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Jillian Johnson JRN371 Freelance Assignment #4 In searching through for job positions, finding a job that sparked my interest for this assignment was more difficult than the first couple of times I applied. For each assignment I have tried stretching myself to write in ways so I can best utilize the experience I have gained from being a student and editor at California Baptist University. The client for this particular job requested a writer who has strong grammar and proofreading skills to help build a successful blog. They also requested examples of proofreading. Not only was I drawn to apply for this job due to the fact that I have taken a newfound interest in blogging from taking this course, but because through my work as editor on the Banner staff I have articles upon articles I can send in as examples of proofreading and editing I have done. Over the course of completing these Freelance assignments I have learned how competitive the world of writing and journalism is. At the beginning of doing these assignments I found myself being timid in the way I was selling myself to the client and not confident in my ability to relate to the client and what it is they are asking for. However, with each assignment I have tried to improve and refine the information and experience I tell to convey that I am a skilled writer and editor. I also tried to make a connection one way or another with the client. In order to best standout amongst the other applicants, making a personal connection, in my opinion, helps to spark the client’s attention and make them interesting in learning more about you. Though freelance is a field I could never see myself being full-time in, it has been extremely educational to actually participate in what working professionals are currently doing. These assignments

have pushed me “out of the classroom,� so to speak, and into the real world to test out my skills and abilities to try and get hired for a paid working position.

Freelance assignment #4