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Star Wars: A New Hope “But before you leave us, we must demonstrate the power of this station once and for all, in a conclusive fashion. In a way, you have determined the choice of subject for this demonstration. Since you have proven reluctant to supply us with the location of the rebel stronghold, I have deemed it appropriate to select as an alternate subject your home planet of Alderaan” “No! You can’t! Alderaan is a peaceful world, with no standing armies. You can’t….” Tarkin’s eyes gleamed. “You would prefer another target? A military target perhaps? We’re agreeable…name the system.” He shrugged elaborately. “I grow tired of such games. For the last time, where is the main rebel base?” A voice announced over a hidden speaker that they had approached within antigrav range of Alderaan – approximately six planetary diameters. That was enough to accomplish what all of Vader’s infernal devices had failed to. “Dantooine,” she whispered, staring at the deck, all pretence at defiance gone now. “They’re on Dantooine.” Tarkin let out a slow sigh of satisfaction, then turned to the black figure nearby. “There, you see, Lord Vader? She can be reasonable. One need only frame the question properly to elicit the desired response.” He directed his attention to the other officers. “After concluding our test here we shall make haste to move on to Dantooine. You may proceed with the operation gentlemen.” It took several seconds for Tarkin’s words, so casually uttered, to penetrate. “What!” [Leia] Organa finally gasped. “Dantooine,” Tarkin explained, examining his fingers, “is too far from the centers of Imperial population to serve as the subject of an effective demonstration. You will understand that for reports of our power to spread rapidly through the empire we require an obstreperous world more centrally located. Have no fear, though. We will deal with your rebel friends on Dantooine as soon as possible. “But you said….” Organa started to protest. “The only words which have meaning are the last ones spoken,” Tarkin declared cuttingly. “We will proceed with the destruction of Alderaan as planned. Then you will enjoy watching us as we obliterate the Dantooine center of this stupid and futile rebellion.” Source: Lucas, G. (1976/1995). Star Wars: A New Hope. New York: Ballantine Books. 138-139

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