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Winter 2011

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Winter 2011


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PALMS PLACE HOTEL AND SPA | 4321 WEST FLAMINGO ROAD | LAS VEGAS, NV 89103 TEL702-942-6843 | FAX702-942-0107 Winter 2011

Guests enjoy delectable cuisine at Simon at Palms Place, the exclusive restaurant and lounge by celebrity chef Kerry Simon; a salon operated by renowned color specialist Michael Boychuck; the lobby bar, Rojo Lounge; and a full range of hotel services including 24-hour room service, resort concierge service, a business center and the only Las Vegas location of L.A.’s famed Sunset Tan. In addition, guests of Palms Place will have direct access to the Palms Casino Resort and its award winning gaming, dining and nightlife via the SkyTubeSM, an elevated, enclosed moving walkway that joins the two complexes.

The one-bedroom suites at Palms Place offer a design for living and for modern entertaining. In addition to all of the studio luxuries, the bedroom suites possess 1,200 square feet of space including multiple balconies, a living room with fireplace and a laundry closet with washer and dryer.



Who Let the Dog Out?

Bobby Slayton’s Bark is in Tandem with His Bite


Laying a New Foundation

Tim Allen seeks to bring down the house at The Venetian


With Your Eyes Wide Open, You’re Dreaming

Anita Mann continues to turn FANTASY into reality


There’s Magic in the Air

Steampunk, illusions and fantasy spell Triumph… at the LV Hilton


KÀ: A World Unto Itself

Cirque show explores the theme of duality in “high” style






Winter 2011



Artwork to Touch

Carmen Gray: A vibrant woman with exuberance and magnetic angelic charm; speaks to Risqué Las Vegas Magazine about her magical journey and expression of joy through her art.


The Venetian

Located on the historic site of the Sands Hotel on the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino® rose from one man’s dream.


The Billboard Photoshoot The experience of a lifetime.


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Winter 2011


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The Day of the Dolphins

Rain’s Top Ten Makeup Tips


The Risqué Guide to Luxury Vacation Hot Spots in Nevada

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Winter 2011






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Just 4 Laughs Rita Rudner offers a “hole” new perspective on her latest gig Cover Rita Rudner Produced by MVR Media Group, LLC. Photographer: Carmela Von Potography Hair Makeup: Rain Andreani Gown by Camille Flawless Haute Couture


The Katz Meow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What’s Happening in Las Vegas by Bobbie Katz


Spiritual Transformations . . . . . . . . . . Distant Psychic Influence by Ali Guggenheim


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The Art Department . . . . . . . . . . . . The Risqué Guide to Las Vegas Nightlife . . . . . . . . .

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the writer’s block

Bobbie Katz is a longtime entertainment feature writer/columnist who has interviewed hundreds of major stars and headliners. Originally from the East Coast, after spending seven years as an enterBobbie Katz tainment editor/feature writer/columnist covering Atlantic City entertainment for national publications out of Atlantic City and New York, for the last 18 years, she has been residing in Las Vegas, covering the city’s active entertainment and hospitality scene. She currently writes for several tourist and local outlets and for 12 ½ years covered Las Vegas for the Las Vegas section of the Los Angeles Times


Sunday Calendar, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, and special Las Vegas guides put out by the newspaper. She has also written several entertainment articles for Women’s Wear Daily in New York. Bobbie has written three books. The first, Be A Loser, published by Random House, she co-authored with exercise guru Greer Childers, who has sold millions of videos of her BodyFlex program on TV. The book, about Childers’ program, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The other two books, Bobbie’s take on what to see and do in Las Vegas, were written exclusively for AAA out of Basingstoke, England, and Michelin Publications in the U.S., respectively. The Michelin guide to Las Vegas that she wrote was the first ever published by the company.

Winter 2011

Although Aliza “Ali” Guggenheim has been spiritually inclined from a very young age, it wasn’t until she was 25, weighing in at 312 lbs. and driving a cab in Los Angeles that she Ali Guggenheim finally began to realize her talent. Reading palms and using her clairvoyant gifts as a joke to boost her tips, Ali began to suspect the joke was on her when people kept telling her she was right. After a variety of jobs; owning a Diet Center and a Rent-A-Mom business, Ali authored a best-selling book and lectured internationally, but always ended up returning to her first love.  Utilizing her un-

biased insights, humor and psychic abilities to instill hope and confidence in others. She consistently volunteers her services at fund raisers, parties, and even with individuals that needed clarity and direction in their lives. Author of Love Your Fat Away, Ali continues her career as a spiritual coach. She writes 2 columns locally, our own “Spiritual Transformations,” and a psychic phenomenon column for Vegas Voice Magazine and is a regular guest on their radio show. Ali teaches forgiveness workshops, a unique “Women’s Weekend” workshop “PJ Party Intensives,” as well as doing speaking engagements and events of all sizes. And she does individual and group consultations. To reach Ali call 702-373-9081. Janice Marie Wilson was born to discover and share all that is beautiful and inspired in life. She finds the secret power that unleashes the pleasures and passions for life. A freeJanice Marie Wilson lance writer, former IBM executive, current international radio talk show host, avid tennis player and now ballroom dancer, she loves sharing life’s pulchritude with her husband Steve and two adult children Kyra and Christopher. You can learn to do the same with her best selling book The Goodness Experience, or visit When Rain Andreani arrived to Las Vegas over eight years ago, she quickly developed a reputation for a flawless make-up application. She is a consummate professional whose attention to detail has enabled her to touch many famous faces while building a clientele of high profile professionRain Andreani als. She has more recently become known for founding Las Vegas’ first makeup line featuring a full line of color cosmetics. As she evolved through life, she realized that she had to take her fascination more seriously. Rain became interested in her clients fascination with the unique blend of formulas she used and so created Las Vegas’ first make-up line. Andreani opened of the first make-up boutique in the Summerlin area.

15 15

As we enter 2011 with a lot of enthusiasm, it’s amazing how time has flown by. And today I realized just how short a day really is! The last seven issues of Risqué have all be a labor of love by many very talented people who are visionaries as well. A most passionate and talented group of individuals who all have worn about five hats at a time! You will see that this issue has evolved with some new faces to add to our “project.” The magazine has taken a new direction, one that is a little more tourist-friendly, and this should make it easier for you to promote your business on our pages. After much hard work and dedication Risqué Las Vegas will be found in locations around the U.S. and Canada at Barnes & Noble retail locations. We hope you will find our pages interesting and exciting. And for those of you who are considering joining in and supporting us, thank you very much. Good luck to us all!

Enjoy Milka xo


Winter 2011

Photography by Carmela Von


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Bobbie Katz

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Rain Andreani Contributing Writers

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Alan Barry, Patrik Book, Richard Corzo, Ted Darst Damani Higgins, Erik Kabik, Carl Keim, Carlos Larios, Fred Lopez, Russell MacMasters, Sandra Nissen, Eric Ramsey, Sammy Spillman, Denise Truscello, Carmela Von Photography Cover Image

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Winter 2011



Winter 2011

Rita Rudner offers a “hole” new perspective on her latest gig by Bobbie Katz Sometimes life comes full circle. For Rita Rudner, who recently opened her new gig at The Venetian, that has proven to be the “shape” of things to come. “When I first came to Las Vegas, I had a 12-week contract with the Sands,” the comedienne tells the packed house in the showroom. “You know, this used to be the Sands. Anyway, we thought we’d buy a house and live like people. But then my agent told me that there was no contract with the Sands because they were blowing up the hotel. Where I’m standing was once Frank Sinatra’s toilet!” Yes, what goes around comes around and, in that spirit, I found myself interviewing the prolific comedienne from the commode (lid down, of course) in the bathroom of The Venetian suite in which she is being made up for our cover photo shoot. I took my up-closeand-personal point of view of the situation in stride and even as a perfect metaphor for the fact that this could be a unique opportunity to get a better handle on who Rudner really is and to flush out the things about her that most people don’t know. “I always think of my act as a constant work in progress,” Rudner tells me. “It’s never finished. Every day I add something new – I try to control my mind and think of something. What I say in my act about my husband is true – I’ll make a comment off the top of my head and he’ll look at the top of my head and say, ‘What’s it like in there?’ “I think all the time on stage,” she continues. “While I’m telling one joke, I’m thinking of the next three. I have to be thinking of what’s next – I always need to know where

I’m going. As I tell my daughter, Molly, focus is so important in life. If you’re not fully focused on what you’re doing, someone else will do it better. Most people think that comedians are lazy and lackadaisical but it’s a discipline. To be a good comedian, you have to put one foot in front of the other and know where you’re going.” Quipping that her best sense of direction is in a mall – she always knows where Saks Fifth Avenue is – Rudner states that everything is harder for a woman and comedy is no exception. She expresses that it is especially difficult for a woman over 40 because we’re living in a youth-oriented society. Conversely, she maintains that, in a way, being older is good for comedy because she’s had a chance to develop herself and to see things through an eye that’s more experienced. “Like actress Helen Mirren said, Hollywood focuses on 18 to 25-year-olds,” Rudner cites. “So I’m not fashionable. But you can’t be a different person. Luckily, Las Vegas has given me a fantastic outlet. Most women over 40 have to engineer their own vehicles, like Madonna, Cher, and Bette Midler, because they’re not on TV. Sally Field said that when you’re over 40, you’re only in show business because you want to be. I’m lucky because I get people in my audiences who bring their kids, mothers, and extended families.” Rudner might not be fashionable but she certainly is that other f-word – funny. While she acknowledges that women in comedy now are dirtier than men and that is the trend in female comedy today – going even one step further than Andrew Dice Clay used to go – Rudner works, and has always worked,

clean. She relates that this is a harsher culture than the gentler one she came out of but that she has always stayed true to who she is. The comedienne calls her comedy an integration of punch lines, absurdist humor and observational comedy. She says that she never wants to say everything one way because comedy is keeping people off balance. While people can bring their teenager or parents to her show because she uses no curse words, Rudner also attracts a lot of couples because one of her focuses is relationship humor. The other is commonality of experience – those things that the everyday human can relate to. As a result, she refers to her comedy as “comfort humor,” depicting the fact that it is unifying because we’re all in the same position and that she goes through the same things as everybody else. Notwithstanding the fact that she culls her act from everyday life, it’s amazing how normal her offstage life is. She lives with her husband, Martin Bergman, who is a writer, producer and director, and their 8-year-old daughter, Molly, whom the couple adopted at birth. And, oh, there is also their French poodle that, Rudner cajoles, has a very unique talent – the dog can sniff out fake Louis Vuitton purses. Rudner’s day begins at 6:50 a.m. when she walks the dog and feeds her. The comedienne then makes coffee, and Molly’s lunch for school. After that, she goes over Molly’s vocabulary or spelling with her in the car as she drives her to school. After dropping Molly off at 8:15 a.m., she goes grocery shopping then to the gym. After that, she does interviews when they are scheduled and she


continued from page 21

and Bergman take care of lots of “annoying” phone calls and e-mails regarding things that “aren’t going right or aren’t starting when they’re supposed to.” At 3 p.m., she picks Molly up from school; takes her to either tennis, guitar lessons or gymnastics, and then goes home to prepare dinner, unless they are eating out. She then goes to The Venetian – on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays – her above schedule depicting why she works only three days a week. “Martin and I tried to have a baby for a long time,” Rudner reveals. “It wasn’t happening so we had to make a decision. We were going to do the in vitro thing but that meant Martin had to give me shots every morning. So we decided to adopt. I was there at Molly’s birth – I was there when she came out. “You have to focus your priorities,” she adds. “Sometimes you get caught up in show business and become too focused on things that don’t matter. My list of priorities is as follows: Molly is number one, my marriage is number two, my dog is number three, and my career is number four. They all come before the hamsters and the frog – we had to say no to the Alpaca. We have a menagerie but it teaches me responsibility.” Rudner is thoroughly enjoying motherhood and says that she loves the fact that she and Martin have a fantastic, affectionate little girl who is funny and musical. She notes that she loves being around Molly and that she never knows what her daughter is going to say. “The other day, I asked her what she was thinking about,” Rudner recants. “She responded, ‘Mommy, I’m having my own personal narrative.’ I love that she’s very smart – she goes into my closet, takes out my clothes, sets up stores, and then sells the clothes back to me! And she determines the price. “I feature Molly in my comedy material,” she adds. “However, I am careful not to embarrass her or my husband or my in-laws. I’m mostly the butt of my jokes. I talk about marriage, dating, parents, the economic crisis, and shopping in my shows and do an off-thecuff question-and-answer session with the audience at the end. I wear something pink everyday unconsciously – I just like pink. People used to tell me that shopping was superficial. But it turns out that everyone does it – when people stop shopping, the world gets constipated. I do a good news, bad news joke – the bad news is that the world is ending; the good news is that everything’s on sale.” As for her longtime marriage to Bergman,


Rudner reveals that it has been a happy and successful union because they both have exactly the same taste in everything, they laugh at the same things, and they have the same political views and opinions on things – except when it comes to David Bowie. Bergman loves him and Rudner doesn’t. However, she chuckles, if their only disagreement is about Bowie, it’s a good marriage. Saying that Bergman is funny all the time, Rudner also points out that he is much more passionate about everything than she is and that he is much more sensitive and cares more about things. She says that she is much more laid back. “We took a trip to Santa Fe and Martin is so sensitive that he couldn’t take the altitude,” Rudner recalls. “He just hears, feels, and senses things more. As a result, he couldn’t leave the bathroom for two days because he had a bad case of vertigo. Finally, I said to Molly, ‘Let’s go visit Daddy in the bathroom.’” Insofar as their careers are concerned, Rudner and Bergman have often collaborated on movie scripts and plays, including the acclaimed films Peter’s Friends and A Weekend in the Country. The couple, who is buying a home in Laguna, CA, is also turning Rudner’s book Tickled Pink into a play. In addition, Bergman produced and directed a movie called Thanks, which is currently making the film festival Winter 2011

circuit, and Rudner has written a sitcom. “I don’t know what will happen with it,” she admits. “I just wanted to see if I could write one. Martin pushed me, although neither one of us needs pushing – we’re both pushing people. We both have to have a lot of things going on. That’s the way our lives have always been. I want to write another play or book or movie – I get a lot of satisfaction from that.” Rudner loves being her own boss and, where her live performance is concerned, she explains that the most important thing about doing standup is timing – a skill she says she has developed over the years – which she compares to tightrope walking. “You have to concentrate and be focused 100 percent or your timing will be off and the joke won’t be funny,” she admonishes. “It’s a very specific thing. If you add a word or forget a word, it’s not funny anymore.” Still, the bottom line for Rudner is that she totally enjoys the independence of what she does. “What I love about stand-up,” she says, “is that it’s like being the Avon lady. I don’t have to go through any corporate sensibility. It’s not like making a movie where someone is risking six million dollars. It’s just me and a dress and a microphone and a mind. It’s so wonderfully low-tech.” Just like Frank Sinatra’s toilet.

“You have to focus your priorities,” she adds. “Sometimes you get caught up in show business and become too focused on things that don’t matter.”


And Now, On with the Show Beyond the neon lights The music of the night became the high note of the day at an intimate luncheon for press at AquaKnox at The Venetian celebrating the 2,000th performance of Phantom of the Opera at the hotel. At each table, a primary cast member from the show was seated. We were honored to have the actor who plays the Phantom, Anthony Crivello, at ours. He is a method-trained actor and has an extensive resume and, in fact, was told by acclaimed Phantom director Hal Prince that he is the most intense actor that Prince has ever worked with. He told us about the process involved in his getting the role, some of the intricacies of portraying the Phantom, and other details of the production. I found it fascinating that the famed chandelier in the production, (L to R) Larry Wayne Morbitt, John Leslie Wolfe, Kristen Hertzenberg, Lawson Skala, Kristi Holden, which rests high above the audi- Anthony Crivello, Tina Walsh, Andrew Ragone ence in the middle of the gorgeous he had a lady help him find an outfit for his Quincy Jones) and new orchestrations created Phantom Theater, weighs 2,100 pounds, world tour. That’s where the white jumpsuit exclusively for this innovative show. Nancy requires 32 winches to run it, and falls at a came in. She designed this white jumpsuit and Tina Sinatra, and Nancy’s girls, Amanda speed of 35 miles per hour. The original one with the high collar and the long black side- and A.J., attended the show’s opening. in London fell at a speed of 12 miles per hour burns. She presented the sideburns idea to and weighed less. him and he said, ‘Hell, that’s not me, that’s The last time I saw Tom Arnold live on Engelbert Humperdinck.’ So, therefore, you stage, he was lifting then-wife Rosanne Barr When it comes to romance and Valen- know who had them first!” onto a piano – with some difficulty, I may tine’s Day, millions of people just can’t get add. Now the writer, producer, actor and over The Hump. That would be Engelbert Wynn Las Vegas is a property that defi- host is back in a stand-up position, returning Humperdinck, the legendary romantic bal- nitely likes to lead when it dances. To that to his roots as a standup comic. He’ll be perladeer, who appeared February 11-13 at the avail, due to overwhelming popular de- forming at the Orleans Showroom February Orleans, bringing with him his powerful mand, performances of its new hit show 19 and 20, each evening at 8 p.m. In his act, 3½-octave voice, dynamic entertaining abil- SINATRA Dance With Me will be extended Arnold will poke fun at his Midwest past, ity, and those beautiful ballads he is known through April 2. This beautiful production, marital follies and absurd Hollywood stories. for singing. Long ago dubbed “The King of conceived, choreographed and directed by Romance” by his fans, the handsome singer dance legend Twyla Tharp, blends a live 17One will be far from the loneliest number was sporting his famous sideburns – and piece band with Sinatra’s recorded vocals as when Janet Jackson brings her JANETJACKSON they came complete with a great story in dancers bring the lyrics to life. The show is Number Ones, Up Close and Personal Tour to The regards to The Hump’s good friend, El- presented by special arrangement with Frank Colosseum at Caesars Palace Friday, April 22 vis Presley. This may surprise you but Sinatra Enterprises and the Sinatra family and and Saturday, April 23. Jackson will perform Engelbert had the sideburns first. features original recorded masters from the “I had them in 1965 and Elvis put his on in Sinatra catalog and archives along with signa1972,” Engelbert says. ‘The true story is this; ture arrangements (Nelson Riddle, Billy May, continued on page 26


Winter 2011


For Information see “Where To Buy,” page 142

The Katz Meow continued from page 24

songs exclusively from her 35 number one hits in 35 global cities suggested by her fans. There will also be a focus on venues that will allow Janet to be up close and personal in a much more intimate setting. In each selected city, Jackson will offer something different to her performance so no show will be the same. Don’t look for special effects, either – just Janet more intimately than you’ve ever seen her before. Once again, children were the focus of the evening on January 7 as Canon sponsored its 12th Annual Customer Appreciation Reception for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at the Bellagio. Stars from Hollywood and Las Vegas flooded the red carpet before the dinner. Lou Ferrigno, Mark Steines (Entertainment Tonight), Brian Cranston, Kristy Swanson, John O’Hurley, Joe, Regalbuto, Kurt Bevacqua, Walt Cunningham, Paula Trickey, Patrick Warburton, Terry Fator, Rich Little, Sophia Milos, Robert Hays, Mary Wilson, and Thunder From Down Under were just some of the names that attended this great event for a most worthy cause. Also present but not walking the red carpet was John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted), who began NCMEC after the kidnapping and murder of his 6-year-old son, Adam, in 1984.


p Sofia Milos of CSI-Miami and Willie Gault, NFL

q Mary Wilson of The Supremes

Terry Fator and his wife, Taylor Kakakao p

t Pawn Brokers Rich Harrison and Cory Harrison

t Rick Faugno (Jersey boys) and his wife, Joyce Chittick

p John and Lisa O’Hurley

Rich Little and Friends

Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk, King of Queens) and wife, Carla (actress) u t Greg London and guest



H W oliday inter 2011 2010

For Information see “Where To Buy,” page 142


Distant Psychic Influence Telepathy, remote viewing and psychometry, are just some of the topics that come under the heading of distant psychic influence. We, as humans, allow fear disguised as logic to inflame our skepticism in any realm where ego has no understanding or control. Yet, if ego only knew what powers it could have by training the brain to perform on command, I’m certain it would gladly surrender its quest. What sparked my curiosity to explore this topic was an incident that occurred in the late 70s. A friend of mine asked me to participate in an international healing circle that was to be held on a specific day and time. Tommy, a man in his 40s, had collapsed on the way to his honeymoon. After being rushed to the hospital, the doctors determined surgery was necessary. However, when they opened him up they realized he was riddled with cancer and that they were unable to do anything for him. After sewing him back up and leaving him with what they thought was his fated demise, they offered their condolences to his grief stricken family and told them that he only had 3 days to live. Instead of wallowing in self pity, his 26 year old bride Susie got to work. In his unconscious state she told Tommy that he wasn’t going to get out of the marriage quite that easily. She reached out to international healers and asked that they invite who ever was willing to participate in this healing circle. To date I don’t know how many people ended up participating in this phenomenal healing. However, I can tell you that the doctors were completely dumbfounded and scratched their heads, when a week later Tommy walked out of the hospital without a sign of cancer in his system. A PBS documentary reporting on “Operation Entebbe,” which occurred in 1976, also speaks of psychic collaborations. The raid was carried out by the Israeli Military when an Air France airbus departing from TelAviv was hijacked by a Palestinian liberation group and forced to land in Uganda. Shortly after landing, all non-Jewish passengers were released. A week later, with no resolution in sight, 100 elite commandos, their equipment and support, flew 2,500 miles into Uganda in


the middle of the night on a rescue mission. Flying undetected below radar screens, they landed just outside of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, killing the hijackers as well as 45 Ugandan soldiers. They returned home with 103 of the ill-fated passengers. The PBS program reported that the planes were actually too big to fly that low and that they were assisted by a group of various, international military psychics that were able to successfully shut down the radar transmissions in order for this amazing feat to occur. In Visions of Light, a book I read years later about visionaries of our time, the author mentions an experiment where only pow-

“Knowing your deepest intention can be your guiding force in the creation of a better life.”


Oprah Winfrey erful psychics that knew how to alter their emotions on a cellular level, were asked to participate. Prior to the experiment, DNA samples were taken from each of the psychics and placed in individual jars. The psychics were then separated from the jars by a wall and were repeatedly asked to alter their states of mind to various specific emotions. As they did so, they found that their DNA samples instantaneously altered and aligned themselves with the individual donors. The experiment continued at progressive distances, first a room away, a building away, then a block away and finally the U.S. military got involved. Taking the jars to an unidentified location 50 miles away, they were stunned to find that the extracted DNA samples continued to instantaneously adjust themselves according to their owner’s emotional states. Amazingly, they were able to scientifically prove the “power of the mind”. Currently there is a reality program on Bio Winter 2011

TV about skeptic police officers collaborating with “psychic investigators” to solve cold case crimes. In one instance, the psychic sensed that a murderer was going to strike again. While teaching a class on psychic development that night, she asked her students to focus on the murderer surrendering himself. While the murderer was driving around looking for his next victim, he suddenly felt a surge of pain and overwhelming grief. Rather than committing his intended crime, he drove to the nearest police station and surrendered himself. After comparing notes, the police officers realized that the murderer’s painful experience corresponded precisely with the time the focus group was focusing on their pleas to alter his intentions. We have all been gifted with the same innate power, though some people are more in tune, while others fear the thought of it. Yet when you ask most people they have had telepathic experiences. We all know about a mother’s intuition, but the most commonly experienced by the masses would be thinking of someone and receiving a call or message from them within hours. If you dare, try it for yourself. Challenge yourself, but, rather than trying to move a mountain, start with something small. You will get better results, especially if you listen to your inner voice. Exercise #1: Cloud Busting Find a small cloud and simply focus on it with the intention of dispersing it. If you truly are focused, and are willing to invest a bit of time, you will literally see it dissolve before your very eyes. Exercise #2: Creating Your Intention Decide what you need to create or alter in your life right now. Focus on your needs with solid intentions. On your own, venture out to a public place and see who, what and where you are drawn to. Follow the message you receive and see why you were led there. Talk to a stranger, walk into a store you never intended to enter, etc. Watch what happens! You may be surprised at the magic that you not only attract, but create.


Who Let the Dog Out? Bobby Slayton’s Bark is in Tandem with His Bite by Bobbie Katz

Bobby Slayton has long been known as “The Pitbull of Comedy.” And it will be apparent to anyone in his audiences at Hooters from January 27-April 2 that he will have a bone to pick with just about everybody who comes within his comedic territory – there’s no fencing this guy in. Often referred to as “a hipper Don Rickles,” Slayton tears into marriage, relationships, airport security, homosexuals and lots more with gusto. But when it comes to making people roar with laughter, the standup comedian has no regrets about showing his teeth. “Most reviews call me caustic or brutal and say my comedy is an assault on the senses but they always say I’m funny along with it,” Slayton explains. “I’m just brutally honest and everything I say is funny to me. Of course, I embellish things. I’ve been married 23 years and my wife is not nearly the monster I make her out to be. And I even do jokes about my 22-yearold daughter who is dating a black guy. But my act is not onedimensional.” “I’ve been doing this for 35 years now,” he adds. “It was actually a New York radio personality, Alex Bennett, who gave me the nickname ‘the continued on page 32


Winter 2011

For Information see “Where To Buy,” page 142


Who Let The Dog Out? continued from page 30

Pitbull of Comedy.’ I was on his show in the early 80s when pitbulls came into vogue and were biting mailmen and scaring children, even though underneath, they could be very gentle creatures. I did a joke about MacDonald’s and the advertising executive at the station came running in screaming that I had cost them a $50,000 contract. That’s when Alex said to me, ‘You bite the hand that feeds you – you’re like a pitbull.’ I didn’t have any TV credits at the time so the pitbull moniker kind of stuck.” Slayton actually became the darling of morning radio, paving the way for other comics to follow suit. He used to hit the airwaves on morning talk in cities such as Philadelphia and Detroit and became really popular. After that, Alex Bennett actually turned promoting comics into a successful side business. Slayton, who writes his own material, has written a whole new hour of comedy since doing a recent Showtime special called Born

to Be Bobby, which opened with him getting those words tattooed in large letters on his back. “I write my own act entirely,” Slayton notes. “A lot of guys have writers and there are also certain comics who do nothing but sit around and write all day – George Carlin was like that. But I like to read a lot and get up and go out. I like to go to museums. I like jokes to come naturally to me but I don’t know what actually sparks them. I walk around all day like a mental patient talking to myself. Jokes can come to me from anywhere – someone walking a dog, two fat people eating a sandwich, my going to a museum. Sometimes people will give me a joke but 95 percent of them are mine. For example, my wife will come up with something funny on occasion.” The comic admits that sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between offensive and funny. Slayton states that anything is up for laughs as long as a victim is not being made fun of. “The Holocaust can be funny as long as you’re making fun of the Nazis and not the people who died,” Slayton claims. “I’ll do

Bobby Slayton, Sunset Thomas, and David Brenner


Winter 2011

jokes about what happened in Haiti but they’re about the situation. It’s all in the presentation of a joke. What’s important is what has come before it. People get into your groove.” Insofar as the comparisons to Don Rickles, whom he calls a groundbreaker, Slayton maintains that he doesn’t compare himself to the comic icon and that there is a huge difference in their acts. “The pitbull thing sometimes scares people away,” he acknowledges. “On the other hand, other people get upset if I’m not offensive or dirty enough. I don’t like XXX-rated humor. You can’t please everyone. It’s like playing guitar or doing Martial Arts – you’re always getting better and can take it one step further. I believe in giving people a real bang for their buck and I do as many jokes as I can do in a given period of time.” “Vegas has a lot of entertainment opportunities for the people who come here,” Slayton sums up. “So if you want to pay three times too much to watch some schmuck make white tigers disappear, be my guest.” No arguing that this dog is on a very long leash.





Carmen Gray

Winter 2011

to touch Carmen Gray: A vibrant woman with exuberance and magnetic angelic charm; speaks to Risqué Las Vegas Magazine about her magical journey and expression of joy through her art. by Beti Kristof

Words fall short of explaining Carmen Gray’s rare technique. One must see the art and touch it to truly experience the magic.” “Just outside of Frankfurt, Germany, I was born and raised with four sisters and the freedom that comes from living close to nature. As a girl I grew up like the wild flowers growing randomly in the forests of Germany. The tactile essence of nature had a mesmerizing effect on me as a child and I started expressing myself through art at an early age. My art developed in a rather unique way, as I saw life through emotion and color, and my desire to portray the sense of tactile sensuality as I saw in nature inspired me to create Art Work to Touch. “My passionate compositions became personally inspired in efforts to honor generations of fine art which flow through my veins from my heritage. Inspiration came from the combination of my formal training and the observation of nature. This developed into an innate driven response to life around me. Each art piece is a personal experience in a painted creation.” The unprecedented respect for her artistic imagination has enabled Carmen to place her exquisite works of art in private homes, galleries, and businesses from North America to the British West Indies. Nominated Artist of The Year in 2007 Carmen has since showcased her works of art at Kevin Barry Gallery in Las Vegas, NV, White Square Gallery

Berlin Germany, Gallery Bistango, Irvine, Ca. Kreiss Showroom’s. “I love the three dimensional tactile quality of the art as it almost inspires itself organically, like nature. I feel it creates itself as I paint. Spirit-led, my art professor encouraged me in the abstract: ‘Just do what comes to you,’ he said. My signature style has evolved through the years to a unique self-taught technique. The variety of color transitions represents the energy of color movement and essence of reflected light give each image an ethereal dimension. “The depth and story telling of each piece demands a great deal of time. My goal is to take the viewer on an imaginary journey. I consider my work much like snowflakes; no two snowflakes are alike, as no two pieces of art are alike. The individual viewer will find their own interpretation to each created art piece and their own personal connection to inspirations by Carmen.” Carmen’s vision is to share the peace and harmony she feels during the inception, creation, and completion of each piece. And to touch each viewer with her exuberant zest of love for life and her heartfelt intention of creating inspirational imagery though the magical qualities of her art. To view Carmen’s Collection for quote contact by email;

For Information see “Where To Buy,” page 142



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Winter 2011


Laying a New Foundation Tim Allen seeks to bring down the house at The Venetian by Bobbie Katz

Tim Allen may have come to prominence in the TV series Home Improvement but it will be his 10 weekends of appearances at The Venetian that will prove that you can handily judge a man by his tools. In this case, those assets, which include a great sense of humor and comedic timing, are being used to give rise to a new phase of his career for the talented actor – one in standup comedy in a casino forum. For the past two years, Allen has been building his repertoire and honing it to Vegas standards and now he’s ready to hammer his humorous perspective on life home. “Doing this was a big decision that I made with my family,” he relates. “I have a baby girl who is 1.8 years old. But this started two years ago when I hosted a charity event with Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight. It was so much fun. I had forgotten about doing standup and couldn’t remember my own material. So I went back to my old stuff and began updating and adjusting it and adding fresh material. I then did a concert tour to establish my act and played comedy clubs and some casinos on the East Coast. My wife kept talking about Vegas, saying that it was the best of all possible worlds because I can get back and forth in an hour and she can come and stay here. “I’m not one to shock and I’m not offensive,” Allen, who will make his first appearance at the hotel on February 5, adds about his act. “I grew up in a family of seven children and I’ve always been a mischievous kid. I can take care of your house, kids and car but the kids will be doing arm farts when I’m through. I’ll teach them some mischievous tricks. In the movies I’ve done, I’ve always been the perfect straight man for other people. I’ve never really been this funny guy although in Santa Claus 2, I got to let go. But whether with my family, on movie or TV sets, or in public, I’m just a smart ass.”


Allen notes that his act is simply his point of view on everything from cars, women, men, and politics to farting, presented in his own style. With creativity being his driving force, he says that he is the type of person who can’t stay still. “I love making something new out of nothing,” he says. “I recently challenged myself by being the producer, director, and financial person behind the movie Crazy on the Outside. It was a great film with big laughs and although it premiered on the day of the big financial crash, it still did very well. It’s still on Blockbuster, too. I have more guts than I sometimes give myself credit for.” The comedian states that his goal is to make people laugh as hard as his idols Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce made him laugh. He claims that Pryor was “funny in his heart in the best of ways.” Allen does have someone who writes for him and with him – her name is Kim Flagg and he always runs things by her. “I make her crazy,” he laughs. ”Sometimes she comes up with the ideas and sometimes I’ll call her at midnight with ideas. I am in my heart a little more serious person than I used to be – I’m not so flippant about myself anymore. I really do care about this world and particularly about what is going on in the Middle East. There’s just so much in my life that isn’t funny. But I can still joke about it.” While Allen says that his comedy is observational, he takes it one step further by following an observation to its source. He maintains that it is somewhat in line with Lenny Bruce’s comedy, which Bruce termed “codification.” Allen explains that with this joke: Since 2003, it’s been against the law to defecate in the streets of New Delhi. That means for thousands of years it was okay – what was the tipping point? “I was a philosophy major and I love searching for paradoxes,” Allen smiles. “I’m Winter 2011

kind of a comedy reductionist. I take complex ideas and try to make sense of them and bring them to an absolutely ridiculous level. As I said, I’m still that mischievous, misbehaving boy – I haven’t changed that much. Tim Taylor of Home Improvement, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Santa Claus all come from me. I am the Tim Taylor of my family. In Santa Claus 2, I let out the Bad Santa – and there is a lot of me in that Bad Santa. I love giving kids a hard time. Adults are really just large children.” Allen is currently in the midst of negotiations for a movie that he says is a “really big, big idea.” But being a really superstitious guy, he won’t say anymore about the project until it’s a signed deal. But he acknowledges that he’s also looking at TV scripts, heralding the fact that both TV and sitcoms are back. In regard to Home Improvement, he expresses that it was so successful because it displayed love and affection between the husband and wife as opposed to constant barbs and cynicism. In addition, he says, it celebrated men’s skills and the art of being able to fix and repair things. In his personal life, Allen has been happily married to his wife, June, since 2006 (all told, they have been together 10 years) and family comes first. He reveals that he is funny and loud around the house and that his wife always tells him that he’s very patient, which he never thought about himself. Still, it’s evident that with all the various aspects to his life and career, he has plenty of sources from which to draw his comedy act. “I’m really looking forward to being in Vegas,” he sums up. “It’s not financially driven – I’m there to make people laugh.” Obviously, it’s time to throw a wrench into everyday life – one that will have audiences splitting their sides with laugher.


Photo by Bobby Black

With Your Eyes Wide Open, You’re Dreaming Anita Mann continues to turn FANTASY into reality by Bobbie Katz


Photo by Tom Donoghue

What happens when you combine a legendary choreographer with every red-blooded man’s sweetest dream? No, you don’t get year-round visions of sugarplums dancing in your head but rather a FANTASY twirling in front of your very eyes in the form of sensuous dancers, live music, and steamy vignettes, nightly in the intimate Atrium Showroom at Luxor. Produced by Anita Mann, who has been honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as one of America’s top five contemporary choreographers (she is also the recipient of six Emmy nominations and two Emmys), FANTASY is currently celebrating its 11th anniversary at the hotel. In honor of that milestone, the show recently welcomed new numbers and a sexy, powerhouse lead singer, Lorena Peril. “I always try to keep the show fresh by continually redoing it,” says Mann, noting that FANTASY has a lot of repeat business. “I think that every day is the first day of this show. It’s important to keep up with what’s going on with the times and to keep the show user-friendly. We like the audience to meet the girls so we have a free meet-and-greet after each performance at which peo-

ple can bring their cameras or cell phones and take pictures with them. Our formula for success is making the audience number one and ensuring that they get the most for their money. Our object is to please them. The girls do a great job in FANTASY – no one phones it in.” Mann explains that the show, which she initially put together in six weeks for the Luxor, is a constant evolvement and that there is a rehearsal once a week at which she always takes dance notes. She feels that every show has to be better than the show before and she takes advantage of the opportunity of having another day to fix what might have gone wrong the day before. “When we first opened, there were less adult shows,” she recalls. “Now we have to compete against bigger shows, such as PEEPSHOW. But I’m excited to be part of the Las Vegas entertainment scene and excited that FANTASY has been renewed for another year – I’m really proud of this show and I owe so much to the cast. The girls sincerely love dancing and coming to work and they truly love the audience. continued on page 44

Winter 2011


Photo by Bobby Black

Photo by Bobby Black


Photos by Bobby Black

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Winter 2011

Lorena Peril is so special and so professional. And the Atrium Showroom makes for a more intimate experience in which we can break the fourth wall and talk to the audience and be up close and personal with them. Plus, the cast is beautiful, both inside and out.” Mann, who choreographed the Minsky revue that was so much a part of Las Vegas’ golden past, has always felt that showgirls were a beautiful part of that history. She acknowledges, however, that there is fine line between art and lewdness when doing an adult revue and that not crossing that line is a matter of taste. “I always ask myself, what would my mother expect?” she expresses. “What would make her and others upset? Where do you stop? My upbringing was very conservative – I’m from the Midwest and I’m actually kind of straight-laced. I would never ask the cast to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. I want to make sure that they’re happy; they’re concerned with doing their best job. I’m not going to go with the trend; I’m going to stick with what’s acceptable to the talent. Content is king and I’m proud of the fact that this show is fun and entertaining. I won’t ever embarrass myself or the girls. “When I choreographed Solid Gold on TV, I pushed the envelope,” she adds. “I remember getting letters from some people stating, ‘You’re going to burn in hell.’ The costumes were sexy for the 80s. But the girls danced beautifully. Everything was body movement and dancers’ bodies have to show or you can’t see those movements.”

All the numbers in FANTASY were the concept of Mann (who is still doing some things for TV and recently co-produced the Dirty Dancing series) in conjunction with awardwinning choreographer Cris Judd, Gustavo Vargas from Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance, and Tiger Martina. FANTASY contains music from a variety of genres, including pop, rock, country, and Latin. Providing comic relief is Sean E. Cooper, who does right-on impressions of pop culture’s most popular personalities, including James Brown, Tina Turner, and Michael Jackson. Another unique factor is that Mann doesn’t ask the girls their ages and cites that she doesn’t care how old they are as long as they are dancing and not faking it and they feel good about themselves. Unless there is a problem backstage, she doesn’t change the cast. In 11 years, there have only been four lead singers. However, although she says that she has always been happy watching FANTASY, Mann still wants to change some numbers. Sometimes, she relates, she’ll hear a song and just have to choreograph a number to it. “I’m a ridiculous perfectionist,” she laughs. “It’s not a matter of not being happy with the show; it’s a matter of I can improve it. When I make a change, I can tell immediately if it’s going to work. I know before putting something on stage or TV if it’s going to work – that’s my job and it’s why I have a job. But I think my taste is very normal and that I have the same sensibilities as a lot of other people and I like what they like. I dream up numbers for FANTASY all the time and am always open to new things. Ideas come from everything.” To sleep, perchance to dream…




Winter 2011

速 The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino logo are registered trademarks of Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Located on the historic site of the Sands Hotel on the world‐renowned Las Vegas Strip, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino® rose from one man’s dream – Sheldon G. Adelson, chairman of the board of Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS), who set out to authentically recreate the famous Italian city of Venice, known the world over for its canals, gondoliers and rich Italian history. His dream was realized on May 3, 1999 when The Venetian opened as a world‐class resort destination all within the world’s most exciting city – Las Vegas, Nevada.




With 4,027 suites, guests of The Venetian enjoy all‐suite accommodations ranging from a 650‐square‐foot Luxury Suite, nearly twice the size of the average Las Vegas hotel room, to a 10,000‐square‐foot Chairman Suite with


four bedrooms. Embodying a distinctly modern European design with contemporary touches, each Venetian suite offers first‐rate amenities. Three or more flat screen LCD HDTV tele-

Winter 2011

visions Remote control Roman shades and curtains, with first‐of‐its‐kind “Touch Control” technology continued on page 50

72 rip 19 The St

Penthouse Living room


The Venetian continuced from page 48

Fully stocked refreshment center DVD player and CD/clock radio alarm Oversized plush 100% cotton bath sheets by Sobela Sealy pillow‐top mattresses with five com-

fort layers covered with crisp white 100% Egyptian Cotton Anichini bed linens, medium‐weight 100% white goose down duvets and by Maxwell Rodgers of New Zealand 400‐count Soft angora wool throws Oversized coffee table and ottoman Dual phone lines with a data port, a fax/ copier/printer and an in‐suite safe large enough to hold a laptop computer Bath products by Agraria San Francisco

An all‐marble adorned bathroom with 17” LCD HDTV, Roman tub with separate glass‐ enclosed shower, and an adjacent water closet with telephone and double‐sink vanity Shuttle services from The Venetian to McCarran Airport are available to guests. With Bags To Go, checking luggage has never been easier. Guests of The Venetian can simply bring their bags to the Bags To Go kiosk in the lobby before heading to the airport.

Luxury Suite

Luxury Suites – (2,138 suites) approximately 650 square feet, bed chamber with a plush king‐sized pillow‐top bed, sunken living room, dining table that seats three, L‐Shaped full‐sized sofa (sofa‐sleeper upon availability)


Winter 2011

963 Sands 1 of The w ie V Aerial The San ds Con str



Penthouse Master Bedroom

Penthouse Suites – (18 suites) approximately 2,900 square foot two‐ bedroom suite, double‐door entrance with Italian marble foyer and powder room off the entryway, master bedroom with a plush king‐ sized pillow‐top bed, fireplace, sitting area showcasing incredible views, second bedroom has two queen‐sized pillow‐top beds & sitting area, two luxurious bathrooms and a fully furnished living room with a piano, full‐sized sleeper (sofa‐sleeper upon availability) dining area for eight.

s Sand t The a n tio truc Cons


Winter 2011

The Sands Tower

Living room


Aquaknox Tower Dining Room

FINE DINING From sushi to steak, Italian to French, The Venetian offers 18 culinary havens, including seven James Beard Award Winners, all within minutes of the resort suites and meeting spaces.

Aquaknox Celebrated Chef Tom Moloney creates California‐inspired delicacies with fresh seafood flown in daily from ports around the world. Aquaknox features a water‐encased walk‐in wine tower, a state‐ of‐the‐art open kitchen, an elite Chef’s table and a private banquet room. Open for lunch noon to 3 p.m. and dinner 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. nightly Open for dinner 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. nightly


n on The S ands


ains ntert erle e B n o ilt tie”, M uests g le Mil “Unc orne and H Lena

Winter 2011

B&B Ristorante

B&B Ristorante Chef Mario Batali and his partner, winemaker Joseph Bastianich, bring their first restaurant establishment to Las Vegas blending exquisite Italian food with signature wines and selections from every region in Italy.

With dark maple wood and plush seating, the dining room is casually elegant playing music personally selected by Mario Batali himself. Batali and Bastianich are both recipients of multiple James Beard Foundation Awards.


Bouchon Features bistro classics such as steak frites, roasted chicken, leg of lamb, and delicious desserts from two‐time James Beard Award‐ winner Thomas Keller. Authentic French country fare modeled after the original bouchons of Lyon served in an elegant dining area or the airy and opulent garden patio.

Listed among “America’s Top Tables” by Gourmet magazine and “Top 10 Best Breakfast Restaurants” of 2007 in Las Vegas by AOL City Guide. Open for breakfast Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.; brunch on Saturday and p.m. to 10 p.m. nightly


Gondola Rides Shoppers can relax, take in the beautiful Venetian architecture and enjoy a true one‐of‐a‐kind experience floating down the Venetian’s Grand Canal in an Italian gondola. The quarter‐ mile‐long Canal winding throughout the shopping center also features a separate outdoor, open‐air ride that culminates in a Las Vegas Strip overlook. Operation hours Sunday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to midnight. Same day reservations are taken in person at Emporio D’Gondola on a first‐come, first‐serve basis. utdoor gondola rides operate as weather permits.


Winter 2011

Delmonicos Delmonico is an “All‐American” steakhouse with New Orleans influences by world‐renowned Chef Emeril Lagasse. Rated “Restaurant of the Year” by Esquire magazine, Delmonico is a recipient of the “Ivy Award” by Restaurants & Institutions and

Chef Emeril Lagasse has been rated “One of the Top 25 Chefs in the Country” by Food & Wine magazine. Serves lunch daily 11:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.; dinner Sunday through Thursday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.


Other Restaurants at The Venetian Canaletto A concept by Il Fornaio’s Larry Mindel, Canaletto serves fresh seafood dishes, a variety of risottos, specialty pastas and meats and a selection of proseccos. Décor consists of luxurious booths, handmade Venetian light fixtures and a patio in St. Mark’s Square. Serves lunch and dinner; open 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday Pinot Brasserie Famed Los Angeles celebrity chef and author Joachim Splichal brings the lighter tastes of French cuisine along with an extensive wine list to Las Vegas. Splichal is a James Beard Foundation Award recipient and was rated “Best California Chef” by Who’s Who in Food & Beverage magazine. Open for lunch 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily; serves dinner 5:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday Postrio Bar & Grill Postrio Bar & Grill offers Master Chef Wolfgang Puck’s modern take on the classic bar & grill.


The menu is comprised of fun and approachable dishes in a spectacular setting. Postrio has received numerous accolades including being rated “Number 1 People’s Choice Award” by Zagat Guide, rated “One of the 10 Best Restaurants of the World” by Hotels magazine. Serves lunch and dinner. Open Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m TAO Asian Bistro From Master Chefs Ralf Scarmadella and Nathan Henssler, TAO Asian Bistro features a critically acclaimed Pan‐Asian menu including everything from Kobe beef to traditional Peking duck. TAO is rated as the “Best place to spot celebrities” by the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal and “Best Fusion Restaurant” by the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge. As certified by Restaurants & Institutions, Tao Las Vegas is the highest‐grossing restaurant in the U.S. Serves dinner and late‐night dining; open 5 p.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday, 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday Valentino Piero Selvaggio’s famed Italian restaurant Winter 2011

known for its exquisite regional dishes is overseen by Executive Chef Luciano Pellegrini, James Beard Award Winner, Best Chef Southwest. Rated by Bon Appétit as one of “America’s Top Tried & True Restaurants” and winner of the prestigious Grand Award from Wine Spectator. Open 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily Zeffirino Ristorante Created by world‐renowned chef‐to‐the‐ stars, Paolo “Zeffirino” Belloni, Zeffirino Ristorante imports a significant number of ingredients from Italy and bakes its breads on the premises daily. Authentic Italian cuisine featuring seafood entrees. Serving lunch and dinner daily from 11: 30 a.m. to midnight; serves brunch on Sunday 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. CASUAL DINING Bouchon Bakery The bakery kiosk offers an array of freshly made sandwiches and delicious desserts including breakfast pastries, tarts, cookies, assorted confections and artisan breads. Bouchon is the vision of world‐renowned

Thomas in s appear ds n a S e h T sing adverti



chef Thomas Keller, who was named “America’s Best Chef” by Time magazine. Located on the casino floor by the guest elevators. Open daily 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

seafood, steaks, burgers, pasta, salads and 20 fabulous desserts. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night dining; open 24 hours, seven days a week

Canyon Ranch Café From the creators of the world‐famous Canyon Ranch SpaClub, Canyon Ranch Café offers dishes focused on nutrition and health. Open daily 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Contemporary Italian food in a fresh and fun atmosphere by Chefs Piero Selvaggio and Luciano Pellegrini

Enoteca Otto Pizzeria The second Las Vegas creation by Chef Mario Batali and winemaker Joseph Bastianich. Casual eatery located in the enchanting St. Mark’s Square serving casual Italian fare such as homemade salami and artisanal handmade gelato. Daily 11 a.m. Serves lunch and dinner Grand Lux Café Casual dining experience with exquisite attention to quality from the creators of The Cheesecake Factory. Famous for its extensive global menu, Grand Lux Cafe offers well‐crafted dishes to please everyone’s cravings including pizza,

The Grill at Valentino

Menu highlights include fresh salads, pastas, sandwiches, jalapeno‐crusted chicken paillard and grilled pizzas. Serves lunch and dinner; open 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Noodle Asia Created by Master Chef Kevin Wu, Noodle Asia features Pan‐Asian noodle dishes, Hong Kong dim sum, vegetarian specialties, rice and soups. Open 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.; serves lunch, dinner and late‐night dining Riva Open seasonally, Riva offers patio dining amid the luxurious pools exclusive for the guests of The Venetian. The casual and relaxing environment features Wolfgang Puck’s first Las Vegas breakfast service including lemon‐blueberry pan-

in Th e



cakes, smoked salmon pizza scramble and a granola parfait. The lunch menu highlights signature Wolfgang Puck pizzas, a Caesar salad with warm focaccia toast and the famous Postrio lobster club sandwich and an extraordinary specialty cocktail menu. Serves breakfast and lunch; open seasonally 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily Taqueria Cañyonita Overlooking The Grand Canal, Chef Daniel Marquez’s Taqueria Cañyonita brings the true taste of Mexico to this authentic taqueria. The cuisine centers around a “marketplace menu” and first-rate organic ingredients that include tacos, tamales, tostadas, gorditas, rellenos roasted meats, vegetables and seafood. Tintoretto Bakery Pastries, cookies and chocolates crafted by skilled Italian bakery chefs. Serving espresso and cappuccino, Tintoretto is an intimate café located in The Grand Canal Shoppes. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Open 7 a.m. to midnight Monday to Thursday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday


TAO Beach From the creators of TAO Asian Bistro and Nightclub, TAO Beach is a seductive and sophisticated Asian‐themed beach club and extension of Tao Nightclub. From high‐end amenities and topnotch service, to Pan‐Asian cuisine from the TAO kitchens and an exotic setting designed by Thomas Schoos Design, TAO Beach tantalizes all the senses. AO Beach is open from 10 a.m. until sunset; closing times for the nightclub vary. VIP accommodations and bottle service are available


Winter 2011

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Winter 2011

Venezia Tower The 12‐story Venezia hotel tower furthers The Venetian’s reputation for offering unparalleled accommodations. With 1,013 suites 10 floors above Las Vegas Boulevard, this European “hotel within the hotel” offers guests a secluded and tranquil getaway all amidst private pool grounds and lush gardens The Venezia is a spectacular pool area reminiscent of an idyllic Venetian garden. This gorgeous 5-acre facility is located on the 4th floor of the Venetian, offers 3 pools, one hot tub, cocktail service, and a poolside café. Open 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. in the summer.


Women’s Relaxation Area

Herbal Laconium

Experimental Rains



Winter 2011

Canyon Ranch SpaClub® at The Venetian is a multiple recipient of Forbes Travel Guides’ Four‐Star Award and offers a rich sampling of programs and services that have made it the overwhelming choice for best spa according to the readers of Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler and departures magazines. The state‐of‐the‐art 134,000‐square‐foot facility services guests of both The Venetian and The Palazzo resorts. Canyon Ranch SpaClub offers more than 100 daily offerings including fitness activities for all fitness levels, massage and body treatments, exercise physiology, physical therapy, movement therapy, nutrition counseling and skin care and beauty salon services. Unique to Canyon Ranch SpaClub is the Aquavana®. Available in both the men and women’s locker rooms at The Palazzo, the Aquavana is a complete European‐inspired suite of thermal spa cabins, experiential showers, cold rooms and aqua thermal bathing experiences. Crystal Steam room: Cleansing aromatic steam environment with

a large center crystal to inspire and focus meditation Experiential Rains: Invigorating, multi‐sensory cooling showers Finnish Sauna: A classic dry‐heat sauna environment lit by colored light refracted by crystals Herbal Laconium: Gentle warming of the body through warm, herbal infused steam HydroSpa: A variety of massage fountains provide gentle massage and are surrounded byradiant lounge chairs designed for relaxation Igloo: Cool air and three Arctic Mist experiences enhanced by twinkling fiber optics. Co‐ed Conservatory: Intimate seating, music, fresh fruit and hot and cold beverages. A gracious space for relaxation and conversation. Salt Grotto: De‐stress as soothing “sea air” washes over heated benches and intimate seating niches around a bubbling fountain. Wave Room: A multi‐sensory experience simulating the look and feel of breaking waves under a domed canopy.



Men’s Hydrospa

Cycling Class at Canyon Ranch



Canyon Ranch Entry

Winter 2011

Canyon Ranch SpaClub

Canyon Ranch SpaClub Conservatory



Canyon Ranch SpaClub

Women’s Relaxation Area

Women’s Thermal



Winter 2011

Showing guests a round th on the S e hotel ands Tra m



Baccarat Bar Area

ino s Cas

nd The Sa

Casino The Sands

TAO Nightclub boasts the most alluring nightclub and lounge on The Strip; perfect for rubbing elbows with Hollywood elite. Guests can sip their famed version of the Cosmopolitan or the “TAO‐tini” while listening to sounds of the hippest music in a breathtaking Pacific Rim‐inspired atmosphere. Lush velvets and silks, waterfalls, century‐old woods and stonework, and a 20‐foot‐tall Buddha floating serenely above an infinity pool provide the perfect backdrop to limitless possibilities. Whether it’s dining at the TAO Asian Bistro or lounging and dancing at TAO’s ultra, lush nightclub, celebrities such as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Usher, Janet Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson, Jamie Foxx, LeBron James, Jay‐Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady make TAO Las Vegas the destination of celebrity clientele. The lounge opens at 5 p.m. daily. The nightclub is open Thursdays and Fridays at 10 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 p.m.; closing times vary. VIP accommodations and bottle service are available

Content Provided by The Venetian Resort HotelCasino 3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.414.4334


Winter 2011

Dean Mart in and Fra Entertain nk Sinatr a at The Sa nds



azin ermag


Rafael Palacios and Larry Fischer

The newest show in Las Vegas is one that goes back to the future via a milieu that is quickly picking up steam. The journey for show-goers begins at the Las Vegas Hilton, where the spectacular Triumph… opened on January 16th. There, in the main showroom, the production seeks to withstand the test of time as audiences are treated to a ride through an interactive steampunk genre set in a Victorian fantasy. The storyline centers around two champions, portrayed by illusionists Larry and Rafael, who are on a quest to become the “Titans of Magic.” Influenced by the works of science fiction writers H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Nikola Tesla along with the father of steampunk storytelling, K.W. Jeter, Triumph… is definitely the ticket to a one-of-a-kind Las Vegas experience. continued on page 74


Winter 2011

Don Bellamy


Triumph continued from page 72

“We are prepared to ‘wow’ Las Vegas with this innovative and original show that will introduce the steampunk genre to a whole new audience,” says Larry, co-star of and collaborator on the show. “Our audiences will witness the miracle of time travel live on stage that is greatly enhanced by stirring music, sultry dance, costumes, and illusions that have never been seen before, specifically created for this one-of-a-kind new show for Las Vegas.” “This is not a typical magic show,” concurs Rafael, who handles the production end of Triumph… while Larry takes care of the business end. “We’ve made it into a story with a theme to it, added music and dance, and while we’re not trying to make it a Broadway show, we’ve designed it so that there’s something entertaining for everybody. We want people to forget about their problems and enjoy the fantasy. There are 19-20 illusions in the show and it’s all about the execution of them. We perform our signature illusion, Metamorphosis, and a lot of the illusions are performed in the audience with people around us 360 degrees. There are three illusions never seen before. At the end of the show, we make a 27-foot train disappear.” For those who don’t know what steampunk is, Wikipedia describes it as “a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s. Specifically, steampunk involves an era or world where steam power is still widely used— usually the 19th century and often Victorian era Britain—that incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy.” Through the use of time travel, the champions in Triumph… travel back to historic moments in time to visit enchanting people and places, including Kublai Khan at The Great Wall of China and Nikola Tesla at the 1892 World’s Fair. On their path to enlightenment, they are tasked with righting the wrongs in history in order to gain the knowledge they need to become the “Titans of Magic.” “This show is about theater, not magic,” Larry emphasizes. “If people are coming to Triumph… to see one illusion after another, they need to go see one of the other magic shows in town. “Steampunk was used in the Wild Wild West movie starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline,” he adds. “They are re-releasing 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea in steampunk and the TV show Castle recently did an episode involving the genre. There are some 20,000 steampunkers on Facebook and they have conventions and everything. We

Aaron Neely

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From Back Left, Kristel Nichols Jamey Dilley Destiny Shami Sandra Mirley Gene Lonardo LeMichael Curry Jessica Mugleston


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Michelle Davis

are hoping to create a cult following with Triumph… much like that of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.” If there is another tenet that has gone into the making of this production, it is that opposites attract. Larry hails from Beverly Hills and grew up around theater and other cultural elements and has a TV background and Rafi, who grew up in Sarasota, Florida, is the product of a famous circus family and grew up in that world, performing as a trapeze artist in their act. In fact, his family, The Flying Palacios, was Las Vegas’ first trapeze act and opened Circus Circus in 1969. The two men were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance when Larry came to see Rafi perform at Disneyland. They became fast friends. Rafi, who had known Siegfried and Roy since he was a child, took Larry to their show at the Frontier, where backstage afterwards, the two became among the first to learn about the magic duo’s new contract at the Mirage. Although Larry had never seen a magic show before or ever attempted to do a magic trick, that’s when he and Rafi decided that they wanted to do a magic act together. So they bought $85,000 worth of illusions and began practicing in the garage, along with watching videos, reading books and studying the art. When they were ready, they began to get work with small circuses and nightclubs but it was a performance at Busch Gardens that got them their first small break. The entertainment director for the World Caribbean Cruise Lines saw their performance there and afterwards offered them work with the cruise line, where they have spent most of their career. “Rafi and I have totally different personalities,” smiles Larry. “I love Frank Sinatra and Heavy Metal – I love head-banging noise. Rafi is big on Barbra Streisand, Shirley Bassey, and the Carpenters. He hates the music I like. My style is California surfer boy and Rafi’s is fantasy, plus he’s very physique-oriented. But we have respect for each other and we don’t argue. We work together on the illusions. Our executive director, Sue Williamson, melds our differences together and makes it work. “Rafi and I may continued on page 79


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Osagie Ehigie




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Triumph continued from page 76

be the last real magic duo,” he sums up. “There is a story behind everything we’re doing in Triumph… Again, it’s all about the execution and the concept. We go so many places in the show and take the audience with us. This truly is a first for Las Vegas.” The best part is that audiences can leave their baggage behind while Larry and Rafael pack the evening with a trip extraordinaire.


Huf ‘n’ Puff and Bella


Winter 2011

I must admit that Las Vegas was the last place I expected to find myself awe-struck by a bolt of Lightning. But then, a 450-pound male dolphin by that name had never made such a quick move to lift himself out of the pool and slide to my land-planted feet before. Yes, I did ask for it, that being just the point. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d ever have the opportunity to be up close and personal with one of these beautiful creatures, having him respond to my hand-signal cues or directions. But from the people who first brought marine mammals to the desert – The Mirage Dolphin Habitat – now came the Trainer For a Day Program. The truly amazing hands-on experience allowed me to train Lightning, including having him rest his massive body on my feet in the water, as well as observe the entire Mirage dolphin family and meet the alpha female, Duchess, on an up-close-and-personal basis as well, even getting into the pool with her. For the dolphins, it must have been a version of Guess Who’s Coming To (Fish) Dinner, since I not only had an unforgettable day of training, petting, kissing and doing hand-tofin shakes with these awesome animals, but I got to feed them, too. Along the way, I learned things about them that I never knew. “Dolphins are incredible mammals that are a very important part of nature,” explains Jim Hudson, Curator of Dolphin Care for The Mirage Dolphin Habitat, who stayed by my side throughout the TFAD program and taught me the training signals. “They are what they are and we don’t try to show peo-

ple anything other than what they are. We respect them and love them for what they are. People tend to anthropomorphize, that is, to give animals human characteristics. The relationship between dolphin and trainer creates a bond and, from there, we are able to train husbandry behaviors that enable us to observe them throughout the day and make sure they’re healthy. Dolphins are driven by some of the same motivations we are – their basic needs have to be met and their social structure has to be understood. If you show a dolphin respect first, it will give it back.” While visitors like myself can experience great wonderment and joy from observing or interacting with these animals in this intimate setting, the purpose of the 20-year-old habitat is to provide a healthy and nurturing sanctuary for the dolphins and to educate the public about marine mammals and their environment. With it also being a research and breeding facility, it is providing valuable information about the reproduction of this species that is sending waves of excitement throughout the scientific community. “The grand scheme is to keep these animals healthy and content so that they’ll reproduce readily and have healthy calves,” says Dave Blasko, The Mirage’s Director of Animal Care. “We’ve learned more about dolphins in 20 years than what had been learned about them in the last 200 years. Through our research in dolphin reproduction, The Mirage has been successful in artificial insemination with dolphins in both the U.S. and Europe.

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The Day of the Dolphins

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One of our current research programs is the effects of the oil spill on dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. “We have assisted in the collection of blood samples from dolphins that reside in aquaria in and nearby the Gulf,” he adds. “We are also assisting in the collection of samples from wild dolphins and stranded dolphins in the Gulf. This information should allow us to monitor the long-term effects of oil spills on dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. This baseline information can then benefit researchers, veterinarians, animal care professionals and stranding networks.” The Dolphin Habitat is definitely a Las Vegas attraction of a different species – Tursiops truncatus, to be exact, otherwise known as Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. There are eight of these beautiful gentle creatures currently residing there, including three generations of one family. Each one has a name, its own physical characteristics and its own distinct personality. The males can reach weights of 500-700 pounds; the females 400-600 pounds. They can reach lengths of 10-10½ feet. Though this species is not endangered, none of the original dolphins were taken out of the wild for this project, which opened on October 19, 1990. All were relocated from other marine mammal projects.

Constructed at an initial cost of $20 million, The Mirage facility is rated as one of the top in the world. It is located in a tropical setting behind the hotel and encompasses four connecting pools holding approximately 2.5 million gallons of manmade salt water – four times larger than government regulations require – measuring 22 feet at the deepest point and 120 feet across at the widest point. The pools have been designed with irregularly shaped contours to allow freedom of movement for the dolphins and to minimize sound reverberation. To ensure good water quality, the 2.5 gallons of manmade sea water is cycled and cleaned every two hours. A team of Life Support Specialists maintain The Mirage Dolphin Life Support System. So just who are the residents of the Dolphin Habitat? There is 34-year-old 470pound Duchess, the “queen” of the habitat and the only one of the original dolphins at the Mirage. Her daughter, Huf ‘n Puf, born March 7, 2000, is the mother of Bella, who was born in September 2008 weighing in at 20 pounds. Duchess is also the mother of Maverick, 7. Then there is Lightning, 31, who was brought to The Mirage from Florida four years ago and is the father of Bella. In March 2010, by cooperative agreement with Sea World as part of the breeding program at The Mirage, the habitat welcomed three new males – Cosmo, 7, and Beetle, 7, both from Sea World in Orlando, and Osborne,

Huf ‘n’ Puff and Maverick


Winter 2011

5, from Sea World in San Antonio. Dolphins can breed indefinitely and an interesting fact is that the age of a dolphin, if not known, can be determined by its teeth on which rings can be counted just like on a tree. “Duchess is the dominant female who has her flipper on the pulse of society,” Hudson explains about the dolphins’ various personalities. “She is very wise, very controlling and very aware of her surroundings. She is also very forgiving in her relationships with her trainers and can bond very easily if her trainers have a respectful and consistent relationship with her. If she trusts you and you both have the same goal in mind, you can do anything with her. Conversely, while Lightning is very strong and powerful, he’s not the fastest learner. But he’s very easygoing, patient, and knowledgeable and he is a good father. “Huf ‘n Puf is a princess,” he continues. “She is very needy and challenging for her trainers but she is also very beautiful and a quick learner. Maverick is a maverick. He is very active, very smart and very malleable. Bella is very pretty, a quick learner and is very independent, like her grandma Duchess.” Their personality traits take on particular importance in conditioning the dolphins’ behavior. These mammals have a large repcontinued on page 86



Winter 2011

Above: Bobbie and Lightning Left: Lightning and Maverick Jumping Below: Maverick


The Day of the Dolphins

continued from page 82

ertoire of behavior that they exhibit in the wild, including jumping, flipping, spinning, breaching, fluke waving and tail walking. At the habitat, they are merely asked to do them in a controlled situation on demand, through the use of tools such as whistles and hand signals. Also important is watching the animals interact with each other. The staff will throw toys into the water – big balls, giant beach balls half-filled with water, basketballs, hoops, Frisbees – and let the dolphins choose their toys. These playful creatures will often engage in a game of chase or steal a ball from one another. They particularly enjoy carrying, pushing and tossing objects If you’re wondering how you can tell one dolphin from another, besides personality, they differ in physical size, coloration patterns, rostrums (mouths), flukes and fins, their body posturing and gestures, behavioral patterns, and energy levels. Dominance is driven by age and personality or sometimes by size – sometimes it’s the largest animal that’s dominant, even if it’s not the oldest one. Dominance determines how much personal space a dolphin has Duchess around it. Dominance can change – when a female gives birth, she becomes much more dominant because she wants no one to mess with her calf. It may stay that way or revert back after a couple of months. However, one or two dominant males breed all the females in the group. The most sexually aggressive males breed first, after which they allow the subdominant male members of the group to breed. Dolphins are neither monogamous nor polygamous. “The gestation period of a Bottlenose dolphin is 11-12 months and a female dolphin may bear a calf every two years,” Blasko explains. “When first born, a calf is two to three feet long and may weigh as much as 30 pounds. They are often born tail first and, as soon as the birth is complete, the mother or helping companion may push the baby to the surface for its first breath. Mothers and calves nurse from six months to two years, depending on


the mother.” It’s important for the trainers to get to know all the dolphins and what each has a preference for because these things can be used by the trainers as positive reinforcement. One dolphin will come up to a caretaker because it wants its tongue scratched; another wants its tummy rubbed; another has a preference for a special toy. These change back and forth, however, because dolphins

have short attention spans. The Mirage staff spends their day observing, learning and trying to communicate with the animals in their own way. “These animals enjoy contact if they have a relationship with you and sometimes touching can be a stronger reinforcement than food,” Blasko says. “They are very sensitive to touch and touching. Rubbing and massaging them actually supplants the primary reinforcements, which are food, water and air. All the behaviors are natural except for the medical ones, but the dolphins actually volunteer to give us blood samples because they are conditioned that way. Here, they live in a clean environment, they don’t have to look for food, they have no predators, and they receive medical care that they wouldn’t have in the wild.” Where food is concerned, the dolphins at The Mirage are fed several times a day and

Winter 2011

consume about 20-25 pounds of smelt, herring, squid and sardines. Each one has a specified caloric intake. Bottlenose dolphins have 80-100 sharp, sturdy teeth that are used for grasping. Although they have tastebuds at the base of their tongues, they swallow their food whole rather than chew it up. As for that subject of communication, dolphins are very vocal animals and each has a signature whistle, which is something like a first name. A calf learns quickly after birth what its mother’s call is – she will whistle continuously for several days after giving birth – then will develop a signature call of its own. A female calf’s whistle is very different from its mother’s, but a male may have a similar one. That’s because as they grow up, the females tend to aggregate while the males tend to go out on their own. The animals also communicate with each other through chirps and clicks. Dolphins have no vocal chords so sound is manipulated through air sacs beneath their blowholes. The staff has learned that the animals have a jawpopping behavior as well, which signifies that someone is getting too close to their territory and they are trying to communicate, “Get off my back.” Although they have good eyesight both in and out of the water, dolphins have a special ability to “see” with their ears. This process is called “echolocation.” Dolphins send sound waves out into the water and then receive and interpret the returning echoes. One thing is for certain. The more that Blasko, Hudson and staff learn about the dolphins – and something new is learned on a daily basis – the more questions that arise. In the end, it’s only Duchess, Huf ‘n Puf, Lightning, Maverick, Bella, Cosmo, Beetle and Osborne that know the answers. After all, it’s their day. And it was mine, too. The Trainer For a Day program gives you an opportunity to work side-by-side with an official Mirage Dolphin Habitat trainer. You’ll get to feed the dolphins, learn to train the dolphins, dine with the dolphins, learn about the dolphins and receive a complimentary T-shirt and photos of yourself with the dolphins. Call 702-792-7889.



Winter 2011



Winter 2011

by Milka C. Von Rhedey Known for her creations for A-List celebrities, Camille Flawless believes in being dressed to thrill. That’s why this top Las Vegas European haute couture designer has

come up with a brilliant idea for giving everyday women the opportunity to “shoot” for the stars – in an absolutely flawless way.

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Having made her mark with her dresses that encompass a touch of the Las Vegas glamour life, Camille has created an extremely successful event that offers a woman a Flawless time in the resort destination. Called the Billboard Experience, it is a super-luxurious supermodel professional day featuring a highend billboard photoshoot – an event that literally can change a person’s life. Imagine yourself being the lucky star of the moment that gets to spend the day with Camille, who personally sets the tone for the flawless happening. It all begins with being picked up by a white limo and taken to one of the best hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, where your check-in and more has already been taken care of by Camille and her crew. There, you will soon be meeting a Vogue photographer and the best makeup artist the industry has to offer in addition to receiving flawless performance from the Flawless team. It’s time to prepare yourself for an adventure you have never before experienced. Camille’s royal taste ensures that you will feel like Cinderella in a fairy tale. The photoshoot will take place inside one of the lavish Presidential suites in a high-end Strip property. Amid gourmet food, champagne, black caviar, music, flowers, crystal accessories, crystal mirrors, feathers and much more, you will be photographed wearing Camille Flawless gowns that range in price from $20,000-$40,000. Camille usually designs a dress specifically for the occasion and then adds a few different looks from her brand new collection. As if this is not enough, she tops it all off with a million dollars worth of jewelry from Ben, the famous, handsome jeweler from the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. As with all fairy tales, the day promises a happy ending. If you desire, Camille will provide you with two tickets to any show you want to see on the Las Vegas Strip. But the best is still yet to come. As you depart your hotel in your white limo, you can rest assured that this was only the beginning of an exciting journey. One or two weeks after your photoshoot, you will receive a package in the mail with a CD portfolio album of all the pictures taken at the photoshoot. In continued on page 94

Winter 2011

The Billboard Experience continued from page 92

addition, you will receive a crystal photo album of the professional, air-brushed photographs as a memento by which to remember this special occasion. And the crowning glory of the event is that one of these photos will be chosen to feature you for two months on a billboard at a the prime location on the Las Vegas Strip. The Billboard Experience is definitely one that you will never ever forget. One couple from Warren, New Jersey took part in this amazing exciting day. “I will never forget the entire weekend. This is a memory for life!” says Adam Hait, who decided to take part in this amazing photoshoot experience with Alexis his fiancée to celebrate her birthday as well as their engagement. “When we arrived to Las Vegas, Edgar from Camille Flawless was there to greet us. He escorted us to a stretch limousine, which was really cool, and it made us feel like royalty! We were whisked over to the Venetian, where we did not even have to check in ourselves, Edgar already had the keys to the room so we went straight upstairs. When we arrived to the suite and opened the door, we were absolutely stunned and amazed! The place was completely decked out. Camille had placed gem studded stuff throughout the room. Flowers and snacks, wine and champagne throughout the room. The king-size bed in the master bedroom was covered in rose petals and chocolate silver dollars. The bathrooms had amenities like we intended to live there for months, shampoos, conditioners, creams, colognes; you name it, it was provided. We truly felt we were royalty. We felt extremely special. We were on cloud nine!” continues Adam. “It was about noon on Saturday when we were escorted from our suite to the photoshoot suite. Camille was there to greet us, with a videographer, photographer, champagne and more food then you can imagine,” says Adam. “When I walked into the room, I kept laughing because it was all so surreal. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Everyone was dressed in white. Camille’s rhinestone statues were everywhere. I was continued on page 96

Winter 2011


The Billboard Experience continued from page 94

handed a rose, surrounded by her staff and I was serenaded by music,” says Alexis. “I was the center of attention and everyone was there for me. I was speechless!” After being introduced to everyone, Alexis was asked to retreat to the back room to begin preparing for the Camille’s planned photoshoot. The New Jersey couple had also invited some close friends to experience this special weekend; Robert Long, Pierre Durand, Erica Fisher, and Ronald Cartlidge were equally surprised when they entered the suite. The expressions on their faces attested to their amazement at the elaborate experience unfolding before their eyes. We spoke to Alexis after this special weekend and got a real sense of how special this was for her. “Everyone was amazing to work with. The dresses were made to fit my body. They have such a sexy, classy feel to them. Camille’s dresses are magical. Whenever I put them on, I feel like a whole different person. They boosted my confidence, and brought out my inner extrovert”. “My favorite gown, hands down, was the nude and black-beaded gown, in which I posed on the pool table. I was getting so exhausted from posing and sitting still to get my makeup and hair done, but the minute I put this dress on, it was like a breath of fresh air. I started dancing, and playing it was such a fun dress. I would definitely wear it out dancing because of the way it moves with your body-so elegant yet scandalous,” continues Alexis. “The Billboard Photoshoot experience was everything I expected and more. In addition to the photos that will be passed down in my family for generations, I made some of the best friends that day that I hope to keep in touch with, for the rest of my life.” “I highly recommend this experience to every woman. Everyone should be granted the honor and privilege to bring out their inner beauty. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, which I am so grateful that I got to share with the love of my life and my closest friends.” If you want to experience this special moment or if you think this is a perfect gift to give, visit Camille Flawless to receive the details. For an appointment and information: Camille Flawless Boutique The Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppes 702.733.3090 A thank you to the people who were a part of Alexis and Adam’s photoshoot: Robert John Klay, photography; Richard Corzo, behind the scenesphotography;PascalQuak,videographer;ElenaCheever,hair; Stephanie Peterson, make-up; Ben Gioielli & Co; Robert Burke, flowers; Alex Christopher, singer; The Flawless team; Segio Luna, stylist; Francis Fonseca, Edgar Ortega, Elizabeth Youngman and the one and only Camille Flawless.



by Rain Andreani, Managing Beauty Editor

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Cosmetics can be pricey; don’t be afraid to ask the counter associate for samples to take home and test. Good lighting is extremely important when doing makeup. Natural lighting is great for day makeup and a well lit mirror/vanity is great for night makeup. You are never to young or old for moisturizer!! Moisturize your skin where needed everyday, day and night. Pumping a mascara brush into its tube is a makeup no-no. The pumping act forces in air, which can dry out the mascara and cause flakes. After applying false lashes use an eyelash curler to get glamorous eye-opening lashes. Brighten blue eyes w/golds, tans, silvers and grays. Use the light tones in combination with other, darker, hues to avoid appearing washed out. Try mixing a tiny bit of black or brown directly into the lighter eyeshadow colors to create a smoky effect.

7. 8.

A great way to take off eye make-up is with baby oil. Just dab a little on a tissue and swipe across your face! Line your eyes carefully: To make small eyes stand out more, keep your line thin and avoid uniformly lining the entire eye. Keep the liner concentrated along the outer third of your eye and extend it slightly up beyond the corner to lift and open up your eyes. Avoid using a dark, overpowering shade of liner.


Eyebrows are a part of your eyes and one of the most important features of your face that people notice on you. If you have sparse eyebrows, use a matte eyeshadow or brow shadow that is three shades lighter and fill in your eyebrows using a brow brush.


Make sure that along with buying good quality makeup products, you also pay attention while choosing brushes that you will use in applying the makeup. Bad quality brushes will damage your skin and cause various kinds of skin irritation.



Winter 2011

Photo - Lance Staedler

Costumes - Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt, copyright Cirque du Soleil Inc.

KÀ: A World Unto Itself Cirque show explores the theme of duality in “high” style by Bobbie Katz When KÀ opened at the MGM Grand in February of 2005, it was a totally unprecedented experience – even for its creators, the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. At the time, the show was not only the most expensively produced show in Las Vegas ($165 million) but it was – and still is – also the most technologically advanced.

The fact alone that there is no permanent stage has allowed KÀ to totally break new ground. Rather, KÀ uses two main platforms and five others, all run by hydraulics, to set the stage for its story that has duality as its theme, illustrated by a combination of acrobatic performances, martial arts, puppetry,

multimedia and pyrotechnics. The main stage, which runs on a gantry crane, houses something called a sandcliff deck and “can do everything but straighten your tie,” as Jerry Nadal, Senior Vice President Resident Shows, Division of Cirque du Soleil, puts it. continued on page 102


Slave Cage

KÀ continued from page 101

Any way you turn it – and it goes up, down, and all around – audiences will see a spectacularly different scene, be it sand, sea, mountains or snow. It all serves to give the 84-member cast and production an ethereal kind of lift on which to present high action. “The second stage, called the Tatami Deck, has the ability to extend towards the audience like the world’s largest kitchen drawer and then retract upstage,” Nadal explains. “The other five stages exist either stage right or stage left and one takes the shape of the apron of the stage. They go up and down and are run on gala lifts on a spiral spinning technology. Mark Fisher, our set and scenic designer, came up with the floating stage technology. Using hydraulics for a main stage, especially one of this size, has never been done to this extent in a theater before. The hydraulics were our biggest challenge. “What the performers do on that stage is breathtaking,” Nadal adds. “In one scene that has the cast rotating around on a cliff chasing each other, one performer falls from the top of the stage, a distance of 60 feet. Because there are very few shows that have planned falls from that height, it required not only acrobatic nets but also the world’s largest air bag, which sits on top of the nets.” Nadal points out that what also makes KÀ different from continued on page 105



ughte r’s Da

Arche Chief

Winter 2011

Photos by Tomas Muscionico



Photos by Tomas Muscionico



Winter 2011

KÀ continued from page 102

other Cirque du Soleil productions is that is the most theatrical show the company has ever done. He describes it as having an actual theme that runs like a ballet plot in an obvious storyline, without dialogue, save for a vocal narration in the beginning that sets the stage for the story to be visually told. The entire show is a narrative that is almost cinematic, which called for more technologically advanced visual effects than Cirque du Soleil had ever attempted. They were created in Germany by Holger Forterer. The story of KÀ is that of separated twins – a girl and a boy – who embark on a perilous journey to fulfill their linked destinies. Their quest catapults them through one challenging landscape after another as they are relentlessly pursued by archers and spearmen, confronting characters and events representing the opposing forces of good and evil. On a mysterious seashore, in menacing mountains and deep within forbidding forests, the epic saga unfolds, finally revealing a subliminal message – peace wins out – in a happy ending. continued on page 107

on and S selor n u o C


Slave Cage



Winter 2011

Photos by Tomas Muscionico

Love Triumphant

KÀ continued from page 105

“Cirque’s founder Guy Laliberte feels that no matter what you do in life, you have the opportunity and the responsibility to leave the world a better place than you found it,” Nadal acknowledges. “That is the theme that runs through KÀ.”

Laliberte picked Robert Lepage to write and direct KÀ, which takes its name from the ancient Egyptian belief in “kÀ,” an invisible spiritual duplicate of the body that accompanies every human being throughout this life and into the next. Lepage’s curiosity and innovative spirit and his vast experience in theater made Lepage, in Laliberte’s eyes, the only man for the job. Lepage is perhaps best

known for his innovative use of technology to tell compelling stories on stage. With his task being to create an epic saga, he knew that the only way to do that was to find a pretext for a conflict in the story, which was most unusual for Cirque du Soleil. continued on page 109


Photos by Tomas Muscionico

Post and Beam


Winter 2011

KÀ continued from page 107

“Even if Cirque du Soleil has had some kind of loose narrative in some of their shows, it’s never been about confrontation or conflicts,” Lepage says. “Not that the show is specifically about that, but you can’t create an epic saga if you don’t confront your heroes with difficulty of some kind. Fire is the one thing that holds everything together in KÀ. It’s the storyline and the saga. It creates conflict and destruction as it gives life and light.” According to Nadal, it took three years to create KÀ and it takes 195 technicians to run each show. All of the production’s creative elements are essential to invoking the world of KÀ, including the lavish costumes designed by Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt, which have an Asian influence. Then there is the original score by Rene Dupere that sets the mood for the show, which is driven through an elaborate audio system that surrounds the audience in sound. All of it happens in a beautiful high-tech theater that holds 1,950 seats. “I think that when Guy was looking at the opportunity presented to us by the MGM Grand, one of the questions was, how much Cirque is too much Cirque?” Nadal sums up. “If we did four Mysteres, it would be too much. O at the Bellagio was different because of the water and Zumanity at New York-New York was a cabaret-style show. But Las Vegas was getting bigger and bigger and we knew we had to up the ante. We had to top ourselves and make it different. That’s KÀ.”



“Flatiron Mountains, Colorado” by Ted Darst For Information see “Where To Buy,” page 142


Winter 2011


“Kissing Required” by Fred Lopez For Information see “Where To Buy,” page 142


Winter 2011


Luxury Car of the Month



Winter 2011





Winter 2011

2008 Ferrari F430 F1 Coupe Exceptional F430 Coupe with only 753 miles!! Engine: 490hp 4.3L V8

Stock#: M-4499

Transmission: F1 Transmission

Mileage: 753

Exterior: Giallo Modena

VIN: ZFFEW58A680164655

Interior: Grey with Black Stitching and Piping



Beautiful 2008 Ferrari F430 F1 Coupe in Giallo Modena over Grey Leather with Black Stitching and Piping with just 753 miles! Loaded with the F1 Transmission, Aluminum Painted Brake Calipers, Scuderia Ferrari Shields on the fenders, Power Operated Seats, Daytona Seats, High Power HiFi Sound with Subwoofer, NAVI and Bluetooth, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Piping in Color and Special Stitching.  Original MSRP $219,761. Includes both remote keys, books, covers, original window sticker and tools. Centrally located in Springfield, Missouri since 1979, we have led the industry in selling and transporting exotic cars long distance. Allow us to also help arrange Enclosed Transportation of your new car directly to your home.  Financing and Leasing is also available. To trade your car or to purchase this car for yourself, simply call or email us today. Call Ben Nef at 702-308-5690 for more information on this F430 F1 Coupe. special for risqué las vegas readers:

Mention this feature when you call and you will receive shipping and delivery of the car courtesy of the

dealership. Domestic Delivery only. Offer is not valid for International Shipping.



The RisquĂŠ Guide to Luxury Vacation Hot Spots in Nevada


Winter 2011


The Resort on Mount Charleston 2 Kyle Canyon Rd Las Vegas, NV 89124 (888) 559-1888 or (702) 872-5500 Las Vegas’ rustic, quaint and relaxing outdoor getaway, just 30 minutes away in the majestic Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Numerous hiking trails just five miles from resort, including Mary Jane Falls and Robbers Roost, where stolen treasure was reportedly buried. Just 10 minutes from Lee Canyon, popular ski and snowboard resort. On average, 20 degrees cooler than Las Vegas. Popular staycation for locals. Nearly 30-year-old picturesque resort, ideal for special events, weddings and meetings.


Winter 2011


The RisquĂŠ Guide to Luxury Vacation Hot Spots in Nevada


Winter 2011

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Photo by Ethan Miller. Getty Ravella by Day

349 rooms and suites | 30,000 square-foot spa 39,000 square feet of meeting and social event space Sits on 15 acres of the master-planned Lake Las Vegas development on site of former Ritz-Carlton® Name is based on the picturesque coastal town of Ravello in southern Italy and inspired by the word “revel,” meaning to ‘to take great pleasure or delight’ Features Mediterranean architecture with clay tile roofs and arched doorways, reminiscent of Europe’s colorful waterside villages Offers white sandy beach, heated lakeside pool year-round, kayaking, boating, fly fishing, hiking and jogging trails Lake Las Vegas community includes stunning vistas, miles of green, two marinas and a nearby Jack Nicklaus golf course Adjoins The Village Lake Las Vegas, offering scenic walking streets of boutiques and restaurants Free Wi-Fi for resort guests Accommodations Tuscan-style architecture European-style furnishings Oversized spa-style marble bathrooms Upscale bath amenities Luxurious bed linens continued on page 126 La Capella di Amore


Winter 2011

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Treatment room, The Spa at Ravella Ravella and Ponte Vecchio Bridge


Ravella at Lake Las Vegas continued from page 124

Resort and Village Dining Meeting Cuisine Thoughtful Foods for Thoughtful Minds – nutritious menus nourish the minds of guests to keep them alert and productive Nourishment Hubs – redefine the coffee break with fresh and energizing fare Medici Café and Terrace – market dining concept featuring wholesome, seasonal fare ranging from fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps to hot, healthy dishes prepared in an exhibition kitchen Meeting planners enjoy convenient, flexible options and all-inclusive pricing for easy budgeting Currently serves meeting guests but will transition to serve leisure guests in the future Catch up with friends over a game of backgammon in the central gathering spot, or enjoy a cocktail on the outdoor terrace overlooking the lake. An adjacent connectivity hub is a great place for guests to have an impromptu meeting, plug in their laptops, watch the day’s news or a big sports game. Firenze Lounge transforms throughout the day; stop by in the morning for a coffee or breakfast pastry, or in the evening for tapas, cognac or a decadent dessert. Restaurants in The Village Lake Las Vegas Ravella’s partnership with the nearby Village enables guests to enjoy preferred reservations and bill Village meals to their Ravella guestroom. Features variety of restaurants in walking distance of resort ranging from fresh seafood and wood-fired pizzas to spicy tacos, savory tapas and more. Meeting and Events Facilities Overview 39,000 square feet of meeting and social event space. Accommodates gatherings from 10 to 1,000 attendees. Features an 11,841-square-foot ballroom with 7,423 square feet of pre-function area, a smaller 4,700-square-foot junior ballroom, 10 function rooms including two elegantly appointed boardrooms, and a spacious climate-controlled outdoor pavilion for lakeside events. Technological amenities include free Wi-Fi throughout the resort; state-of-the art electrical, lighting and sound systems; soundproof air walls. Direct ballroom access is available for large vehicles and other oversized display items.

Foyer of Ravella

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Winter 2011

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Lobby of Ravella

Ponte Vecchio Bridge Reminiscent of Florence’s famed Ponte Vecchio Bridge, this iconic three-story bridge at Ravella features a collection of rooms and suites with unrivaled lake views Bridge spans 375 feet across the lake, and is tall enough to permit a 21-foot sailboat to pass beneath Weddings at Ravella La Capella di Amore Vegas’ only over-water chapel; situated on the beautiful Ponte Vecchio Bridge Windows span front of chapel for magnificent views of lake and twinkling Village lights. Old World touches including hand-carved wooden pews imported from Italy, iron chandeliers and sconces, and a beamed ceiling

Additional Wedding Venues Exquisite ballrooms for indoor affairs Lakeside venues include Ravella’s Florentine Garden, beach and the climate-controlled pavilion The Spa at Ravella – Open Daily 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. 30,000-square-foot spa, salon and fitness facility with 24 treatment rooms. Features tranquil outdoor terrace, meditation garden with twinkling lake and breathtaking mountain views Treatments feature botanical essences from several Mediterranean regions complemented by indigenous plant and mineral ingredients from the local area. Offers several types of traditional and specialty massages as well as bridal services, body treatments, shaving treatments for men, specialty children’s services, and manicures and pedicures. continued on page 129


Queen Double at Ravella Photo by Tomas Muscionico

Florentine Garden


Winter 2011

Ravella at Lake Las Vegas continued from page 127

Fitness center features state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight-training equipment, men’s and women’s locker rooms, aquatic facility, group fitness classes, personal training and yoga. Swimming Pool and Activities Adjacent to the spa and sandy beach, Ravella’s heated resort-sized pool with cabanas and whirlpool spa offers yearround access for guests. In the summer months, guests also can enjoy refreshments from the poolside bar and grill. Additional amenities available include paddleboats, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, canoeing, yacht tours, hiking and biking. SouthShore Golf Club at Lake Las Vegas Ravella’s guests are offered access to the exclusive SouthShore Golf Club at Lake Las Vegas. Award-winning SouthShore Golf Club is the first private Jack Nicklaus Signature Course in Nevada. Named by Golf Digest one of the “Top 10 New Private Golf Courses in America,” SouthShore’s award-winning par-71, 6,917-yard championship fits seamlessly with its surroundings on the shores of Lake Las Vegas. Generous Bermuda fairways frame gently rolling Bentgrass greens, with 88 strategically placed bunkers and numerous forced carries over canyons and water for an exhilarating challenge and visually stunning backdrop for golf. Nicklaus carved out a dramatic layout creating a course with elevations ranging from 1,410 to 1,750 feet. The masterpiece has generous fairways and up to five tee boxes per hole. Shopping The Village Lake Las Vegas, adjoining the resort, features an eclectic collection of boutiques featuring contemporary art, handcrafted jewelry, hand-blown glass figurines, books, fine cigars, furnishings, kites and wind chimes, and more.

Ravella at Lake Las Vegas A Dolce Hotel and Resort 1610 Lake Las Vegas Parkway Henderson, NV 89011 Reservations: (888) 810-0440 Phone: (702) 567-4700 | Fax: (702) 567-4777


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Bars, Lounges, Night Clubs Artisan Lounge 1501 W. Sahara Ave. Exotic liba-

tions served in a chic setting, located inside the trendy boutique hotel. Open daily. (702) 214-4000 The Bank Inside Bellagio Gorgeous, upscale night club that draws a high roller and celebrity crowd. Open Thursday- Sunday. (702) 693-8300 The Beatles Revolution Lounge Inside The Mirage

This ultra lounge brings the Beatles era to life. Open daily. (702) 692-8383 Beauty Bar 517 Fremont St. Downtown hot spot with an East Village vibe and retro, beauty-themed décor. Open Saturday through Thursday at 9:30 pm and Friday at 5 pm for Happy Hour (702)598-1965 Blue Martini At Town Square Upscale martini Bar featuring 20 of the most modern specialty martinis and a sensational tapas menu. Live entertainment nightly. (702) 949-2583. Blush Boutique Nightclub Inside Winn Las Vegas

Dance under numerous lanterns on an onyx dance floor at this flirty addition to Winn’s Nightlife. Open daily. (702) 770-3633. Body English Inside the Hard Rock Dance under a $250,000 Baccarat Chandelier. Club also has a hidden VIP room with a two-way mirrored wall. Open Wednesday, Friday-Sunday. (702) 693-5000.

The Chandelier Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas At the intersection of art and life at The Cosmo-

politan, The Chandelier houses three unique bar experiences: high-energy hot spot, sophisticated cocktail haven and inviting lounge. (702) 698-7000.

Cherry Inside the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa Party with friends at the west Side’s hottest club or

lounge by the private outdoor pool. Open ThursdaySaturday. (702) 797-7777. Christian Audigier The Nightclub Inside TI Nightlife gets a dose of rock ‘n’ roll glam. Don’t miss the massive jellyfish tanks. Open Thursday – Sunday. (702) 894-7580. Coyote Ugly inside New York-New York Vegas’ version of this NYC hotspot with an all-female bar staff who make pouring drinks an artform. Drai’s Inside Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon

Keep the Party going until the sun comes up at this hip after-hours spot. Thursday–Sunday. (702) 737-0555. Drop Bar Inside Green Valley Ranch Every Thursday is Ladies night from 5 to 8 p.m. at this 1940s burlesque style bar lounge. Open daily. (702) 221-6560. Downtown Cocktail Room 111 Las Vegas Blvd. intimate lounge with a boho-chic vibe. Open daily. (702) 300-6282.

balcony with stunning views of the Freemont Street Experience. Open Tuesday-Sunday. (702) 385-7111. Hawaiian Tropic Zone Inside the Miracle Mile Shops Bikini-clad Hawaiian Tropic models cater to

your every whim at this sexy nightlife and dining venue. (702) 731-4858. House of Blues Inside Mandalay Bay Offers live acts from blues to punk rock. Open Daily. (702) 632-7600. Ice House Lounge 650 S. Main St., South. This Downtown restaurant and lounge is open daily and late night offering a real ice bar. (702) 315-2570. Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce Inside Mandalay Place

This sexy Hollywood import is famous for its Burlesque performances and intimate speakeasy vibe. Open Wednesday – Monday. (702) 632-9442. Jet Night Club Inside the Mirage The ultimate destination. 3 rooms, 3 experiences. Top 40, hip-hop, mash-ups & house. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. (702) 693-8300. Krave 3663 Las Vegas Blvd., South. The first gay nightclub to land on the strip has spectacular lighting, guests DJs and go-go boys. Open Tuesday – Sunday (702) 836-0830. LAX Inside Luxor One of Las Angeles’ hottest clubs hits the desert and boosts a top-tier sound system. (702) 262-4LAX. Little Macau Ultra Tavern 3939 Spring Mountain Road . Get a taste of exotic at this sexy ultra lounge in Chinatown. (702) 222-3196. Lobby Bar Inside Green Valley Ranch Separate bar, lounge and nightclub rooms and an 8-acre pool area. Open daily. (702) 617-7560. Lucky Inside the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa A Red-Hot backlit bar with a crystal spire as a

centerpiece. Open daily. (702) 797-7777.

Martinis 1205 Fort Apache Rd. More than 125 vod-

Eve Book & Stage Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Polished and comfortable, this Las Vegas bar

is a sports book and entertainment venue that celebrates top-notch performance in sports and music. (702) 698-7000. Bond Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Offering a mash up of dynamic LED art, live performance and upbeat house music, Bond is a rhythmic and vibrant performance space and bar. (702) 698-7000. Casa Fuenta Inside the forum shops at Caesars

It is a modern slice of Havana. The cigar and cocktail bar offers patrons an intimate smoking environment with an open indoor patio. Open daily. (702) 731-5051. Caramel Lounge Inside Bellagio Rich, candy-colored lounge combines the comfort of a neighborhood bar, and the elegance of old school Las Vegas. Open daily. (702) 693-8300.


Eve 3720 Las Vegas Boulevard, South., 702.254.2376. (Inside Crystals Mall, upstairs Beso Restaurant) Fontana Lounge Inside Bellagio Live entertainment and spectacular views of the lake and the famous Bellagio Fountains. Open daily. (702) 693-7111. Foundation Room Inside Mandalay Bay This exclusive members only club is only open to the public for Godspeed on Monday nights. Open Daily. (702) 632-7631. Ghostbar Inside the Palms Future-chic lounge with a sky deck that delivers a spectacular view of the city. Open nightly. (702) 942-6832. Gipsy 4605 Paradise Rd. Vegas’ popular gay club. Open Wednesdays – Monday. (702) 731-1919 Gold Diggers Inside the Golden Nugget This downtown hot spot boasts a 180-degree, oversized

Winter 2011

kas available including the “Oscar Goodman” martini made with Bombay Sapphire, anchovy and blue cheese stuffed olives. Open daily. (702) 242-8464. Mermaid Lounge Inside the Silverton This aquaticthemed lounge features an amazing 117,000-gallon tank of exotic sea life. Open daily. (702) 263-7777. Mist Inside TI Intimate lounge with plasma screen TVs and seamless bar design. Open daily. (702) 894-7330. Mix Inside THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay This swank lounge’s top floor digs offer dramatic, three-tiered views of the entire valley. Open daily. (702) 632-9500. Moon Inside the Palms Fantasy Tower An exclusive penthouse nightclub with a view of the strip and the stars above. Open Thursday-Sunday and Tuesday. (702) 942-7777. Night Club Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Introducing a one-of-kind day club and Las Vegas nightclub experience from the Tao Group. (702) 698-7000. Paymon’s Hookah Lounge 4147 S Maryland Parkway and 8380 W. Sahara. Smoke your favorite flavored tobacco in this laid-back lounge attached to a Mediterranean Café’. Open daily from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. (702) 731-6030. Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge 2985 Las Vegas Blvd., South. Sit by the fire-pit and enjoy your favorite cocktail in this local hangout. Open 24/7. (702) 735-7635. Playboy Club inside the Palms Fantasy Tower

The legendary classic integrates lounge and casino in this elegant club. Of course it wouldn’t be the Play

boy club without the signature Playboy Bunnies. Open daily. (702) 942-6900. Poetry Atop Chinois at The Forum Shops at Caesars

This 8,000-square-foot strictly hip-hop nightclub offers incredible views. Open Wednesday-Sunday. (702) 369-4998. Prive’ Inside Planet Hollywood The Chic Miami nightclub brings its design, decadence and the glamorous South Beach style to Las Vegas. Open Friday, Saturday and Monday. (702) 727-8344. Pure Inside Caesars Palace Two stories of nightlife indulgence including a 14000-square foot outdoor terrace. Open Tuesday and Friday-Sunday. (702) 731-7873. Pussycat Dolls Lounge Inside Caesars Palace

Hollywood’s Famous troupe of burlesque dancers perform twice nightly. Open Tuesday-Sunday. (702) 731-7873. Rain Inside the Palms Trendy nightclub and former hotspot of MTV’s Real World Las Vegas cast. Open Friday-Saturday. (702) 938-9999. Red Square Inside Mandalay Bay Sexy bar scene features more than 100 different vodkas. Open daily. (702) 632-7407. Risqué Inside Paris Dance to pulsating beats in a post-modern/Eurasian atmosphere. Open Friday-Sunday. (702) 946-4589. Rok Bar Inside New York-New York Revel in the concert-like setting as Rok’s resident DJ spins rock mashups and choreographed to remarkable video imagery. Open Wednesday-Sunday. (702) 740-6765. Rouge Inside the MGM Grand An upscale lounge featuring an Adam Tihany-designed backlit projection wall of glass bottles that flicker sensuous images. Open daily. (702) 891-1111. Rumjungle Inside Mandalay Bay Dance to Latin, Caribbean and African sounds while surrounded by glowing walls of fire and water. Open Daily. (702) 632-7408. Rush Lounge Inside the Golden Nugget Intimate lounge with signature cocktails and VIP bottle and table service. (702) 385-7111. Shady Grove Lounge Inside the Silverton Bowl inside a retro airstream trailer or relax in overstuffed couches at this laid-back lounge. Open daily. (702) 263-7777. Sidebar 201 N. 3rd St. This cozy bar, adorned in chocolates and beiges, is the perfect spot for cocktails and conversation. Open Monday-Saturday. (702) 259-9700. Sierra Gold 6615 S. Jones Blvd. Vegas’ first “ultra tavern” complete with a VIP lounge and plush poolroom. Open daily at 4 p.m. (702) 221-4120. Stir Inside The Platinum Hotel The informal yet elegant lounge is a great place to meet friends. Open daily at 4 p.m. (702) 365-5000. Studio 54 Inside MGM Grand The legendary Discoera club lives on with a modern twist at this 22,000-squarefoot dance club. Open Tuesday-Saturday. (702) 891-7254. Surrender Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. 10p.m.closing. Tao At the Venetian The popular NYC hot spot hits Vegas with the gorgeous Asian themed venue. Lounge open Monday-Sunday. Club opens Thursday-Saturday. (702) 388-8338.

Surrender Vesper Bar Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

With a nod to the obscure cocktail created by James Bond, this Las Vegas bar offers cocktails mixed with style and grace. The space infuses a taste of the past into a contemporary design with a 1950’s glimmer that is both elegant and fun. (702) 698-7000. VooDoo Lounge Inside the RIO Live music, dancing and a view of the Las Vegas strip from the 51st floor. Open Daily. (702) 777-7800. Vox Wine Lounge 2630 Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Hundreds of wines and international cuisine. Served Tapas style. Open daily. (702) 407-7780. Wasted Space At the Hard Rock Hotel Tattoos

Bally’s Steakhouse Inside Bally’s Casino Resort

Traditional New York-style steakhouse. (702) 967-4661.

come to life at this 4,400 sq. ft. bar and lounge by Motocross Champion, tattoo artist and reality TV star Carey Hart. (702) 693-4040.

Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare Inside Wynn Las Vegas Indulge in authentic Italian seafood as well as less-


Becker’s Steakhouse 2400 N. Buffalo Dr. offers

8-0-8 Inside Caesars Palace Hawaiian-style dishes

with French, Tai, Indian, Japanese and Italian influences. (702) 731-7604. Agave 10820 W. Charleston Blvd. Dine on Mexicaninspired dishes complemented by a variety of tequilainfused cocktails. (702) 214-3500. Ah Sin Inside Paris Pan-Asian dining. (702) 967-7999. AJ’s Steakhouse Inside the Hard Rock 1950s-style restaurant serving classic American cuisine. (702) 693-5500. Alex Inside Winn Las Vegas Experience the delicate flavors of the French Riviera in a grand setting. (702) 770-3463. Alize’ Inside the Palms André Rochat brings his gourmet cuisine to the Palms. (702) 951-7000. Asia Inside the Miracle Mile Shops Enjoy progressive Euro-Asian cuisine in this French-Vietnamese colonial designed spot. (702) 794-2582. André’s 401 Sixth St. Andre Rochat started Vegas’ French dining craze with the cozy Downtown restaurant, which has one of the city’s best collection of fine wines, terrific cognacs and fine spirits. (702) 385-5016. Antonio’s Inside the RIO Gourmet Italian cuisine with an open kitchen. (702) 252-7737. AquaKnox Inside the Venetian Chef Tom Maloney’s menu features fresh seafood flown in daily from around the world. (702) 414-3772.

er-known examples of Italy’s cuisine. (702) 770-3463.

elegant dining and a selection of more than 3,000 wines. (702) 216-2700.

Beso Beso 3720 Las Vegas Boulevard, South., 702.254.

BESO (2376) or visit the website at BLT Burger Inside the Mirage Chef Laurent Tourondel’s take on the American Burger Joint. Offerings include beef, American Kobe, lamb and turkey burgers, milkshakes and 20 beers on tap. (702) 792-7888. Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Created by brothers Bruce

and Eric Bromberg, is a compendium of their popular Blue Ribbon and Blue Ribbon Sushi menus, featuring a variety of bistro favorites, American comfort foods, chops and fillets, sushi and sashimi. This Las Vegas sushi bar & grill is a gastronomic tour of the brothers’ culinary affections from their New Jersey boyhoods, education at the Cordon Bleu in Paris and New York City culinary eclecticism. (877) 551-7776.

BOA Steakhouse Inside the Forum Shops at Cae-

sars Traditional American cuisine with classic accents and an upbeat and colorful ambiance. (702) 733-7373. Bonefish Grill 10839 Eastern Ave. A polished casual seafood restaurant with a comfortable, lively atmosphere. (702) 228-3474. Border Grill Inside Mandalay Bay Chefs Mary Sue Miliken and Susan Feniger, hosts of “two Hot Tamales,” present authentic Mexican Cuisine. (702) 632-7403.

Tabu’ Ultra Lounge Inside the MGM Grand

Lounge featuring sophisticated decor and international DJs. Open Thursday-Monday. (702) 891-7183. Tryst Inside Wynn Las Vegas Experience nightlife with a passionate beat. Open Thursday-Sunday. (702) 770-3375. V Bar Inside the Venetian Hip lounge created by the owners of NYC’s Lotus and LA’s Sunset room. Open daily. (702) 414-3200.

Aureole Inside Mandalay Bay Charlie Palmer’s unique cuisine and a four-story wine tower with signature “wine angels” . (702) 632-7401. B&B Restaurante Inside the Venetian The brainchild of Mario Batali and his partner and winemaker Joseph Bastianich, this upscale Italian restaurant offers old favorites and adventurous new ones. (702) 266-9977. Balboa Pizza Company The district at Green Valley Ranch. Open 24/7, the BPC offers pizza, salads, sandwiches and wings in a beach-inspired settings. (702) 407-3067.



continued from page 131 Vegas An entirely new concept from the innovative Chef

Jose Andres, showcasing his personal take on Las Vegas Chinese and Mexican Cuisines. Noodles and tacos together in a festive, stylish setting. (877) 551-7776. Chinois Inside The Forum Shops at Caesars A hip, contemporary environment complete with A taste of the orient. The menu features traditional Hong Kong and Cantonese-style dishes. (702) 737-9700. Cili At Bali Hai Golf Club Experience regional American cuisine with Tai and Asian influences. (702) 856-1000. Circo Inside Bellagio This sister restaurant to Le Cirque features Tuscan cuisine. (702) 693-8150. Comme CA Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Bouchon Bouchon Inside the Venetian The genius of world-

renowned chef Thomas Keller is evident in both the menu’s perfect, bistro classics and the restaurant’s authentic, elegant décor. (702) 414-6200. Bradley Ogden Inside Caesars Palace Bradley Ogden brings his new American cuisine to Las Vegas. (702) 731-7410. Brand Inside the Monte Carlo Imaginative interpretations of classic steakhouse favorites featuring big, bold one-of-a-kind chops including the 8.6 pound Ultimate Steak. (702) 730-6700. Brio At Town Square Casual, white-tablecloth restaurant serving authentic, northern Italian cuisine including wood-grilled and oven-roasted steaks. (702) 914-9145. Burger Bar Inside Mandalay Bay Place From the famous Restaurateur Hubert Keller, of Fleur de Lys San Francisco, the burger bar is the ultimate burger experience. (702) 632-9364. Café Ba Ba Reeba Inside Fashion Show Mall

A Spanish tapas style restaurant featuring traditional Spanish entrees. Must-try menu options including lobster paellas and unique sangrias. (702) 258-1211.

Café by Wolfgang Puck At Springs Preserve

Enjoy gorgeous views of the valley while dining on the responsible, sustainable and delicious items by one of the Las Vegas favorite chefs. (702) 822-8716. Café Martorano Inside the RIO Simple old-school Italian-American home cooking by chef Steve Martorano. (702) 221-8279. Café Wasabi 7365 W. Sahara Ave. Pacific Rim cuisine with a sushi bar. (702) 804-9652. Caffé Giorgio Inside Mandalay Place Casual chic dining from Piero Selvaggio. Menu features northern Italian favorites. (702) 920-2700. Capital Grille Inside Fashion Show Upscale setting with an award winning wine list and acclaimed dry age steaks. Fresh seafood, pork and chicken are also available. (702) 932-6631. Carnevino Inside the Palazzo Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich once again bring their magic to Las Vegas with the opening of their first steakhouse. (702) 920-2700. Casa Nicola Inside the Las Vegas Hilton Homemade pastas, fresh seafood, hearth baked bread and traditional dessert like tiramisu and tartuffo prepared in a unique exhibition kitchen. (702) 732-5755. CatHouse Inside Luxor Indulge the senses at this restaurant and lounge inspired by the 19th century bordellos. Chef Kerry Simon brings signature, European, Asian and American dishes to this “loungerie”. (702) 262-4228. Charlie Palmer Steak Inside Four Seasons Steakhouse with formal and informal dining areas. (702) 632-5120. China Grill Inside Mandalay Bay Asian-inspired dishes served in portions perfect for sharing. (702) 632-7404.

Created by acclaimed Los Angeles chef David Myers, Comme Ca is a lively and modern Las Vegas French brasserie with an emphasis on quality ingredients. Comme Ca serves traditional fare with a David Myers spin: accessible yet provocative, delicious yet chic. In addition to an impressive win selection, Comme Ca offers a menu of seasonal handcrafted classic cocktails shaken with Chef David Myers’ modern sensibility. (877) 551-7776. Company American Bistro Inside Luxor Lounge fireside at this ski-chalet-themed bistro. (888) 777-0188. Craftsteak Inside MGM Grand From chef and restaurateur Tom Coliccho. Dishes such as porterhouse for two, beef shortribs and sea scallops. (702) 891-7318. Cut Inside the Palazzo Dry-aged steaks to Japanese Wagyu Beef shine at Wolfgang Puck’s sixth fine dining restaurant in Las Vegas. (702) 607-6300. D.O.C.G. Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Chef Scott Conant’s D.O.C.G. is a new Las Vegas wine bar named after a category of Italian wine called Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita or the highest level of Italian wine origin. D.O.C.G. features pizza, pasta, an espresso bar, pastries, artisanal cheese and chocolate, in addition to a large selection of Italian wines. The design is at once modern and rustic with exposed brick and reclaimed wood. (877) 551-7776.

Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House Inside the MGM Grand Emeril Lagasse’s first Las Vegas restau-

rant. (702) 891-7374.

Empress Court Inside Caesars Palace Gourmet

Chinese serving food with influences of Szechuan, Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine. (866) 346-4642. Esmeralda’s 1000 E. Charleston Blvd. Salvadorian cuisine. (702) 388-1404.

Estiatorio Milos Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Touted as one of North America’s finest Greek

restaurants, Estiatorio Milos by restaurateur Costas Spiliadis features fine Las Vegas Mediterranean cuisine and has a longstanding reputation for serving the freshest, most pristine imported Mediterranean seafood daily in New York City and Montreal. This Las Vegas Greek restaurant promises to bring an authentic taste of Greece to The Strip, sparing no effort to find the freshest, most delicious fish from around the world, and preparing them in the subtlest, most flavorful way. (877) 551-7776. Fiamma Inside MGM Grand Steve Hanson’s SoHo trattoria in the desert. (702) 891-7600. Fiore Steakhouse Inside the RIO Traditional steakhouse with an Italian Mediterranean flare. (702) 252-7777. FIX Inside Bellagio Classic American Fare. Focusing on top-quality meat and fish, cooked to order on a wood-burning grill. (702) 693-8400. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse 8721 W. Charleston Blvd. Classic steakhouse cuisine. (702) 838-4774. Fleur de Lys Inside Mandalay Bay Dramatic flare with 30 foot walls accented with leaf-shaped frames and fresh cut roses. (702) 632-9400. Fusia Inside the Luxor A twist on traditional Asian, the menu’s familiar main ingredients are flavored with exotic spices. (702) 262-4774. Gallaghers Inside New York-New York New Yorkstyle steak house where you pick your own steak and watch as it’s prepared on a mesquite grill. (702) 740-6450. Garden of the Dragon Inside the Las Vegas Hil-

Dal Toro

ton Specialties include spicy salt-and-pepper pork chops,

Dal Toro Inside The Plazzo Traditional Italian food

with a contemporary twist amidst one of a kind, luxury sport cars. (702) 437-9800.

Daniel Boulud Brasserie Inside Wynn Las Vegas

Chef Daniel Boulud and executive chef Wesley Holton bring modern flair to this bustling French Brasserie. (702) 770-3643. David Burke Inside the Venetian Creative Modern American Cuisine including crisp & Angry lobster cocktail and David Burke’s cheesecake lollipop tree. (702) 414-7111. Delmonico Inside the Venetian. Emeril Lagasse brings a Cajun flare to this New York-style steakhouse. (702) 414-3737. Diablo’s Cantina At the Monte Carlo This lively restaurant serves south-of-the-border favorites as well as American classics. Wash it all down with one of their more than 75 tequilas. (702) 730-7979.

China Poblamo Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las


Diego Inside MGM Grand A bright and vibrant restaurant featuring authentic dishes served with a twist. (702) 730-7979. Dos Caminos Inside the Palazzo Straight from Nueva York, Chef Scott Linquist puts a modern spin on Old Mexico. (702) 414-1000. Eiffel Tower Restaurant Inside Paris Classic French cuisine on the 11th floor of Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower replica. (702) 948-6937.


Winter 2011

orange beef and other Szechwan, Peking style, Northern Mongolian and Cantonese favorites. (702) 732-5755. Garduno’s Inside the Palms Authentic Mexican cuisine and a wide selection of margaritas. (702) 942-7777. Gaylord India Restaurant Inside the RIO FineDining Indian cuisine served in a romantic atmosphere of rich jewel-tone fabrics and deep finished woods. (702) 777-7923. Gonzales Y Gonzales Inside New York-New York This replica of the NYC favorite offers traditional

Mexican dishes, Tex-Mex and more than 30 tequilas. (702) 740-6455. Gordan Biersch 3987 Paradise Road. American Fare and a beer garden. (702) 312-5247. The Grape At Town Square Restaurant, wine bar and retailer offering more than 120 wines by the bottle, glass or flight. (702) 220-4727.

Isla Inside Treasure Island Acclaimed Chef Richard Sandoval impresses with inventive twists on Mexican cuisine. (702) 894-7349. Jaleo Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Culinary mastermind Jose Andres and his ThinkFoodGroup brings the authentic flavor of a Spanish tapas restaurant to Las Vegas with the award-winning Jaleo restaurant re-imagined to include the excitement and spectacle of Las Vegas. A perennial favorite in Washington DC, Jaleo restaurant was one of the country’s first successful tapas restaurants, setting the standard for Spanish cuisine in the U.S. for almost two decades. (877) 551-7776.

Japonais Inside The Mirage New Asian cui-

sine with European elegance in a intimate setting. (866) 339-4566. Jasmine Inside Bellagio Hong Kong cuisine with contemporary and classic Cantonese, Szechuan and Hunan dishes. (702) 693-7223. Joell Robuchon at The Mansion Inside MGM Grand France’s “chef of the century” serves his Mi-

chelin-winning, traditional French cuisine in an intimate setting. (702) 891-7925.

Grotto Ristorante Inside the Golden Nugget

Trattoria-style restaurant serving up wood fired pizzas and homemade pasta and desserts. (702) 385-7111. Guy Savoy Inside Caesars Palace Fresh ingredients and familiar flavors are poetically crafted at this highly acclaimed restaurant. (877) 346-4642. Habib’s 4750 W. Sahara Ave. Exotic Middle Eastern Dishes. (702) 870-0860. Hachi Inside Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa

Contemporary Japanese restaurant that offers an exciting twist on classic favorites. (702) 797-7576.

Hank’s Fine Steaks & Martinis Inside Green Valley Ranch An intimate and lavishly appointed

steakhouse, named for Hank Greenspun, featuring a 2,800-bottle wine cellar and the specialty “Frank Sinatra” martini. (702) 617-7777. Hash House A Go Go 6800 W. Sahara Ave. Open for all three squares, this inventive restaurant serves farmfresh food with a funky modern twist. (702) 804-4646. The Henry Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Old-school revamped classics. Las Vegas Strip cusine that is a reinterpretation of tried-and-true dishes and drinks. (877) 551-7776.

Holsteins Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


Holsteins is an exciting new burger concept from Las Vegas restaurateurs Billy Richardson, Kyle Madden and Chef Anthony Meidenbauer of Block 16 Hospitality. This concept was tailor-made for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas with an emphasis on fresh, natural and organic ingredients. Undoubtedly, Holsteins will bring better burgers to Las Vegas and a funky, homegrown attitude to The Strip. The menu will feature specialty burgers, housemade sausage, riffs on traditional American snacks and appetizers, as well as a wide variety of shakes and sides. All items – including toppings, buns and condiments – will be custom crafted in-house, creating Las Vegas Strip burgers unlike any other. (877) 551-7776. House of Blues Inside Mandalay Bay Southern-style dishes in a laid-back atmosphere. (702) 632-7600. House of Lords Inside the Sahara Old Rat Pack hangout reopened as a traditional steakhouse. (702) 737-2111. Huakumi Inside Caesars Palace Exotic Japanese, sushi, teppan-yaki and a’ la carte dishes. (702) 731-7731. II Fornaio Inside New York-New York Authentic Italian. (702) 740-6403. II Mulino New York Inside the Forum Shops at Caesars This NYC-foodie favorite serves traditional

fair from Italy’s top culinary regions. (702) 492-6000.

Indian Oven 226 W. Sahara Ave. Indian Cuisine.

(702) 366-0222.


continued from page 133 Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab Inside The Forum Shops at Caesars The Iconic Miami

Beach crab eatery serves up stone crab claws, seafood and key lime pie. (702) 731-7110. Kabuki At Town Square Japanese cuisine, premium sakes, Japanese beers and cocktails. (702) 896-7440. Kennedy At The District at Green Valley Ranch Modern American cuisine prepared fresh daily (702) 320-8100. Koi Inside Planet Hollywood Feast on Japanese dishes with a California twist including soft shell crab with spicy cream and ponzu sauce and Kobe beef filet mignon Toban-Yaki. (702) 454-4555. Kokomo’s Inside the Mirage Prime steaks and seafood inside a tropical rainforest. (702) 791-7223. Kilawat Inside The Platinum Hotel Comfort food with exotic ingredients from around the globe. (877) 211-9211.

Mon Ami Gabi Inside Paris. Parisian-style outdoor café with seafood specialty and a fabulous view of the Bellagio fountains. Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro Inside The Palazzo Enjoy wet-and dry-aged steaks and Japa-

nese A-5 Wagu at this plush steakhouse. Other highlights include an iced seafood bar and a cheese and Charcuterie bar with more than 30 farm house and artisinal cheeses. (702) 607-6333. Morton’s, The Steakhouse 400 East Flamingo Rd. The iconic restaurant offers prime aged steaks and fresh fish and seafood. (702) 893-0703.

Olives Inside Bellagio Mediterranean cuisine from

chef and owner Todd English’s Boston restaurant. (701) 693-7223. Onda Inside the Mirage Dine on Italian cuisine and get a one-way view of the gambling floor. (702) 791-7223. OriginIndia Restaurant and Bar 4480 Paradise Rd. Modern, upscale Indian cuisine. (702) 734-6342. The Palm Inside the Forum Shops at Caesars A casual steak and seafood restaurant. (702) 732-7256. Panevino 246 Via Antonio. Cozy Italian restaurant that’s off the Strip. (702) 222-2400.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Inside MGM Grand

Diners can see Robuchon’s legendary French cuisine, including a brilliant tasting menu, being prepared before their eyes. (702) 891-7777. Le Burger Brasserie Inside the Paris The gourmet chicken, salmon, lamb, veggie and beef burgers are second to none and the $777 Kobe Beef and Maine lobster burger is worth the splurge. (702) 647-7999. Le Cirque Inside Bellagio French cuisine from Sirio Maccinoni with a view of the Bellagio fountains. (702) 693-7223. Little Buddha Inside the Palms Pan-Asian cuisine and sushi bar. (702) 942-7777. Lotus of Siam 953 E. Sahara Ave. Thai cuisine. (702) 735-3033. Louis’ Las Vegas At Town Square Upscale dining meets lowcountry cuisine including Louis’s signature crab and lobster cakes with grained mustard seed sauce. (702) 202-2400. Maggiano’s Little Italy Inside Fashion Show

Southern Italian cuisine served in portions fit for the whole family. (702) 732-2550. Mainland Inside The Palazzo French-Vietnamese cuisine. (702) 414-1000. Marssa Inside Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort Exceptional Pacific Rim-inspired cuisine with a view of the lake. (702) 567-6000. Medici Café and Terrace Inside the Ritz-Carlton

Pan-Mediterranean cuisine and weekend brunch served indoors or alfresco. (702) 567-4700. Mesa Grill Inside Caesars Palace Award-winning chef Bobby Flay serves vibrant Southwestern cuisine in an environment to match the menu’s bold flavor. (702) 731-7731. Mi Casa Grill Cantina Inside Silverton Casino Hotel Lodge Mexican Specialties include crisp-fried

chipotle calamari adobo and mini chicken empanadas. (702) 693-7223. Michael’s Gourmet Room Inside South Point

This AAA four-diamond award-winning restaurant serves gourmet American fare. (702) 796-7111. Michael Mina Inside Bellagio Contemporary, fresh seafood with Continental culinary accents and influences. (702) 693-7223. Mimmo Ferraro’s 5900 W. Flamingo Rd. An incredible collection of premium Italian wines compliments this local eatery’s homemade pastas. (702) 364-5300. Mix Inside THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay This stunning restaurant from world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse offers a ‘mix’ of European and American cuisines and is designed to seduce the glitterati. (702) 632-9500.


Panvino Owner Vincenzo Granata and Mario Andreoni, Executive Chef Neros Inside Caesars Palace Contemporary American cui-

sine including seafood and prime beef. (702) 731-7731. N9NE Inside the Palms Chicago-based steak house with a champagne and caviar bar. (702) 942-7777.

Nine Fine Irishmen Inside New York-New York

Authentic Irish cuisine and beer with a Victorian bar and live entertainment. (702) 740-6969. NM Café At Neiman Marcus Middle Eastern cuisine in a spacious, modern décor with a first-rate view of the strip. (702) 731-3636. Nobhill Inside MGM Grand Chef Michael Mina’s dishes such as lobster pot pie and sautéed Monterey Bay Abalone. (702) 891-3110. Nobu Inside the Hard Rock Upscale Japanese cuisine with Latin-American Influences. (702) 693-5090. Noodles Inside Bellagio Modern Asian restaurant with noodles, rice and congee dishes. (702) 693-7223. Noodle Shop Inside Mandalay Bay Cantonese and Mandarin noodle dishes as well as chow mein, congee rice and BBQ dishes. (702) 632-7777. Nora’s wine bar & Osteria 1031 S. Rampart Blvd. Rustic Italian cuisine paired with one of 350 wine choices make this trendy spot a must. (702) 940-6672. Nove Italiano, Inside the Palms Fantasy Tower

Classic Italian fare contemporarty accents including seafood crudos, freshly-made pasta and bistecca florentina. (702) 942-6800. Okada Inside Wynn Las Vegas Experience a wide range of Japanese cookery from authentic teppanyaki and robata cooking to sushi built with the freshest ingredients. (702)770-3320.

Winter 2011

Payard Patisserie & Bistro Inside Caesars Palace James

Beard award winner Francois Payard’s upscale approach to the classic Parisian pastry shop. (702) 731-7292. Pearl Inside the MGM Grand Chinese cuisine with a Western flair. (702) 891-7777. Picasso Inside Bellagio French cuisine with Spanish influence and original paintings adorning the walls. (702) 693-8105. Piero’s 355 Convention Center Dr. Northern Italian cuisine in one of Vegas’ iconic dining rooms. (702) 369-2305. Pinot Brasserie Inside the Venetian Casual bistro with Franco-Californian cuisine. (702) 735-8888. Postrio Inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Eclectic offering of globally inspired dishes

in a romantic atmosphere. (702) 796-1110. Prime Steakhouse Inside Bellagio Chef JeanGeorges Vongerichten’s steaks with a view of the fountains. (702) 693-8105. Rao’s Inside Caesars Palace The East Harlem legend brings home-style Italian favorites to Vegas. (877) 346-4642. Ra Sushi Inside Fashion Show Modern and contemporary flare that created a specialized item just for Vegas. The Viva Las Vegas Roll. (702) 696-0008. Red 8 Inside Wynn Las Vegas This Southeast Asian bistro serves a range of authentic cuisine from Cantonese noodle dishes to Hong Kong-style dim sum and barbecue. (702) 770-3643. Red Square Inside Mandalay Bay Perestrojkainspired dishes and more than 100 different vodka to choose from. (702) 632-7407.

Red Suushi Inside the Golden Nugget Traditional Japanese cuisine in a stylish and alluring atmosphere. (702) 385-7111. Red, White and Blue Inside Mandalay Bay A café, French patisserie, glacier, creperie, brasserie, raw bar and wiune bar all in one destination. (702) 632-7405. Restaurant Eliseevsky 4825 W. Flamingo Rd. Russian cuisine and deli. (702) 247-8766. Rick’s Café At Loews Lake Las Vegas Family style Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine with American Classics. (702) 567-6000. RM Seafood Inside Mandalay Place In addition to inventive tasting menus, chef Rick Moonen’s restaurant features a raw bar and serves regional coastal favorites such as butter-poached lobster and Nantucket Bay scallop Carpaccio. (702) 632-9300. Rosemary’s 8125 W. Sahara Ave. American cuisine with French influences. (702) 869-2251. Roy’s 620 E. Flamingo Rd. Hawaiian fusion seafood with bold Asian spices. (702) 691-2053. Rumjungle Inside Mandalay Bay Caribbean cuisine with live entertainment. (702) 632-7408. Scarpetta Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Scarpetta is a modern Italian restaurant by awardwinning chef Scott Conant. An Italian expression that means “little shoe” – or the shape bread takes when used to soak up a dish – Scarpetta represents the pure pleasure of savoring a meal down to the very last taste. The restaurant’s menu and design reflect Conant’s earthy yet sophisticated approach to Italian cuisine. At Scarpetta, the chef has created a satisfying and soulful menu of seasonally-inspired Italian fare. 877) 551-7776. Seablue Inside MGM Grand Fish and shellfish are flown in daily and prepared in two lively open show kitchens. (702) 891-1111. Sea Stone 1050 South Rampart Blvd. Pacific Rim cuisine incorporating traditional flavors and hip new offerings. (702) 478-9000. Sensi Inside Bellagio Guests can see the chefs preparing their exceptional Asian fusion dishes through the glass walls dividing the kitchen and dining room. (702) 693-7223. Shanghai Lily Inside Mandalay Bay Upscale Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine. (702) 632-7777. Shibuya Inside MGM Grand Freshly prepared ingredients, stellar sushi, and the widest sake selection this side of the Pacific. (702) 891-1111. Smith & Wollensky 3767 Las Vegas Blvd., South. Classic New York steak house. (702) 862-4100. Social House Inside TI Sophisticated dining in a fashionable yet relaxed setting. (702) 894-7777. Spago Inside The Forum Shops at Caesars Wolfgang Puck and Chef David Robins’ California-style cuisine. (702) 369-6300. Stack Restaurant & Bar Inside The Mirage Topquality fish, meat and poultry and comfort desserts. Features a high-energy bar and lounge offering a full menu and specialty cocktails. (702) 792-7800. The Steak House Inside Treasure Island Steaks and seafood served in a casual chophouse atmosphere. (702) 693-7223. STK Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas With outposts in New York City, Miami and Los Angeles, STK is a new style Las Vegas steakhouse from The One Group. The bustling bar scene is the centerpiece, the menu is inspired and the atmosphere relaxed with a sexy vibe created by the in-house DJ. STK Las Vegas is a celebrity hotspot that breaks with tradition, offering a

Valentino flirty, feminine take on the classic American steakhouse. (877) 551-7776. Strip House Inside Planet Hollywood Prime cuts

of beef and signature side dishes like black truffle creamed spinach served by lingerie-clad servers at this sexy steakhouse. (702) 737-5200.

Strip Steak Inside Mandalay Bay Michael Mina’s

steakhouse offers focuses on all-natural Certified Angus Beef and American Wagyu cuts of beef cooked over wood. (702) 632-7414. Stripburger At Fashion Show Mall Burgers, shakes and cakes in a casual and fun setting. (702) 737-8747. Sushi Roku Inside The Forum Shops at Caesars California sushi and modern Asian cuisine and décor make for an eclectic dining experience. (702) 733-7373. SushiSamba Inside The Palazzo High-energy hotspot combining Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. (702) 607-0700. SW Steakhouse Inside Wynn Las Vegas An American steakhouse influenced by the flavors of Alsace, France. (702) 770-3643. Table 10 Inside The Palazzo Chef Emeril Lagasse’s coastal Creole cuisine. (702) 414-1000. Table 34 600 E. Warm Springs Rd. Expertly prepared Contemporary American cuisine. (702) 263-0034. Tableau Inside Wynn Las Vegas Chef Mark LoRusso’s haute American cuisine showcased in an airy, atrium setting surrounded by gorgeous poolside views. (702) 770-3643. Tao Inside The Venetian Specializing in Hong Kong Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines, creations span from Kobe beef to traditional Peking Duck. (702) 388-8338. The Tillerman 2245 E. Flamingo Rd. Family-owned seafood restaurant. (702) 731-4036. TJ’s Steakhouse Inside the Las Vegas Hilton Enjoy prime quality beef, lamb, pork, chicken and the freshest seafood while sitting in rich mahogany booths and surrounded by distinctive modern art. (702) 732-5755. Tommy Bahama’s Tropical Cafe At Town Square Savor island-inspired dishes like Scallop Sliders along with one of the many tropical cocktails available. (702) 948-8006. Top of the World Restaurant and Lounge Inside the Stratosphere Continental cuisine with a full

view of the city. (702) 380-7711.

Trattoria Del Lupo Inside Mandalay Bay Wolf-

gang Puck’s Italian bistro features Italian classics with contemporary influences served in an airy, café-like setting. (702) 740-5522. Trevi Inside The Forum Shops at Caesars. Homemade Italian cuisine served in a romantic café setting. (702) 735-4663.

Triple George Grill 201 North 3rd St. Downtown

restaurant inspired by the classic seafood and steakhouses of San Francisco. (702) 384-2761. Trotter Inside The Palazzo Charlie Trotter’s newest restaurant creates cuisine using the finest, freshest foodstuffs obtainable. (702) 414-1000.

Va Bene Caffe Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Va Bene Caffe is a polished, modern Las Ve-

gas Italian coffee bar with an “it’s all good” attitude reflected in its name. Providing a refreshing break from the average coffee shop, this Las Vegas Strip coffee bar offers a variety of freshly prepared items, including salads, gelato, pannis and other light fare. And of course, coffee – carefully prepared by master baristas. (877) 551-7776. Valentino’s Inside the Venetian Traditional Italian cuisine with a menu that changes seasonally. (702) 414-3000. Verandah Inside the Four Seasons This power breakfast and lunch spot offers contemporary ItalianCalifornia cuisine. (702) 632-5000. Vic & Anthony’s Inside the Golden Nugget Featuring one of the finest selections of prime steaks, lobster, fresh seafood, an extensive wine selection in an intimate atmosphere. (702) 385-7111. Vintner Grill 10100 W. Charleston Blvd. Delicious offerings including lamb osso bucco and white bean hummus in a gorgeous atmosphere (702) 214-5590. Wicked Spoon Buffet Inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas A bustling culinary food hall, the Wick-

ed Spoon Buffet delivers well-crafted original selections for every appetite. With its mix of top quality, familiar staples in addition to imaginative and seasonal dishes, this Las Vegas eatery will satisfy cravings and invite discovery. (877) 551-7776. The White Chocolate Grill 9510 Eastern Ave. Contemporary American-style restaurant serving up such delights as Parmesan Crusted Filet, Tomato Gin Soup and decadent homemade white chocolate treats. (702) 343-7534. Wing Lei Inside Wynn Las Vegas With its masterful mix of refined Cantonese, the menu is as unique as the early French-influenced Shanghai décor. (702) 770-3463. Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill Inside MGM Grand

Celebrity Chef Wofgang Puck modernizes the traditional “bar and grill” concept with dishes such as truffled potato chips with blue cheese and skirt steak skewers. (702) 891-3000. Woo Inside The Palazzo Pan-Asian cuisine by Las Vegas’ own Woo family. (702) 414-1000.


continued from page 135 Paris Las Vegas 3655 Las Vegas Blvd., South.

(702) 739-4111.

Aria Yellowtail Inside Bellagio Extensive menu of in-

gredient-driven cuisine served overlooking Bellagio’s iconic fountains. (702) 693-7223 Yolos At Planet Hollywood Contemporary Mexican and a 13-foot margarita fountain in a colorful setting. (702) 785-0122. Zefferino Inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Seafood with an Italian flair.

(702) 414-3500.

Hotels Alexis Park Resort Hotel 375 East Harmon Ave.,

(702) 796-3300.

Aria Casino & Resort Aria tower with 4004 guestrooms including 568 suites. Situated in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. Aria has assembled a collection of 16 of the world’s most critically acclaimed Chefs and restaurateurs. 3730 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109. (866) 359-7111. Artisan Hotel 1501 West Sahara Ave., (702) 2144000. Bally’s Las Vegas 3645 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 967-4111. Bellagio Las Vegas 3600 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 693-7111. Caesars Palace 3570 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 731-7110. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South. (702) 698-7000. Flamingo Las Vegas 3555 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 733-3111. Four Seasons Hotel Located on the top floors of Mandalay Bay. 3960 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 632-5000. Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino 129 East Fremont St., (702) 385-7111. Green Valley Ranch Resort 2300 Paseo Verde, Henderson., (702) 617-7777. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino 4455 Paradise Rd., (702) 693-5000. Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino and Hotel 3475 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 369-5000. The Hotel at Mandalay Bay 3950 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 632-7777. JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort 221 North Rampart Blvd., Summerlin, (702) 869-7777.


Las Vegas Hilton 3000 Paradise Rd.,


Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort 101 Monte Lago

Blvd., Henderson, (702) 567-6000.

Luxor Resort and Casino 3900 Las Vegas Blvd.,

South, (702) 262-4000.

M Resort Spa Casino is a luxury boutique hotel and

casino on approximately 90 acres at the southeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and St. Rose. The M Resort Spa Casino with 390-room tower, 35 suites, 92,000 sq. ft. of casino area, a 60,000-sq. ft. conference room, a 23,000-sq.-ft. health spa and salon, eight restaurants, four bars, one area, a 63,000sq.-ft. movie entertainment theatre with 14 screens, and other five-star amenities. 12300 Las Vegas Blvd., Henderson, NV 89044 Main Phone Number (702) 797-1000 Reservations Call (877) M.RESORT.

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino 3667 Las Vegas Blvd., South. (702) 785-5555. The Platinum Hotel and Spa 211 East Flamingo Rd., (877) 211-9211. Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa 11011 West Charleston Blvd., (702) 797-7777. Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel 3400 Paradise Rd., (702) 733-6533. Residence Inn by Marriott 3225 Paradise Rd., (702) 796-9300. Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino 3700 West Flamingo Rd., (702)252-7777. The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas 1610 Lake Las Vegas Pkwy., (702) 567-4700. Sahara Hotel and Casino 2535 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 737-2111. South Point 9777 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 796-7111. Silverton Casino Hotel Lodge 3333 Blue Diamond Rd., (702) 263-7777. Stratosphere Hotel Tower and Casino 2000 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 380-7777. Treasure Island Las Vegas 3300 Las Vegas Blvd., South (702) 894-7111. Tropicana Resort and Casino 3801 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 739-2222. Trump International Hotel and Tower 3128 Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 982-0000.

The Venetian The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino 3355 Las Ve-

gas Blvd., South, (702) 733-5000.

Wynn Las Vegas 3131 Las Vegas Blvd., South,

(702) 770-7000.

M Resort


Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 3950 Las Ve-

gas Blvd., South, (702) 632-7777.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Blvd.,

South (702) 891-7777.

The Mirage Hotel and Casino 3400 Las Vegas

Blvd., South, (702) 791-7111.

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino 3770 Las Vegas

Blvd., South, (702) 730-7777.

New York-New York Hotel and Casino 3790

Las Vegas Blvd., South, (702) 740-6969.

The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino 3325 Las Ve-

gas Blvd., South, (866) 263-3001. Palms Casino Resort 4321 West Flamingo Rd. (702) 942-7777. Palms Place 4381 West Flamingo (702) 932-7777.

Winter 2011

Crystals at CityCenter It took two cutting-edge architectural firms to bring to life CityCenter’s shopping complex, which features Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Tiffany & Co. and Tom Ford, plus dining hot spots including Beso and Social House. 10 a.m.-midnight daily. 702-590-9299 The District at Green Valley Ranch Stroll “Main Street” in the pet-friendly, metropolitan-like area. Stop into shops like White House/Black Market, Pottery Barn and Anthropologie. Grab a bite at Elephant Bar or Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que. 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat. & 11: a.m.-7 p.m. Sun; store, restaurant and holiday hours may vary. 702-564-8595. Fashion Show Fashion Show is the only retail destination that features six incredible anchors-Bloomingdale’s Home, Dillard’s, Macy’s Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue-as well as restaurants and enter-

tainment, all in the heart of Las Vegas. 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon –Sat., 11 a.m.-7p.m. Sun., Las Vegas Boulevard South and Spring Mountain Road. 702-784-7000. The Forum Shops at Caesars Visitors can walk the streets of ancient Rome. Features 160 world-class retailers, such as Versace and Marc Jacobs, and fine-dining restaurants, two free animatronic fountain shows and a 50,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. The Forum Shops is the shopping choice for many celebrities. 10 a.m.11 p.m., Sun-Thurs., 10 a.m.-midnight Fri.-Sat. 702893-4800. The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Complete with cobbled walkways, streetside cafes, live performers and one of the most exclusive mixes of retail shops and gourmet restaurants, this Venice-themed center is also the only place on the Strip to take a gondola ride. 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sun-Thurs., 10 a.m. – midnight Fri-Sat. 702-414-4525. Las Vegas Outlet Center Find savings of 25 to 65 percent every day on top-name brands including Adidas, Aeropostale, Ann Taylor Factory Store, Calvin Klein, Coach, Nautica, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Features 130 stores, two food courts and giant carousel. 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon-Sat., 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Sun., 7400 Las Vegas Blvd. S. 702-896-5599. Las Vegas Premium Outlets Stroll through this upscale, village-style outlet center and enjoy savings of 25 to 65 percent every day on an impressive collection of 150 designer and brand- name outlet stores including Burberry, Coach, Cole Haan, Dolce & Gabbana, J.Crew, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo and more. 10 a.m.—9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Sun., 875 S. Grand Central Parkway. 702-474-7500.

ray of knickknacks and apparel. 9 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. 702-767-4355. 702-967-4111. Le Boulevard at Paris Las Vegas Stroll the cobblestoned streets at Paris Las Vegas’ distinctive shopping district. Replica French boutiques provide the finest imports, from aged cheese to French fashion. 10 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. 702-739-4111. Bridge Avenue at California Left some of your conveniences of the Hawaiian Islands at home? Or are you curious for a bit of that aloha spirit? Stop by the retail shops and café’ to get your fix. Most store hours are between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. 702-385-1222.

Mandalay Place Featuring world-class retailers and

restaurants, many of which are new to the Las Vegas market, this unique 100,000-square-foot shopping center is located on a sky bridge between Mandalay Bay and Luxor resorts. Shops include The Art of Shaving, Max & Co. and Urban Outfitters. 10 a.m.–11 p.m. daily. 702-632-9333. Masquerade Village Shops This quaint hamlet inside Rio features more than 20 specialty stores interspersed with restaurants and gaming tables, all nestled at the bottom of Rio’s fabulous Show in the Sky. Most stores hours are between 10 a.m.–11 p.m. daily. 702-777-7775.

Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort

One of the city’s premier shopping and entertainment destinations, Miracle Mile Shops features more than 170 specialty shops and 15 restaurants. More than an ordinary shopping experience, visitors can experience an indoor rainstorm and browse through such top retailers as Urban Outfitters, Ben Sherman, H&M, Bebe and True Religion Brand Jeans. 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sun.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-midnight Fri.-Sat. 702-866-0710, 888-800-8284. The Shoppes at The Palazzo A luxurious shopping experience awaits you inside The Shoppes at The Palazzo, featuring Barneys as well as more that 60 international boutiques, including Diane von Furstenberg, Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta, Tory Burch and Jimmy Choo. 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sun.-Thurs., 10 a.m.midnight Fri.-Sat. 702-414-4525. Town Square Las Vegas Enjoy the quaint small-town atmosphere filled with all your favorite big-city shops, including fashion staples Abercrombie & Fitch, BCBG, Express and H&M, along with specialty shops such as Bath and Body Works and Origins. Also features an 18-screen movie theater and a wide range of restaurants. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sun., 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Mon.Thurs., 10 a.m. 10 p.m. Fri.-Sat. 702-269-5001.

Hotel Shops Appian Way at Caesars Palace Located in a quiet shopping arcade, which is graced by a life-size replica of Michelangelo’s David, are the shops of the Appian Way. Here you can browse through the finest apparel, gifts, art and jewelry including Caesars logo items. 9 a.m.-midnight daily. 702-731-7110. Bally’s Avenue Shoppes A collection of more than 20 unique stores and boutiques including Marshall Rousso and Uniquely Crystal. From souvenirs to sports coats, designer handbags to decadent chocolates, Bally’s gives shoppers the gift of choice, with a large ar-


continued from page 137 Star Lane Shops and Studio Walk at MGM Grand The retail collection includes fine jewelry, sou-

venirs and the latest in men’s and women’s fashion. Browse the shops along Studio Walk, visit the Star Lane Shops or explore the stores located throughout. Open from 10 a.m.–10 p.m. daily. 702-891-1111. Street of Shops at The Mirage Offers a wide array of items ranging from unique gifts to stunning jewelry and elegant designer evening attire. 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Mon. & Fri. 9 a.m.-midnight Tues.-Thurs. & Sat-Sun. 702-792-7757. Tower Shops at Stratosphere This shopping promenade has 50 shops with such names as Cleo’s. In addition, the Roni Josef International Salon and Spa is housed here. 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sun.-Thurs., 10 a.m.midnight Fri.-Sat. 702-380-7777. Via Bellagio Catering to discriminating guests, Via Bellagio provides exquisite fashion and jewelry collections from world-renowned designers including Prada, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., Fred Leighton, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Fendi and Gucci. 10 a.m.-midnight daily. 702-693-7111.

Specialty Stores Art of Peter Max Icon Peter Max’s first gallery in Las Ve-

gas features a treasure trove of Max art. The gallery also periodically holds special events at which the artist himself appears. 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sun.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-midnight Fri.-Sat., the Forum Shops at Caesars. 702-644-7070.

Bass Pro Shops The 165,000-square-foot, two- story building houses a huge inventory of hunting, camping, marine and fishing gear including clothing, gifts and footwear. A 40.000- gallon freshwater aquarium adds to the total experience. 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon-Sat; 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Sun., Silverton. 702-730-5200. Cinch Rocky Mountain Clothing Co. has seen its Cinch clothing line in the National Finals Rodeo since 1996. Find your favorite Cinch pieces, including the latest in western wear and jeans, at the Cowboy Christmas gift show and at local retailers, including Intermountain Farmers, Boot Barn, Cowtown Boots and Sheplers Western Wear. Club Tattoo In addition to onsite professional tattoo artists and body piercers, the shop includes a unique selection of clothing and accessories. Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort. 702-363-2582. Disney’s Character Warehouse Outlet Store

Thrill your kid (or the kid in you) with first-quality merchandise, including toys, clothes and collectibles from Disney theme parks & Resorts at up to 80 percent off original retail price. 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Sun., 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., 7680 Las Vegas Blvd. S. 702-2608144. Double Helix Boutique Proving that the grape doesn’t fall far from the wine bar, Double Helix offers nearly 300 rare and hard-to-find vintages, including wines from Italy and New Zealand. The Shoppes at The Palazzo. 702-735-9463.

Dragon Tattoo The friendly staff of Dragon Tattoo is

committed to providing a clean and safe environment for all tattoo fans. Free shuttle/taxi service to/from any hotel on the strip. 4130 S. Sandhill Road, 702-3678282; 3340 E. Tropicana Ave., 702-558-8282, or Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet Home to more than 600 booths across 200,000 square feet, this swap meet features only new merchandise-everything from clothing and jewelry to food and art. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Fri.-Sun. 1717 S. Decatur Blvd. at West Oakey. (702) 877-0087. Flip Flop Shops A one-stop shop for the hottest brands and latest styles of flip-flops and sandals. 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sun.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-midnight Fri.-Sat., Mandalay Place. 702-632-6072. House of Blues Company Store Get all your HOB essentials, from logo wear to music hits. 7:30 a.m.midnight Sun.-Thurs., 7:30 a.m.-1 a.m. Fri.-Sat., House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. 702-632-7605. King Ink Celebrity tattoo artist Mario Barth’s King Ink combines specialty cocktails and a nightlife atmosphere along-side a one-of-a-kind tattooing studio and fashion apparel shop. Noon-4 a.m. daily, The Mirage. 702-792-7900. La Isla Uniforms The latest trends and brand names in uniform wear such as Nurse Mates, Skechers, Baby Phat, Dickies and more. Specializing in medical, security, and restaurant industries. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Mon.-Sat., noon-5 p.m. Sun., 967 E. Sahara Ave. 702-734-7070. Oh My Godard Gallery features the works of American artist Michael Godard, where subjects such as drinking, gambling and cigars get a whimsical treatment. Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort. 702-699-9099. Rock Shop Shop a wide selection of men’s and women’s T-shirts, collectible pins and souvenirs with the Hard Rock Café logo and rock’n’roll designs. Open from 9 a.m.-1 a.m. Sun-Thurs., 9 a.m.-2 a.m. Fri.-Sat., Hard Rock Café, 3771 Las Vegas Blvd. S. 702-733-7625. Silver Post Jewelry store that specializes in Native American Indian turquoise and silver jewelry, artifacts, and pottery. 10:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. MonSat., 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sun., 7680 Las Vegas Blvd. S. 702-227-3005. Sin City Smiles Get your smile red-carpet ready in only 20 minutes with these whitening services. 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sun., 3562 S. Maryland Pkwy. in Boulevard Mall. 702-732-8500. Starlight Tattoo Ink yourself at Mario Barth’s tattoo parlor, which uses three different tattooing methods. 10 a.m.-2 a.m. daily, Mandalay Bay. 702-255-7827. Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery Professional tattooing in a creative atmosphere. Noon-9 p.m. daily, 6020 W. Flamingo Road. 702-248-8762. Ultra Diamonds Offering a wide selection of diamond jewelry. Hours vary by location. Las Vegas Outlet Center, 702-260-8699; Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort, 702-784-0644; Las Vegas Premium Outlets, 702-385-2206. Wyland Galleries Features magnificent ocean paintings and other artwork by artist Wyland. Whether looking for whale or dolphin art, sculpture or other marinelife creations, you can find it here. Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort. 702-699-5363.

at the venetian


Winter 2011

SHOW LISTINGS Production Shows, Revues, Long-term Headliners Aria Resort & Casino (702) 590-7757vivaELVIS by Cirque du Soleil Bally’s Las Vegas (702) 967-4567 Jubilee! The Price is Right – Live


(702) 693-7722

Las Vegas Hilton

(702) 732-5111

Shimmer Cabaret Greg London Gilbert Gottfried Trent Carlini Mark Curry Las Vegas Hilton Showroom Triumph… Luxor

(702) 262-4400

CrissAngel: Believe


Atrium Theater Carrot Top Fantasy Menopause the Musical Mandalay Bay

(702) 632-7400

The Lion King – Mon.-Thurs. 7:30 p.m.,

Sat.-Sun. 4 & 8 p.m. MGM Grand (702) 891-7777 KA MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris David Copperfield

Caesars Palace (702) 731-7110 Celine Dion – starting March 15 Encore Las Vegas (702) 770-8000, 770-7000 Garth Brooks – Call for dates and show times Excalibur (702) 597-7600 Defending the Caveman Thunder From Down Under Tournament of Kings


(702) 388-2400

Fitz of Laughter starring Kevin Burke Marriage Can Be Murder Four Queens Hotel & Casino (702) 405- 4700 L.A. Comedy Club

Flamingo Las Vegas

(702) 733-3333

Donny & Marie George Wallace Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Vinnie Favorito X Burlesque Gold Coast

(702) 251-3574

Golden Nugget

(702) 386-8100

Gordie Brown Country Superstars

Hard Rock (702) 693-5000 Supernatural Santana Tiesto

Harrah’s Las Vegas

(702) 369-5222

Defending the Caveman Improv Comedy Club Legends in Concert Mac King Comedy Magic Hooters Casino Hotel (702) 739-9000

Bobby Slayton Men of X Purple Reign The Tribute Show The Dirty Joke Show Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino /imperial-palace/hotel-casino (702- 731-3311

Divas Las Vegas starring Frank Marino Smokey Robinson Presents Human Nature Matsuri


continued from page 139 Palazzo

(702) 607-7777

Jersey Boys



Paris Las Vegas (702) 946-7000

TAO: The Asian Celebration Crazy Girls Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show Dr. Scott Lewis, Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist The Riviera Comedy Club

Planet Hollywood

Royal Resort


Red Skelton Show: A Tribute to Brian Hoffman Super Duper Show Superstar Voices in Concert starring Larry G. Jones

Barry Manilow Anthony Cools (702) 785-5555 Planet Hollywood V Theater in Miracle Mile Shops

(702) 932-1818

Mirage (702) 792-7777

Cirque du Soleil Presents The Beatles “Love” Terry Fator

Monte Carlo

(702) 730-7777 Frank Caliendo Jabbawockeez

New York-New York

(702) 740-6969

American Storm Hitzville The Mentalist Mesmerized Sin City Comedy Show Stripper 101 Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding V-the Ultimate Variety Show Aussie Improv Comedy Explosion Piano Las Vegas Echoes of the 60’s Saxe Theater


(702) 365-7111

(702) 932-1818

Harmon Theater

Headliners Every Weekend

(702) 836-0830; (702) 836-0833


Amazing Johnathan

(702) 697-2711


The Dirk Arthur Show Palace Station

(702) 367-2411

(702) 734-5110

(702) 735-6117 Master Mystifier Dixie Dooley


(702) 737-2111

The Magic and Tigers of Rick Thomas Striptease Stratosphere

(702) 380-7777

American Superstars – Bite Suncoast (702) 636-71 Headliners Every Weekend

Treasure Island

(702) 894-7111

Vegas the Show Zen Magic The Beatles Show


Chippendales, The Show Penn & Teller

(702) 944-3200

Playboy Comedy

KA at the MGM Grand

Rio (702) 777-7777

(702) 386-2110

The Rat Pack Is Back

Louie Anderson


Tropicana (702) 739-2222

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club Sideswipe Yesterday – A Tribute to the Beatles Recycled Percussion Vegas Club Fremont Street Experience

Venetian (702) 414-1000

Rita Rudner Blue Man Group Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular Tim Allen

Louie Anderson at palace station

Wynn Las Vegas

(702) 770-7000

Le Reve Sinatra Dance With Me

Art Galleries Centaur Art Galleries

in the Fashion Show Mall & Las Vegas Strip 3200 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 1040, Las Vegas (702) 737-1234

Blue Stone Gallery

2240 Village Walk Drive # 132 Henderson, NV 89052 702-458-9979 Carrara Galleries

1236 Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-877-4299

Erotic Heritage Museum

3275 Industrial Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 702 369-6442


Winter 2011

Jack Gallery

3950 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, Nevada 702-632-4770 Jack Gallery

3377 Las Vegas Boulevard S, No. 2275 Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-866-6813 Neil Leifer Gallery

Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace Hours from 10am-10pm Admission Free. See all the legendary photos by celebrated photographer Neil Liefer all available for purchase including Muhammad Ali standing over a fallen Sonny Liston, Secretariat winning the Kentucky Derby and President John F. Kennedy with Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson after throwing out the first pitch of the 1961 baseball season. Symbolic Gallery

4631 Dean Martin Dr. 702-507-5263 Old Town Gallery - Henderson Art Association

10 W. Pacific Street Henderson, NV 89015 702-568-5655

S2 Art Center

1 East Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104 702-868-7880 Wyland Galleries of Las Vegas

3667 Las Vegas Blvd. S Las Vegas, NV 702-699-5363 Gainsberg Studio

1039 S. Main St.# 130 Las Vegas, NV. 89101 702-249-3200 Rita Rudner at The Venetian

Past Editions of

Peter Lik Gallery

3500 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 836-3310

City Center Gallery

3780 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas , Nevada (702) 590-7757

are available at

University of Nevada Art Gallery

Donna Beam Fine Art 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, Nevada 702.895.3205 Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art

3600 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-693-7871


1725 South Rainbow Blvd. Suite 5, Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-256-9134 Original paintings in oils, acrylics, water color, pastels, etc., by award winning artists. Call for hours.

Michael Gottard Art Gallery & Store

PEEPSHOW at Planet Hollywood

3700 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103 702-363-4278


Where to buy the products you’ve seen in the pages of

Covers: Front Cover, Pages 16, 19, 20: Rita Rudner wearing a Camille Flawless short Sleeved Black Swarovski Crystal Neck line fitted black ribbed dress, available at Camille Flawless at the Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Suite 2115, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 702.733.3090. Inside Cover, Page 25: Model wearing White French lace embellished with all Swarovski crystals from head to toe, available at Camille Flawless at the

Venetian,3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Suite 2115, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 702.733.3090. Inside Pages: Pages 1, 96, 97: Model wearing 14k gold plated mini dress is all chain mail, available at Camille Flawless at the Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Suite 2115, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 702.733.3090. Pages 2, 3: Model is wearing Black and White French Silk, with meshing sleeves, with Leather Swarovski Belt, available at Camille Flawless at the

spa mio

Relaxation | Beauty | Fitness | Essential Products

Spend Some Mio Time

Spa Mio offers 23,000 square feet and 16 treatment rooms plus sauna, steam and Jacuzzi wet areas to provide you with the tools to revitalize this winter. World-class services and expert care are the cornerstones for maintaining a beautiful and healthy lifestyle.

Take advantage of Spa Mio’s

Buy One Service Get One 1/2 OFF!* *Mention offer code RMSPA when booking appointment and present this ad to Spa Mio representative upon arrival.

Buy one service at full price and receive the second one for half off. Half price service must be of equal or lesser value. Offer may not be combined with any other offers. Both services must be received on the same day. Promotion expires 12/30/11. Management reserves all rights.


Book Your Appointment Today!


Winter 2011

Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Suite 2115, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 702.733.3090. Pages 4, 5: Model is wearing Blue Dress all in a French lace, hand painted with metallic paint with cobalt Swarovski crystals, with ostrich feather on the back of the gown, available at Camille Flawless at the Venetian,3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Suite 2115, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 702.733.3090. Pages 6: Model wearing an Ostrich black feathers crystal Swarovski beads embellished on a black vintage lace, available at Camille Flawless at the Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Suite 2115, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 702.733.3090. Pages 13, 25: Model wearing Camille Flawless Designs, available at Camille Flawless at the Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Suite 2115, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 702.733.3090. Page 27: Cerca Trova Jewelry, can be found at Vegas Royalty Boutiques in Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, 3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV, 89109. Phone: 702. 731.1956. HOURS: Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, located next to TAO Nightclub, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV, 89109. HOURS: Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. Mandalay Place, 3930 South Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 118, Las Vegas, NV, 89119. 702.795.2588 HOURS: Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. Rio Hotel Casino, 3700 West Flamingo Rd., Unit 3, Las Vegas, NV, 89103. HOURS: Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. New York New York Hotel Casino, 3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV, 89109. 702.739.5875 HOURS: Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. Or visit us at www. Page 31: “Smokin’ Mona ‘The girlfriend has just has a bit more cleavage, and her  unmistakable smile says, “What goes on in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” Original 30x40 oil: $10,500.00, Giclee’ reproduction: 30x40 hand embellished by artist: $650 plus shipping. “Smokin’ Mona” tongue in cheek, masterful painting inspired by DaVinci executed by award winning artist, Beti Kristof. Inspired by Las Vegas, her home town,  the artist  paints a  casino strip background  with  the cigar afficinato, Mona Lisa. Email:,, or 702.683.7193 Page 34: Artwork by Carmen Grey: Pride and Joy a set of two pieces in blue see image on page 36 shown just Pride is willing to split the set, original abstract mixed media, 24 x 48 Acrylic: $5200.00 each see website at or contact her directly at 818.746.6014. Page 110: Photography by Ted Darst; Winter Art can be purchased in poster sizes by contacting Ted Darst directly at tedsphotos@live. com. Page 112: Image of dock in Dunnellon, Florida Kissing Required by Fred Lopez. This and other images by Lopez can be viewed and purchased at Page 143: Men’s Shagmee Linen Collection available on line at


Photo by Bill Beebee


Winter 2011


“Best Restaurant with a View”

IN THE ITALIAN TRADITION. Everything is good in moderation. What you can experience in abundance is unprecedented hospitality in the Italian tradition at Panevino Ristorante, a premier Las Vegas dining destination. The view is dazzling. The dining experience will leave you breathless. We welcome you with open arms to become part of our family of guests. Enjoy authentic Italian dishes skillfully crafted by world renowned Chef Mario Andreoni.



246 Via Antonio Ave

Sunset Road one block east of Las Vegas Blvd


Visit us online at

Risqué Las Vegas Winter 2011  

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