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Say hello and make your own postcard! Jill McCoach Say Hello | Project Book Debra Drodvillo Fall 2013

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The objective behind this final project for Problem Solving was to build a co-creative website. This type of website emphasizes user and creator interaction to supply the content of the site. Through research of co-creative websites that already exist we were able to propose our own ideas for a website. We had to think not only as a designer, but also as a user when building these websites. During the development of our websites we utilized sketching, sitemaps, diagrammatics, and wireframes to assist our process. Finally, we produced a prototype presentation to show potential clients. With the creation of Say Hello users have the ability to create their own postcard. When visiting the website they are able to view recent submissions, browse the galleries of user submitted photographs and postcards, and get started with their own creation. When creating their postcard, users have a different templates to choose from, they are able to upload and insert photogrpahs of their own or choose from photographs users have submitted in the gallery. Once photographs are chosen users can resize and move them around the template. The user then has the option of adding and editing a headline and finally writing their card and sharing it through different methods.

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Say hello and make your own postcard!

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Say Hello