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God Calls Moses Exodus 3:1–4:20

Set 3 Lesson 1

God Calls Moses Exodus 3:1–4:20

When Moses was young, he lived in the land of Egypt. When Moses grew up, he went to live in a faraway country. There Moses became a shepherd. One day Moses was out in the desert taking care of the sheep. Suddenly Moses saw a bush that was on fire. But the bush did not burn up! Moses thought, “That’s strange! I will go and see why this bush does not burn up.” God was in this burning bush. When Moses got close, God called from the bush, “Moses! Moses! Don’t come any closer. I am your God.” Moses was afraid to look at God. He covered his face. Then God told Moses, “I have seen the sadness of my people in Egypt. And I have heard their cries for help. I know that the king makes them work very hard. So I will save them from the king and take them to a new, good land. And I want you, Moses, to lead my people out of Egypt.”

Set 3 Lesson 1

But Moses told God, “I can’t do this work. The people won’t believe that you sent me to lead them out of Egypt.” God told Moses, “Throw down your staff.” When Moses threw down his staff, it turned into a snake! When Moses picked up the snake by its tail, it turned back into a staff. God also gave Moses the power to do other miracles. “When the people see these miracles,” said God, “they will believe that I sent you.” But Moses said, “God, I’m not a good speaker. I can’t do this work. Please send someone else to do it.” God said, “Your brother Aaron will do this work with you. And I will help you both.” Finally, Moses did what God told him. He went to Egypt to tell the king to let God’s people go out of Egypt.


God gave Moses the help he needed to do his work. God helps us do our work.

This week I can

My help comes from the Lord. (Psalm 121:2)

Dear God, thank you for helping me do my work. Make me always glad to do my work as well as I can. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

“You Are by My Side” (Everyone Sing & Sign, Northwestern Publishing House)

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God Calls Moses  

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