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Wash Human Hair Wigs

An artificial head made of human hairs are human hair wigs. Different peoples have different reasons for wearing hair wigs. They may wear one as a fashion statement, or to support an important physical need. Any one can wear wig according to his or her requirement.

Products As we wash our hair same way we wash our human hair wigs but with some precautions otherwise wig will get damaged. And also using the wrong care products or washing techniques can drastically reduce the life expectancy of your human hair wig.

Washing human hair wigs  

Brush the wig to remove tangles. Fill the bucket with cold water and mix two capfuls of shampoo. Place the wig gently into the bucket. Don,t twirl the wig. Remove the wig from soapy water and rinse with clean water in the same direction of hairs. Repeat above steps with 2 capfuls of conditioner. Dry the wig with towel but don't twist.

Always purchase a good wig shampoo. Regular shampoo may contain too much alcohol, which if used continuously, can slowly break down the wig. It's important to put the protein back into the hair after washing and before conditioning, so purchasing a wig protein spray is essential to keeping the hair strands from becoming brittle. Purchasing a good color retention product will help secure your color from washing out. For more information, visit here :



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wash human hair wigs  

how to wash human hair wigs

wash human hair wigs  

how to wash human hair wigs