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Stylish & Sturdy Bible Covers LEATHER-LOOK/CANVAS FABRIC WITH STAMP EMBLEM BIBLE COVERS •Sturdy, hard cover front & back panels • Comes with pen loop, ribbon bookmark, and fish zipper pull







(enlarged to show detail) (enlarged to show detail)

788200544608 “Explore, Seek, Find” (L) Leather-look/Canvas with PVC Patch

788200544615 “Strong & Courageous” (L) Leather-look/Canvas with PVC Patch

DELUXE LEATHER-LOOK BIBLE COVERS WITH EMBOSSED DESIGNS •Sturdy, hard cover front & back panels • Comes with pen loop, ribbon bookmark, and fish zipper pull

$24.99 EACH

788200544486 Set Your Mind

788200544509 Show Me the Wonders

788200544493 Unshakable Faith

788200544479 Stand Firm

Baby’s 1st Christmas Photo Frame Ornament Holds 2.5" Dia. photo. 4"Dia. | $32.99 | 842-181-119-436

SPECIAL OFFER May Peace Surround You LED Musical Figurine Plays “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 6"H. | $30.00 $15.00 | 842-181-124-584

Let Earth Receive Her King Ornament 4" Dia. | $32.99 | 842-181-119-559

Unto Us A Child Is Born Musical Plays “O Holy Night”. 7"H. | $50.99 | 842-181-119-894

Let Heaven And Nature Sing Cross 7.25"H. | $40.99 | 842-181-119-856 Behold The Newborn King Limited Edition Figurine Limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide. 8.5"L x 5.5"W x 7.25"H. | $150.00 | 842-181-124-812

SPECIAL OFFER While Supplies Last! Angel Wings Table Runner Hand wash only. 68"L x 14"W. | $30.99 $20.14 | 842-181-101-479 PRECIOUS MOMENTS® © 2021 Precious Moments Company, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. | PRECIOUS MOMENTS, TEARDROP-SHAPED EYE DESIGN and all related marks, logos, and characters are trademarks of Precious Moments, Inc. Used with permission.

Since 1955, Original Manufacturer of

Bible Indexing Tabs

The best selling tab for THE best seller. FILING, INDEXING & LABELING



Family Owned & Operated Since 1955






Large Print



Camo Tabs-u-Create



58330 | UPC 084371583300 | Gold Bible Tabs Old & New Testament Including Catholic Books 58331 | UPC 084371583317 | Gold Bible Tabs Old & New Testament 58339 | UPC 084371583393 | Silver Bible Tabs Old & New Testament 58344 | UPC 084371583447 | Large Silver Bible Tabs Old & New Testament Including Catholic Books 58346 | UPC 084371583461 | Rainbow Bible Tabs Old & New Testament 58347 | UPC 084371583478 | Rainbow Spanish Bible Tabs Old & New Testament Including Catholic Books 58348 | UPC 084371583485 | Rainbow Bible Tabs Old & New Testament Including Catholic Books

there’s a new game in town

End Game Press provides beautiful books and captivating titles with quality content your whole family will enjoy this holiday season. ENCOURAGEMENT FOR MOMS BEDTIME WITH MOMMY Releases 8/24/21 HB: 978-1-63797-000-3 $8.99



GUARD YOUR HEART & HOME: Pursuing Peace in Your NAVIGATING MINEFIELDS: Living Space A Young Man’s Blueprint for Releases 9/7/21 Success on Life’s Battlefield HB: 978-1-63797-002-7 Releases 9/28/21


HB: 978-1-63797-004-1 $17.95

ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT REVIVED & RENOVATED: Real Life Conversations on the Intersection of Home, Faith and Everything In Between Releases 11/9/21 HB: 978-1-63797-008-9 $19.99

ENCOURAGEMENT FOR FAMILIES DACHSHUND THROUGH THE SNOW Releases 10/12/21 HB: 978-1-63797-006-5 $18.99



B B*













christmas décor


A. 656200543917 | $15.00 B. 656200544174 | $15.00 C. 656200543849 | $32.50 D. 656200198865 | $3.00 E. 656200545744 | $2.50

F. 656200964453 | $2.50 G. 656200964415 | $2.50 H. 656200545713 | $2.50 I. 656200199121 | $3.00 J. 656200544600 | $5.00


K. 656200544532 | $4.00 L. 656200544426 | $4.00 M. 656200544419 | $4.00







Jesus-Centered Christmas Gifts for Adults and Teenagers!

Jesus-Centered Bible, NLT

Eyewitness: The Visual Bible Experience

Discover Jesus from cover to cover with the Jesus-Centered Bible! Distinctive blue lettering helps you quickly and easily discover what’s most important in the Bible: Jesus.

Discover God’s heart and his unconditional love for you!

Turquoise leatherette | ISBN 978-1-4707-4484-7 Charcoal leatherette | ISBN 978-1-4707-4485-4 Cranberry leatherette | ISBN 978-1-4707-4270-6 Saddle leatherette | ISBN 978-1-4707-4271-3 Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-4707-4311-6 $24.99-$34.99 (In Canada $32.99-$46.49)

Through visually stunning illustrations by artists from around the world and Bible stories written in first person, you’ll discover what it means to have a personal relationship with God. In this beautiful book, you’ll experience the Bible in a way that will transport you back in time to discover just how much God loves his people—including you!

Jesus-Centered Daily: See. Hear. Touch. Smell. Taste. This thought-provoking, senseengaging, 365-day devotional experience starts with Jesus at the center, so you can focus on building a relationship with him on a daily basis in a more doable way. ISBN 978-1-4707-5960-5 $16.99 (In Canada $22.99)

ISBN 978-1-4707-5957-5 Regular Price $39.99 (In Canada $53.99)

Check out these great devotions and coloring books, too! Coloring book

The Jesus Interruption: Embracing My True Identity in the Messiness of Momhood

Center Your Life on Jesus: A 40-Day Devotional

Drawn In: A Perfectly Messy Way to Experience Jesus

Namesake: Revealing Who Jesus Says I Am

ISBN 978-1-4707-4845-6 $14.99 (In Canada $19.99)

ISBN 978-1-4707-4274-4 $14.99 (In Canada $19.99)

ISBN 978-1-4707-4285-0 $14.99 (In Canada $19.99)

ISBN 978-1-4707-4277-5 $12.99 (In Canada $17.49)

Coloring book

The Simple Truth Bible: The Best Minute of Your Day

Destination Life: Navigating Your Future With Jesus

The Jesus-Centered Life: 40 Devotions for Teenagers

ISBN 978-0-7644-9139-9 $9.99 (In Canada $13.49)

ISBN 978-1-4707-4844-9 $14.99 (In Canada $19.99)

978-1-4707-4010-8 $6.99 (In Canada $9.49)

Reflecting on the Names of Jesus ISBN 978-1-4707-4278-2 $12.99 (In Canada $17.49)

Faith-based Christmas Gifts for Kids!

NEW! Notes From Jesus Gift Set

NEW! All Day Long, God Loves Me Gift Set

Friends With God Story Bible:

Grow your kids’ faith and friendship with Jesus!

This Christian gift set is perfect for helping little ones know that God always loves them!

Why God Loves People Like Me by Jeff White

This Christian gift set is perfect for kids ages 6+ to get to know Jesus as their new best friend. And they’ll learn to praise Jesus through fun and joyful worship. Complete with the bestselling Notes From Jesus book, a music download card with 10 catchy, faith-based songs made just for kids (and a bonus bookmark!), and a fun custom bag. This set makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, baptisms, and more—virtually any time kids in your life need to know Jesus is on their side.

Children will see firsthand how much God loves them as they fly along with Skyler in the bestselling All Day Long, God Loves Me board book, and they’ll sing and dance to Skyler’s 10 favorite tunes included on the download card.

Children meet Bible-times friends who share their thrilling stories, each from their own view. With each stunningly illustrated page, kids see how God has always loved and worked through everyday people just like them!

Plus, they’ll get these treasured gifts in a fun Skyler tote bag they can carry along wherever they go!

BONUS! Free augmented reality app lets kids collect virtual collectible cards for each of God’s Bible friends.

EAN 12100003-2139-8 $16.99 (In Canada $22.60)

ISBN 978-1-4707-4861-6 $19.99 (In Canada $26.49)

EAN 121000032-2138-1 $16.99 (In Canada $22.60)

Plus powerful devotions, music, journals, and more! Top Pick

Top Pick

Notes From Jesus: What Your New Best Friend Wants You to Know ISBN 978-1-4707-5029-9 | $7.99 In Canada $10.99

All Day Long, God Loves Me ISBN 978-1-4707-4859-3 | $6.99 In Canada $9.49

I Am Friends With God Journal

Friends With God Activity Book

ISBN 978-1-4707-5315-3 | $12.99 In Canada $17.49

ISBN 978-1-4707-5316-0 | $5.99 In Canada $7.99

Friends With God Devotions for Kids

Friends With God Sing-Along Songs: Music CD

ISBN 978-1-4707-4862-3 | $16.99 In Canada $22.49

EAN 12100003-0572-5 | $12.99 In Canada $17.49

Friends With God Discover How to Read the Bible

Friends With God Discover How to Pray

ISBN 978-1-4707-5504-1 | $9.99 In Canada $13.49

ISBN 978-1-4707-5502-7 | $9.99 In Canada $13.49

703800-082176 First Christmas Wassail $7.50 MSRP

703800-081391 O Holy Night Ball Ornament $12.00 MSRP

703800-075536 Christmas Blessings Embroidered Tea Towel $9.00 MSRP

Beyond the worldwide pandemic, wars, racism, hatred and fear, there is peace. BREATH OF LIFE: THREE BREATHS THAT SHAPED HUMANITY PAPERBACK RELEASING

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021!

Now in production as a 3-part TV Series If we step back in time to the beginning, we can find our foundation again. The world began when God, the Creator of everything said, “Let there be light.” But the most miraculous moment had yet to become reality—when God breathed into Adam the Breath of Life and, with that one breath, shaped humanity into all of our glory and all of our failure. The choice of what we become is up to us. In this thoughtful and inspiring book, Daniel Kooman shares the creation story in a way you have never experienced it before. Original and refreshing, it anchors us in truth and reminds us every waking moment of the day that we are not alone in this fight. Yahweh is the very breath in our lungs.

Breath of Life is now a 3-part TV Series based on Daniel Kooman’s book. An original and inspiring series directed by The Kooman Brothers (She Has A Name), Breath of Life features leading voices from the Church and media industry today including The Chosen TV Series Creator Dallas Jenkins and actor Jonathan Roumie, Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK), Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus


OCTOBER 29, 2021!

Video Premiere Tickets available at


Culture Music, Rabbi Kirt Schneider of Discovering The Jewish Jesus, and Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Fazale Rana from Reasons to Believe, unpacking and adding personal insight to the revelations shared in Breath of Life, the book.



September 28, 2021

October 27, 2021

October 27, 2021

ISBN: 978-0-578-85486-1

ISBN: 978-0-578-93365-8

ISBN: 978-0-578-95031-0 UPC: 195893136377

800-444-4484 or 724-334-7000

Paperback Speedy: 256210 Paperback/DVD Combo Speedy: 266063

Christmas 2021 The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said change is the only constant in life. But the world has experienced so much upheaval that Change Has Changed. Leadership architect and change strategist Sam Chand sets out to help leaders understand the evolving nature of change so that they can guide their organizations with wisdom and confidence. Change Has Changed 978-1-64123-719-2 | $16.99

Britney Ruby Miller has fought battles of rejection, low self-esteem, family tragedy, infidelity, infertility, and more. But through it all, God was faithful. Now the CEO of a chain of successful, high-end steakhouses, Britney offers her recipe for attaining a 5-Star Life. 5-Star Life 978-1-64123-750-5 | $24.99

In End-Time Shaking and Revival, best-selling author Guillermo Maldonado encourages you to respond correctly to the divine shakings in your life and in the world so that you can avoid God’s judgment and be filled with His Holy Spirit. End-Time Shaking and Revival 978-1-64123-770-3 | $15.99

This advent devotional allows hassled Christians to daily redeem the busiest month of the year using seasonal reflections by the “Prince of Preachers,” Charles Spurgeon. Joy Upon Joy 978-1-62911-958-8 | $12.99

The key to America’s future begins with exploring our past. In Freedom Is Costly, But Priceless, Dave Meyer shares the importance of our nation’s true history and outlines how to take meaningful steps to make a positive change in government and society. Freedom Is Costly, But Priceless 978-1-64123-785-7 | $15.99

The inspirational flow of the Holy Spirit shines God’s life, hope, joy, provision, and wisdom into any situation you may be facing. Best-selling author Joshua Mills explains how to embrace that atmosphere of Creative Glory. Creative Glory 978-1-64123-715-4 | $16.99

Also Available: Creative Glory Study Guide 978-1-64123-766-6 | $12.99

From the beginning of time, God endowed people with His creative power, intending for them to rule and steward over all the earth. Creative Fusion by Charity Bowman-Webb uncovers the interlinking tabernacle pattern God laid out in His Word so we can reclaim His creative DNA. Creative Fusion 978-1-64123-745-1 | $16.99

Women have the power to shape society for the better—but they are often are so focused on others that they lose sight of the dreams God has planted in their hearts. With scriptural insights and godly wisdom, Pastor Omayra Font encourages women to realize that theirs is A Dream Worth Pursuing. A Dream Worth Pursuing 978-1-64123-760-4 | $16.99

Walking in Prophecy, Signs, and Wonders by Glenda Jackson shows how God can work powerfully in your life, bringing to pass what He has ordained for us. Discover what it means to be a prophetic watchman and a vessel for God’s glory in these momentous days before Christ’s return. Walking in Prophecy, Signs & Wonders 978-1-64123-783-3 | $16.99 The 12 Gifts of Christmas 978-1-64123-148-0 | $14.99

The Christmas Admirer 978-1-62911-894-9 | $13.99

Through a pursuit of God’s Word and truth, Dr. Henry Wright began a lifelong journey of learning the spiritual roots of disease and blockages to healing. In these new books, he exposes the spiritual roots of high blood pressure, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Autoimmune Diseases 978-1-64123-754-3 | $8.99 Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Diabetes 978-1-64123-756-7 | $8.99 Exposing the Spiritual Roots of High Blood Pressure 978-1-64123-752-9 | $8.99

These sixty-day devotionals are designed to help Enneagram Threes, Fives, and Eights better understand how God created them and how best to use their unique gifts to serve Him and love others. $16.99 Each The Achiever | 978-1-64123-570-9 The Challenger | 978-1-64123-578-5 The Thinker | 978-1-64123-572-3 The Perfectionist | 978-1-64123-568-6 The Helper | 978-1-64123-507-5 The Individualist | 978-1-64123-509-9 The Guardian | 978-1-64123-574-7 The Enthusiast | 978-1-64123-576-1 The Peacemaker | 978-1-64123-511-2 Growing with the Enneagram (Leader’s Guide) 978-1-64123-747-5 | $12.99 PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THIS SERIES

Spiritual Renewal 978-1-64123-723-9 | $12.99

The Pilgrim Legacy 978-1-64123-768-0 | $9.99

Spiritual Warfare and the Armor of God 978-1-64123-788-8 | $14.99

Witchcraft in the Pews and Spiritual Warfare 978-1-64123-759-8 | $24.99

Dishing Up Devotions 978-1-64123-721-5 | $16.99

Dishing Up Devotions by Katie Trent infuses faith and fun to strengthen family relationships while nourishing the teaching parent’s soul. It features thirty-six weekly devotions, faith-building activities for the whole family, and baking recipes connected to the weekly character theme.

The Story of David and Goliath 978-1-64123-615-7 | $5.99 The Story of the Good Samaritan 978-1-64123-612-6 | $5.99

The Story of Creation 978-1-64123-614-0 | $5.99 The Story of Christmas 978-1-64123-687-4 | $5.99

Wipe-Clean Color Play & Learn Activity Books Away in a Manger 978-1-64123-527-3 | $14.99

Merry Christmas 978-1-64123-528-0 | $14.99

Hooray for Hockey Day! 978-1-64123-665-2 | $12.99

It’s Hockey Season 978-1-64123-664-5 | $12.99

Hockey Every Day, Every Way 978-1-64123-666-9 | $12.99

It’s Hockey Season tells the tale of two brothers, Blaine and Cullen, who love ice hockey and each other. Cullen is the all-star team captain and his brother Blaine, who has Down syndrome, is the team manager. Hooray for Hockey Day continues the story of brothers Blaine and Cullen while introducing new characters like Ann, who also has Down syndrome like Blaine, and Aiden, a hockey player with one leg. Hockey Every Day, Every Way, the third book in the Drop the Cup series, is inspired by Lila, a real-life hockey player with cerebral palsy who also happens to be one of the fastest skaters on ice.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2021 from Anchor Distributors  

Gifts, books, and more to add to this gift-giving season.

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 from Anchor Distributors  

Gifts, books, and more to add to this gift-giving season.

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