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Many people feel intimidated when it comes time to find a doctor. Whether they need a specialist or a general practitioner, that list of names in the phone book can be off putting. Some surveys suggest that people actually put off getting health care they know they need simply because they are overwhelmed by the process of getting in to see a physician. Others choose to just go to their local walk-in clinic or emergency room because they don't know how to find a doctor. If this behavior speaks to you, you should know that the search for a local physician need not be so traumatic. With a few easy decisions, you can narrow your search, make the right calls, and be in the waiting room before you know it. Remember, this is your health in question here; don't let procedure keep you from getting the care you need. One of the best places to start, if your insured, is with your insurance company. They should have provided you with a list of in-network physicians when you signed up for the plan. If you don't have this list, give them a call and get them to help you out. Have them give you some choices when it comes to physicians in the specialty you need. If you're not sure of that, browse the internet with the problem you're having. It should be easy to come up with a discipline that matches your problem. When you get the choices from your provider, you'll be one step closer to setting up an appointment. The next step is to do a little elimination based on location. There's usually no need to travel across town to see a physician. If it's a limited specialty, that may be the case, but otherwise you should be able to find someone relatively close. Cross off the choices you have that are too far away. If you prefer a male or a female, you can make some easy eliminations based on that as well. Don't worry about your prejudices right now. If you want a physician of a certain race, ethnicity, sex, etc, feel free to find one that matches your desires. You need to have full trust with your physician and the first step towards that is finding one you're comfortable with. Finally, find a website that can help you find a doctor. Many sites are out there that will give your reviews and opinions that can help make your choice a lot easier. After looking through the ratings, you should be able to make your final eliminations and have a physician that you want to see.

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==== ==== Learn How to Find a Doctor ==== ====

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