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BIG BOY DESIGN: INTERN PROJECT C2 2013 Jillian Fialko Ehrin Kelley

BIG BOY DESIGN: INTERN PROJECT C2 2013 1- OVERVIEW 2- RESEARCH Guest Competitive Opportunities 3- COLLECTION Concept and Color Key Figures CADs

Increase big boy loyalty by providing inspiring sports wear product Showcasing outfits that speak to the kids directly While delivering a relevant shopping experience

Shares drop from boys ages 8-12 Shares drop 2nd in store to 12th online

How can the loyalty of the Boy Guest be retained?

The Guest The Parent & The Boy What do they want?

The Parent The New Consumer

-70 million adults across the United States -Savvy shoppers are twice as likely to try new things

What the Parent is looking for:

-Sales and Everyday prices -Location of store -Quality of the clothing

The Parent Guest likes these brands: -Old Navy -Abercrombie & Fitch -Gap -Aeropostale Where the Parent finds clothing: -Specialty and occasion • Department Stores -Basics and Playwear • Discount Retailers -Fashion forward • Specialty Stores

The Boy -8 years old is when they start choosing their own style.

-He wants to look “cool�

-He wants his clothes to express who he is. -He chooses style over comfort.

-Shopping for himself and is trend and brand

-Risk taker

-Is not afraid of color and loves


quirky and expressive graphics

The Boy AO Generation: -Technology savvy - Social Media - Multi-tasker - Multichannel initiative -Thrives on having the “next� Pew Research at Elon University

The Boy Stores the Boy is Excited about: -Kohl’s -Old Navy -Aeropostale

Brands the Boy knows: -Old Navy -Tony Hawk -Gap -Wrangler -Abercrombie & Fitch -Arizona -Authentics

Competitive Research - Instore and online competitor shopping - Guest insights - Trend research

Project Opportunity: Assortment: - Fashion Forward Product - Online Exclusives - Extended Sizing - Specialty and Occasion

Project Opportunity:

Online: - Easier Navigation - Guest Interaction - Clear Pictures

Key Concepts:

- Uniform Layout - Easier Navigation - Key looks displayed

Project Opportunity: In Store: - Displays for multi-channel Benefits of Multichannel: - Interaction - Any Time, Any Where, Any Place

- 80% of consumers say they would be brand loyal -An incremental $250 a year on aver age

Key Concepts:

- Email Blasts - In Store Marketing - Adding to the Catalogue

Target has all of these multichannels, but is not reaching the older boy guest...

How can we support these initiatives and retain BB guest loyalty?

- Enhancing the shopping experience - Promoting In-store displays to support the Multichannel initiative

- Creating an online exclusive collection that speaks directly to the older boy guest

Part one Target Internship project  

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