine Quinonez Issue #1 |Artistology | 15

Shy Todman 16 | Artistology | Issue #1

Samonster Rose Issue #1 |Artistology | 17

Top & Bottom: Samonster Rose

18 | Artistology | Issue #1

Samonster Rose

Issue #1 |Artistology | 19

Kelli O’Neil 20 | Artistology | Issue #1

Mickayla Worsham

Issue #1 |Artistology | 21

Lina 22 | Artistology | Issue #1


Issue #1 |Artistology | 23


24 | Artistology | Issue #1


Issue #1 |Artistology | 25

26 | Artistology | Issue #1

Issue #1 |Artistology | 27

Make-Up Artist & Hair

Top & Bottom: Giusy Ferrara 28 | Artistology | Issue #1

Rachel Gallenberger Issue #1 |Artistology | 29

Fabulush Touch: Jenniffer 30 | Artistology | Issue #1

Issue #1 |Artistology | 31


32 | Artistology | Issue #1

Issue #1 |Artistology | 33

A Sacred Place by Jessica Teal

Greetings from Thailand! I recently had the opportunity to visit Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. I had a long weekend and had a free hotel stay voucher to use that I won from being on a game show. You should check it out: Look up The 100 Baht Challenge, Episode 8. It will be a fun and hilarious few minutes, go on! I dare ya! In the North of Thailand, they are known for having many elephants, but a lot of these historics giants are poached, abused and sometimes even killed. There is one lady by the name of Lek Chailert, who has a deep compassion for elephants. She rescues them, cares for them, and rehabilitates them. These elephants have come from hill tribes, circuses, and even the streets of Bangkok, where they were abused and trained for the entertainment of tourists. If you would like to know more about other ways elephants are mistreated, please educate yourself and if you ever make it to Chaing Mai, visit the Elephant Nature Park. You will spend a day with the elephants, observing their behavior, feeding them tons of fruits and vegetables, and bathing them in the river. You also get to meet all kinds of people and even be escorted by dogs and cats on your nature walks to meet all the elephant families.

34 | Artistology | Issue #1

Luckily, I got to take some amazing photographs of these elephants. I had the cheesiest smile on my face while at it and was in my own little heaven of elephants. I hope you enjoy the photographs in this issue! I’m off to the states in June, but not before I knock out 2 shoots this weekend and 2 shoots the morning of my day of travel to New York! Until next time friends! Sawadeeka! To reach me personally, you can email or checkout my facebook page at

Issue #1 |Artistology | 35

36 | Artistology | Issue #1

Jennelle Gee Issue #1 |Artistology | 37

Top & Bottom: Jennelle Gee

38 | Artistology | Issue #1

Issue #1 |Artistology | 39

Nadines Photography 40 | Artistology | Issue #1

Nadines Photography Issue #1 |Artistology | 41

GMM Photography 42 | Artistology | Issue #1

GMM Photography Issue #1 |Artistology | 43

GMM Photography 44 | Artistology | Issue #1

Issue #1 |Artistology | 45


46 | Artistology | Issue #1

Issue #1 |Artistology | 47

Budget Mami By: Saidah G.

Just because Rihanna spends $200 on her leather tank top doesn’t mean you have to go spend the same before you go hit the club. If you’re like me, $200 can go a loooooonng way. I can buy a complete outfit, heels included, a chipotle burrito bowl, and a small Pinkberry’s, all for less than $200. So whether you’re trying to rock a hardware combat boots, midi rings, or chunky heels, we’ve got some budget friendly sites that you may just need to bookmark. First up

This site is my BFF. Not only do they have amazing sales almost every week, but they categorize by trends as well to make finding your perfect single platform heel a breeze. They also have a few items that are on Nasty Gal but $5-15 bucks cheaper. Their heels are as low as $20 and that’s normal pricing. is a must to find the latest looks. Coming in 2nd is

I found this site while scrolling through a photographer’s Instagram. The site is fairly new and their inventory is growing slowly but surely. If you are looking for a good pair of leather sweats for Fall/Winter that won’t eat up your check you just deposited into the bank, then I demand you to check out the vegan pair for only $50 that looks just like Kim K’s but for a fraction of the price. Definitely bookmark this site and keep checking back for new arrivals. I see good things coming from them in the near future. 48 | Artistology | Issue #1

Last but not least is

This site has street style written all over it. They have a lot of unique pieces and wait for it… VINTAGE. YES! I love site’s that has clothes that looks like I could have snatched it from my mother’s closet. If you do to, take a peek at their Vintage section. Their new clothes just scream summer house party in The Hills, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus. You will for sure be as stoked as I was when you visit the site. P.S Whenever shopping on a budget NEVER, and I mean NEVER sacrifice style for a bargain. If your $40 heels look like $5 heels, pass them up. -Saidah Gray

Issue #1 |Artistology | 49

50 | Artistology | Issue #1

Stylist: Jordan Telfare Issue #1 |Artistology | 51

Top & Bottom: Stylist: Jordan Telfare

52 | Artistology | Issue #1

Get The Look By Saidah G.

We can’t help but want to dress like our favorite celebs from time to time. We also can’t afford half of the things they wear. In this issue, we show you how to get the look for more than 80% off of what the celebs paid. 1. Rihanna Look complete look retails at about $475. The match Maker look includes heels and a necklace for only $80. Tell me that this isn’t a great deal.

Rihanna’s Look

Match Maker $48 $12 $20

Outfit Total: $80

Issue #1 |Artistology | 53

2. Kylie Jenner’s outfit is just shy of $650, compared to our match maker look totaling to a safe $115.05. Our look saves you $534.95. Go ahead and plan your Winter vacation with that cash.

Kylie Jenner’s Look

Match Maker $40 $15 $29.95 $30.10

Outfit Total: $115.05

54 | Artistology | Issue #1

3. Vannessa Hudgen’s look is a moderate $379. Our Match Maker look will have you jumping for joy at $69.95. This look offers the most saving with 81% off the original price.

Vanessa Hudgen’s look

Match Maker $22.80 $28 $18.95

Outfit Total: $69.75 For the price of Vanessa’s outfit you could get all 3 looks combined with some spare change to pick up those Jeffery Campbell heels you’ve been saving for.

Issue #1 |Artistology | 55


Art by: Marisela Martinez

56 | Artistology | Issue #1

Tattoo Artist: Yely Diaz By: Nancy Diaz

Thoughts and feelings can be expressed in many different forms. One particularly intriguing form is through the art of tattoos. “Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.” – Michelle Delio, writer. Young, aspiring tattoo artist Yely Diaz agrees that tattoos are a form of expression—an art form presented on the canvas of your skin that will be present forever. “I think they are beautiful,” she says. Tattoos are getting to be more widely accepted than before. Both men and women can be seen with tattoos, and now you see people working and you can see they have tattoos, says Diaz. “It’s not as bad as how people used to look at them,” she continues. This young artist first started on the path of tattoo art at the young age of just 16. “I just went into a tattoo shop, looking to maybe sell some of my drawings. They thought I wanted to be an apprentice and soon I was drawn into the world of tattoos, and I found myself watching tattoo artists at work and learned basic techniques of tattooing.” From that moment on, she knew this was it and worked to make her art better. Many of the things she knows now, she actually taught herself. Looking at other pieces of artwork also brought her inspiration in order to go to the next level. In the field of tattooing, Diaz gets different types of customers. “A lot of the customers that look really tough, are the ones that complain the most,” she recalls. In addition, she comments that a lot of girls today are getting tattoos, including getting their sleeves done, which means taking a lot of pain. “All kinds of people come in for tattoos. Some people also come with the request of a weird tattoo”, jokes the artist. “A few times, there have been people who pass out at the chair, though it doesn’t happen that often, we still have to know what to do,” says Diaz. Issue #1 |Artistology | 57

Looking back, this young artist recalled the first tattoo shop she worked at, which was in Arleta, CA. She was there for a good five years before she took a break. After that, she began to tattoo again in the city of North Hollywood, CA at a shop called Ink Bums for roughly about a year. “It’s a good place— a studio. I worked with three really good artists and learned a lot from them—and they learned from me, too.” It’s no surprise this artist has had some sort of recognition. At the first shop she worked at, they were featured in a show called Dame Tinta. “I only came out in four episodes,” she recalled, “but I was so young, and I didn’t drive, so it was hard to get around. Diaz was also in a commercial for a Spanish sports channel, specifically for soccer fans—rooting for the Chivas. She tattooed a Chivas fan in the commercial. Now only time will tell where this experience will lead her to next.

58 | Artistology | Issue #1

How to be featured...

If you fit into any of our topics please and would like to be featured in the magazine you can submit your work to us at and look for us at

If you have any other questions you can reach us by e-mail or facebook. and

Thank You all for all your support and please tell all your friends to check out the magazine!

Issue #1 |Artistology | 59

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