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Lake Gross Cafeteria and Samuel There were ten people who worked in the cafeteria at Lake Gross Middle School. They planned the menu, prepared the food, and served it to the students each day. The cafeteria was organized just like a democracy. Each year the cafeteria workers elected someone else to represent them as cafeteria leader or "Top Chef." This year they elected Samuel as their leader. Samuel was a good Top first. But then he started to make decisions that made everyone worry. First, Samuel decided that every Friday the cafeteria was serving fish sticks and spicy tomatoes. No other options were allowed. (These were Samuel's favorite foods, obviously.) Then, Samuel made the decision to make all of cafeteria workers wear JMU DUKES helmets every day. You had to wear purple and gold to enter the kitchen.

The other cafeteria workers were getting mad. They had chosen Samuel to be in charge but now he was making rules for the cafeteria that they totally disagreed with. They hated fish sticks, and the students complained about the spicy tomatoes every Friday. The workers didn't even like football, so they thought it was ridiculous that they had to wear JMU helmets to work. They were really feeling sorry that they chose Samuel to be in charge, and they wish they had never given him any control over the cafeteria rules.

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