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November 2012

Jill Shevlin, ASID Inter ior Designer 772.978.1998 FL LIC #ID0004636

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Interior Design for Every Style...

New residence Millbrook, New York

Note from Jill

See pg. 45 on designer’s profile

Welcome to the premiere issue of Vero Home, Life and Design magazine! This project has been a labor of love for me and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. With that said, I would like to take just a moment to thank all of the wonderful and talented people on my team who have supported me in pulling this together. I could not have done it without their love and support and I am eternally grateful for each and every one of them. Our fabulous and gracious participants blew me away, one after the next, with their willingness, not only to share part of their lives, but in the extraordinary effort they put into answering all our crazy questions. Again, I want to thank everyone. My ultimate hope is that through this venture we can create a greater sense of community by simply getting to know one another better. Please enjoy.

Jill Shevlin Creative Force

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Making any dream of a client’s a possibility.

“I love what I do and try my best always.”


Editors Picks Decorative Arts Iron Athletes


Chef David Rodriguez A Passion for Purple Fashion Designer Kristin Meek



Boutique Hotels Artist Profile Pro’s At Home Builder George Funk Young, Vibrant and Fresh.

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Follow your bliss.

A unique combination of creativity and efficient organization.


Cover to Cover Designer Tips New to Town


Soul Food Designer Profile


Business Bio’s Hot Properties

It’s never too late to fall in love.

shop local e at local spend local enjoy local It Takes You to Start the Trend

Beyond Black Tie Adoptables | November 2012


Support the local businesses who support the area where you live, work and play.

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Jill Shevlin

Larisa Yerastova

Aric Attas

Creative Force

Art Director/Designer

Director of Photography

Andrea Geldres

Cindy M. Leon

Elaine Ryan



Photographer | November 2012

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Fall Fare Autumn Colors the team

Vero home, life

editor’s picks

We don’t see much color change in Florida. Here are a few designer items with a color palate and texture inspired by the change of seasons.



Creative Force Jill Shevlin

Director of Photography Guru- Bosley Aric Attas










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Teak Ball | 5. Oly - Leather Pillow w/ Attached Leather Flowers | 6. Bliss- Paisley Pillow Hand Embroidered | 7. Arteriors - Benton Large Antique Brass/Glass Hurricane | 8. Arteriors - Augstine Organic Sculptures, Set of 3 | 9. Lazy Susan - Pearlized Gold Hand Blown Bottles November 2012 |


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must reads


books on design

Liven Up Your Coffee Table Southern Living * Style By Editors of Southern Living Magazine Oxmoor House

Golf Style By Vicky Moon Clarkson Potter

Living Modern Tropical Photographer Richard Powers & Writer Phyllis Richardson Thames & Hudson

Coastal Modern Tim Clarke Designer & Jake Townsend Writer & Noah Webb Photographer Clarkson Potter

Coastal Style Sally Hayden & Alice Whately Ryland Peters & Small

Glamour At Home By Nancy Corzine Rizzoli

British West Indies Style By Michael Connors Rizzoli

Beach House Style By Coastal Living Oxmoor House

Katie Ridder Rooms By Heather Smith MacIsaac Vendome Press

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Books photographed and available at the Vero Beach Book Center 2145 Indian River Blvd. Vero Beach, FL 32960 Photographer Aric Attas November 2012 |


Cover to Cover

must reads


books on florida

Learn a Little About the Area Photographer Aric Attas

Tales of Waldo E. Sexton

Homegrown in Florida

By George W. Gross

By William McKean

Treasured Waterss – The Indian River lagoon

Sexton, Inc.

University Press of Florida

By Camile S. Yates & Richard A. Kelly

The Rise And Fall Of Dodgertown

The Atocha Odyssey

By Rody L. Johnson

By Pat Clyne

University Press of Florida

Terrell Creative

The Tropic of Cracker By Al Burt

A History of Indian River County: A Sense of Place

University Press of Florida

By Sidney P. Johnson

Florida Simply Beautiful

Indian River County Historical Society

By James Randklew

Florida’s Fishing Legends and Pioneers By Doug Kelly University Press of Florida

FLORIDA Portrait of a State Graphic Arts Books

Pioneer River Press

Florida: Mapping the Sunshine State Through History By Vincent Virga & E. Lynne Wright Globe Pequot

Farcountry Press Books photographed and available at the Vero Beach Book Center 2145 Indian River Blvd. Vero Beach, FL 32960

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business profile

decorative arts 1923 Old Dixie Highway 772-563-0040 •

Downtown Darling What is your favorite item in the store right now? I am obsessing over these lucite antlers we have in the store right now. They are hanging on a wall near my desk and every time I look at them, I feel giddy.

What services do you offer? We have become a full service design center. We do everything from adding lamps to a room to doing a whole house. We have an awesome team of creative designers, stylists and customer service staff to really make any dream of a client’s a possibility.

What are some of your most popular items? Lamps have always been our best seller. We really scour the markets for unusual lamps. We also have amazing prints, pillows and upholstered pieces. We just got in these indoor/outdoor rugs in bright fun colors that have been getting a lot of attention.

How has your downtown location changed recently? When I first moved my shop to the downtown area it was literally just me and over the past 12 years, seriously talented artist and galleries have called this area home as well as some really fantastic restaurants. Antique shops have popped up (it is called the antique district, after all) and there are new and exciting restaurants opening up for the upcoming season (McGarvey’s Pub is right next door and Patisserie is across the street). Downtown is growing into what a downtown should feel like. Interesting and unusual with a major splash of creativity. Such a great blend and I couldn’t be more excited to be in the middle of it all.

Deb Daly owner



“When I first moved my shop to the downtown

area it was literally just me and over the past 12 years, seriously talented artist and galleries have called this area home as well as some really fantastic restaurants ”

Photographer Cindy M. Leon

What is your favorite part of being a store owner? My favorite part is getting to know my clients and seeing them again, season after season. I love attending markets and knowing what my clients like and bringing it into the store and calling them to say, “I think this would be great in your home and then they come in and love it”. It’s a win win!! Another favorite is when we get in shipments. Sometimes you order merchandise and it doesn’t come in for weeks and sometimes months, so it is always exciting to unbox merchandise and love it as much as you did when you ordered it at market.

Would you rather be young and rich or old and wise? I would rather be young and rich with an old wise soul... does that answer your question?

Best advise you’ve ever gotten!? Love what you do because then it will never seem like a day of work but a hobby.

When I wake up... I can’t wait to have my first cup of coffee that I make with my french press coffee maker. It’s my morning ritual.

If I weren’t doing what I’m doing today... I would be a fashion designer, living in Santa Monica, California.

The soundtrack of my life is... Flashdance. For more Q&A with Deb Daly visit

16 | November 2012

November 2012 |


Photographer Elaine Ryan


Iron Athletes

bike These athletes get more done before the sun comes up‌

18 | November 2012


November 2012 |



Personal Profile

Vatland Honda 700 US Highway 1 772-299-9797 •



“I have become a better athlete by training with those that are stronger than myself ”

Born and raised in Vero Beach




Kimberly Palmer

Fitness Director at The Moorings Club 1. Training for triathlon has taught me better

The Moorings Club 100 Harbour Drive 772-231-1004 •



time management. Without the practice of budgeting my time, I would not be able to do what needs to be done daily. 2. Group training help holds us accountable, it is much more fun to work out in a group.


1. On a typical day I wake up at 4:00am and start my training by 4:30 or 5:00am with what some in our group

3. The one thing I simply cannot train without

call the “mole people”. I get in a bike and/or run before work and then swim or weight train after work.

is my Garmin watch.

2. I rely 100% on my training group the Sunrunners Triathlon Club of Vero Beach for support.

4. Chocolate chip cookies are my “guilty

3. Oreos, in any form are my “guilty pleasure.”


4. I have faced all the things that make us want to quit exercising and training: injury, weight gain, weight loss,

5. I have learned the body can do more

work, school, family obligations, lack of motivation, not enough skill and failure to reach a goal. It is when we

than what we think it can. Each of us can

are able to push past that and start again that we are even stronger for the next race.

push faster and get stronger than we ever

5. A lesson I have learned from my sport is one can be humbled in an instant.destorehent odigendict.

imagined from just the outside looking in.

For more Q&A with Kimberly Palmer visit | November 2012

David Vatland

Vice President Vatland Honda

For more Q&A with David Vatland visit November 2012 |


Personal Profile


Never, never give up”

{ {

James Shafer, MD




Helen Shafer



“I am better at all things including my career because of this type of training”

Vero Neurology and Vero Orthopaedics 1155 35th Lane, Suite 100



Vero Neurology and Vero Orthopaedics 1155 35th Lane, Suite 100

1. Training for me is highly variable and depends of what type of race I am training for. I typically run 3 days

1. When I am training for a long distance triathlon race a typical day of training would consist of at least three exercises such as cycling,

per week, swim 3-5 times per week and ride 3 days per week with 5 days of light weight training and core

running, weight workout and/ or swimming.

strengthening. 90% of my training is completed before the sun comes up commonly starting at 5-530am.

2. As far as the importance of a congenial group of running and triathlon friends goes there is no comparison to the wealth and value of

2. I rely fairly heavily on my training friends for maintaining consistent motivation. Training with others

their support and camaraderie. We encourage and support each other. We work hard at training and we work harder at playing.

especially those that are faster is good motivation and allows for self-improvement.

3. The one thing I simply cannot train without is probably Caffeine initially to get me going. After that, I would say protein and

3. My favorite “guilty pleasure” is pizza and beer after a long race.

replenishing nutrients that your body uses up for such rigorous schedules. I am acutely aware of this.

4. Training is an outlet that grants me both mental and physical well being. I generally maintain 12-14 hour days

4. My favorite guilty pleasure is my all-time favorite “White wedding cake.”

on a regular basis without fatigue. My mental focus is better and I can devote full attention to my patients.

5. My favorite lesson which I also consider a great gift is that I learned to, “stay in the moment” which is taught by many athletic trainers

5. The most important lesson I’ve learned from my sport is that in all of life it is important to

to teach the athlete to truly understand the complete mind body connection that must exist to successfully compete in whatever event

“stay in the moment.”

you have chosen. For more Q&A with the Shafers visit | November 2012

November 2012 |



Barry Segal, P.A.

beach glamour





designer tip

Personal Profile

621 17th Street 772-567-5552


1. A typical training day starts between 5 a.m. and 6:30 and is normally wrapped up by the time my son has to go to school. 2. Training is all about my friends, that is what keeps it interesting and unique enough to otherwise be doing the same things over and over again. 3. The one thing I simply cannot train without is doughnuts. 4. Exercise is the best therapy and gives you an injection of energy and confidence that no drug can duplicate. Tests have shown that exercise increases mental functioning. On top of that, the relationships I have built cross over into work so I have built a significant client base with the people I have met out on the road. 5. Your body will do whatever your brain tells it that it can.

For more Q&A with Barry Segal visit

24 | November 2012



Favorite guilty pleasure? “For real? I eat everything.”



1. Arteriors - Dunston Iron Tree Sculpture | 2. Lazy Susan - Brass Twisted Wire Tubs | 3. Arteriors - Viola 4L Iron/Ivory Beaded Chandelier | 4. Curry and Company – Marchmont Sideboard | 5. Oly – Paris Resin Vases| 6. Name of Object Name of Object

November 2012 |


new to town

Vero’s Latin Fusion Location: 1785 Old Dixie Hwy. Vero Beach, FL 32960 | Downtown Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am – 8 pm Phone: 772-492-8917 Owner: Ricky Rivera Open Since: June 15, 2012 Delicious Spanish cuisine to go - take out and delivery only. Offers a unique combination of Spanish foods from Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Dominican Republic and Mexico. Their mission is to bring some of these tropical and flavorful dishes to our town.

intoxicating blend Ruby Red

Grapefruit gives this colorful cocktail a zing!

The grove


Location: 2115 14th Avenue. Vero Beach, FL 32960 | Downtown


Hours: 4:00 pm – 1:00 pm

1 ½ Parts

Phone: 772-633-7274

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

Owners: Jared Smith, Andy Capac & Eric Hessler

1 ½ Parts

Open since: September 28, 2012

Fresh Lime Juice¾Parts

Drinks and bar snacks.

Passion Syrup½ Parts Peychaud’s Bitters 1 Dash

Preparation In a cocktail shaker,

Patisserie Vero Beach Location: 1910 Old Dixie Hwy. Vero Beach, FL 32960 | Downtown Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sat 7:00 am – 2:00 pm Phone: 772-770-4122 Owners: Chef Mark Edmonds & Christian Garcia Opening Mid-October, 2012

combine all ingredients and fill with cubed ice. Shake hard until shaker is beaded with sweat. Double strain into chilled martini glass.

Bakery, Sandwiches & Espresso Photographer Aric Attas Stylist Cindy M. Leon

26 | November 2012

November 2012 |


local restaurant

CORK & TAPAS 2101 Indian River Blvd 772-226-5249 •

Chef Profile

David Rodriguez owner & chef


“My favorite meal is anything

that I do not have to make mysel ”


How long have you lived and been in business in Vero? I have lived in Vero for five years. I have been in business here for two, with Havana Club Cigar, a boutique cigar shop that caters to everyone who wants to come in and enjoy a hand rolled or brand cigar. Cork has been under my management since February.

What brought you here? Six-times Grammy Award Winner, Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio, introduced me to Vero Beach. They hired me to be their Executive Chef to open Costa d’Este Beach Resort. I was there for two and a half years until I decided to go out on my own.

Are you involved with any charities? I am very involved with many charities here in town, such as “Chef Chair” for the March of Dimes, “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” for Safe Space of Treasure Coast, and Hibiscus to mention just a few. I really enjoy giving back to the community, especially for kids who are less fortunate because they are our future.

What is your favorite meal? My favorite meal is anything that I do not have to make myself!

Do you cook at home?


My wife and I have been married for almost nineteen years. I have only cooked a few times at home and would like to keep it that way.

this page: Vanilla Panna Cotta with Red Wine Reduction. Opposite: 1. Cork Wedge Salad, Bleu

How is being a restaurant owner different from working for someone else?

Cheese, and Bacon. 2. Pan Seared Wild King Salmon, French Lentils and Indian

Being a restaurant owner has been very difficult, especially in today’s economy. I love what I do and I try my best always. It is often said a chef is as good as the last dish he puts out, and I work to live up to it.

River Citrus.

Would you rather be young and rich or old and wise? I would rather be old and wise because you can’t buy wise.

Best advise you have ever gotten!?

Photographers Aric Attas and Andrea Gelders

It is important to be humble.

If I weren’t doing what I’m doing today... I should have listened to my mother’s advice and become an attorney.

Happiness is...

For more Q&A with David Rodriguez visit

Living life and spending time with family and friends.

28 | November 2012


November 2012 |



passion for purple “This home is

truly my dream home - it has exceeded all my expectations and I look forward to enjoying it with friends and family for years to come.”

Photographer Aric Attas Stylist Cindy M. Leon Hair and Makeup Erica Del Valle


Fashioned Around the Homeowners Love of Purple Client, Builder and Designer Collaborate to Create a “Forever Home” Nestled Beside the Beach. Builder – GMF Custom Builders, George Funk Interior Design – Intrinsic Designs, Jill Shevlin


this page: 1. The Living Room. 2. A varied palate of purple speaks to the color softly while maintaining a color theme throughout.

Denise Battaglini 30

homeowner | November 2012

November 2012 |


this page: A custom purple beaded chandelier hangs above the dining table top made of a concrete composite.

How long have you lived in Vero? What brought you here? In March of this year - after almost 30 years with my company including six moves/six states and a lot of travel, I decided to retire to my “forever home” and plant roots in a community near the ocean and close to some very dear friends - and start “Chapter 2” of my life. For the previous three years I lived in Nashville - close enough for frequent visits here to Vero where I grew to love the area.

Are you involved with any charities or volunteering you would like to tell us about? I love dogs and am passionate about the cause of adoption. I remain on the Board of Directors of the Pedigree Foundation - which is all about supporting shelters and rescue organizations - and have started to get involved with the Humane Society of Vero Beach/Indian River County; I will Co-Chair this upcoming seasons’ Cause for Paws event.

When do you think you first fell in love with purple? I remember as a little girl ogling over my Aunt Virginia’s “fancy” living room which had purple chairs, and a big purple wooden flower in my Aunt Eleanor’s house. My own personal obsession began when I relocated to Las Vegas back in 1994 - I bought a dining room set with purple upholstered chairs which had to be special-ordered, and decorated the living room with accent pieces in shades of purple. Most people thought I was nuts. Ironically today the color is very popular.

What is the most unique purple item in your house? First thing that pops to mind is my funky purple toaster - but I also love the purplebeaded chandelier in the dining room, and the lavendar shag rug in the entrance way - a throwback to childhood when shag rugs were the thing.

What is the age of your home? It was originally built in 1996.

How extensive was the renovation? The original plan was kitchen and bathrooms only - but after consulting with George about a few other ideas to make the house “my own” - the renovation turned out to be substantial.

How painful or joyful was the renovation process? Would you do it again? What was the most difficult thing for you to decide on with regard to the home? The work started several months before I decided to retire, so the biggest challenge was doing this remotely while trying to get here as much as possible while the work was progressing. I completely underestimated the magnitude of the work and all the details/decisions that had to be made. George and his guys and the sub-contractors were great - and thank goodness for modern technology and having close friends who live nearby.

What is your favorite room in the house? That’s a tough one - there are things I love about every room - but I would say my favorites are the kitchen and family room - where I spend most of my time.


Continued on next page | November 2012

November 2012 |


How was the process of working with your designer?

this page: Custom designed and

Not having worked with a designer before, I had no pre-conceived expectations. Working with Jill has been a pleasure - we bonded right away through our common love of dogs, and she immediately “got” what I was envisioning when I showed up with a binder full of ideas I had pulled from magazines over the years. She never blinked about my preference for the challenging color palette preference - and she was able to translate my vision into reality - my home has the feel that I visioned - but the look is very unique.

end of the Family Room houses an

built millwork cabinetry at the assortment of nautical accessories, the TV and a fireplace. Opposite: The view from the Living Room to the Kitchen is framed by a new arch.

Is your home what you envisioned when you started the process? Is there anything you would change? This home is truly my dream home - it has exceeded all my expectations and I look forward to enjoying it with friends and family for years to come.

Would you rather be young and rich or old and wise? Old and wise - hands-down - there is nothing like life lessons.

Most fascinating place I’ve visited? Was in Paris a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it, a bicycle trip through Tuscany over 16 years ago still ranks as a highlight, and played a couple of sensational golf courses in Hawaii many years ago. Most fascinating, however - Colonial Williamsburg.

Best advise you’ve ever gotten!? Stay true to your values - and follow your passions - it’s never too late.

If I weren’t doing what I’m doing today... I would still be working - and missing out on all this fun.

Happiness is... Family and friends, dachshunds, a great bottle of wine, and a good round of golf with friends.

For more Q&A with Denise Battaglini visit

34 | November 2012


“My favorite rooms are the kitchen and family room – where I spend most of my time” November 2012 |



healthy eats

Rockin’ Raw

Asian Cabbage Raw Slaw The salad: 1 med- large red cabbage chopped into small pieces 3-4 large carrots grated 4 scallions (green onions) chopped Handful of parsley chopped The dressing: 1/2 cup almond butter 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 sesame oil 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to taste 1/4 cup water or as needed to thin dressing 2 cloves garlic fine chopped 1 inch peeled fine chopped ginger 3 tbs coconut aminos (can sub with other aminos or Nama shoyu) 1 teaspoon healthy salt or to taste

What is RAW Food? Food that has not been heated over 118 degrees, keeping enzymes, vitamins and minerals intact.


Hand mix all ingredients together blending until almond butter is dissolved and thick but pourable. A few reasons to add more RAW food to your plate:

Mix salad ingredients with dressing and toss until evenly coated. Enjoy!! Serves 8

You are what you eat! (ALIVE) Raw food will maximize your intake of beneficial enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are generally

Liz Franklin, Raw Food Chef 772-643-2213 •

reduced or destroyed in cooked food. Less time in the kitchen, more time in the (insert favorite pastime here)!!! Feel more alert, aware, and less foggy and groggy.

Opposite page: 1. Asian Cabbage

Feel alive.

Raw Slaw. 2. Home Made Garden Herb and Veggie Flax Crackers. 3. Creamy

Supplementing your diet with raw whole foods reduces

Garlic Cashew Hummus. 4. Beet Ravioli

your intake of other fatty, cholesterol ridden foods.

and Aged Cashew Cheese with Pickled Figs and Green Garlic Oil.

Raw, whole foods require less time digesting than heavy processed food. You will RE-hydrate your body, raw foods are full of water! Your body learns to eat less. As your food is full of nutrition

For more Q&A with Liz Franklin visit

it takes less for your body to feel full, therefore reducing the amount of food you crave or need.

36 | November 2012



Photographer Elaine Ryan

Creamy Garlic Cashew Hummus 2 cups raw cashews soaked overnight 3 tbs raw tahini paste 1/2 cup avocado 1/4 cup olive oil Juice from one lemon Clove of garlic 1 teaspoon paprika or to taste 1 teaspoon salt or to taste 1/2 teaspoon cumin or to taste Place all ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. Add paprika, cumin and salt to taste, garnish with additional paprika. Serve with fresh cut cucumber and carrot slices.


Serves 4 November 2012 |



Cruciferous Disease Fighters Low in calories and high in life-extending nutrients, green vegetables are your secret weapon to achieve incredible health. High cruciferous vegetable intake is associated with longevity and reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. The cruciferous vegetable family includes kale, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, broccoli rabe, mustard greens, watercress, turnip greens, collards, kohlrabi, arugula and radishes. Cruciferous vegetables are loaded with disease-protecting micronutrients and powerful

To Your Health Broccoli with Roasted Garlic and Shallots Recipe from

Dr. Fuhrman

Ingredients: 1/2 cup garlic cloves, peeled and halved 1 cup shallots, peeled and quartered no-salt-added or low sodium vegetable broth 1 bunch broccoli, cut into florets crushed red pepper flakes, to taste

compounds that promote detoxification, cool inflammation, halt tumor growth protect blood vessels. Don’t forget: cruciferous vegetables

Instructions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

must be chopped, crushed, or chewed well for maximum anti-cancer benefits

In a small, shallow pan, place the garlic and shallots and add

because the beneficial compounds

enough vegetable broth to just cover. Roast for 20-25 minutes.

are created only as the cell wall

When most of the liquid is dissolved and the garlic and shallots

is crushed and the enzymes

are tender, remove from oven.

released that fabricate the beneficial micronutrients. That’s

Meanwhile, bring 3/4 to 1 inch of water to a boil in a saucepan

right, the most protective

with a steamer. Add the broccoli to the steamer and cover.

phytochemicals are made in

Reduce heat to medium and let cook for about 10 minutes or

the mouth as the vegetable

until broccoli is just tender.

is chewed and the better you chew, the more of those anticancer compounds that can be

Combine broccoli with roasted garlic and shallots. Season to taste with red pepper flakes.

produced. Yours in good health.

Dr. Fuhrman

38 | November 2012

Serves: 4 Preparation Time: 30 minutes (active prep time)

November 2012 |


Doctor Novelist

D e r m ato l o g i s t p e n s c h i l l i n g me d i c a l t hr i l l er Dr. Patrick Ottuso Vero Beach Dermatology 1955 22nd Avenue 772-299-0085

Where do you get your inspiration? From my family, my wife and kids are central to this and I would like to make an impact and leave some a legacy behind for my children. Daily life brings inspiration, too. I think about the infections I have seen in my practice and how that translates.

About your book Kills 99.9%? My book is based on my experiences in both Florida and New York. I reflected upon and drew a lot from my teenage and young adult years growing up in New York. Much of my inspiration for the characters comes from personal experience, as well. I extrapolated from stories my nephew in New York has shared. He is part of the NYPD, and the police office in Kills 99.9% reflects some of his experiences.

If you weren’t doing what you are doing today... I would be in South America or The Galapagos Islands exploring marine life. Because I lecture on marine organisms that cause skin conditions, I would love to discover new sea creatures and further research them.

What is the perfect day for you?

You’re are not the only one reading this! Reach thousands of customers by advertising with Vero Home, Life & Design. Call 772.412.4873, visit or email for pricing.

Spending time in Italy with my family on the Amalfi Coast with my wife and children and parents would be a dream. I would love to spend some time in visiting a church in Naples to which my family is very dedicated. I have never been, but there are some fascinating miracles associated with my grandmother and the church.

For more Q&A with Patrick T. Ottuso, MD visit Photographer Elaine Ryan

40 | November 2012

November 2012 |


S u l o FooD

soul food

yoga Elise Mahovlich Living Yoga 333 17th Street, Suite K 772-978-1099 •

Have you ever watched the abandon with which children play? Yoga gives us tools for living and the quantitative experience of physically healing injuries, increasing strength and vitality, emotionally allowing us to be

qi-gong Mugs Holifield teaches Qi-Gong at The Yoga Pagoda, Trinity Church and the Vero Beach Yacht Club

accepting, non-judgmental and at home in our bodies. Yoga allows for mentally quieting the chatter and the endless loop of would haves, could haves, should haves; and above all, yoga helps us reclaim the joyful, playful, lightheartedness




“Always tell the truth and you never have to remember what you said. ”

we had as children. Yoga is the most fun

What are the 5 most beneficial aspects to Qi-Gong?

we can have as adults!

1. Breath.


2. Healthy Circulation and movement of energy. 3. Flexibility of joints. 4. Balance. 5. Moving Meditation and Relaxation. The soundtrack of my life is...Dances with Wolves.

Photographer Elaine Ryan

42 | November 2012

For more Q&A with Elise Mahovlich visit

For more Q&A with Mugs Holifield visit November 2012 |


Photographer Rob Karosis

Dr. Jill Jaynes (Acupuncture) Post Absolute Integrative Medicine

Jill Shevlin, ASID




In your professional opinion, what are the 5 most beneficial aspects to acupuncture?




2686 US Highway One 772-978-1998 •

333 17th Street, Suite P 772-770-6184


1. Improved health and overall quality of life 2. Stress reduction 3. Pain reduction 4. Improved and faster recovery from injury, illness and surgery 5. Emotional balance

1. I have been a designer for almost

For more Q&A with Jill Jaynes visit

20 years and started my design firm, Intrinsic Designs in 2001. My job is to create an environment that is a true reflection of the homeowners vision. 2. The most fascinating place I’ve visited are the Greek Islands, one

Sharon Warren Licensed Massage Therapist 1408 19th Street, Suite D 772-562-8905



today I would have a dog rescue and

4. The best advice I’ve ever gotten was to follow my heart.

What are the 5 most beneficial aspects to massage?

5. The soundtrack to my life is Tom Petty Running Down a Dream.

2. Recovery to injured or overused muscles 3. Increase joint flexibility

New residence Millbrook, New York

4. Enhance Immune system 5. Relieves emotional stress, anxiety, and depression For more Q&A with Sharon Warren visit


3. If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing

daycare facility…designer of course.

1. Stress reduction


word, amazing. | November 2012

Photographer Elaine Ryan

For more Q&A with Jill Shevlin visit

November 2012 |


pronounced: Ish–ka–bibbles

Meet Kristin Meek



1. The clothing is designed by me and my mom, Lori Long, designs the jewelry. For each collection we collaborate on colors and necklines of new designs. 2. Inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the Islands, the smooth motions of a hula dancer, the feeling of wearing a sundress on a warm breezy day and of course, the relaxed feel of the beach lifestyle. 3. I learned how to sew when I attended college at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. 4. The line was introduced last winter. I had such an amazing response to the line that I decided to carry the designs all year long. 5. The most important aspect for me with regard to fabric is quality and ease of care.

this page: Large Lobster Organic Cotton Beach Wrap/ For additional Q&A with Designer Kristin Meek visit our web site at Photographer Cindy M. Leon

46 | November 2012

Scarf - $29.00 Opposite: Kristin Meek, a fashion designer

Fresh Local Fashion

fashion PROFILE

November 2012 |




2 1



this page: 1. Stone and Turquoise Necklace - $65.00 2. Stone and Turquoise Earrings - $25.00 3. Aloha Long Sleeve T-shirt - $28.00 Opposite: 1. Coral and Seed Bead Turquoise Necklace - $125.00 2. Coral and Seed Bead Turquoise Earrings - $35.00 3. Sail Away With Me Jacket - $39.00, Yellow Stretch Linen Pants - $115.00

48 | November 2012

November 2012 |


Photographers Elaine Ryan and Andrea Geldres

Costa d’Este Hotel 3244 Ocean Drive



Welcome to Vero’s Boutique Hotels Boutique - A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele. Hotel- An establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists. Something unique for every taste can be found in these Boutique Hotels on Vero’s Beach side.

1.Costa d’Este is an ocean-side luxury resort. Situated in the heart of Vero Beach’s beachside community, this resort conveniently facilitates access to the quaint shopping and dining Vero has to offer. 2. Costa d’Este boasts 94 guest rooms and suites, infinity-edge pool, signature restaurant and bar, fitness facility, and a spa when you want to be pampered. 3. Opened in 2008 by Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Costa d’Este offers premium amenities with each spacious room. 4. Lavish décor adorns the resort, adding to its romantic allure. Clean lines, repetitive patterns, and dramatic use of light delights guests. 5. Additionally, special facilities are available to host weddings or conferences.

50 | November 2012

November 2012 |


South Beach Place Motel

Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel

1705 Ocean Drive 772.231.5366 •

1601 South Ocean Drive



1. Neli A Santamaria and partner have owned South Beach Place since December, 2003. 2. A search to find a tranquil beachside paradise for a client brought us to Vero. 3. We are an 18 suite one bedroom one bath boutique hotel. Each room is unique and decorated in what we call “tropical retro” style. We search for our furnishings at antique stores; second hand emporiums and upscale resale stores, locally and throughout South Florida. All furnishings in the rooms will be available for purchase. 4. The building was constructed in 1955 by a family named Goodfellow from Massachusetts. 5. South Beach Place is pet friendly.



1.Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel offers tranquil comfort with its tropical Southern hospitality. Nestled beachside, Caribbean Court is the perfect tropical escape. 2. Caribbean Court boasts eighteen charming suites, each with individual charm. Rooms are decorated with antique furniture, original artwork, and handcrafted, imported sinks. Elegant arches adore breezeways; stairways decorated with handpainted tiles speak of their Spanish influence. 3. Maison Martinique, a destination restaurant, features the finest French cuisine, while dining in impossibly romantic ambiance. 4. Havana Nights is the piano bar upstairs, offering the best in live entertainment, tropical menu, and plenty of spirits. 5. The property whispers of Old Florida with its delightfully lush landscape, but the modern amenities will find you relaxed and rejuvenated.

52 | November 2012

November 2012 |


Outdoor Update 3990 US Highway One

New Outdoor Collection from David Francis





We just love the Capri collection from David Francis Furniture! Over the past 30 years, David Francis has been creating exclusive indoor furniture. Now, he is putting his expert skills to use in designing vibrant collections for the outdoors. The sleek Capri Collection is a clean, contemporary design. The collection includes a lounge chair, sofa, loveseat and chaise and they are available in 12 finishes. Look for five more outdoor collections, including dining pieces and


woven resin offerings, by year’s end.

About David Francis Furniture David Francis is headquartered in Vero Beach and has built a national reputation for his exclusive designs. The company sells directly to the trade and offers Vero residents the unique opportunity to score samples and overstocks in their factory outlet.

1. Capri Lounge $1990 | 2. Capri Loveseat $2730 | 3. Capri Sofa $3650 | 4. Capri Chaise $2760 | 5. Capri Ottoman $1270

54 | November 2012

November 2012 |


artist profile

Organic Artist

Where did the name Victoria William come from? The name “Victoria William” is a combination of family names. “Victoria” is my daughter and wife’s middle name. “William” is my middle name, as well as my son’s middle name.

Where do you get the materials for you work? The materials are gathered from the woods and waters of America. In some instances, the materials are given to me from family homesteads and then transformed into treasured family heirlooms.

Victoria William

Where does the inspiration for the work come?


From my love of nature, history and family, I am fortunate that I am able to visualize and see the possibility in common reclaimed materials. I enjoy creating memorable, meaningful furniture and home décor items that quickly become conversation pieces.

Charlie Sembler

What is the price ranges for items? Prices vary based upon the materials used, the complexity of the design and whether they have been custom crafted specifically for a customer. Our prices range from $100 to $15,000.

Where can people see more of your work? Visit our showroom in “Vero Antique Market” located in the downtown antique district. Or go to our website

Would you rather be young and rich or old and wise? I would rather be old and wise.

Most fascinating place I’ve visited? Arlington National Cemetery.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten? The best piece of advice I received was from James Harold Thompson. He was a former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. He advised me to help others anytime I had the chance. I have never forgotten his words and I try to pay it forward every day.

If I weren’t doing what I’m doing today I would be commercial fishing in Alaska.

Happiness is... 56

Solitude and being home. | November 2012

For more Q&A with Charlie Sembler visit Photographer Aric Attas

November 2012 |


4440 US Highway 1 772-778-3210 •

What are some tips you would offer to someone selecting flooring?

When renovating or building, start with your floor, this is the canvas that you build on. Start with a vision folder, a picture speaks a thousand words. Often when a client comes in the showroom they can be overwhelmed by all the options, when I review pictures, it helps me create their original concept.

What are the more popular selections today and how have they changed in recent years? Solid sand and finish wood, wide planks, Oil (Green/Eco Friendly) Finishes. In years past narrow planks, tumbled and chiseled edge and travertine were hot. Now we are seeing many shades of grays and whites, clean lines, square edge, back to the simple classic Calcutta or Carrara marble and limestone’s.

What is the “hot” trend in flooring?

Wood plank tiles, floor patterns like herringbone, basket weave and stacked brick. Glass mosaics and rectangle floor sizes are very popular as well.

Would you rather be young and rich or old and wise? To be 20 again? No thanks! At 40, I have finally grown into this skin. Wisdom has taught me to trust my intuition and honor myself, which has given me opportunities and wealth that money can’t buy.

Most popular Countertop surface? Granite remains the choice of most homeowners for kitchen countertops, but the man-made quartz products such as Cambria®, Caesarstone®, and Silestone® are growing in popularity.

Tips for those looking to upgrade kitchens? First, understand how you want to use your kitchen. Then do your research. Look at magazines, and visit as many kitchens as you can to understand what’s important to you from a functional and a visual aspect. Next, get help. A good designer, and contractor can help you understand how to best utilize your space, and give you ideas on how to get what you want out of a kitchen. They will get you in touch with quality sub contractors for cabinets and countertops.

My team prides itself on doing difficult and challenging work. Not that a standard edge on a simple piece is not important, my stone craftsmen treat every piece as if they were making it for their own family, but tasks that challenge their skills are more rewarding to them.

How long does fabrication and installation take? From start to finish a project is usually completed within a week. Communication is the key. If we can schedule the work, we can minimize the inconvenience to our customers of living without countertops to only a few days.

The soundtrack of my life is... Girl On Fire, Alicia Keys

Happiness is...

Granite maintenance?

Surrender, acceptance of thy self.

For more Q&A with Amy Flickinger visit

If your tops have been sealed correctly, today’s sealers eliminate the need for resealing. We have a sealing system that will give a new, or even existing, granite installation a fifteen year warranty. Ongoing maintenance is minimal. Use a neutral cleaner (not acidic, or basic) on a regular basis to clean and bring back the shine. Degreasing can be done with a cleaner like 409®, or even isopropyl alcohol.

Best advice? “Eat the elephant one bite at a time.” Translation: No matter how large or complicated a problem or opportunity may seem on the surface, if you carve it into little bits, you can tackle it, solve it, and succeed.

Amy Flickinger & Danielle Davis 3954 US Highway 1 772-778-2622 • Photographer Andrea Gelders

58 | November 2012

For more Q&A with Jeff Wilson, MD visit

Photographers Andrea Gelders and Cindy M. Leon

The Scoop on Countertops

All About Floors

Jeff Wilson

November 2012 |


Builder Profile At Work At Home

pro at home

George Funk GMF Custom Builders LLC 772-501-0504 •

How long have you lived and been in business in Vero? 10 years

What brought you here? My son’s baseball career

What are popular trends in renovation today? Gail Williams

Being from East Hampton, I see a trend toward the beachy, sophisticated cottage look. Bead details- wood flooring, warmth. Classic never gets old. A forever trend!

1295 US Highway 1 #2 772-569-0460 •

Trends in Baths? In bath renovations we are seeing the use of a lot of glass tiles complimenting organic materials such as shell stone and honed lime stones.



Trends in Kitchens? Kitchens to me are the heart beat of the home. Kitchens are very personal and vary quite a bit.

When do your clients usually start to work with you? Before they have a plan or once they have one? Most of my custom clients come to us to design and build their residences. Quite often if there is a plan, I hear- we have this plan but don’t really like it, can you work with it and make it special?

1. I have lived in Vero since 1974 and purchased the business in 1991. 2. Through the store we try to give to all the auctions and benefits for all local events. My favorite is Save the Chimps.

What is the age of your home?

3. The best advice I’ve ever heard was to treat your customers well

Original year-1987

and you will never have to worry about competition.

How long ago did you renovate and how extensive was the renovation?

4. Happiness is working with my son and being able to see my granddaughter every week.

We started additions and renovation in Jan-2008 and moved in in June 2008. The yard was phase two and done in 2010-2011. The new arbor and gate were just completed in 2012. Our renovation was quite extensive! Two additions, interior wall changes, and a complete to the studs gut. Everything is new. The house had good bones!!

5. My most proud moment or accomplishment is recently winning The Apollo Award.

For more Q&A with Gail Williams visit


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Photographer Andrea Gelders November 2012 |



s e c re t

The yard and pool are gorgeous! Was that a renovation? What kind of brick did they use? The brick I choose is an old Chicago style paver and the water fall spa and stone steps are Pennsylvania wall stone, all work was done in house.

Would you rather be young and rich or old and wise? Can I choose both?

Most fascinating place I’ve visited? Hard question! I’ve been blessed to have traveled quite a bit. I have to say fly fishing for big rainbow trout with my 12 year old son in the Tal-river in Alaska always comes to mind.

Best advise you’ve ever gotten!? If mammas happy everybody’s happy!! Photographer Cindy M. Leon

If I weren’t doing what I’m doing today... I would be playing golf!

Happiness is... Seeing my better half smile! For more Q&A with George Funk visit

62 | November 2012

November 2012 |


PamperedP ooch

for t h e

Q: I have a long narrow Living Room with no windows. What can I do to open up a room and add more light?

Sean Verne Owner

easiest and most practical way to open up a room and add light is by using mirrors to reflect light. A: The Depending on the size, scale and function of the room there a number of ways to incorporate mirrors. Floor

Photographers Elaine Ryan

Kimberly Conti Owner



to ceiling mirrors are quite dated, but over scaled framed mirrors work well either leaning or hung on the wall. Have a design dilemma of your own? Send your questions to We’d love to hear from you.

Paw Prints Responses Paw Prints of Vero Beach 772-567-2121 •

1. On average, we see between eighty to one hundred dogs per day; this includes daycare, grooming, training and boarding. 2. Our facility offers swimming, agility courses, dock diving, lure coursing and private obedience training. Our goal is to

Absolute Integrated Medicine

provide both owner and pet a variety of activities throughout the day.


“We decided to give up our corporate careers to

Dr. Jill Jaynes, AP


open a doggie daycare and look what happened.”

Acupuncture Physician

3. The strangest thing we’ve seen here is Lulu, a five-pound poodle who stand on her two front feet to “go.” 4. We believe dogs that have the opportunity to interact with other dogs and people tend to be more stable and less anxious. We see dogs that are shy and removed come out

333 17th Street, Suite P Vero Beach, FL 32960

of their shells here at Pawprints as they begin to have doggie friends and become more confident about themselves. Our business is based on the idea that dogs need a place to

772-770-6184 office 772-569-4464 office

be dogs; they need a place where they can run, play and socialize. a l l


i n s u r a n c e s

a cc e p t e d | November 2012

5. Remember your dog is a dog, not a little fuzzy person who understands everything you say. They need training and

leadership so they can feel safe in our world. For more Q&A with Kimberly Conti and Sean Verne visit November 2012 |


hot properties

The Estuary 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths plus Den | 3,864 sq. ft. Coffered & triple crown moldings. 13 ft. ceilings, fireplace, marble floors, oversized master w/his & hers closets, private pool, spa, screened patio, boat dock & lift. Next door lot not buildable.



Photographer Aric Attas

Photographer M. James Northen

Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club This spacious estate offers sprawling lake views situated on nearly a 1/2 acre homesite. Features of this 4 bedroom plus library and 5.5 bath residence include 13’ coffered ceilings in the living room, along with a masonry gas fireplace with handcrafted built-ins, and an expansive master suite with his and her baths. A charming outdoor covered lanai with “Old Chicago” brick pavers overlooks the terraced 40’ heated pool and spa surrounded by lush tropical landscaping.



66 | November 2012

November 2012 |


C haritable E vents

Next Major Event: The Annual Membership Breakfast, Tuesday, November 13,

2008 under the umbrella of the Indian

at Oak Harbor welcomes prospective members to attend to hear all about

River Community Foundation who

Impact 100 and to hear dynamic speaker Margot Franssen. Margo

continues to provide professional

is the founder of The Body Shop in Canada. She has helped develop public

advice and administers the fund.

awareness and fundraising for “Stop the Violence Against Women” with


an initiative that raised more than $1 million for violence prevention and

a corporate partner, underwriting

recovery programs. Margot, a Vero Beach Windsor resident, is also the

administrative funds, training sessions and

co-chair of “Women Moving Millions,” an organization that inspires gifts of

sponsoring the two annual meetings.

a million or more dollars to organizations and initiatives that advance and

Also vital to professionalism, efficiency

empower women and girls.

and success has been guidance from the Robert F. and Eleonora W. McCabe

Cost is $30 per person. Registration is at 8:30 followed by breakfast at 9 a.m.

Foundation which initiated the original

Members and prospective members must send checks to secure seats for $30 per person to IRCF/Impact 100, P.O. Box 643968, Vero Beach, FL 32964.

Women & Philanthropy concept from which Impact 100 emerged…and continues to

Visit Indian River Impact 100 on Facebook or at our website

provide ongoing support for our efforts.

Riverside Children’s Theatre’s Festival of Trees will be marking its fifteenth year with a new look, and the best of its past, November 16th through 18th. The Festival is hosted at the Agnes Wahlstrom Youth Playhouse and Anne Morton Theatre, 3280 Riverside Park Drive. The weekend of festivities begins Friday, November 16th with the Gala Preview Party. Call 772-234-8052 for Gala tickets. Saturday afternoon at 4 pm the Academy Orchestra will present a concert on the Stark Stage of Riverside. Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for students; prices include admission to the Festival.

November 24 and 25, 2012

January 19, 2013

March 25, 2013

Breakfast with Santa will be held on Sunday, November 18th.

10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m.

Tickets for the breakfast are $16 for adults and $10 for children and that includes admission to the festival.

Art for Animals

Bark in the Park

Cause for Paws

Public viewings of the holiday displays are from 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Original artwork by Florida artists

Dogwalk fundraiser for The Humane Society of Vero Beach and IRC

Auction for the Humane Society of Vero Beach and IRC

Tickets for the Festival are $8 for adults and $3 for children.

Riverside Park

The Moorings

the website at

6230 77th St., Vero Beach

(772) 388-3826

(772) 388-3826

(772) 388-3826

Call for information/registration

$200 per person

Showing at The Humane Society of Vero Beach and IRC

Free admission | November 2012

Festival and event tickets may be purchased by calling the theatre box office at 772-231-6990 or visiting

The Festival of Trees is the major fundraiser for Riverside Children’s Theatre, the educational arm of Riverside Theatre, Inc. RCT’s mission is to provide affordable cultural enrichment and educational opportunities in drama, dance and music for youth ages 3 and up. For more information call 772-234-8052.

November 2012 |

C haritable E vents

Black Tie and Beyond

IRC Impact 100 was formed in December

Black Tie and Beyond


In the four years since Impact 100 was formed $1,185,000 has been invested into Indian River County, establishing the all-women’s group as a major grantor in the community.


adopt a pet

share your love&home


Name: Rex Age: 7 months Breed: Hound mix Sex: Male

Name: Riley Age: 6 1/2 Years Breed: Domestic shorthair Sex: Female

Name: Baby Jane Age: 5 Months Breed: Pit Bull mix Sex: Female

Name: Myrtle Age: 2 1/2 Years Breed: Domestic shorthair Sex: Female

Name: Bo Age: 8 Months Breed: Smooth-coated collie Sex: Male

Name: Tessie Age: 9 Years Breed: Jack Russell terrier mix Sex: Female

Name: Bobbi Age: 1 Year Breed: Terrier mix Sex: Female

Name: Big Bertha Age: 5 Years Breed: English bulldog mix Sex: Female

Name: Rikki Age: 2 Years Breed: Pit bull mix Sex: Female

Name: Louie Age: 7 1/2 Years Breed: English bulldog mix Sex: Male

Name: Star Age: 1 1/2 Years Breed: Snowshoe mix Sex: Female

Name: Boomer Age: 7 Years Breed: Hound mix Sex: Male | November 2012

November 2012 |





Living Room Chair: Oly, Fabric: Barbara Barry for Kravet, Shell Lamp: Rod Mickley Showroom, Blue Lamps: Decorative Arts, Round Side Table: Decorative Arts, Round Nesting Side Tables: Rod Mickley Showroom, Rectangle Nesting Side Tables & Octagon Side Table: Sarreid Ltd., Sofa: Hallman Furniture, Fabric: Cowtan & Tout, Round Chair: Homeowners Collection, Fabric: Groundworks Lee Jofa, Draperies: For Designers Only, Fabric: JAB, Coffee Table: Homeowners Collection, Area Rug: Fibreworks

Dining Room Wallcovering: Lee Jofa, Chairs: William Sonoma, Fabric: Carleton V., Chandelier: Ro-Sham-Beaux, Console: Furniture Classics, Draperies: For Designers Only, Vero Beach, Fabric: Cowtan & Tout, Table: Rod Mickley Showroom

Kitchen Barstools: Frontgate, Backsplash Tile: Surfaces, Countertop: Macata Stone

family room Sofa & Club Chairs: Homeowners Collection, Sofa Fabric: Duralee Fabrics, Chair Fabric: Cowtan & Tout, Maarten Chairs: Lexington, Maarten Chair Fabric: Duralee, Soleil Cross Stools: Palecek, Leeds Arm Chairs: Palecek, Architects Table: Sarreid, Ltd., Draperies: For Designers Only, Fabric: Galbraith & Paul, Area Rug: Fibreworks, Shell Lamps: Rod Mickley Showroom

72 | November 2012

was created to be a guide to all things Design and Life in our quaint

Vero Beach communit y. Our mission is to support and promote locally owned businesses and the

unique individuals that oper ate them. With a focus on Design, beautiful homes, and the diverse

neighborhoods w i t h i n o u r c o m m u n i t y w e at

s t r i v e to d e l i v e r a

n e w a n d u n i q u e perspec tive of Vero Be ach and all it has to offer .

W e t r u ly b e l i e v e e v e r yo n e d e s e r v e s t o l i v e a h a p p y, h e a lt h y l i f e f i l l e d w i t h g o o d d e s i g n .


we want to celebr ate it all!

Profile for Jill Shevlin

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Vero Home, Life and Design Magazine  

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