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Jillian Johnson JRN371 Blog #7 “We are BLUE� "Motivation Mondays" originally started with a picture Coach Tami showed us of our last year's team winning the first ever National Cheerleaders Association All-Girl Division II championship title. Now, each Monday Coach brings in a quote, a word, a saying or even a video clip to remind my team and I what our goal is and to keep working hard to reach it. This week, Coach was extra creative in her "Motivation Monday" talk. Since the California Baptist University cheer program is made up of two separate teams, they are each given two different names. The game team, or the cheerleaders that cheer on the sidelines and attend the athletic events on campus are called Gold, while the competition team is referred to as Blue. Coach Tami came up with an acronym for Blue and gave a reason for each word she chose. First, "B" stands for brave. We are working toward a back-to-back national championship title, which no team in our division has been able to do for the last ten years. This requires a lot of bravery. Second, she explained, is "L" which stands for loyal. Over the course of the season we have had nearly four girls quit our team, but we are the loyal ones. Thirdly, "U" stands for unyielding. We are an unstoppable team thirsty for success. Last is "E" which stands for eminent. The definition of this word means successful, well known or respected. CBU cheer has built a name for itself within the world of collegiate cheerleading and every team in our division is going after us this

year. Before Coach presses play on the music each time we go through our routine she shouts, "We are..." and the whole team answers with a resounding "BLUE." As a reminder for what each letter stands for, the words are now taped to the wall of the gym and serve as a reminder for what are team is, what we stand for and what we are aiming to accomplish this season.

Blog #7