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Jillian Johnson JRN371 “How to do a perfect handstand� For most, being athletic looks like shooting a ball into a hoop, running fast or throwing long passes; however the athleticism it takes to do a handstand is often underestimated. A handstand is often harder than it looks because it requires balance, strength and core muscles. Step #1: Start in a lunge. Your dominant leg should be in front with your knee directly over your toe. Your arms should be up squeezing your ears, while your back leg is completely straight with your heel off the ground. Step#2: Place your hands on the ground at an angle in front of you. Step #3: As soon as your hands hit the ground you will use your dominant leg (the front leg) to help push your back leg off of the ground. Step #4: At this point your body weight should be fully placed on your arms. Try and get your toes to be slightly over your body when you are upside down. This will maximize balance potential. Step#5: Tuck your chin in so you are looking at whatever is behind you, not at your hands. Squeeze your abs. -more-

When you are ready to come out of the lunge you bring your dominant leg down first, followed by your back leg and you will end in the lunge you first started the handstand in. In five simple steps one is able to learn a new trick that can be perfected over time. Give it a try and see how long you can hold a perfect handstand. -30-

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