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Kevin’s Dilemma Kevin and his friends were standing on their tip-toes. This was their one chance to talk to their President, but they could barely even see him. The President and his government officials only came to town once a year in their country. “There must be a million people crammed into the building” Kevin mumbled to his friends. Kevin had several important issues he wanted to talk to the President about. Kevin really wanted lower taxes. He was tired of paying taxes on food, his property, and even the gas for his car. The government took taxes out of all his pay checks. How could he ever reach the President to talk about this important issue? There was a mob of people in Kevin’s way who all had their own issues to talk about. Kevin became really frustrated. What kind of government is this? With so many people, it was impossible to have his voice heard. Kevin complained to his friends and said, “Let’s just go home because there is no chance we will ever be able to talk with the President and his officials about our issues.” Kevin’s friend Jeremy said, “Yeah, I really wish there was somebody to conduct government on our behalf.” Suddenly a mysterious man popped out from behind a fat lady who was standing next to Kevin and said, “I couldn’t help overhearing your problem boys.” The mysterious man continued to say, “Let me tell you about a democracy in a faraway land where the people elect individuals to conduct government on their behalf.” Kevin and his friends eagerly listened to the mysterious man because they loved learning about Civics and government. What an interesting subject! The man said, “There is a country called the United States, and over 300 million people live there.” Kevin replied, “Wow, that is a ton of people.” “How do they all talk to the President.” The mysterious man enlightened the boys. He said, “Well, in the United States the people elect individuals to conduct government on their behalf.” Kevin was unsure of what the mysterious man meant. Luckily the mysterious man explained what he meant in the form of a diagram he whipped out of his pocket. He had kept his notes from 8th grade Civics class, which was his favorite class ever! After carefully looking at the diagram Kevin and his friends realized that they needed this kind of government in their country. By using this system, the opinions and views of all citizens could be heard by the government. It was so much easier than waiting in a mob of people to speak to the President when he came through town! Kevin and his friends wished they lived in the country that the mysterious man described. It sounded like all citizens in that country really understood the fundamentals, or basics, of government!

Kevin's Problem