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Semester 1 /2013

Group 12


The original image that I wanted to use was that of a tornado, for the fact that the spiral shape on the side intrigued me, but being unable to find any images of the correct scale I was forced to use an image of a shell instead.

Analytical Drawings

These are some drawings of the more noticeable features of the shell and recipes for each picture.

Rhino Exercises

While the program itself is somewhat easy to use, understanding what each piece does exactly and becoming familiar with the layout will take some time. Even doing something as simple as this took me a about an hour, though I did spend a long time watching each video while doing them.

Lecture and Reading Response

The lectures helped me get into a different mindset and the reading told me which mindset that is. When I look at something I usually see the object in its entirety and then break the object into a very technical blueprint or floor-plan. The objective for this though is to find something in nature that is made up of one simple thing and is just that thing repeated and contorted in different ways. I had little trouble finding the simple thing that made up an object, the trouble that I had was the way that it was contorted to make something entirely different than the original. The reading was able to help me by giving me a 'list' of basic designs to look out for, but the readings were of little else in helping me for the rest of the assignment. For the first stage of analytical approach, you have to simplify the picture down to base components, shapes and lines. The second stage is where you connect points together and contort those lines and shapes. The final stage is a more extreme instance of the contorting of shapes that is done in the second stage, but in this case you also extract further shapes at this point. The way that I have applied this approach to my own drawings is that I really only used the first stage discussed, since I would not know exactly what to look for in the second and third stages at this point of the class I just tried to break down the picture into some of the easier to spot pattern, which were the spiral, wave and the darkening / shading.

Virtual Environments Week 1 Journal  

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Virtual Environments Week 1 Journal  

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