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Delicately splattered words start here.

Bus Stop

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Watch as the lip balm cap pops off and smears over the black and white scene. See how Burt’s Bees adds natural color and light to a seemingly boring landscape.


c e o e r d P WITH YoUr

i t e s h F

Because we’re obsessed with confident feet too. Inspiring wild sides one toe at a time.

:60 sec Radio Spot (Dramatic, slow-spoken, deep, manly voice announcing)

[Missile launching/sailing through the air]

[Drumbeat at the start of battle]

Yes, you must arm yourself with roses. The best artillery for this extraordinary date. Preferably 12.

Valentine’s Day, the time to rise or fall. The time to prove you are ablebodied. Will you accept the honor on V-Day? Will you show your pride to overcome the woes of such a daring conquest? [Multiple shots firing] To breach the white, plush, furry and oh-so cute teddy bear. To counterattack the terrifying, cheesy love letter. To never surrender your wallet to expensive jewelry. And to show you bleed red because you know, real men bleed red, red roses that is.

[Explosion noises] Men stop hiding in the trenches, it’s time to fight the fight and storm the 1-800-FLOWERS hotline. Let victory reign on Valentine’s Day and let the red roses rain on your ladies. [Calm beach noises]




ou will not find a whole lot of action in Fayetteville, NY. In fact, you’ll discover a mere population of 4190, made up of mostly elderly folks. But you’ll also uncover a hidden gem offering nature, history, ma and pa shops, and other little charming things. It’s a boring, sleepy town and we like it that This sign was made way. by an old person The old folks that live here successfully managed to keep the village untouched. It has retained the classic charms of yesteryear with its quaint little boutiques and stores where the operator is the actual owner. It makes Fayetteville a calm, friendly place that is peaceful

If you’re looking for something more 21st century, don’t worry, they’ve let a couple things slip by on the planning board. Towne Center has Old people plenty of hip restaurants like golfing and department stores. But the thing is, you can’t build another Fayetteville. It’s one of the only places left of its kind. You can’t create it overnight, it comes from years of old people believing they have something special. While other towns have become crowded, noisy and hectic, the old people stayed strong in their ways.

and nice. People say hi to you even if they don’t know you. The old people in Fayetteville don’t build much of anything new and they don’t tear anything down. And rightfully so because they’ve worked hard to preserve the natural environment creating such places as Green Lakes State Park, Beard Park and the Erie Canal. These places are so lush and green they’re perfect for picnics, walking a furry friend, biking, ice skating and cross-country skiing. Four Seasons offers a batting cage, golfing and skiing or tubing in the winter for a good, quality time. There’s parades, holiday events and musical performances by the Syracuse Symphony Old people frequent this area and a Jazz Fest the old and young alike would enjoy.

These are among the reasons why it was voted into the top 100 places to live in the US. Maybe they pick nature over extravagant malls for a reason. They’ve preserved a beautiful, familyoriented place to get away from all the craziness. You can’t replicate this history. On second thought, we’ll keep our old people. They’re awesome. You should come Old people were see too. young in this picture

Treats for the imagination.

Treats for the imagination.




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