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Academic Partnerships Professional Development (PD) and short course guide A guide for staff in partner institutions to help develop stand alone or short course modules.

Short course and PD (Professional Development) module development: From conception to evaluation Market intelligence: • What do employers want? • How committed are they? • Is there sustainable demand? • What are others offering?

Establish market and check sustainability

Develop module with employers


Complete PD proposal form (first section)

Is this module part of an existing FD and nothing has changed?

Detailed costing and marketing plan

Post approval:

Deliver the module:


• • • •

• • •

• Module record (formerly DMR) • PD Approval Form

Marketing – e-marketing and social media as well as print and publicity Getting ready in the college: Induction & Enrolment Student handbook module workbook

Plan resources and timings

Yes Design the module: • Does the module exist in the PU partnership? • 10 , 20 or 30 credits? • Content – what Learning Outcomes are needed? • Mode of delivery and assessement? • Additional resources? • Support for students and APL? • How will employers contribute? Delivery? Mentoring?


Is another PU partner delivering this module?


Provide support to allow for those with skills gaps Provide options for progression APL arrangements if they would like to carry the credit through to further qualifications

Evaluate the module: • •

Feedback from students and employers See new markets and applications

Enrol students, deliver module

Evaluate and review



Complete Module Record and PD approval form

Review, revise or abandon

PD Guide  

A short guide to developing PD stand alone modules and short courses for Plymouth University partner colleges.