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10 June 2009 Vol.20 No. 10

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The front cover photo was taken on 13 November 1959 of the flood peak of 9.22 metres by Ed Sims from the roof of his home in Phillip Street, Kenilworth.

Give happiness and joy to many people. There is nothing better or greater than that. Mary Valley

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Show Ball p17

from the editor Rain, rain and more rain! This is the current topic and just to confirm it I would suggest anyone who is interested in the matter to visit Australian Bureau of Meteorology web site ( shtml) to confirm that we are in for a wet winter! So keep your gum boots and your umbrellas handy! Thank you to Lenore Meldrum for reminding us that we didn’t have to wait for global warming to experience flooding in Kenilworth. It has been a common phenomenon for many years in the area. Don’t forget to check out the new ratecard and deadlines for next financial year (page21-22). Laetitia Hoffmann DIGITAL SPECIALISTS HOME THEATRE SPECIALISTS FIVE YEAR WARRANTIES TV & DVD TUNING TELEPHONE DATA SATELLITE SYSTEMS Need a new antenna? There’s a new Jim’s Antenna technician in the Mary Valley. Call for a free quote today.


KENILWORTH HOTEL Celebrates 70 years of service!


Be tempted g black mouth waterin vely creati board meals, ious every fresh and delic ht. Saturday nig



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ooth Texas They play sm Blues! o ag and Chic

LoneStarBlues Electric Blues Band

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sat 27



gREAT FOOD, fun nights! 18 Elizabeth St. 5446 0206 e:

5472 3359

KENILWORTH Four generations in the park


ecently the Prep and Year 2 class of Kenilworth State Community College went on an expedition to the Kenilworth Town Park. Our class had been learning about health and safety, and we decided to go to the park to investigate what safe practices we needed in the park. We had a wonderful morning and came up with some great ideas! We ended the morning with a healthy snack where we invited parents to join us. It turned into a family affair with Joel, Melody and Jaydens’ Mum, Grandmother, GreatGrandmother, sister, Aunty and cousins all joining us. It was great to see all the generations together!


Pirates At Kenilworth


You Are What You Eat!

here was plenty of swashbuckling happening in the Playgroup room at the Kenilworth State Community College recently when pirate day was held. Even the Mums and Dads got into the fun, making scarves, eye patches, telescopes, etc. All the fun cumulated at the end of the morning with a traditional treasure hunt! Playgroup is held every Thursday morning (during school terms) in the old prep rooms at Kenilworth State Community College, from 9am-11am. The cost is $1.50 per child. Playgroup provides an important social and learning opportunity for both children and their carers, not to mention it is fun! Kenilworth State Community College is proud to provide this opportunity to the families of our district. For more information please contact the college on 5440 0555 or Rebecca on 0429 337 382.



he children of Years 5 and 6 at Kenilworth State Community College have been looking at our digestive system and how it works. One of our art activities that most of the children really enjoyed was to create a portrait of themselves using foods from their kitchens. The title of the piece was ‘You Are What You Eat’. The photos (left) show some of the creative masterpieces produced.

Lets the Meter Reader in but t! keeps others ou

ENERGEX LOCKS Enquiries call Eric

5447 0100

Padlocks and accessories available at

Eumundi Post Office

Special needs like extra locks on the same key and/ or extra keys can be supplied to order within a couple of days. email -


any farm machinery cars earthmovers containers

Up to 10 tonne ~ 8.5mt long tray Based in Pomona Mark Waters Ph: 5485 0897 Mobile: 0418 850 423 June 10, 2009 |




owadays, nearly everyone has a camera of some sort which can take fantastic photos. We have friends whose skills we admire very much who produce magical photos of scenes, animals and people. But in days gone by to keep a record of daily life, we relied on artists to produce pictures in various media. This artistic skill continues and is alive and well right here in our Mary Valley and Sunshine Coast Hinterland. If you like animal or bird studies, landscapes, beach scenes or trees and flowers, you’re bound to find something to take your fancy in our local art galleries. Patricia Blee’s spectacular study of white cockatoos and Don Woodley’s gentle watercolours of the Mary River are on display at Kenilworth Artspace Gallery. As well there are colourful flower studies by Gisella Schmidt and Anne Yang. Come in and have a look at Alissa Clare’s lovely picture of Kenilworth’s main street. For those who love Australiana, Jenny Pate’s hand painted saws,  plough discs and draft horse prints give a real Aussie flavour - ideal for gifts for overseas friends.




embers of the Northern Districts Social Car Club and the Caboolture Regional Car Club enjoyed a visit to the Kenilworth Historical Museum on 17 May. After morning tea, which all agreed was great, the group was given a guided tour of the Roxy Theatre and the Museum. Parked outside the Museum, the beautifully restored cars, worth several thousands of dollars, were themselves a sight to behold. These included a 56 Thunderbird, a Pontiac, a Fairlane, Falcon Convertibles, Mustangs, MGs, Holdens, Chevs, and a Chrysler Royal. The immaculate paintjobs were spectacular with colours ranging from vibrant yellow, red, green and purple to sparkling white. Leaving the Museum, the members  travelled out to Obi Crossing No2 for their meeting and a picnic lunch. Everyone agreed it was an interesting and informative visit. Kenilworth was pleased to have played host to such a friendly and happy group. Shirley Moreland

Rainforest Plants

here is an amazing range of rainforest plants available. This includes some spectacular local species like Peanut Tree with large bright red pods and edible ‘bush tucker’ seeds. Rainforest plants have a diverse range of flowers, leaf shapes, colourful new growth or bright interesting fruits. Seeds of rainforest plants are usually distributed by birds or other rainforest creatures and often develop brilliant colours and juicy or sweet flesh. Rainforests are remarkably hardy and adaptable. They can be used to form a ‘green fire-break” that although it may not stop a fire, will reduce its speed and intensity. Many Australian rainforest plants are grown specifically for their ability to attract birds and butterflies. Some rainforest plants are increasingly grown for bush food. Many gardeners who restrict themselves to growing only ‘edible-or-local’ plants find that some rainforest species, such as Brush Cherry, fit both requirements. In gardens, plants usually grow differently from the rainforest where they can get quite tall. In the open plants develop a shorter, denser and more rounded appearance. Generally a tree will be one third the size of the same species in a natural rainforest. Gumnut Park Native Plants stock a range of rainforest plants in tubes and pots in Kenilworth on Saturday 20 June. See related photos on colour page 14 Summer & Winter rugs made to measure. Repairs to any canvas, vinyl and leather goods.

4 | June 10, 2009



es we have regrouped and are getting together on Tuesdays for an informal painting, drawing or what ever you would like to do session. We meet at the Arts Council Building, behind the Kenilworth Library from 10.30am onwards until we want to finish. Important to note, these meetings are not teaching sessions, we work to our own skills and pace using still life setups or what ever. Everyone is welcome to join us, you need to provide your own materials. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or well advanced, you work at your own level. For more information please contact Jenette on 5446 0341 or Veronika on 5446 0427

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Totem Fauna & Flora

Environmental Contracting Services

• Weed Control & Management • Bush Regeneration • Revegetation • Farm & Rural Property Restoration • Nest Box Supply & Installation • Consultation and Site Assessment • Registered Spotter Catcher JASON FLYNN Dip.App.Sc. Mobile

0416 170 238 - Ph 5472 3275


Our front cover story

How much rain makes a Major Flood?


n view of recent rainfall and flooding in other parts – it may be time to review the history of flooding in Kenilworth.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology classification: Major Flooding (MF): causes inundation of large areas, isolating towns and cities. Major disruptions occur to road and rail links. Evacuation of many houses and business premises may be required. In rural areas widespread flooding of farmland is likely. Major floods of more than ten metres river height enter the township area. On this basis Kenilworth has experienced fifteen instances of MF since 1928. 1955 flood height was 13.67 metres on March 27 after 365.30 mm of rainfall on 26 and 27.3.1955. The river rose from 1.8m at 3pm 26/3/1955 to 13.67m at 9pm 27/3/1955 (Official recorder’s book). Major floods have mostly peaked at night - but the 13/11/1959 flood of 9.22 metres peaked at 12noon - the front cover photograph may give an indication of the inundation experienced at that time. I remember the devastation of the 1955 flood when buildings were washed away and homes inundated. Because Kenilworth is completely isolated in flood times official records may not indicate the extent of damage possible in a major flood. When in doubt ask someone who was here in:  

Dates 19/04/1928 05/02/1931 25/03/1946 27/03/1955 11/03/1956 17/03/1963 09/01/1968 12/02/1972 02/04/1972 07/07/1973 25/01/1974 27/01/1974 02/04/1989 25/04/1989 09/02/1999


Story of Kenilworth Bakery

remember at three years of age driving around the sweeping bend, entrance to Kenilworth township, population 350. Little did I know that 39 years later my Dad Ellis Minter would still be in this little town. Ellis and Kaye Minter came to Kenilworth with the excitement of a new beginning and a new business that Ellis became very passionate about. Ellis had completed his apprenticeship as a baker at The Old Eumundi Bakery and then worked in big bakeries in Melbourne but didn’t agree with the use of preservatives in the bread. He found the Kenilworth Bakery and purchased it in 1970.

Ellis then set about formulating his own health bread, without the preservatives, and the famous Kenilworth multigrain health bread was born, baked in the wood fired, brick oven. This was in the mid 70’s and Ellis’ popular bread was stocked by all the health food shops around the coast, personally delivered by him. Multigrain became so sought after that it was freighted to Melbourne and even a special request for a shipment of 20 loaves of Ellis’ frozen, no chemical bread was shipped to Saudi Arabia. I remember the fun of living in Kenilworth in those early days with trail bikes and horses and fun down at the river. Visitors who came to stay for the weekend, left, after having the experience of getting up at night to help bake bread and roll the dough, and learning the art of getting the bread from the brick oven with the long sticks. Many a night passers by could hear Ellis singing as he baked. Ellis was also a country music performer and he and Kaye started up the Kenilworth Country Music Club. They were well loved for their duos and the crowning achievement for club was when it won the prestigious Slim Dusty Shield Award.

Flood Heights 11.66 10.44 10.72 13.67 10.67 11.28 11.28 11.58 11.07 10.97 11.73 12 11.7 12.06 11.9

Many businesses come and go but Ellis has been a part of Kenilworth for 39 years and the bakery an important part of the town’s history, being the first shop built in the street. Ellis - always ready for a quick cheeky line or a joke, hopefully to put a smile on your dial. Life’s short and if you can laugh at it, then you can live with it.

The impact of the sights and smells of flooding stay in human memory long after the waters have receded – you can trust those memories. Lenore Meldrum

However, now the time has come for Ellis to hang up his baker’s hat and pass the business on to Joe, Francesca and family. We wish the owners an enjoyable business journey ahead and the best for their future. Ellis and his family would like to thank the people who have over the years supported the Bakery and IGA over the years. It’s now time for Ellis to ride off on the Triumph motorbike that he so loves and enjoy a bit of sleep and travel. See related photo page 23


Custom Cabitnetmaking 35 Years experience

Fred Galea Kitchens, Robes, vanities, Wall units, furniture, shop fittings etc

Ph 5447 0237 Mob 0412 966 287 Fax 5447 0267 1248 Kenilworth Rd Belli Park 4562

Chantelle Minter

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PAINTERS PAINTERS 0408 0408734 734 782 782 0409 136 680 0423 619 542 A/h A/h5446 5446 0409 0409

June 10, 2009 |


MARY VALLEY Camphor laurels in the Catchment


unshine Coast Council’s Geoff Black explains At the meeting of the Lake Macdonald Catchment Care group in April, concern was expressed about the invasive nature of camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) and the effort and cost to landholders of removing and preventing the spread of this pest. Camphor laurel is now a widespread tree in the wet coastal areas of SEQ and northern NSW. A huge effort has been applied and continues to be applied to manage this pest in a cost effective way. In this brief article I am going to focus on methods that landholders can use to manage camphor laurel on their properties. Why worry? The problem with camphor laurel is that it is so suited to our climate that it grows very fast, and being an exotic tree, (native of China, Korea, Japan, parts of Vietnam), it does not become a balanced species in our diverse forests. It has few natural controls and grows to dominate and displace native plants to the point where the forest can become almost completely camphor laurel. This has a huge impact on the diversity of plants and animals that inhabit the area. The process has a self-perpetuating mechanism by which animals that are adapted to feeding on camphor laurel fruit such as fruit eating pigeons, crows and fig birds spread the trees more widely because they are forced in the absence of other food to eat the camphor berries. The spread of camphor along fence lines and into pastures also has a cost to landholders as it reduces grazing land and ruins fences and other structures. What to do? Camphor laurels are not difficult to kill if the correct application of herbicide is used. Where there is a lot of camphor and the trees are old and large it can be a labour intensive task initially, though once the large mature trees are killed and the nearby seed source is removed, continual removal of seedlings

and saplings becomes easier in subsequent years. Autumn is the best time to kill camphor laurel trees using herbicide introduced into the trunk of the tree. The simplest and most cost effective way to kill large trees is to frill them ( ie make horizontal cuts angled downwards around the trunk into the cambium layer leaving an uncut section 50mm wide between the cuts) with an axe or chainsaw. Apply herbicide and leave the tree standing to die. Use this method only with herbicides registered for the use, according to directions on the label and in a place where injury cannot happen to people when branches of the tree eventually start to fall. Small saplings or seedlings can be pulled out when the ground is soft or grubbed out with a mattock. Larger saplings can be cut as close to the ground as possible and the cut surface immediately painted or sprayed with glyphosate 360 mixed 1:1 with water. This method can also be used to treat any suckers that sprout from the roots or the base of the trunks of large trees in the season after the initial treatment. It is not recommended that camphor laurel trees along creek banks be pulled or dozed out of the ground with machinery as this can leave the stream banks subject to erosion. If trees are killed in place and the roots left undisturbed, desirable plants, creek fauna and the stream ecology have time to adapt as the light levels at the ground increase as the leaves fall and the toxicity from the camphor oil reduces. An essential accompanying step when camphor laurels along stream banks are removed by any method is to ensure that suitable native seedlings are replanted or if they are already present, are encouraged to grow by fencing stock out and controlling the growth of grass and weeds until they form a shade canopy. This can be a demanding task in the first two to three years but will create a healthy and beautiful creek in the long term. More information There is a large amount of information available on how to manage camphor laurel. Try these web sites: www. or, talk to your local Council weeds officer on 07 5485 1833 or Noosa & District Landcare on 07 5485 2468. Photo: Geoff Black is based at Council’s Pomona Depot

Mary Valley Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga classes held in:Kenilworth on Mondays 1.00-2.30pm Ridgewood on Thursdays 9.30-11.00 Imbil on Fridays 10.30-12.00 and on Wednesdays 7.00-8.30pm For further information please ring Amrit (Lynne) on 5484 5006

6 | June 10, 2009




ur club has been supporting the communities of the Mary Valley for the past 25 years, as we have just celebrated our 25th Anniversary in March. Our most recent activity was supplying and cooking the community breakfast on Anzac Day at Imbil, our club has been supplying the community breakfast for the RSL for the past seven years. At our last meeting in April we again funded the running expenses of the Mary Valley Meals on Wheels for the next three months, we have been helping to finance this worthy cause for the past three years, we are proud to be able to support the Meals on Wheels which enables the elderly members of our communities to stay in their homes. We will again be working at the Country Music Muster this year cooking up a storm, thus enabling our club to continue our financial support to several community organisations in the Mary Valley. So if you are interested and would like to know more abour our club, please ring Col Huddy 0400 476 118 or Len Summers 0439 797 057 to come and join one of our meetings that are held every third Wednesday of the month at the Kandanga Bowls Club at 6.30pm. Our next meeting is 17 June (please phone Col Huddy to make a booking for catering purposes). 

Life is for Living Forum




omona & District Community House is hosting its 2009 Health Forum, Life is for Living, on Thursday 25 June at the Pomona Memorial School of Arts Hall with 9.00am registration. This free event includes a delicious morning tea and a tasty and nutritious lunch. All community members are welcome. The Life is for Living forum brings together a dynamic team to motivate you in managing health and wellbeing. Doug Bettens, President of Community House, will introduce speakers including local G.P. Dr Ann Buchan; Brad Levingston, psychologist; Kate Moroney, dietitian and Lyn Willett, vice-president of Community House.


FATTY BULGES REMOVED BY INJECTION For the removal of fatty bulges that can not be removed by dieting or exercise. · · · · ·

Lower abdomen after child birth Inner and outer thighs Behind the arm pits Double chins Lipomas and other fatty bulges.

All done at the Pomona Pain Clinic For appointment and other information about Lipolysis please ring Dr Bill Maitland on 5485 2111

From left to right: Kathryn Shewring, Event organiser; Dr Ann Buchan, Cooran Clinic; Kate Moroney, Senior Dietitian Gympie Community Health; Lyn Willett, vice-president Pomona & District Community House.

Dr Ann Buchan from Cooran Health Clinic, will be talking about “risk reduction and prevention for chronic disease states - emphasising the social and environmental factors as well as medical”. Dr Buchan has a particular interest in women’s and mental health - both treatment and prevention strategies. She was a presenter at the wellattended 2007 Pomona Mental Health Forum. Brad Levingston is Clinical Manager with Focus, Sunshine Coast Division of General Practice. He will discuss topics such as ‘feeling satisfied with what we have achieved’ and ‘keeping up with and enjoying the pace and the technology of the 21st century’. Kate Moroney, local dietitian/nutritionist who currently works as a Senior Community Dietitian in Gympie Community Health and as a sessional Foodservice lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast, will get you thinking about healthy eating, its benefits for your well-being and how you can overcome those barriers that we all face. Lyn Willett will lead a group discussion on becoming involved in your community and how that may contribute to your sense of social well-being. Lyn has a broad range of experiences in leadership roles with Education Queensland and is passionate about the value of community participation. As part of the program, there will also be light-hearted optional activities guaranteed to energise and revitalise you. Activities will include an introduction to relaxation, strengthening exercises and laughter therapy. Life is for Living is the latest in a succession of extremely successful Health Forums hosted over the years by Pomona & District Community House. Doug Bettens, president, says, “Community House is at the forefront of community issues in the hinterland area. We are only too happy to respond to the findings of previous forums. We ask everyone to come and participate as it is one of ways we are able to identify and access services for our local community.” For more information contact Kathryn Shewring or Heather Manders on 5485 2427. Alternatively email us at kathryn. or heather.communityhouse@ Bookings are essential for this event. To register please contact 5485 2427. To see the program of the day visit

June 10, 2009 |





e are having a car boot sale at the Ridgewood Hall from 8am on Saturday 13 June. Ridgewood Hall is on the corner of Donnelly Road and Cooroy Belli Creek Road. Remember one person’s trash is another’s persons treasure. Cost is only $5.00 for a space with all profits going to the Ridgewood Hall. You can sell anything new or old from plants, fresh produce, recycled goods, books, tools and furniture, you name it. We need lots of support to help our community hall. There will be a sausage sizzle as well so we hope to see you there. To reserve your space or any inquiries phone Kath  5447 9128 or Val  5447 9056



fter a few wet weekends, a beautiful, sunny day greeted riders, all ready for another bike adventure. Pushing their bikes a short distance to the first paddock crossing, everyone took off with much excitement to cross the Mary River to Walli Mountain Road, where more riders joined the group. Travelling along Coolabine Road, everyone took in the beautiful Kenilworth scenery, and kept up a steady pace until reaching Coolabine Goat Cheese Farm for morning tea. Welcome drinks and homemade goodies were soon demolished, replenishing energy for the first big climb up Hunsley Road. This stretch tested all the riders, but the speedy glide down the other side made it all worthwhile. A few more climbs and paddock crossings, and everyone arrived safely at our destination at Ivan Friedland’s farm for a BBQ lunch. Special thanks to Wayne and Tracey Ferriday, the McLaren family and Ivan Friedland, for kindly allowing us to access their properties, so that a safe bike ride was ensured for all participants. Thanks also to Boyd Eime and the Chaplaincy Committee for organising another thoroughly enjoyable ride for the Kenilworth and Conondale communities! See related photo on colour page 23

Upcoming events at Belli Hall



he Belli Hall was host to a very successful Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday 28 May last. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful morning tea, entertainment and just catching up with friends. The committee thanks all those people who helped make it such a successful morning. Our next old time dance in the Hall is on 4 July. Our last dance on the 23 May saw 106 people dance the night away. It is so good to see new faces and young people coming and enjoying the night.  Two issues ago a mistake was made in relation to the age of the Hall.  It was Suppliers of Bulk Petroleum Fuels & Oils actually built in 1932 Servicing the Sunshine Coast Hinterland not 1937 as stated.  & Mary Valley for over 25 years Sorry about the error.  Hall meetings are held on the second Tuesday following a dance at 7.30pm. Neville & Margaret Long All members of the Ph 5447 0175 or Belli community are welcome.


8 | June 10, 2009

WHAT'S WHAT'S IN IN THE THE SPOTLIGHT SPOTLIGHT Attention literary lovers The Reality Bites literary festival is now on! Head to Cooroy on 13 June and hear leading writers Gabrielle Carey and Caroline Jones talk about their new books on caring for aging parents; or explore Charles Darwin in words and on the screen at Embiggen Books, Noosaville. Book your spot at

GreenJune Council is celebrating World Environment Day all month long. Come to an eco-renovating workshop and open day at the Yandina Community Gardens on 21 June. Learn about composting and worming at a workshop at Coolum Beach Library on 23 June; or get fit on the Babes on Bikes bike ride starting at Jacksonia Place, Noosaville on 25 June. To RSVP or find out more, visit What’s On in council’s website.

Vision for Maroochydore The centre of Maroochydore is set to become the Coast's principal economic and social hub after council endorsed the Maroochydore Centre Position Paper (May 2009). The paper will inform the drafting of amendments for the Maroochy Plan 2000. Visit council’s website to access the paper, or pop into your local council office.

COUNCIL MEETINGS Org Performance Committee 7 July 9am at Tewantin Service Delivery Committee 7 July 11am at Tewantin Strategy & Planning Committee 8 July 9am at Tewantin General Committee Meeting 13 July 10am at Tewantin Ordinary Meeting 16 July 10am at Tewantin Budget Meeting 8 23 June 9am at Nambour T 1300 00 72 72 or 07 5475 7272 E





s can be seen below, traffic crashes are up on last year although we had a slight improvement last month. Traffic offences are increasing which means drivers are not getting the message. We will not be letting up on traffic offences any time soon. People who continue to break the Law will be dealt with. We are happy to see that drink drivers are less than last year. We are still having problems with animals straying onto roads causing traffic problems. If you have animals on your property, please make sure your fences are in order and that the animals don’t stray onto the roads. If your animal is involved in damage to a vehicle, you could be liable for repair costs. If your animal is involved in injury to a person, you could be liable for a high monetary amount in compensation. Fatal crashes Injury crashes Non injury crashes Infringement Notices Arrests drink driving Arrests other

2008 1 4 4 170 11 17

2009 6 7 216 7 25

The Dispute Resolution Centre, as part of the Department of Justice and Attorney General, has been established to assist people in the community to resolve their disputes or disagreements. Trained mediators are available to sit down with parties in dispute and guide discussions so that an agreement can be worked out. Staff and mediators do not take sides and their aim is to assist all parties to resolve any differences in a fair and acceptable way. Mediation can be used for a wide range of disputes from conflict between neighbours (issues such as fencing, pets, noise or trees), disputes in the workplace between colleagues or management and staff, commercial or business disputes or family conflicts. Mediation is a great way to try to resolve conflict as it allows you to talk about the issue openly and with confidentiality, assists with helping you make a decision and saves time and money. In almost all cases, mediation is free of charge. Experience shows that there is about a 90% chance of resolving issues through this process. Staff from the Dispute Resolution Centre will even make all the arrangements for meeting times and place suitable to everyone.

LIVESTOCK REPORT Week ending 30 May 2009 EUMUNDI CALF SALE • 25 May 129 calves yarded. Market dearer for all descriptions. Medium splitter calves Light splitters Heavy trade Light trade Top bobbies Medium bobbies Light bobbies Underweights

sold to $391.50 to $348.50 to $300.50 to $238.50 to $179.50 to $79.50 to $55.50 $5.50 to $40.50

EUMUNDI CATTLE SALE • 26 May. Due to very wet conditions a lighter yarding of 171 cattle on offer. All descriptions selling on a very firm market. Heavy bulls Medium bulls Light bulls Trade steers Store steers Weaner steers Heavy cows Medium cows Light cows Store cows Trade heifers Cows & calves

sold to $1,106 to $876 to $746 to $801 to $686 to $556 to $786 to $676 to $556 to $501 to $661 to $826


MAY 2009

Moy Pocket

147 mm

Report kindly submitted by Graham Brennan

For further information, call 1800 017288 (free call). Terry Kennedy Sergeant

Bill Greer Senior Constable

All hours & Emergency Tel 5472 3085 Consultation by appointment Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5 pm Sat 9 am - 12 noon Elizabeth Street Kenilworth

Marcus Anstey BVSc (Hons) BSc Susan Anstey BVSc

Professional care for the animals of our valley June 10, 2009 |


OUR COMMUNITY Portraits of the EXTRAordinary



celebration of strange beauty in everyday life has inspired Gympie this month with the photographic exhibition, EXTRAordinary now at the Gympie Regional Gallery. Touring as part of Queensland Arts Council’s Ontour onexhibition 2009 Season, the exhibition includes 27 bold photographs by Kim Guthrie that explore the commonplace, kitsch, archetypes and stereotypes that make Australian culture unique. Short-listed for the prestigious Olive Cotton Award, Guthrie’s work is dominated by portraits and snapshots of people in their own setting, finding beauty in the ordinary. All images are shot within seconds as Guthrie spies a moment when people become art on the streets and footpaths, or in the shops and parks. He rebels against highly polished images that create photoshopped illusions of superhuman beauty, looking for the honesty in the image in front of him. “In this age of limitless hype and phony celebrity, I think it’s good to remind yourself that you only have to scratch the surface of the image most people present to the world, to discover we are all on one very fundamental level,” said Guthrie. Guthrie’s work has been exhibited nationally including the Museum of Brisbane and Greenway Art Gallery, Adelaide. His past work includes the Ordinary Madness exhibition and a published book entitled The Beautiful People + Love the World. Jenni Regnart, Manager of Ontour onexhibition, said, ‘The beauty of Kim’s work is that it doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. He captures everyday people, going about their everyday business, and that’s what makes it so captivating. Some of the people are familiar and some of them are quite odd, but all are unique.’ Ontour onexhibition produces, programs and presents quality touring exhibitions of original works encompassing multiple artforms. It is Queensland’s most extensive touring exhibitions program and continues to have a regional reach three times greater than any touring exhibition program in Queensland. Guthrie was supported by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) in the development of this exhibition. For more information on EXTRAordinary or Ontour onexhibition visit See related photos next page

Wellington’s way


enilworth Historic Association AGM I enjoyed catching up with some of the locals at the Kenilworth and District Historic Association AGM.Congratulations to the hard working committee who have all been re-elected: President Lenore Meldrum, vice president Cecil Pearson,

10 | June 10, 2009

secretary Blair Meldrum, treasurer Clem Hassall. Congratulations must go to this team of enthusiasts who do a great job in preserving our history for current and future residents. The Kenilworth Museum certainly is a very important part of Kenilworth community. Belli morning tea for cancer Congratulations to Belli Hall committee and friends for their hugely successful Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer on Thursday 28 May. This is the third year the hardworking hall committee have organised the event which is now a VIP fundraiser for the Cancer Fund. My wife Jenny tells me everyone had a fabulous time and people came from as far away as Nambour. As well as a delicious morning tea there was entertainment and games and plenty of community spirit. Generous hearted and highly talented Joyce Woods once again donated the major raffle prize, a beautiful quilt. Red Shield Appeal Thank you to all those people who made a donation to the Salvos during the Red Shield Appeal and to those volunteers who gave of their time to help with the doorknock on Sunday, May 24. Funds raised enable the Salvation Army to continue to aid the elderly, provide meals, refuge, beds, counselling, assistance and a whole range of support for the community. I certainly enjoyed meeting many generous Nambour residents during the doorknock. Sunshine Coast Hospice Race Day Jenny and I enjoyed a fun afternoon at the Sunshine Coast Community Hospice race day on May 23 at the Corbould Park Race Course. I didn’t back any winners, but we certainly enjoyed the race day fun and a lovely buffet meal. It was a great fundraiser for the Hospice’s Doonan-based cottage, a much-needed community facility which provides care for terminally ill people in our community. Regional Achievement and Community Awards If you know an outstanding community member who deserves recognition for his or her contribution to your local community, consider nominating them for an achievement award. Nominations are now open in seven categories: The Salvation Army Employment Plus Business & Employment Award; The Bartercard Events and Tourism Award; The Coffee Club Arts and Culture Award; The Kleenheat Gas Regional Service Award; The Golden Circle Environment and Landcare Award; The Golding Contractors Youth Leadership Award; and the Kleenheat Gas Community of the Year Award. The Regional Achievement and Community Awards program is designed to reward and acknowledge our unsung heroes, the Awards are sponsored by the Queensland Government and WIN Television. Award criteria and nomination forms are available by phoning the Awards office on 1300 735 445 or visit the website Nominations close on July 31.

Need aHOME hand withBUYERS the FIRST

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House Land Packages Houseand and Land Packages availableavailable in Imbil andin Imbil and Brooloo Brooloo from from $333*$420*per per week week Albany FloorPlan Plan Albany119 119 Floor

Kim Guthrie Triptych, 2007, 54 x 77 cm, giclee print • Girl with Blue Hair, 2007, 54 x 77 cm, giclee print. Until the 28 June at the Gympie Regional Gallery

Managing Horses on Small Properties Workshops on sustainable horse property management


Jane Myers MSc

(Equine Studies), educator, author and consultant in horse management will deliver four, one-day workshops which will cover the topics below and more: • Pasture establishment and management • Grazing management • Property design and horse facilities • Water protection, conservation and supply • Manure management • Trees and plants on a horse property • Horse health • Benefits to the wider community


0400 549 247

BOO • Sat 20 June 09

– Gympie

Regional Galle ry hosted by G ympie and District Ri ding for the Disa bled – Shena on 5481 1751

• Sun 21 June

09 – Imbil Showgrounds Hall hosted by Mary Valley Trail Ride rs – Gary 5484 5848 Time: 9am-3:3 0pm

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“The horse manage

Specialising in personal personal Specialising in Specialising in personal service, service, Glenn Glenn & Jenny service, Jenny Glenn and Jenny &Carlson, Carlson, are are your your local local Carlson, are your locally based Hotondo Homes Homes builders builders Hotondo Hotondo Homes builders, building in in the the Hinterland Hinterland building building for the Hinterland. area. area.

SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS Living Living Garage Garage Total Total

93.79m2 93.79m2 25.32m2 25.32m2 119.11m2 119.11m2 (12.82 sqs.) sqs.) (12.82

Width Width Length Length

17.13 m m 17.13 7.17 m m 7.17

*NB:Approx. Approximate fee calculation *NB. fee calculation calculation based on onbased 7.81% *NB. Approx. fee based aa 7.81% on a 5.06% interest rate. Dimensions, interest rate. rate. Dimensions, Dimensions, photographs photographs and and interest photographs and sketches are approximate sketches are approximate only and may include sketches approximate only andfeatures. may include only andare may include optional optionalfeatures. features. optional

Call Jenny 5485 5133 5133 or 0428529 159 529 Call 5484 or Glenn 0428 159


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id ...

ment worksho was fantastic. p at Kenilworth Thankyou so mu ch on. I learnt so much !! The pre for putting it senter was gre and I recomme at nd this worksho p to anyone wh has horses an d wants to loo o k after them an property in the d their best and most cost efficient wa possible. I am y already doing some of thing yesterday.” Tru s I learnt di from Woom bye “Had I known about this easy to implement strategy when I firs I could have sav t set up my small horse pro perty ed myself a lot of money and provided a mu ch healthier en viornment for horses.” Tonia my from Kenilwo rth

Cost: $30 includes Property Management Guide Booklet, Morning tea and Lunch

Every day is Open Day $POUBDUVTUPDPNFJOGPSB QFSTPOBMUPVSXJUIPVS3FHJTUSBS :FBSGPSJOUFSWJFXT DVSSFOUMZCFJOHDPOEVDUFE Don’t forget, getting here isn’t a problem, with daily College owned bus services to the Kenilworth, Cooroy, Pomona and Eumundi areas 115 Eumundi Road Noosaville Qld 4566 PO Box 1288 Noosaville Qld 4566 P 07 5455 8600 W

June 10, 2009 |


Call Gary or Tonia now to arrange your personal inspection



19 Elizabeth St, Kenilworth

5446 0222 | 5446 0205


Garry Braden 0410 815 941 ah 5446 0914

Tonia Murtagh 0407 135 797

Auctioneers • Livestock Agents • Livestock Transport Livestock 0428 136 893 Terry & Lolie Murtagh Stock Transport 0428 711 102 Clinton Murtagh

Eumundi: Calf sales every Monday Cattle sales every 2nd Tuesday

Well built two bedroom lowset brick home which boasts a terrific position on the edge of town with town water and sewerage connected. • Very neat property, well maintained and in excellent condition. Double lock-up Colorbond shed on concrete slab. Stunning views over nearby cattle pastures. A perfect rural setting less than 1km from the Post Office. $325,000

Very neat - views - $325,000


Split level + modern kitchen + cathedral ceilings + split reverse cycle air cond.


Almost 7 acres! Ideal for horses - near State Forest Only $465,000

This magnificent split level double brick three bedroom home located in Brooloo, just north of Kenilworth has been well maintained by the owners. Features include: cathedral ceilings throughout, large tiled lounge with split reverse cycle airconditioning, separate dining and modern kitchen, main bedroom has ensuite and builtins, interior timber staircase leads to a rumpus room, large laundry and single lockup garage. There is a dam with pump then over the creek to a well kept grassed paddock. Ideal for a couple of horses. Imbil State Forest located just up the road. • Locals enjoy bushwalking and horse riding through the area. There are also glimpses of the Kenilworth Bluff from the property. $465,000

KENILWORTH - 30 ACRE PASTURE AND BUSH BLOCK, VALLEY VIEWS, DAMS, BARN STYLE SHED WEEKENDER, CLOSE TO KENILWORTH: This 30 acre block located close to Kenilworth Township offers privacy, pasture for a few cattle and horses, fenced off barn style shed with patio for a weekender. A house site has been leveled with views of surrounding valley. Grove of mango trees sit high on the hill. $475,000

Privacy and potential!

Levelled housesite + a weekender $475,000



Vacant block - views - $295,000

$295,000 negotiable This private block is just over 5 acres in size with the following features: • New 9m x 6m fully lined and insulated roof Colorbond shed • Fenced dog yard and post and rail entry to block • Approx half is semi cleared with remainder being rainforest scrub • Seasonal creek and fertile soil • Power and phone to front boundary • Views to the Kenilworth Bluff through the tall gum trees on the block • Only 300 metres to Imbil State Forest with access to Borumba Dam. Create your own lifestyle property with all the features you could ever want. Just 15klm to Kenilworth $279,000 Negotiable

Ideal as horse riding, bushwalking, trail or mountain bike weekender

This vacant block of land is ideal for the buyer wanting privacy, access to riding trails and not far from the Borumba Dam which offers fishing, ski-ing or canoeing. The block is fully fenced and neighbours cows keep the grass down. Water is supplied by a dam. Great views are acheived along the top ridge. Call to inspect now. $295,000

Fully fenced - dam - privacy Close to Borumba Dam for canoeing


KENILWORTH GARAGE 5446 0214 Elizabeth St, Kenilworth


Peanut Tree Sterculia quadrifida ‘Fruit of the Rainforest’

Noosa Pengari Steiner School

Class 7 Sailing Team

T h e B ig M 0 0shi9 C h a ll e n g eorth2- Sun ne

Kenilw Coast Hinterland

Saturday 20 June 2009

Snow Wood Pararchidendron pruninosum Yellow flowers and decorative pods

G e t re a d y to c li m b !


Kayla with Noosa High Cosmo

Lyn & Mark Gilroy, Proprietors

★ Mechanical ✰

Repairs ★ Oils & ✰ Batteries ★ Gas Refills ✰ ★ RWC’s & Tyres ✰ ★ Panel Beating ✰ ★ Spray Painting ✰

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Established 1973

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14 | June 10, 2009

Phone Selwyn

5446 0344 • 0428 986 813 2318 Kenilworth-Eumundi Rd, Gheerulla

OUR COMMUNITY Racing for Fun Noosa and Learning


oys are fun whether for boys or girls but set a competition to see who is fastest and it becomes thrilling. The Year 10, Design and Technology students at Good Shepherd Lutheran College did just that last week, when they were asked to design and race a CO2 car.

The designs created varied from original to reproductions of existing Formula 1 racing cars. All were created in the hope that it would be the fastest and look the best. In-depth research, intense discussion on shape, aerodynamics and of course colour and finish resulted in a wonderful variety of colourful designs. However the proof of the pudding was in the racing and the tension was as palpable on race day in the College HPE Centre, as it is in the pits of the real Formula 1 race tracks.


Noosa High Wins at Gympie Show

tudents from Noosa District State High School competed at the recent Gympie Show with great success. Individual students performed extremely well against large numbers in both the Young Paraders and Young Judges Competitions. As a team, the students presented the cattle very professionally and kept the school’s cattle stall clean and functional for the three days. All the hard work was rewarded with Noosa District High winning the Interschool Competition. Although our Murray Grey Stud Cattle had to compete amongst themselves, they drew considerable praise from the judge. Noosa High “GALAXY” won Senior Champion Female with Noosa High “CARAMEL” winning Junior Champion Female.

Design Technology teacher at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Mr Tony Wnucynski, thoroughly enjoyed guiding the students through the problem solving task, ”Photos can only convey a small portion of the excitement and anticipation of the students. This project demonstrated that learning can be fun. Even during the testing, racing, and often wipeout stage the students continued to modify and ask how they could improve the performance of their creations.”

Students are now preparing for the upcoming Maleny and Nambour Shows. See related photo p14

The ever present risk of a wipeout did not deter the adventurous Good Shepherd students and was not even considered an option. The students had very strict specifications that had to be adhered to in the production of their CO2 cars as entry into the Holden Maryborough Technology Challenge in September is planned.

Cow 24 – 29 months 1st place GALAXY paraded by Melissa Moore

The results from the Gympie Show are as follows: Stud Cattle Heifer 15 – 17 months 1st place CABARET paraded by Lily Burton 2nd place COSMO paraded by Kayla Pienaar Heifer 18 – 20 months 1st place CARAMEL paraded by Katie Brandon

Cow 30 months and over 1st place CLEO paraded by Nikki Townson 2nd place ACACIA paraded by John Noble Young Paraders Competition 13-14 Years 3rd place Kayla Pienaar 4th place Katie Brandon 5th place Tahlia Anderson 15 – 17 years 5th place 6th place

Lily Burton Lucy Roche


Young Judges Competition

All Your Account Keeping Needs:

• Ledgers • BAS • Bank • Payroll • All Accounting Packages

Email: Mobile:

0408 711 615


1st Place Prime Cattle 2nd Place Prime Cattle 3rd Place Stud Cattle


2nd Place Prime Cattle 2nd Place Stud Cattle 3rd Place Prime Cattle 4th Place Stud Cattle 5th Place Prime Cattle


Class 7 Sailing Team

lass 7 students from Noosa Pengari Steiner School participated in the Interschool Dingy Regatta held by Noosa Yacht and Sailing Club last weekend. James Hardcastle and Florien Poff were winners of the Petit Class finals. CONGRATULATIONS! See related photo p14 June 10, 2009 | 15



Truth stranger than fiction at Reality Bites

ike a gripping page turner, the Reality Bites festival will keep literary lovers wanting more as Australia’s top authors, writers and journalists converge on the coast for five weekends of literary events from 6 June to 2 August. As Australia’s only non-fiction writers’ festival, Reality Bites will delight audiences with a contemporary program of events including blogging sessions, ‘in conversation’ interviews, literary lunches, workshops, forums, panel discussions and book readings. Community Policy and Programs portfolio holder Councillor Jenny McKay said the festival would bring in a fresh wave of ideas, debate and discussion to the coast. “Learn how to blog, listen to two surf gurus talk about their passion for surfing at a literary lunch, get involved in a heated political debate… there’s something for every taste at the festival,” Cr McKay said. Local author and Reality Bites program director, Annette Hughes, said audiences should expect big ideas, a bit of controversy and lots of fun at the festival. “It’s great to have the opportunity to bring these writers to the coast, not only for local audiences to enjoy, but for our local writers to connect and participate in the national debate,” Annette said. “Truth is stranger than fiction and I’ve been blown away by the depth of experience and knowledge of the participating authors – amazing journeys, big ideas, startling facts and cutting edge politics.” Annette says one of the highlights of the festival’s program is the three literary lunches, where people can enjoy local cuisine and lashings of insight from Australia’s top writers. SUNDAY 14 JUNE Surf gurus Tim Baker and Phil Jarratt talk about the sport, the athletes and the love of surfing. Sunshine Beach Surf Club SUNDAY 5 JULY Best-selling author Mary Moody shares her story of coming to terms with a mid-life crisis and French escapes by embracing the inevitable – ageing and the pull of family. The Boathouse, Noosa SATURDAY 25 JULY Raconteur Hugh Lunn paints a loving portrait of his old mate and grand slam tennis star Ken “The Great Fletch” Fletcher. The Boathouse, Noosa The festival events will be held over five weekends at four locations on the coast: Welcome to the blogosphere The festival kicks off with a social networking session. Get connected with local bloggers Rhonda Hetzel, Lonely Planet’s Matthew Cashmore and eMentor Sarah Stewart, then sign up for the afternoon workshop to discover how to get your own blog up online. Rock ‘n’ Roll into science Embiggen Books hosts a series of conversations and talks on topics ranging from Charles Darwin to international affairs,

16 | June 10, 2009

conservation and the environment, with high-calibre thinkers Ian Lowe, Peter Rodgers and Nicola Marcus, multi-award winning playwright Katherine Thomson, and pop-culture guru Toby Creswell. Expand your horizons – head for the hills Take a drive into the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland to the Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre, venue for the remainder of the festival events, where memoir, biography, politics and history are on the menu, including an evening of film screenings by the festival documentary filmmakers. So, what’s your story? Got a true story in your bottom drawer but not sure how to take it to the next stage? Let Reality Bites help. UQP non-fiction publisher Alexandra Payne will join a panel of industry experts to conduct a pitching clinic for local nonfiction authors. Write up a synopsis of your true story and present it to the panel at the session. Festival passes include - One Day Pass ($20), Weekend Pass ($30) and Season Pass ($150). Literary lunch tickets are $40 (14 June) and $50 (5 and 25 July). Bookings are filling fast, so book your seat before you miss out! Visit or call 5472 0107 for more information or to order a free program.

How a year in the African rainforest changed an Australian woman’s life. In June 1975, Australian couple Annette and Win Henderson find themselves stranded in Libreville, Gabon, after travelling halfway across Africa. When a thief robs their Kombivan, they are left penniless with no way to go back and no way to go on. They are saved by a chance meeting with a local expat, who offers them jobs in a remote mining camp in the mountains, close to the Congo border, in a region never visited by tourists, accessible only by canoe. At the camp, Annette battles isolation, culture shock and the challenges of a job for which she is ill-prepared. She finds solace and joy in the vast equatorial forest - a world as enthralling as any David Attenborough film - and when she adopts orphaned baby gorilla, Josie, her life changes forever. Wild Spirit is the intensely moving story of a young Australian woman suddenly immersed in a frontier world, coming face to face not only with the impact of the human population on endangered wildlife, but also with her own quest for meaning. Reviews “An exceptional piece of work . . . it will be an eye-opening experience, perhaps a life-changing one.”- Colin Groves, Professor of Biological Anthropology, Australian National University

OUR COMMUNITY Imbil HOSTS Australian Imbil Caravan Club Branch Musters


he newly formed South East Queensland branch of the Australian Caravan Club, the ACC Moreton Bay Drifters, which is also Brisbane’s first ACC branch, will be holding their third muster, the Australian Caravan Club name for a caravan rally, at the Borumba Deer Park at Imbil over the weekend Friday 19 June 2009 to Monday 22 June 2009, inclusive. This will be the fourth time a South East Queensland ACC Branch has chosen the Borumba Deer Park at Imbil as a muster venue in the past twelve months, and the popularity of Borumba Deer Park speaks for itself. The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) was formed a little over two years ago, and besides the tangible member benefits of discounts, special deals and a members only insurance scheme, the ACC provides a united voice for caravanners that will grow in strength as membership increases.

Catering in the Imbil Public Hall, which was beautifully decked out in a rich purple and gold colour scheme. MC Jamie Dunn was joined on stage by Michael O’Dwyer of the Mary Valley Show Ball Committee, and Col Huddy who represented the judges of the young entrants. The entrants had received grooming, elocution and dance training for a month prior to the ball, and presented the judging team with a hard task. It is the second time the Mary Valley Show Ball has filled the local hall, and the crowd included people from Gympie, Brisbane and even the UK. Vicky Mullen is a wwoofer – one of the Willing Workers on Organic Farms Australia – who is working her way around the Mary Valley at the moment. She enjoyed the insight into the night life of country Australia. GREAT STAFF: Imbil teenagers looked smart and delivered the food hot and delicious to the tables for the annual ball. Pictured from left are Emma Taylor, George Turner, Madeline Price, Sophie Price, Georgia Gibbs and Tiffinnie Fry.

There are currently six ACC branches in Queensland, three in NSW, two in Victoria, and one in South Australia. A good point of interest is the fact that these ACC branches generate a considerable amount of income for the local businesses in the areas where these musters are held, and it’s nothing for these combined club members to spend somewhere in the vicinity of $5000 to $6000 in total during a weekend muster, giving a great financial boost to local communities. This money is spent on meals and refreshments at local clubs and hotels, grocery items at local supermarkets, fuel at local service stations, entry fees etc to local tourist attractions such as museums and other places of interest, memorabilia and caravan park/ campground site fees. For further details regarding the ACC Moreton Bay Drifters contact John Balding, Moreton Bay Drifters Newsletter Editor and Publicity Officer at john.balding@bigpond. com

Mary Valley Show Ball


ARLSON was the name on everyone’s lips at the Mary Valley Show Ball this year when Melissa won the Miss Showgirl title and brother Troy was awarded the gong for “best partner”. Christy Brandt was announced winner of the Miss Teen quest. More than 200 people enjoyed music by the Sunshine Swing band and degustation provided by Marina Taylor

YLLIS stockfeeds


pet foods

BASIC GUIDE TO AUSSIE LIFE... (continued) 11. A thong is not a piece of scanty swimwear, as in America, but a fine example of Australian footwear. A group of sheilas wearing black rubber thongs may not yb uoy ot th uoexciting rb si as you had hoped. begas SEILPPUS LARUR S12. REItTR P is Oproper to refer to your best friend as “a total bastard”. By contrast, htrowlineK tyour S hteworst bazienemy lE is “a bit of a bastard”.



0013 2745 nairB enohP is brought to you by


Elizabeth St Kenilworth Phone Brian 5472 3100

Linda’s Domestic Cleaning Service

More Mary Valley Show Ball photos on colour page 23

farm bits



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13. Historians believe the widespread use of the word “mate” can be traced to the harsh conditions on the Australian frontier in the 1890s, and the development of a code of mutual aid, or “mateship”. Alternatively, Australians may just be really hopeless with names. 14. The wise man chooses a partner who is attractive not only to himself, but to the mosquitoes.



TOP NIGHT: Robyn Lutton (left) was one of the judges and also the dance instructor for the entrants. She is pictured with Debbie Williams and wwooffer Vicky Mullen from the UK.


0409 27I 202 supplements

15. If it can’t be fixed with pantyhose and fencing wire, it’s not worth fixing. 16. The most popular and widely praised family in any street is the one that has the swimming pool. 17. It’s considered better to be down on your luck than up yourself. 18. The phrase “we’ve got a great lifestyle” means everyone in the family drinks too much.


5472 3100

June 10, 2009 |



Amamoor Country Craft 5488 4148 Friends of Amamoor 5484 3550 JP Cynthia Hayes 5484 3694 Amamoor Hall Bookings 5488 4313 AMAMOOR SCHOOL P&C Meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month, 3.15 pm at school. Enquiries to 5401 1333. AMAMOOR CHURCHES • Mary Valley Uniting Church - Amamoor Sunday service 10 am. Rev. Iain Watt 5488 6752 • Mary Valley Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. Brian Brown 5484 3687 or 5484 3640 a/h NOOSA & DISTRICT SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Tinbeerwah Hall, Sunrise Rd, Tinbeerwah Service at 3pm each 2nd & 4th Sunday - All welcome - 5442 5072


Veterinary Surgery (24hr) Vet Peter Agnew 5447 0325 BELLI HALL Dances: .... Meetings: 2nd Tuesday after a dance at 7.30 pm in the hall. All local residents are welcome to attend.


Brooloo Hall Group Inc President Vince Carige 5488 6610 Secretary Cheryl O’Dwyer 5484 5168 Treasurer Valerie Mallett 5446 0708 JP Vince Carige 5488 6610


• CONONDALE PLAYGROUP - Every Friday 9.30 - 11 am at Conondale School. Wendy Sholley 5494 4516. • SOCCER AT CONONDALE School oval Saturdays from 9 am. Enquiries to 5494 4571.


Cooroy Churches Hinterland Christian Centre 113 Marara Street Sundays 9 am ‘Celebration Service’ Sundays 6 pm ‘Sunday Night Live’ Pastors Brian and Pearl Clothier 5447 7298?


JP (Qual) Elaine Bradley 5484 3749 Dagun State School 5484 3232 Dagun Co-operative 5484 3749 Dagun Community Group 5484 3197 Dagun Saturday Markets 5484 3749


SPIRITUAL CENTRE Eumundi CWA Hall 2nd & 4th Sunday. Healing 10 am. Service 10.15 am. Guest speaker. Rev. Laine Harry 5449 0937.


CLUB FED Federal Memorial Hall operates fortnightly on Friday nights, and is an opportunity to catch up with locals, have a cheap meal and drinks, in a friendly family oriented space. Kitchen operates from 6 to 8 pm, and the bar is open until later. Pool table, air hockey, and ball games for the children. The hall is available for hire. Enquiries to Zani 5485 1118 or Jenny 5485 1580.


GHEERULLA HALL HIRE - available for rental - enquiries Blair Meldrum 5472 3090 or go to the website President Val Pearson, Vice-President Esme Williamson, Secretary/ Treasurer Blair Meldrum TENNIS Social tennis will be played at Gheerulla tennis courts Tuesdays starting at 9.30 am. Beginners most welcome. Enquiries to 5446 0197.

18 | June 10, 2009


IMBIL MEDICAL SERVICES • MEDICAL: Monday 1-5 pm RSL Hall; • Channon St Medical Centre Cooroy Doctor’s Surgery (The Imbil Clinic) 6 Imbil Island Road, Mon - Fri 8 am-12 noon - 5488 6868. Outside these hours: Cooroy 5442 6833 (until 5.30 pm) - 0408 713 395 a/h • Range of Motion PHYSIO - 5478 6600 • Imbil PHARMACY Dispensary Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Friday 2-5 pm 5488 6699 JUSTICE OF THE PEACE Glenda at Police Station when open • JP Alan Lutton 5484 5182 • Kathy Worth JP 5484 5178 • Imbil District Amateur Swimming Club - Ray McNab President 5484 5109 a/h • Imbil Tennis Club - Tiffany McCarthy 5484 5073 • Ladies Tennis Tuesday & Thursday 4-6 pm • Mens Tennis Wednesday 6 pm • Mixed Social Tennis Friday 6 pm & Sunday 12 pm - Coaching Saturdays Terms 2 & 3 • Imbil Indoor Bowls 5482 5546 • Imbil Rural Watch - Rob Priebe – Coordinator 5484 5216 • Mary Valley State College P&C - Godfrey Owen President 5484 5171? • Imbil Seniors Group 0421 362 117 • RSL Mary Valley Sub Branch - meets every 3rd Sunday of the month at 10 am. • RSL Hall bookings - Ian Stubbins 5484 5365 • Girl Guides - Wed Girl Guide Hut 4-6 pm • Imbil Mary Valley Scouts - Group Leader Raymond McNab 5484 5109 • Scouts: Monday 5-7 pm • Cub Scouts: Tuesday 3.30-5.30 pm • Playgroup - Thurs 9-11.30 am at MVSC Preschool IMBIL PUBLIC LIBRARY 5484 5488 - Tues & Thurs 9.30 am – 12.30 pm, Wed & Fri 2-5 pm • Imbil Public Hall Bookings 5448 5175 • Mainly Music (up to school age) - Meets every Tues 9.30 am at Imbil Church Hall - Belinda 5488 6480 MARY VALLEY SHOW SOCIETY - Lee Evans Treasurer 5484 3546 MARY VALLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INC. - Col Huddy, president 5484 5196. Meet every third Tuesday at Imbil RSL, 7.30pm IMBIL SWIMMING CLUB - Thurs 6 pm. THE SAFE & CONFIDENT LIVING PROGRAM Imbil Uniting Church Hall, Elizabeth St 9.30–11.30 am. Enquiries to 5443 7281 or Upper Mary Valley Care 5446 0820. IMBIL JUNIOR BOWLS Imbil Bowls Club Sunday 10am - 12noon. IMBIL INDOOR BOWLS Imbil Hall Fridays 12.30 pm Enquiries to Elva Simpson 5482 5546. IMBIL SOCIAL TENNIS Imbil town courts. Tuesday and Thursday 4.30 – 5.30 pm, Wednesday and Friday 6 pm. Enquiries to Tiffany 5484 5073. IMBIL RED CROSS OP SHOP Wednesday, Friday & Sunday 8.30am – 1.30pm. IMBIL CHURCHES • Mary Valley Uniting Church - Imbil Sunday Service 8.30am, Sunday School 8.30am - Rev Iain Watt 5488 6752 • Imbil Gospel Hall – W & S Walsh 5449 0728 or C R Smith 5482 5471 • Lutheran Church – A Fricke 5482 1435 • Anglican Church – Richard Martin 5482 2629


Justices of the Peace Adrienne Dan (CD) 5484 3382 Charles Clarke (Qual) 5488 4020 Tony Morfee (Qual) 5484 3727 Raelene Kell (Qual) 5484 3449 • Kandanga Bowls Club 5484 3253 • Kandanga Public Hall Bookings 5484 3454 or 5484 3493 a/h • Kandanga Tennis Club - Donald Grieves Secretary 5488 4329 • Mixed Social Tennis - Monday & Thursday 3-5 pm. Group Coaching Wednesday 4-6 pm (all year) • Private Coaching Rita Paczian, ATPCA Level 2 Professional Tennis Coach 5483 4883 FRIENDS OF KANDANGA Friends of Kandanga meet every third Wednesday of the month, Kandanga Information Centre 7 pm.

KANDANGA INFORMATION CENTRE Kandanga Information Centre is located next to the Post Office in Main Street • PO Box 16 Kandanga 4570 • Ph 5488 4605 • Fax 5488 4608 Open 7 days 10 am-4 pm, closed public holidays. Displaying community history, art gallery, book exchange library, internet cafe. Classes weekly – Art, Leadlight, Woodwork, Guitar, Craft, Yoga and Tai Chi, all reasonable rates. Movie nights held monthly in Kandanga Community Hall. The Centre also caters for bus visits – morning/afternoon teas – BBQ lunches.


KENILWORTH & DISTRICT HISTORICAL MUSEUM - www.kenilworthmuseum. • Sun. 10 am–2 pm - Adults $3, Children $1, Families $7. Groups by appointment: contact Lenore Meldrum 5472 3090 Kenilworth town website - Kenilworth State Community College 5446 0285 - www.kenilwthss. Kenilworth POST OFFICE 5446 0247 RACQ Kenilworth Garage 5446 0214 KENILWORTH FIRST RESPONSE meet at the SES shed every 2nd Monday at 5 pm. Enquiries to Secretary Nina Cox 5472 3156 or Glenys Pearson 5446 0441. KENILWORTH FIRE BRIGADE training Tuesday at Kenilworth Fire Station 6.30 – 8.30 pm. KENILWORTH & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Meets in the KAC Shack 6 Elizabeth Street at 6 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. JUST WALK IT KENILWORTH Enquiries to Brenda 5446 0778 JUST WALK IT WALLI CREEK (Gumnut Park) Enquiries to Cheryl 5446 0350 KENILWORTH LIBRARY - Elizabeth Street Kenilworth • Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 2 – 5, Friday 10 – 3 Saturday 9 – 12. Enquiries to 5446 0101 KENILWORTH ARTS COUNCIL - Meetings every 2nd Monday of the month – KAC Shack. Enquiries to Veronika 5446 0427. KENILWORTH QUILT & CRAFT CIRCLE every 2nd & 4th Wednesday 10 am at the Kenilworth Historical Museum. Enquiries to Jan 5446 0167 or Paula 5446 0229. MAHJONG at the KAC shack every Monday at 3 pm. KENILWORTH BRANCH QCWA meets at the CWA Hall 1st Sunday at 3 pm, all welcome. KENILWORTH EARLY BIRDS PLAYGROUP Thursdays 9.30 – 11.30 am at Kenilworth State Community College Preschool. Enquiries to Pam Engle 5446 9173 or Ruth Law 5446 0285. KENILWORTH MEDICAL SERVICES • Kenilworth MEDICAL Centre - 5446 0343 Surgery hours Mon – Fri 9-3, After surgery hours 5445 7177 • Range of Motion PHYSIOTHERAPY - 5478 6600 • Barbara Dilworth Physiotherapy 5446 0654 • Kenilworth PHARMACY 5446 0356 - Mon – Friday 9 am - 1.30 pm • Kenilworth VET Surgery (24hr) 5472 3085 - Vets: Marcus Anstey, Susan Anstey & Julie Kemp • Kenilworth RECYCLE TRANSFER Station Cambroon Lane, off KenilworthImbil Road. Hours: Mon & Fri 7 am – 12 pm, Sat & Sun 7-5 Justices of the Peace Bob Dunstan (Qual) 5446 0703 Joyce Lashmar (Qual) 5446 0723 Brenda Parker (CD) 5446 0213 Lolie Murtagh (CD) 5446 0222 Olive Hassall (CD) 5446 0131 KENILWORTH CHURCHES • Hinterland Christian Centre – Kenilworth Christian Church Pastor Brian Clothier 5447 7797 • Meet every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month 2.30 pm at Kenilworth State Community College. Tuesday mornings at 10 am New Life Ladies group. Ruth 5446 0051; Friday 6.30 pm Girls Brigade in the SES Hall. Joclyn 5476 4195; Every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 2.30 pm worship Service, KSCC. • Seventh Day Adventist Church 5446 0299 • Anglican Church – Kenilworth 1st, 2nd, 4th Sunday, 9 am – Gheerulla: 3rd Sunday 9 am. • Uniting Church – Conondale 4th Sunday 11.30 am • Catholic Church Kenilworth - Service at St John Bosco’s, Kenilworth every Sunday at 9 am. - 5th Sunday of the month ecumenical service 10.30 am. • MEDITATION every Thursday 9.30 am St John Bosco Church. Enquiries to Glen & Sue Wolter 5446 0158. KENILWORTH COMMUNITY GROUPS • Kenilworth Show & Rodeo, Lolie Murtagh 5446 0222 Website

• Kenilworth Hall Committee - Olive Hassall 5446 0131 - www. • Artists of Kenilworth, Veronika Spicer 5446 0427 • Kenilworth Arts Council, Shirley Moreland 5446 0171.Email: kac@ • Kenilworth Quilt & Craft Circle - Olive Hassall 5446 0131 & Paula Gillis 5446 0229 • QCWA Kenilworth Branch - Pat Hampstead 5446 9174 • Kenilworth First Response Group - Nina Cox 5472 3156 • Upper Mary Valley Care 5446 0820 • Delivered Meal Service 5446 0820 • Nambour & District Care Inc. 5441 4441 • Kenilworth Info Centre 5446 0122 • Friends of Kenilworth Library - Yvonne James 5472 3089 • 1st Kenilworth Girls Brigade - Daphne Morris 5446 0338 • Kenilworth P&C - Jeremy Atkins 5446 9195 • Kenilworth and District Chamber of Commerce & Citizens – Michael Pfeiffer 5446 0247 • Kenilworth & District Historical Assoc. - Lenore Meldrum 5472 3090 • Kenilworth Swimming Pool, Jeremy Atkins 5446 9195 • Kenilworth Bowls Club - Mens – Russ Ferriday 5446 0281, Ladies – Veronica Ferriday 5446 0281 • Kenilworth Indoor Bowls Club - Beryl 5446 0310 • Kenilworth Cricket Club - Jnr – Rob Blinco 5446 0064, Snr – Jason Woods 0419 764 504 • Gheerulla Tennis Club - Jessie Wood 5446 0197 • Melba Woods (court bookings) 5446 0242 • Kenilworth Masonic Lodge – Trevor Wilcox 5477 1546 • Wildlife Volunteers 5441 6200 (24hr)


POMONA HALL • Pomona Hall Hire & Enquiries - Heather Manders 5485 2427 or Sunshine Café, Pomona • Powerbar (Mon, Tues, Thurs) Sharon Wright 5485 2173 • Indoor Bowls (Wed) - Jim Mackellar 5485 1476 • Harmony Dance (Tues) 5485 2007 • Aska Karate (Mon & Thurs) Kim Vines 5485 0725 • Dance (Wed) Christine 0429 829 328 • Alcoholics Anonymous (Sun) 5485 1050 POMONA CHURCHES Christian Outreach Centre, Joy Starr 5485 1583 POMONA COMMUNITY HOUSE 1 Memorial Avenue, Pomona - Enquiries to 5485 2427 Regular services: Self paced computer lessons; Tax help; Free legal advice; Language classes; Child health; Broadband internet café; Photocopying, Laminating, Binding; Library; Creative writing; Craft activities; Games – Cards, Scrabble, Chess & Mahjong.


RIDGEWOOD HALL GATHERING last Friday of each month at sundown BYO BBQ bits & drink. RIDGEWOOD CHURCHES The Lighthouse is a group who meet every 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday at the Ridgewood Hall – everyone welcome. Enquiries to 5447 9179.


KENILWORTH 5446 0220 IMBIL 5484 5222 COOROY 5447 6211 POMONA 5485 2586 POISONS INFO CENTRE 131126 SES KENILWORTH Local HQ 5446 0490 Group Leader Brenda Parker 5446 0213 Duty Officer 5444 5202 SES Flood Storm Emergency 132 500 IMBIL Local HQ 5484 5322 Leader – Athol Hales 5484 5582 CRISIS HELP LIFELINE 13 11 14 CAN-SURVIVE HOPELINE 1300 364 673

June 10, 2009 |



BELLI PARK & NORTH BELLI PARK First Officer & Warden, Nigel Higgs 5447 0166 SOUTH BELLI PARK Howard Waugh 5447 0184 BLACK MOUNTAIN First Officer Marc Desmarchelier 5447 0224 Warden Eddie Rykenberg?0417 635 719 BLUE-BELL First Officer Craig Zonruiter 5484 3012 Warden Bruce Bull 5484 3555 BROOLOO/MARY RIVER First Officer Chris Stark 5446 0136 Warden Brad Dilger 5484 5364 DAGUN B. Mills 5484 3596

IMBIL FORESTRY Forest Ranger 5484 3900

Whelan Rd C. Doyle 5484 5325

KANDANGA First Officer & Warden Rodney Worth 5484 3493 (a/h) 5484 5178 (wk)

Walker Rd & Moy Pocket Rd Chris Stark 5446 0136

Wardens Ian Morgan 5484 3655 Harvey Hasthorpe 5484 3379 Kevin English 5484 3191 MELAWONDI Rod Nolan 5484 5634 Meetings 1st Tuesday each month KENILWORTH Trains on Thursdays 6.30 to 8.30 pm Wardens Steve Saunders 5472 3164 KENILWORTH NORTH Michael Pfeiffer 5446 0247 (a/h 5446 0284)

OBI OBI First Officer & Warden J. Cutmore Second Officer Grahame Beljon 5446 9252 For fire permits contact the Second Officer RIDGEWOOD First Officer John Sparrow 5447 9130 Warden Victor Hill (permits) 5447 9288 YABBA CREEK Chairman Marcel DeLeon 5484 5021 Secretary John Taylor 5488 6119 Please let us know of any alterations needed on this list. We would appreciate it if you could email clear, concise updates to - Thank you.



Kenilworth Pony Club

n additional muster was planned for 23 May… this was to make up for some cancelled musters earlier in the year due to the wet weather… once again it was cancelled… due to the wet weather. Hopefully clear skies are in store for winter! A muster was held on Saturday 30 May… Finally!! The riders were split four ways with the lead lines spending the day with Dale Bergman whilst the other three groups rotated for instruction in flatwork (with Tonia), jumping (with Sharon) and sporting (with Sonia). Thank you to our resident, volunteer members for instructing… Dale Bergman, Sharon Falconer, Tonia Murtagh and Sonia Law. A great day was held by all! Members are now preparing for the Zone 6 camp held in Nambour each winter school holidays. A number of our members will be attending the camp for the first time. We trust they will have a lot of fun and learn just as much. Keith Gray has been working hard on the club’s behalf in helping to rebuild and prepare the Zone’s Cross Country Course at Caloundra Pony Club grounds! Thanks to Keith’s efforts Kenilworth Pony Club has sponsored a “house” jump at the grounds! Thank you Keith! Welcome to new members from Maleny way… Arabella Bisshop and Pepita Merrill.


Big M Challenge 2009

he second annual Big M Challenge will be on the Saturday 20 June from 9am. We are excited to present to you a challenging and tough 65km ride through arguably some of the most picturesque scenery in South East Queensland. The ride covers a range of terrains including single track and forestry roads, with very little time spent on the tar. The name Big M refers to the infamous and gruelling “M-Traverse” in the Kenilworth State Forest. This is the ride’s longest climb, covering approximately 12km over a lush rainforest covered mountain top with views out to Imbil and surrounding Forestry. The course also includes several creek crossings, a sensational descent into Charlie

20 | June 10, 2009

Moreland Park and off-course, we will be there providing support and refreshments on the way. As the second Big M Challenge, we expect this to be extremely popular and urge you to register early, as there are only 300 positions available. The Big M provides an ideal “hit-out” for the Noosa Enduro. The course was designed by local Mountain Bike riders with years of experience in the region. See related photo colour page 14 For more info visit: Ride Director - Marcus Anstey


Laetitia Hoffmann Ph: 0424 132 929 E: maryvalleyvoice@aanet.


Jill Guldbransen Ph: 07 5494 9918 E:

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Mary Valley Voice is a long established - since 1996 independent newspaper published by the Mary Valley Community News Committee Inc.

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Connecting the people, townships and businesses of the picturesque Mary Valley and surrounding Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


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Anzac Day Services

MARY VALLEY RSL SUB BRANCH & CITIZENS AUXILLIARY Extend an open invitation to the Community of Mary Valley to attend the


60w x 260mm

190w x 270mm

Saturday, April 25th 2009 DAWN SERVICE – 5.30am

And afterwards all are invited to a Community Breakfast hosted by the Widgee - M.V. Lions Club at the Imbil Memorial Hall.

DAY SERVICE – 12.00pm March to assemble at the Imbil Memorial Hall at 11.30am

$130 mono $180 colour

$270 mono $420 colour

And afterwards Veterans and Partners, War Widows, invited guests and past and present Service Personnel are invited to a luncheon at the Imbil Memorial Hall at 1.00pm To assist with catering, please RSVP for the luncheon to Phil Jensen (President) on 5484 5335 if you wish to attend. The traditional TWO-UP GAME will be held at the Railway Hotel, Imbil with guest music, sausage sizzle and raffles. We hope that the Mary Valley Community will again support these Anzac Day Services and march to show that “we have not forgotten�! Enquiries to Phil Jensen (President) on 5484 5335 or Ian Stubbins (Secretary) on 5484 5245 t*GZPVTFSWFEJOBOPWFSTFBTGPSDF you may also be eligible. t:PVNBZCFJOFMJHJCMFUPKPJOUIF league but may have a close relative who served and/or you may wish to support the RSL. In this case we have a Citizens "VYJMJBSZBWBJMBCMFJOUIJTEJTUSJDU through which you can give support.

t5IF.BSZ7BMMFZ34-4VC#SBODI can provide welfare/pension assistance to Veterans and their Widows, RSL Care facilities and a range of social activities including RSL youth group, a Tai Chi group, choir and sporting groups. For more information contact the Sub-Branch secretary IAN STUBBINS on 5484 5245.


t+PJOUIF-FBHVFUISPVHI.BSZ Valley RSL Sub-Branch and wear an RSL Badge on ANZAC Days. t*GZPVTFSWFEGPSTJYNPOUITPS more in the Australian Defence Force including CMF, Reserves, National Service you could be eligible to join the League. t*GZPVIBWFTFSWFEGPSMFTTUIBO TJYNPOUITCVUXFSFEJTDIBSHFE honourably for reasons beyond your control, you too may be eligible.

"The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance"

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Mary Valley Voice


Ellis from Kenilworth Bakery famous for his multigrain health bread without preservatives. Traditionally baked in the wood fired, brick oven. Photograph by Kev Franzi




Art & Gift Gallery Sunshine Coast Art on Show Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm

10a Elizabeth St, Kenilworth 4574 07 5472 3000

Come in and see Damien & Bruce ILWORT EN



Chaplaincy bike ride on a sunny 17 May 2009

• homemade gourmet products incl smoked ham • best quality • good value • special marinades • smoked meats incl lamb & poultry


Try our friendly service and local produce


14 Elizabeth Street Mon-Fri 7am-5 pm • Sat 7am-12 noon

Telephone orders 5446 0271

Shannon McCullagh CONCRETING

t%SJWFXBZTt*OEVTUSJBM t$PMPVSFEt&YQPTFE Professional, friendly service for the Mary Valley district & surrounds

Anything you want in concrete - we can do. 7 Tonne Excavator for quality control

0423 616 870 • A/H 5485 5248 ASPHALT vs CONCRETE driveways....?

eastonlawyers your local lawyers From left are Justine Brandt and Sam Hooker, Christy Brandt and Jack Taylor, Emma Carlson and Troy Carlson, Melissa Carlson and Scott Hughes.

62 Maple Street, Maleny | T 5494 3511 6B/3 Obi Obi Road, Mapleton | T 5478 6500 P.O. Box 255 Maleny Qld 4552 | F 5494 2477

Check before you renovate, call us

We’re not as scary as living with asbestos! DEMOLITION OF ALL TYPES OF STRUCTURES Workplace Health & Safety Compliant


• Salvage Sales: 2nd-hand timber etc

THUNDERBIRD DEMOLITION 5484 5548 • Mob. 0428 769 713


or email:

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Kenilworth Realty

7 Elizabeth St, Kenilworth • Office 5446 0164 • Fax 5446 0742 email• website•

Carol Gilmour

0417 603 451


GREAT RENTALS AVAILABLE NOW... from $130 pw If you’re looking for a rental property please don’t hesitate to contact the office as we have a range available.

Three houses on one property! - Imbil This property features three houses, all on six acres and one title! All three are rented with a total weekly rental income of $535.00. There is an excellent bore servicing all of the houses and a good dam ready for use on the property. Cottage 1 has two bedrooms, is fully renovated and returns $200.00 per week. Cottage 2 has three bedrooms, has not been renovated and returns $145.00 per week. Cottage 3 is a two bedroom house that is fully renovated and returns $190.00 per week. This is an excellent investment opportunity – rent out all three and have a sound rental income or live in one and rent the others out!

3 homes on 6 acres! $520,000

First Home Owners or Investment - Kenilworth

Put your money in bricks & mortar – Kenilworth

This delightful two bedroom home in Kenilworth situated on a 761m2 town block has all amenities close by. The school and shops are all within walking distance making this an ideal investment home. Low maintenance established gardens give the house a pleasant outlook, with a deck at the rear of the house. The property is fenced on two sides with a carport at the rear of the block. It is currently rented out for $195.00 per week and all inspections are by appointment.

Sound and solid lowest brick home with age on its side. Three large bedrooms with builtin robes plus an office. Reverse cycle air conditioner in the large lounge and living room. There is a good size workable kitchen plus dining. Single lock up garage with internal access. All of this within walking distance of town and local facilities. This is a large home with a northerly aspect and it has a fenced rear yard. Quality tenants in place so inspections are by appointment.


$329,000 $420,000

Freehold Commercial Investment Opportunity - Imbil - fully tenanted and main street position


This freehold commercial property is located in the country town of Imbil. The butcher shop, bakery and Heritage listed house all on 814m2 are all on the market. Tenants are in all the properties, which makes it a wise investment. Make a move to this vibrant town, where the “Mary Valley Rattler” makes it destination journey to. Located in the main street of Imbil, you are not far away from Borumba Dam, popular for fishing and water skiing or the Yabba Creek popular for kayaking. What a great place to retire to or start your investment portfolio?


Mary Valley Voice, 10 June 2009  
Mary Valley Voice, 10 June 2009  

Community newspaper for the Mary Valley, connecting communities from Crystal Waters, Kenilworth, Imbil, Kandanga, Dagan, Pomona, Cooran and...